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Flying Binghi 16th Jun 2013 11:42

Heh, he may need plan B yet..:)

"...Rudd is getting a bit too cocky for his own good, neglecting his home seat in a bid for national greatness. Former Australian Medical Association president Dr Bill Glasson has been on his own quiet blitz of the area, doorknocking, hand-shaking, listening and just being there, every day..."

Kevin Rudd?s opponent quietly chips away | Daily Telegraph Miranda Devine Blog


sisemen 16th Jun 2013 16:50

Oops! It's not going to go away is it?

Conservative commentator Piers Akerman has added fuel to the fire ignited by shock-jock Howard Sattler over the sexuality of the Prime Minister's partner.

Akerman, who appeared on the ABC's Insider program on Sunday morning, commented that suggestions Ms Gillard's partner Tim Mathieson is gay have been circulating around the Canberra press gallery since 2010.

Mr Akerman shocked his co-panellists when he said "a lot of people in the Canberra gallery have been saying the same thing (as Sattler)".

chuboy 17th Jun 2013 00:37

Who cares if he is gay or not! Honestly, save it for Woman's Day... :yuk:

HS was rightly sacked. The shock-jock apologists will insist there is no harm in asking whether someone is gay. Well believe it or not there is, and even children are taught so. Just because there's nothing wrong with being gay doesn't mean it's polite or appropriate to dig your nose in someone else's business. Never mind that he was interviewing the Prime Minister, who is obviously an important and busy person, and wasting that time asking her personal questions instead of ones relevant to the upcoming election. He blatantly ignored the most basic lessons in manners when dealing with a dignitary and I support the decision to give him the boot.

His conduct absolutely demeaned the position of PM. If any of my children ever spoke to someone the way HS spoke to JG I would be absolutely mortified.

500N 17th Jun 2013 00:52

"Akerman, who appeared on the ABC's Insider program on Sunday morning, commented that suggestions Ms Gillard's partner Tim Mathieson is gay have been circulating around the Canberra press gallery since 2010.

Mr Akerman shocked his co-panellists when he said "a lot of people in the Canberra gallery have been saying the same thing (as Sattler)"."

A a pollie said on the radio the other day, this is the Press reporting on
the Press, Press scuttlebutt, rumour and inuendo with no one else asking
the same questions. So you have journos chasing journos and journo
generated stories !

Of all the questions the shock jock could have asked with all that has
been going on, he asked one that I doubt many wanted to know anyway.

sisemen 17th Jun 2013 01:43


The Fairfax Media/Neilsen poll released on Monday shows Labor's support continues to slide, led entirely by a seven per cent exit of men.
Under the two-party preferred vote, the Coalition romps home 57 per cent (up three points) to 43 per cent (down three points).
Labor's primary vote, which had been in the low 30s, has gone from bad to worse to 29 per cent with the Coalition at 47 per cent - a whopping 18 point lead which would wipe out 35 Labor MPs.

Ms Gillard's standing as the preferred prime minister also headed south giving her her lowest approval rating in a year - down five points to 41 per cent compared to Opposition leader Tony Abbott's 50 per cent, which is up four points.

Mr Rudd faced a media scrum at Canberra airport when he arrived in the capital and was repeatedly asked if he would stand for the leadership if his colleagues asked him to.
"My purpose in being here in Canberra this week and my purpose in travelling around the country and supporting Labor members and candidates is very basic," he said.
"It is to do everything I physically can to stop (Opposition Leader Tony) Abbott from becoming the next prime minister."
Mr Rudd referred to his previous statement in March that under no circumstances would he return to the ALP leadership.
"I have nothing further to add," he said.
Mr Rudd also did not respond when asked if he had had any meetings with Gillard supporter and Labor right powerbroker Bill Shorten.

Coalition frontbencher Christopher Pyne said a leader change won't solve Labor's problems.

"You can put a lick of paint on a haunted house but it'll still be the rat-infested, white-anted haunted house that it was before," he said.

500N 17th Jun 2013 01:49

I am surprised none of Julia's advisers advise her that playing the
sexist card and going after Abbott and having a go at men in general
was going to turn off a large number of people who vote for her.

Pinky the pilot 17th Jun 2013 03:31

Just hard on the ALPBC radio that a 'new poll' has suggested that if Rudd was returned to being PM that after preferences were distributed it would be Liberals/Labor at a 50/50 split!:ooh:


500N 17th Jun 2013 03:35

It shows that someone / the media is trying to do some serious talking up
of Rudd over the last few weeks.

Buster Hyman 17th Jun 2013 03:48

So, the question of ABC political bias is not the pertinent one now, it's which faction of the ABC controls the bias.

Andu 17th Jun 2013 04:06

chuboy, I agree 100% with your sentiments re the inappropriateness of Howard Sattler's question to the Prime Minister. However, where you are not wrong with the following statement -

His conduct absolutely demeaned the position of PM
I think, to be more accurate, you should have said -

His conduct absolutely has further demeaned the position of PM
- for it has to be said that the one clear achievement of Julia Gillard, an achievement no one can deny, is that she has thoroughly demeaned the role and the status of Prime Minister.

SOPS 17th Jun 2013 07:21

And a record 7% drop in the male vote for labor. The whole gender war/blue tie thing is working out really well isn't Julie?

sisemen 17th Jun 2013 08:42

You do the right thing....employ an out-of-work Jock on a 457 visa and all he does is screw things up for you. Ungrateful bar steward. :}

SOPS 17th Jun 2013 09:55

I'm actually a bit surprised. Day one back in Canberra, all the polls heading south at a rapid rate of knots, and (it appears) not a rumble of a challenge yet.

Maybe, it some sort of Stockholm Syndrome. They know they are doomed, so they just intend to hold on tight, shut their eyes and wait for the crash at the bottom.

Or, they are simply out of ideas and have finally worked out that Mr 457 visa media man, just keeps coming up with crocks of s:mad:t., and the cupboard of good ideas and vote winning policy is actually empty.

I can tell you one thing, it wouldn't matter now if Juliar offered to pay off everyone's mortgage, the promise of eternal life and peace among all men (persons), it wouldn't matter what she said , the electorate is no longer listening.

RJM 17th Jun 2013 10:30

What's going on is fairly easy to work out.

Gillard is no good at her job. She was created by a group of union heavies who were utterly mistaken in what they were doing.

Some of the people around her have been trying desperately to change horses while others have been hanging on hoping for a miracle spin from the likes of McTernan.

No one person or group has the clout to steer the whole hopeless administration in any one direction, with the result that the whole rickety edifice has been lurching around in circles, haemhorraging votes at every turn.

The chaos is further amplifiied by the different slants of various media reports and by the conflicting attitudes of ministers and spokespeople whenever asked: their replies are governmed by their own hopes or fears as each tries to second-guess what will happen next to their own advantage.

There's no-one in charge. It's like Brownian motion.

It looks chaotic from the outside and it must be even more chaotic from inside.

Consider just one recent balls-up. Gillard's 'Women for Gillard' movement - a desperate me too of the organisation that worked for Obama - has so far scored a 2% rise in the women's vote (within the statistical margin for error) but has lost 7% of the male vote.

What's more, the woman who has agreed to lead the new, self-destructive women movement is Chloe Shorten, the wife of Bill Shorten who is the boss of the AWU faction which keeps Gillard in power and is according to all reports about to withdraw that support. Chloe Shorten is also the daughter of Australia's Governor-General, to whom Gillard will have to report if she can no longer form a government.

How did that happen??

Anything seems possible in the completely dysfunctional Labor World, where the two great achievements Gillard is trumpeting are an education reform package that shovels cash to education employees and a disability pension scheme designed to twang the heart strings of the gullible but which isn't budgeted for and doesn't start for another 6 years.

The only calm in the swirling storm seems to be Gillard, who has never acknowledged any of the problems facing Labor as anything other than 'distractions', and who may very well be insane.

Fliegenmong 17th Jun 2013 10:39

I'm not at all entirely sure I perceive an all pervasive 'ALPBC' as such, I've seen ABC presenters severely grill ALP members, and I've seen ABC presenters offer an alternate view to all that the MSM offer,...........

......and I can't help but wonder if some would not prefer having a media Sans ABC that way you reliably ensure a North Korea like media, an 'Our Dear Leader' like abbott.......without accountability.....you know Kim-Il howard would approve, he wanted it in his tenure....

SOPS 17th Jun 2013 10:49

I was going to make the same comment about Gillard, RJM. She doesn't , in public at least, seem to have any idea about what is actually happening to her and her party. It seems like she has shut off from the world, and is just heading down some pre determined path that she won't ( and possibly can't ) change, not matter what the cost.

And, for the time being at least , it seems that the rest of her party is quite happy to stand behind her and watch it happen.

Very strange time indeed.

Worrals in the wilds 17th Jun 2013 11:53

Mr Rudd faced a media scrum at Canberra airport when he arrived in the capital...
Presumably so would Justin Bieber. Doensn't mean anyone wants him as PM...:bored:

There's no-one in charge. It's like Brownian motion.
They're :mad:ed and they know it. For even the lowly rank and file sceptics, this is a hard position to accept. It's like being six years old and finding out that Santa Claus is really just your uncle in a red suit with a pillow down the front :ouch:. You believe in the cause. You fully accept that Santa Claus is a great concept that benefits everyone; the retailers, the churches and you as a six year old who gets lots of gifts in a pillow case on Christmas morning.

You know that when you publically accept that Santa Claus is just your uncle and the powers that be (ie your parents) realise you know that, then there won't be so many benefits, because they'll stiff you with the line 'well you're a grown up now, you know that presents are only for the kiddies...' and you'll be fighting for every dollar in future. :\:}

Given some of the bilge coming from the business council types our figurative parents will be aiming to put us to work sweeping chimneys, running looms and mining the small tunnels adults can't fit down (all with no penalties or pesky WH&S red tape, we should be Glad To Get the Work) so it will be a great few years ahead while they continue to graciously accept their zillion dollar bonuses and the Shareholders keep benefiting. :ouch::yuk:

For all that, never think for one minute that the core of the union movement is represented by this week's media friendly mouthpieces. Paul Howes' weekend Telegraph article about how everything's coming up roses was consigned to the rubbish bin with excessive force :yuk:. I'd say more, but I'd probably get sued and that would be annoying...:} I'm thinking of doing a range of bumper stickers saying "Honk if you're being sued by Paul Howes' but I'd probably get sued...:}:}:} In deference to Cactusjack's feelings about his would-be girlfriend I'll speak no more. :suspect:

Take a look at me, I'm yesterday's hero... Sorry, got singing there. :hmm:

IMO running the women's card is always a massive risk, because it's guaranteed to alienate at least 45% of the population (allowing for male sympathisers). From the 50% women you have to count on full support, and I don't think Gillard is getting anything close to that, even from lefty females.

I don't think any reasonable Australian supported the Perth radio attack (juvenile and disrespectful of the Prime Minister; whoever that may be they're still the Prime Minister, and IMO she should have up and left) but there's a big leap between saying 'that sucks' and accepting that a few anti-female loud-mouths represent the Coalition, particularly when the deputy leader is female.

Also despite what many left wing women think, the A Issue is not one that generates automatic female support. Many women are at least nominally anti A; some passionately so (particularly Catholic women, who are still a very big demographic despite the lack of devisively excessive clothing and recent media hysterics). Playing with the A is like juggling nuclear warheads; you don't really want to go there. Better left in the backwaters of state health policy where it can be quietly cloaked with 'best interests of the mother' statements and therefore ignored. :suspect:

For a change, let's hear the PM talk about federal issues; the budget, defence and the national economy. Let's hear less about state issues like health, education and infrastructure. All these things are their problem, and I'm deadly sick of hearing federal pollies waffle on about things that aren't in their domain to the detriment of things that are. The MSM keeps proclaiming that Australians are confused about which level of government controls what: I don't think they are. I think each level of government would like to believe that... and I think they're wrong.

sisemen 17th Jun 2013 12:30

IMO she should have up and left)
Got it in one! And that's yet another misjudgement on her part. That's not excusing Sattler but can you see anyone else sitting there and letting that go on without making some kind of rebuttal and walking out?

If she really was serious about the misogyny thing then that would have been pure gold handed to her on a gold plated gold plate. She misjudged and she blew it.

Buster Hyman 17th Jun 2013 12:43

Fleigs. Without the rose coloured glasses, its quite easy to see. The difference between the ABC bias & Murdoch, for example, is that Murdoch will switch sides when he chooses to (read; profitable to), whereas the ABC are shining beacons of consistancy.

I'd love it if all media outlets reported fairly & in such a balanced way that all sides had equal opportunity to make their point. The Victorian ALP made it an art form to get their heads on the telly for even the most mundane of events, but you couldn't watch ANY news, without seeing the Premier at least three times. Big Ted's downfall, or part thereof, was that he wasn't as media savvy. Perhaps he wanted to spare us from the nonsense stories & rhetoric, but in the end, the proles were used to seeing their Premier giving a 3 second grab on even the Crossword results.

For my 2 cents, I think the "equal time" in an election should apply at all times. The Govt. said this...and the Opposition said this... Next story...

Worrals in the wilds 17th Jun 2013 13:03

For my 2 cents, I think the "equal time" in an election should apply at all times. The Govt. said this...and the Opposition said this... Next story...
That would be awesome. :ok:
Likewise, we'd see articles headlined with sentences like 'Suspected murder at Brookfield' rather than 'Why did this Mum have to die'? :ugh::ugh::ugh: (as I recollect the Courier Mail's take on the wrongful death of a woman in Brisbane, which needs no further hyberbole :yuk:). The pulp media pulls on our heartstrings and when we get sick of it, bleats that we don't love them anymore and we've betrayed them, becuase now we've also got internet connections and can find the facts behind the emotive spin they ran for years.

The Murdoch and Fairfax press paid their money and they took their chance on the lowest common denominator and the advertisers who preyed on them. Now even the lowest common demoninator sees through their emotive, devisive, crappy BS they're whining all the way to oblivion, when those of us with three digit IQ scores stop listening to them. :bored: Seriously, if I want emotive, crappy news I can go to Facebook for free!

It must suck, running a multi billion dollar racket for years and raking in all those $1.20s, and all too late realising that even the dodgiest, fluro wearing worker bee sees through the smokescreen and realises that the Media Emperor wears no clothes apart from salacious spin and hysteria. News? Comes from the Qld Police via Facebook. Opinion? Various sources from the web. Contrary views? Thanks, Jetblast :E. Newspapers? Thanks, it's been a pleasure. :zzz:

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