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Flying Binghi 13th Jun 2013 01:26

I see that Arnold Swartznegger and Julia Gillard will be on stage together in Perth ("Perf") this morning.
Heh, high farce... Gillard gets in a (confected) lather about a tit and butt joke restaurant menu one day, then the next day she meets Swartzenegger the groper...

Bing or google search - "gropegate, Swartznegger" ...:)

While yer at it Bing/google - "Record deficit, California, Swartzenegger"

Looks like Swartzneggers mate Al Gore and the bankers are getting worried about the future of their 'carbon' profiteering racket when yer see Swartznegger gettin despached south..:hmm:

Bing search - "Gore, Swartznegger" (note - Gore is involved with google)


sisemen 13th Jun 2013 01:34

What's the betting that the news vision tonight shows Dullard giggling like a schoolgirl in the presence of The Terminator?

Ascend Charlie 13th Jun 2013 02:31

When did they pass a law against insulting somebody?? I must remember to sue Paul Keating for calling me an unrepresentative scumbag.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones,
the offender gets only a warning,
But call me a name and my lawyer will have
A new Mercedes by morning.":sad:

CoodaShooda 13th Jun 2013 03:08

That'll be the Roxon Law that got canned, AC.

But at least we know where they stand on the subject.

chuboy 13th Jun 2013 06:06

Originally Posted by 500N (Post 7888620)
What is the need to have every school in the Country teaching the same thing ?

Are the states not virtually doing the same thing anyway ? or close to it ?

I'm a little late to respond to this one admittedly but as Andu noted, different schools teaching different things to kids of the same age makes it very difficult for them to change schools.

You should also expect that a student who finishes year 12 in the NT will have been taught just the same as they would in inner Sydney. At the moment this is not the case. There has been some unification of secondary school curricula with the introduction of the ATAR for high school leavers. As I understand it every state except QLD now uses this system to rank their student's performance, but there are still discrepancies between what each state teaches their kids. VIC, QLD and NSW, as an example, all have very different maths curricula. A student might have to take a higher level maths course in one state to learn something that gets taught to all students in a different state.

What justification is there for having a patchwork of ability levels which are solely dependent on which state (or which part of the state) you had to send you kids to? Given the increased administration overhead of managing eight different curricula, you'd need a pretty good argument against teaching all the kids the same thing.

In saying that...

- how are you going to get all teachers in all areas to the same level ?
- Forget Aboriginal schools for a start. Other more important things to work
on like attendance before teaching them anything !
...these are perfectly valid points and realities of life. Special schools and rural schools are always going to have different needs to mainstream ones. There isn't any reason why you can't address the issue the same way the states do now, using a special curriculum. Having a national curriculum doesn't mean you're teaching calculus to youngsters who can barely speak. It just means that no matter which school they attend they will be taught the same thing.

Getting teachers up to scratch is bigger issue and one which requires a lot of something the government doesn't have - money! But, in principle there isn't any reason why you can't maintain a fleet of competent teachers. You just need to be very strict about the minimum aptitude necessary to teach (obviously considering whether they will be going into primary or secondary school), and offer enough cash to persuade the good candidates out of their currently-better-paying jobs and into schools.

Like many facets of government, education could do with a restructure. Don't think that's high on anyone's list at the moment though.

As for your remarks about schools in indigenous communities, well that is indicative of a larger problem but those are an extreme case, requiring consideration separate from the majority of institutions. It's not really fair to hold back the vast majority of children living in major centres on the basis of less than a few hundred indigenous children living in the sticks.

500N 13th Jun 2013 06:36

Thanks to all for taking the time to respond :ok:

Have a better understanding of it all now and
have changed my view.

CoodaShooda 13th Jun 2013 06:49

Today's misogyny story comes courtesy of the Army.
Reckon this one will run for a couple of days as Smith won't be speaking about it until tomorrow.
Not seeking to diminish the potential seriousness of the case but the timing of the announcement smacks of political opportunism.
Smith was briefed on it 2 months ago.

RJM 13th Jun 2013 07:29

The Left doesn't do irony well.

Gillard bans journos from her promos, then uses headlines to proclaim herself an idiot.

You can't buy this quality of entertainment!

Andu 13th Jun 2013 07:33

My thoughts exactly, Cooda. What's the bet when all the "shock! horror!" (and the welcome distraction for the government) is over, it will turn out to be a dozen men who just happen to be the armed services trading emails containing porn.

...and of course, that's never happened before.

I daresay that if Big Brother was to take the trouble to check all the unasked for emails I've received over the years, some of which, from one or two ex-colleagues, have been in extremely bad taste, that same Big Brother could make a case to put me in the dock with the servicemen who've just been 'outed' today.

I also find myself wondering if this might not be a way of silencing - and totally screwing the careers of - a few up and coming senior officers who have proven themselves to be not willing to toe the current Canberra Pardee Line that the recent massive cuts to Defence spending haven't had a detrimental effect on the ADF's abilidy (sic) to perform its core task of defending the "nayshun"?

Now THAT I find easy to believe.

david1300 13th Jun 2013 08:40


Saltie 13th Jun 2013 09:11

Not the first time this one's come in to my inbox, but, after the events of the last 48 hours, I thought it was pertinent.

In a Sydney Nursing home an old priest lay dying. For years he had faithfully served the people of the nation’s capital.

He motioned for his nurse to come near.

“Yes, Father?” said the nurse.

“I would really like to see Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan before I die,” whispered the priest.

“I’ll see what I can do, Father,” replied the nurse.

The nurse sent the request to Canberra and waited for a response. Soon the word arrived; Julia and Wayne would be delighted to visit the priest. As they went to the hospital, Wayne commented to Julia “I don’t know why the old priest wants to see us, but it certainly will help our images.”

Julia agreed that it was the right thing to do at this time.

When they arrived at the priest’s room, the priest took Julia's hand in his right hand and Wayne's hand in his left. There was silence and a look of serenity on the old priest’s face.

The old priest slowly said, “I have always tried to pattern my life after our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.”

“Amen,” said Julia

“Amen,” said Wayne

The old priest continued, “Jesus died between two lying thieving bastards; and I would like to do the same....”

Saltie 13th Jun 2013 10:29

This should leave many taxpayers, struggling under increased costs of damn near everything, gasping.

And they gave themselves a pay rise today, taking JEG's annual salary to over half a million.


Deposed prime minister Kevin Rudd will receive more than $600,000 a year for the rest of his life once he leaves politics.

The silver lining from Mr Rudd's tough week could come from the privileges of being a prime minister for at least a year.

It means he is entitled to superannuation, a gold air pass, a car, at least four personal staff, and his own CBD office space in Brisbane for the rest of his life.

Mr Rudd - at 52, a young ex-prime minister - could receive about $20 million worth of allowances if he lives to 85. This is despite the fact he served just 2 1/2 years as PM.

Mr Rudd and his family left The Lodge in Canberra to fly home to Brisbane. The size of Mr Rudd's superannuation will depend on the date of his departure and whether he again serves in the ministry.

If he retires at the upcoming election he will receive a pension of $118,346 a year for life. The payout will be much higher if Labor win the next election and Mr Rudd returns to the Cabinet.

If he serves a full term in Cabinet under an elected Gillard Government, then retires at the 2013 election, he will receive a lifetime pension of $145,987 a year, indexed.

Then there are a host of other benefits - the airline gold pass, which entitles ex-PMs up to 40 business class flights a year. If Mr Rudd takes 30 flights annually it will cost the taxpayer about $60,000 a year.

Once retired, he is entitled to his own office - worth about $120,000 a year in Brisbane - for the rest of his life, and four staff, which political insiders say will cost $240,000 a year.

Mr Rudd would also be entitled to the lease of a car worth up to $55,000 for the rest of his life. Leasing experts say this would be worth $1000 to 1500 a month.
And Mr Rudd will receive all of these benefits on top of his wife's estimated $56 million fortune.

Meanwhile, as a backbencher, Mr Rudd is still receiving just over $130,000 a year: a comedown from his former Prime Ministerial salary of almost $350,000 a year.

No Cookies | thetelegraph.com.au

david1300 13th Jun 2013 11:51

The value to us of the NBN
Has anyone else been seeing ads from service providers for fast broadband through NBN. IINet ads have been popping up for me, promoting in this order: Heavy user plans for Gamers; Heavy user plans for Movie Downloads; Medium user plans for Business; Light user plans for Facebookers.

This clearly shows where they see the value to the country of the NBN :ugh:

Fliegenmong 13th Jun 2013 13:22

Uh..no, have been seeing no ads Davo.....not to say they are not there...just tuned out to them.....

But sorry...I'm not following what is clear to you....when you see these Ads...they're for 'plans'.... so are they ads for private entities? Or are they ads warning against blue ties? or are they ads promoting a commercial interest?

Honest question.....it's just not clear to me as to what you are getting at

......and I should ad, in order to emphasise my lack of 'puter knowledge, that whilst I know how to sit here and '2 finger type', I do not know the diff between a 'Browser' and a 'Search engine'.....don't they both 'look' for stuff??

Cactusjack 13th Jun 2013 13:26

The Blues Brothers?
Naughty Kev! Yet again displaying those socio traits, this time wearing a blue tie (on several occasions) after Kentucky Thighs Julia had a shot at the blue tie wearing Liberals! Oh Kev, you are a crack up, whenever the Carbon Queen makes a mess of something, even something simple, Kev is there sticking the blade in, twisting it a slow turn 90 degrees to the left each time! The man is evil, yet a genius! Quick, somebody give him a job as a Warden at Guantanamo Bay, no firing squad with Kevvy, it is a slow bake, slowly slowly bake the chicken (KFC in a red box of course) one turn of the rotisserie at a time!

And I almost forgot Kevs stand on gay marriage! He was totally against it when Prime Minister, a stand backed by his party. Now he comes out saying he has changed his mind, the times are a changing and he now supports it (naturally that is in opposition to his colleagues stance, what a surprise, NOT!) Gold!
I bet he would marry another man just to sink the blade into Julia's hairy back another inch!
Yet again the crowd goes wild and throw vegemite sandwiches at Julia, they steal her shoes, some shout out insults like Carrot Top, Bloodnut, Ranga and worse, but the cheers go up, the blue tie wearers love Kev, the queers love Kev, even babies in the womb love him! Can't you hear it? KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN!! Encore Maestro.

But where is Latham now? C'mon Mark we want some more commentary! I love the 'Rudd is evil' jibe, almost as entertaining as 'John Howard is an arse licker' and 'they are a conga line of suckholes'! Perhaps these boys were the reason for the writing of the book 'The Sociopath Next Door'??

I want to see Kev and Joolia, naked and wrestling in a plastic inflatable pool, not filled with jelly or mud, but with Asbestos, after the latest debacle with the NBN! Can these buffoons do anything right? I think they are possessed, either that or Ruddy has a giant Julia doll (complete with big thighs, big arse, no tits and a red b#%) and he has stuck more pins in it than the pins holding in Brynn Edlestone's tits!
Heck the power brokers have skinned knuckles and shisen under their fingernails from polishing the Labor turd so hard, but to no avail!
And now she is hanging out with another failed politician - The Governator! Unlike Arnie , Julia 'won't be back', she is off to Recall to have her head plant (Kev) removed. Then again, and in the words of Arnie, she does run a team of 'economic girly men', isn't that right Swanny??

Can't wait for the next instalment, it must be soon, not a day passes when these Labor fools touch something that turns to complete excrement! Hopefully it will happen soon. Ive got a comfortable spot on the lounge in front of the TV, a bag of popcorn, a slab of beer with Dark Side Of The Moon playing in the background. The games will continue after another cock- up, on a full moon after they have all forgotten to take their Lithium pills! LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE...........

david1300 13th Jun 2013 14:09

@fliegs...my point s that the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) see the greatest value in promoting pure online entertainment. They are business people trying to make a $, and they realise that this s where the greatest demand for fat internet is.

So as a country we all effectively chip in for this expensive NBN so we can play more games and watch more movies. So much for there being value in becoming more productive:ugh: Once again the ALP producing an expensive policy that misses the mark:} because they really don't understand business, and what drives it.

Buster Hyman 13th Jun 2013 14:31

Indeed Dave. I see the flashy ad about the smug Academic & all the good a fast broadband service will provide for him, but when compared to the heaviest usage of the Internet, his cosy little Skype sessions pale against the downloaded behemoth that is the torrent & porn industry! Simple.

sisemen 13th Jun 2013 14:33

Lateline. Not one single ALP personality wearing a blue tie! What a bunch of newarks (anag)

500N 13th Jun 2013 14:56

Front page of The Age today.

Tim M standing next to Julia with a Blue bow tie on :O :ok:

500N 13th Jun 2013 19:44

I had to love watching everyone back track re menu gate.

Egg on face all around :ok:

Talking of sexism,how come males get blasted but females
- such as Julia - don't get called Sexist when she has a go at males ?
Some of what she is saying is bordering on Sexism.

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