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Saltie 8th Jun 2013 07:52

Whilst I don't disagree with you about the general population's attitude to the queue jumpers 500N, I really think that to put an end to the irregular arrivals, it will have to be made loud and unmistakenly clear worldwide that there is no chance, whatever the circumstances, of getting in through the back door by arriving by boat without documentation. TPVs won't be enough to stop the trade completely. The only difference they will make will be we'll see whole family groups coming together rather than sending out the single visa scout. (End result? A bigger debt to repay to the loan sharks, putting many even further in thrall to God only knows who.)

It will take a succession of incidents as big and 'in yer face' in the world media as the children overboard fiasco - with Australia portrayed very much as the bad guy to achieve that. I don't think Tony Abbott will be able to do that without proverbially blinking.

RJM 8th Jun 2013 10:47

500N, there's also the disruptive potential - as some level-headed (ie non-racist) commentators have noted - of 40,000 low skilled, self-selected, mainly Muslim immigrants eking out an existence in Australia who are likely to be semi-destitute, still on the dole, and probably fairly angry in 5 years' time.

If that unsettling state of affairs comes to pass, we can thank Gillard, who proudly took the credit personally for having dismantled Howard;'s 'inhumane' border protection arrangements. With thanks also, of course, to Mr Oakeshott and Mr Windsor for facilitating Ms Gillard's victory in the lastt election.

500N 8th Jun 2013 20:11


Very good point. I am not sure even dying country locations
want an influx of these people.

And as for Julia and the "Howard's 'inhumane'", seems the whole country voted
on it at one time and Howard got back in. It wasn't inhumane, it was protecting
Australia, something she has failed to do.

And as for the RAN and the Patrol boats, as someone confirmed,
everyone thinks they are stuffed already so she leaves us with a
patrol force that needs replacing well before time with no money
to do it.

parabellum 8th Jun 2013 23:43

Saltie - In my post #5769 you will see I suggested that for Tony Abbott to stop the boats I believe all he has to do is insist that all arrivals carry their paperwork and any that don't, who have managed to get here by other countries that certainly do require paper work, (Malaysia, Indonesia etc.), should immediately be shipped off to a UNHCR refugee camp where they can join the queue, there are camps in Kenya, Sudan, Pakistan etc.

Two major points of irritation for the tax paying population of Australia are the fact that the majority of the boat arrivals who have no paper work have deliberately got rid of it as they know that to arrive with it would mean they could be properly identified, traced and their true status established. The other point is that even though at least 600 would be asylum seekers got refused entry last year a Tribunal then overturned the decision on appeal, of at least 500, without any new evidence but under pressure from various libertarian groups.

500N 8th Jun 2013 23:51

Who funds the do gooder lawyers for these appeals ?

Our Gov't ?

CoodaShooda 9th Jun 2013 00:04

Not the gummint, 500N; the taxpayer.

See Barry Cassidy on Insiders this morning proclaiming his belief that Ms Gillard will not lead labor into the election. :ooh:

Didn't seem to generate any disagreement from the panelists. Just a discussion of how quickly her dumping will occur.

Buster Hyman 9th Jun 2013 00:25

Had a dream last night. I was walking & talking with Abbott whilst he was on his way to his office. I was asking some pertinant questions on Gonski & his policies. His answers were a little vague & he eventually wandered off looking for more info...odd.

I think that Gonski was on my mind because my daughters school had asked parents to ask their local member 7 opposing candidate to outline their school funding policies. How odd that I have not received a reply from either of the major parties. (I didn't ask the Greens because if it has nothing to do with saving fish, they're all at sea!)

500N 9th Jun 2013 00:43

Yes, all the signs seem to indicate she will be dumped.

ONE big reason I reckon is that this time, it isn't the media
beating up a story about it and trying to get something to occur,
it just seems to be happening naturally.

Now, will it be Rudd or will it be someone else ?

Either way, I still think they will lose.

parabellum 9th Jun 2013 01:02

I'm surprised that any of them would want to take on the poison chalice. Personally I think Rudd is having a game by hinting, or letting others hint, that he might go for the leadership when all the time he is just preventing anyone else from a serious go, Rudd intends to make Dullard wear their crushing defeat all on her own, revenge served cold! Just my theory!

Andu 9th Jun 2013 01:21

If Barry Cassidy's opinion holds water, "somefink" tells me might be hearing the dulcet tones of the GG's son in law a bit more than we have of late. (If Little Bill gets the nod, we'll be almost up there with North Korea, where the top jobs are all kept in the one family.)

What is it with these Labar leeders and wannabe leeders? Is an inabilidy (sic) to pronounce common, everyday words a requirement?

500N 9th Jun 2013 01:30

I see we now get criticized for the "slow" response to searching
for the AS boat that was overdue with at least 13 dead and 60
still missing.

Interesting how we are informed it is overdue ????

By whom ?

We should just turn round and say that no distress signal has been
seen or heard and fcuk them.

Worrals in the wilds 9th Jun 2013 03:12

IMO Shorten would be mad to touch the leadership with a barge pole at the moment. Far better to wait for the dust to settle, then become the leader of the opposition who leads Labor out of the wilderness.

I see we now get criticized for the "slow" response to searching
for the AS boat that was overdue with at least 13 dead and 60
still missing.
Who was that from? One of the usual ratbags :bored:? From what it said in the paper several Australian vessels had done all they could to save people. I really people would stop taking such huge risks getting on these criminally organized, unseaworthy boats, particularly when so many of them can't swim. :sad: It's not like the boat owners give a toss; they've already got their money.

boofta 9th Jun 2013 03:25

Albanese will be installed as leader before the election.
He owes all the factions, he is the only Ruddite who kept his
ministry after the last putsch, he will be the suicide leader
to take the fall. Then after the massacre Shorty or Combat will put up
their hand as dream leader for when they are re-elected in 2050
Kevin07 wants his chinese talking job back, Juliar will get a new hairdresser
and life goes on...

SOPS 9th Jun 2013 04:03

I have a feeling that things might start to get interesting
Julia Gillard loses significant support among caucus - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

SOPS 9th Jun 2013 04:22

And further, the BBC has just reported that a second boat has just been spotted in trouble, and vessels are being diverted to assist it. Does the phrase " out of control" come to mind?

sisemen 9th Jun 2013 04:48

Whilst the resurgence of Krudd would, undoubtedly, lift the polls for Labor there is the small matter of the poison that was spouted from his party colleagues during his failed come-back attempts. Those people would have to be shifted to the back benches and they would still be there. I cannot see them keeping schtum about Krudd merely to save their hide. Dullard herself will be a brooding time bomb.

Interesting times.

500N 9th Jun 2013 04:57

I just realised that the Age, SMH etc has far less coverage of AS
now than they have in the past.

Maybe they are just sick of it like everyone else.

500N 9th Jun 2013 06:22

I see an article on Abbott preparing for office.

It is like watching a slow motion train crash.

SOPS 9th Jun 2013 06:49

It might speed up a bit, 500N, if Juliar is dumped/stands down. The new leader of the labor party would not have to stand by the September 14 date and could go to the polls early in the hope of catching the opposition off side.

On another note, I see that Sarah two dads, is demanding we give ASsers, easier access to Australia, to save them the trouble of them getting on a boat.:ugh::ugh:

How safe is Two Dads in the next election?

sisemen 9th Jun 2013 07:20

Hopefully a bit like the latest IMA boat - sunk without trace.

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