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david1300 5th Jun 2013 04:26

Well, he must be smoking some pretty strong stuff to believe his own bullsh*t. So we are too naive. Let me tell you something, Laurie, mate. We are not stupid or naive, and come sweet September your peers in the ALP will receive such a kick in the orifice from which you blow your smoke that they won't sit down for months!

CoodaShooda 5th Jun 2013 04:32

Step 1. Only accept applications for asylum from border hoppers who can formally identify themselves.

Step 2. Any that can't produce ID are immediately flown back to the country of embarkation or their claimed country of origin - as you would someone refused entry at the border. No cash settlements of any sort!

Step 3. Tell the UNHCR to butt out of internal affairs. :E

It's only as complex as you chose to make it.

500N 5th Jun 2013 04:56


Well said.

And after step 1, process them quickly and piss them off quickly
if not true AS's. If they want to appeal, they can do some from
another country.

And piss the UN off altogether !!!

SOPS 5th Jun 2013 05:44

:ok:For Cooda

Worrals in the wilds 5th Jun 2013 06:10

We could do all of that if we withdrew from the Convention.
Step 0.5. Withdraw from the Convention. It doesn't mean you stop accepting genuine refugees; far from it. Neither the US nor India are signatories and they take heaps of refugees. It does mean that the country can set its own guidelines.

The bit from the 7:30 report that made me almost drop my cuppa was when Leigh Sales asked Laurie Ferguson something along the line of:
So is the voting public too naive to decide for itself?
Answer Yes
This is left wing ALP thinking at its worst. After their well deserved Queensland electoral bloodbath there were many ALP experts saying the same thing; that the public didn't know what they were voting for :ugh:. The public knew exactly what they were voting for and many of us dreaded it, but we did it anyway, because the ALP had left us with no realistic alternative :sad:.

The same thing will happen federally, but it's not caused by voter ignorance. It's caused by political ignorance, incompetence and their complete inability to understand the real world their would-be supporters live in.

CoodaShooda 5th Jun 2013 07:40

Agreed. I think most of us agree with the orderly acceptance of genuine refugees.
But don't stop with revoking our acceptance of the Convention.
There's a whole raft of UN conventions that need to be withdrawn from. :E
Only problem is that it means the Feds have to hand control back to the states.
Would this be a bad thing? :}

Andu 5th Jun 2013 07:48

Just heard on Sky News.

"The Australian "gummit" (not) wishes to announce the arrival of today's scheduled service from points unknown (yeah, right) to Darwin. Today's boat brought 79 country shoppers to the Promised Land."

How's that MCG filling, Julian?

Fliegenmong 5th Jun 2013 08:25

Be all over on the 15/9/2013 Andu, or very soon therafter anyway :ok:

Fliegenmong 5th Jun 2013 08:38


Well, this made I larf, it did. Nothing at all defensible in ALP policy implementation, or competence of ALP people, just a tired old 'let me scare the children with the bogey-man' approach. Larfing, I am, rolling on the floor larfing

Why do you Laugh so??....Davo??? :confused: :p

And why Larf anyway??? I'm not up on young person speak, like the ever so irritating young guy at work, who says first thing in the morning 'What Up?' :ugh: He's an utter [email protected], whereas I'm sure you're not!

Anyway, I personally find nothing funny in next the PM's moral capacity, or lack thereof, to make secret deals with the worst PM in history, and then SPIN out of it!!

But if you're happy with it......

CoodaShooda 5th Jun 2013 08:55

If it helps, it is unlikely that Gillard and Abbott personally discussed the legislation. That would have been left to minions.
The full proposal included a number of useful amendments, including lowering the threshold for public disclosure of donations from $12500 to $1000.

Come to think of it, that was probably why the parties wanted the Bill sunk.

Abbott just made the better political move; outpointing Gillard. Nothing new there.

Expect to see a raft of labor pollies come out critical of their leader. Anything to suck up to the electorate and drag a few votes back.

Fliegenmong 5th Jun 2013 09:27

Yeah Cooda, I'm sure they never sat in a cafe and hatched it between themselves like that! But why would they want the Bill sunk if they had hatched it in the first place???

My Old Aunties Blind Kelpie would outpoint dullard right now!!

I expect you're right Cooda!, I also expect TA to continue on the' Ruddesque' like small target path!

Anyway off to watch the Mighty Maroons!! :)

Captain Sand Dune 5th Jun 2013 10:07

LEIGH SALES: But firstly, aren't people smart enough to understand that it's a complex problem and secondly, isn't the issue that people just want to know that you're going to do something to stop asylum seekers getting on boats, that's what they want to hear?

LAURIE FERGUSON: No, I don't think people think it's complex. I think that they've got a view now that somehow Tony Abbott after September is going to solve this. I don't think he can and I think we've got to focus on that.

LEIGH SALES: Do you really think that people are that naive, that they look at it in such a simple fashion?

LAURIE FERGUSON: Absolutely. I think that because we've abandoned the field, people don't take notice that he's moved from 'stop the boats' to substantially reduce, that the time line for when they're going to actually do something has blown out, and that we're going to depend on some secret, not to be revealed conversations between Julie Bishop and Indonesian ministers, that's ridiculous and I think we've got to get stuck into them.
The ALPBC have abandoned any vestige of impartiality. They may as well admit they will be campaigning for Liarbour.

Worrals in the wilds 5th Jun 2013 14:13

IMO today's only sensible political suggestion came from Clive (:confused:) when he proposed dropping the FBT on entertainment expenses.
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Okay, so a bunch of rich businessmen get to claim their lunches. I don't care if it helps the F&B industry out; they've been hit hard by the downturn. I'd much rather see that than attacking penalty rates for already low paid hospitality workers. If it gets people back into restaurants (and it's not just rich businessmen who used to entertain, also small business people, professionals, transport companies and other miscellaneous bogans :}) then surely it's a good boost for the industry.

If nothing else, at least it sounds fun :\, which is more than any other policitcal suggestion from either side at present.

Fliegenmong 5th Jun 2013 20:17

Noooooo!! Worrals!!! Attacking the penalty rates and conditions of the already low paid is in the LNP DNA!!!!!

You can't do that!! Just look at Mothers day just gone...with restaurants setting 'set' menus at astronomical prices whilst paying the kids that serve the food (and can't be with their mothers!!!) the absolute minimum!!!

It's just not right!! The productivity commission will tell (ensure) you know as much the election after this!! :ok:

Clive's biggest mistake is taking on the 2 clowns that are ex GCCC...:hmm: Stupid stupid move that one!!

CoodaShooda 5th Jun 2013 23:45

Fair go Fliegs

You have to also factor in that the cost of doing business, employing staff and complying with more and more regulations under labor leaves very little in the bikkie barrell to pay anyone, including the owners.

Labor's had 6 years and none of the lowly paid appear to have had their lot significantly improved. Including the school kids who lost their after school jobs because of labor's minimum hours rule.

The latest economic indicators are suggesting that the bubble is well and truly bursting. So the new government will be the recipient of all of Swan's "hens come home to roost".

But you're right; the Libs will introduce policies more sympathetic to business and some short-sighted, avaricious pricks will take advantage of it.

I think I saw somewhere that someone's started the "Keep the Greens Out" party. Wonder where I can join?

Worrals in the wilds 5th Jun 2013 23:53

An Anti Green Party? I'm in. :ok:

Clive's biggest mistake is taking on the 2 clowns that are ex GCCC...http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/yeees.gif Stupid stupid move that one!!
Good point. Nothing good has ever come out of the Gold Coast City Council.

Cooda, I agree re the regulations, though a lot of them are inflicted by the state and local governments. They are at a ridiculous level, and for all the form filling I don't believe many of them have improved safety or hygiene. There are still restaurants getting busted serving ibis as chicken or with massive rat problems; if people want to cut corners they will, no matter how many forms they fill out. Much of the time the regs just penalise the honest operators.

7x7 6th Jun 2013 04:08

An Anti Green Party? I'm in
Me too.

Jason Clare's site just announced two more boats arrived yesterday.

sisemen 6th Jun 2013 04:08

Two points:

#1 - to all those who have moaned and groaned about comments on here that the IMAs (Irregular Maritime Arrivals - as they're now calling them!) were not a security problem and that all was fine and dandy with letting the "poor and oppressed" into the country willy-nilly - your beloved leader, Dullard, has now admitted that it IS a security problem!! Where are your protestations now?

#2 - Just announced that Collie in WA will take on 10 'bridging visa' families. That's 50 people folks. The local Council had to find out about it by reading it in the West Australian this morning!!!!

Now, 50 people in a small community (it's a small coal mining town set in an agricultural area) is a significant number. With the average Aussie's reputation for hospitality I have no doubt that the town will accede to their wishes to have a mosque built, halal butcher's products available and an acceptance of muslim garb. And the population will grow. If successful then more immigrants will be placed there and other small towns with similar low occupancy rates will also be targetted by the Dept of Immigration. Then you have a slow, albeit, minute take-over of communities. Not enough statistically to change the price of bread but do it in enough towns and you have the seed corn for the catastrophic change that people are warning about.

SOPS 6th Jun 2013 04:14

I was just about to post exactly the same comment Sisemen, I have friends that live in Collie, I wonder how they are feeling.

Worrals in the wilds 6th Jun 2013 06:06

#2 - Just announced that Collie in WA will take on 10 'bridging visa' families. That's 50 people folks. The local Council had to find out about it by reading it in the West Australian this morning!!!!
That's got Social Unrest written all over it. :ouch:

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