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chuboy 30th May 2013 07:40

Originally Posted by sisemen (Post 7868863)
NBN scandal over asbestos reprising the 'pink batts' scandal

Credit where credit is due, Telstra are the entity responsible for the asbestos issue. The ducts belong to them, they maintain it. That was part of the $11b deal they were able to negotiate with NBN Co. Not to mention the matter of looking after their own employees. It's a shame that NBN Co contractors are receiving the blame for this in the media when it is not their fault.

sisemen 30th May 2013 07:43

It all stems from the famous "back of a fag packet" plan that Conroy put to Krudd. PPPPP (Poor Planning = Piss Poor Performance). And, yes, it is this government's responsibility.

sisemen 30th May 2013 08:41

The kiddies are on to her

Prime Minister Julia Gillard might be feeling a little crusty this afternoon after a second sandwich was thrown at her during a school visit.

The PM was mobbed by students at Lyneham High School to announce the ACT government has signed up to her Gonski school reforms.

The sandwich, thought to be salami on white bread, was hurled at the PM as she visited a Canberra school just before big lunch this afternoon.

It's believed the sandwich made contact with the PM, brushing her on the back and landing at her feet.

Takan Inchovit 30th May 2013 09:00

Sanger for the wranger? :hmm:

SOPS 30th May 2013 10:11

Another boat with 39 on just arrived.:ugh::ugh::ugh:

Fliegenmong 30th May 2013 11:27

I was going to kindly request a cup of weak black tea, with a slice of lemon to help wash down my humble pie after my bold prediction that TA would support the cash for votes deal......

But Sisey reminded me -

Quote - "Sleazy deals to scam more money from long-suffering taxpayers"

Was actually a deal that TA made directly with the Red witch devil .... :hmm: ...a deal which he reneged upon only after such backbencher revolt, and public outcry..... to SPIN it as "We listen to what the people want"...:ugh:

Disappointing, but sadly not surprising......just like red witch really, disappointing, but not surprising :suspect:

Andu 30th May 2013 12:19

Fleig, I think it's a very safe bet that you'll have many opportunities after September to be disappointed. I suspect there'll be quite a few 'reactionaries' like me who'll join you.

I just wish he'd renege on his silly bloody maternity leave plan before the election rather than after it.

Buster Hyman 30th May 2013 13:18

When will these kids learn to put a grenade in their sandwich?

Fliegenmong 30th May 2013 13:36

Andu I'm having reasons to be disappointed BEFORE the election :{

No Way do you scrap the maternity leave plan BEFORE the election!!!....you keep the maternity leave plan so as couples may be able to plan around it!!, believe in it, arrange their personal circumstances around it.....

Then after getting 'In'....scrap it (You already know what the excuse will be regardless) to hell with those that believed in it, to those that planned their affairs around what either party said before the election

On no Andu.......paid parental leave will stay until after the election (too many votes in it you see, it's not about the good of the country it's about TA's previously stated personal ambitions..........

He may well be a Mysoginistic Dolt, and an Economic Simpleton, but he's Savy enough to bare face lie to the people who choose to believe in him :ok:

Fliegenmong 30th May 2013 13:49

And to prove the point, really, he personally co-conspired with the Red witch over the 'Cash for Votes' deal....no Unions involved BH :ok:...just Oz Taxpayers..just hoodwinking the Aust Tax Payer,IN COLLUSION WITH, the red witch......TA Making deals with the devil.....happy with that?..Comfortable with that?

Reneging on his word with Jooliar when it became politically expedient to do so, and spinning it , SPIN MASTERING it by saying "We listen to the people.....Wow!, haven't seen this level of spin since.....well since any number of Labor F*&kups.....

sisemen 30th May 2013 15:56

The mother of Shayden Thorne, convicted on terror charges in Saudi Arabia, wants PM Julia Gillard to appeal directly to the Saudi king.
She doesn't appeal to anybody in Australia - what makes her think that Dullard will appeal to the King of Saudi? :}

Andu 31st May 2013 02:44

Another boat announced as having arrived yesterday. That's over 3,200 for May, with today's arrivals yet to be counted.

Flying Binghi 31st May 2013 03:07

Heh, if yer want ya kids to go to a good sporting school dont send them to either Lyneham High School and Marsden State High School.... them kids couldn't hit the extra large side of the new school hall with a beach ball from six feet..:)


Buster Hyman 31st May 2013 06:10

No, I was wondering about who or what was to be declared & did Union donations come under the same scrutiny. It's a moot point now.

Policy by Public Opinion...KRudd has some serious competition now!

Ken Borough 31st May 2013 12:53

Some MPs are quite fortunate that they hold safe seats. I've just turned off the TV in anger after having had to endure ten minutes of rudeness and absolute [email protected] by a female Liberal on ABC's Lateline. What a shocker is she - would bore anyone sh!tless under wet cement. :{:{

7x7 31st May 2013 13:23

Aww come on, Ken. Givza 'er name.

Flying Binghi 31st May 2013 13:25

Heh, after the roof insulation fire fiasco there looks to be another fiasco on the way...

When Webster Groves High School purchased solar panels to put on the roof of the school, no one told them they could catch on fire!

GREEN FAIL: Solar Panels Catch Fire on High School Roof ? Black Plume Seen for Miles | The Gateway Pundit


Buster Hyman 31st May 2013 14:32

Problem with Solar panels is that some are not installed with the isolation switch at ground level. Can't always get up on a roof during a fire to turn them off, and can't stop the power from them keeping the house live!

sisemen 31st May 2013 15:06

Givza 'er name.
Kelly O'Dwyer.

Although her performance is in the eye of the beholder. I thought that as a counterpoint to the "There's nothing wrong. Nothing to see here" attitude of her Labor opponent she did quite well - not exactly front bench material but reasonable.

7x7 1st Jun 2013 04:08

Can't offer a link to this article beyond the Andrew Bolt site, but I think we could safely assume that it is not what Julia Gillard and the proponents of the Gonski Scheme (to say nothing of the Teachers' Federation) want to hear.

WHEN young primary school principal Nathaniel Train arrived at Innisfail East State School in far north Queensland two years ago, he had a tough message to deliver to teachers and parents: lift your game.

As one of the nation’s most disadvantaged schools, where half the students are indigenous, it was not unusual for students at Innisfail East to refuse to take their feet off the desk… Attendance was low and academic results were worse.

Today, Innisfail East - like neighbouring Goondi State School - is one of a handful of Australia’s most disadvantaged schools whose students are scoring in the top half of the nation’s results in literacy and numeracy…

Rather, the secrets to their success are encouraging passionate teachers not to waste a moment of classroom time on needless “busy work”; regular and rigorous statistical analysis of results; spending the equivalent of two days a week as principal in the classroom; and, above all, a relentless drive for excellence…

For Mr Train, the disadvantage is meaningless. When he arrived at the school in 2011, he was dismayed to find poor academic results, but even more disappointed to find some teachers believed their students would never be more than average....

Mr Train replaced half the teachers… Mr Train appointed his Year 7 teacher as the school’s “coach”, responsible for overhauling the curriculum and training teachers in an explicit instruction teaching method.

Rather than a hodge-podge of lessons, each teacher now has a tight, daily schedule to follow, with an overwhelming focus on literacy and numeracy. Each class begins with a “warm-up”, a recited chant used to commit crucial information from short- to long-term memory.

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