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Andu 16th Apr 2013 10:08

As far as they are concerned if you are white you are the wrong colour to emigrate to Australia.
That comment is not as extreme as you might imagine. I have a friend who was a senior diplomat here in Oz for a major western European country. He said that he quickly learned that every hindrance would be put in his way by the Australian authorities if he was acting for companies from his country attempting to bring highly skilled workers into Australia who were Caucasian. But if he put forward a candidate with equal qualifications who happened to be of Indian or Middle Eastern ethnicity, the application would go through quickly and without a hitch.

Why do I find this very easy to believe?

sisemen 16th Apr 2013 10:58

Furthermore, why are they so prickly when challenged about it?
Not prickly. If I had to make a choice I would choose Australian citizenship because this is where I live and this is my choice of country. Quite happy about that.

However, I do keep two passports mainly to avoid the ferkin looooong immigration queues when going to the UK :}

dat581 16th Apr 2013 11:38

It all stinks to high heaven. Not so long ago no passport was required to travel between OZ-UK-NZ-CAN etc and now many barriers are put in place and I can speak from personal experience. I have an English wife ( been out here eleven years ) who's brother would love to emigrate as well. He has a number of qualifications but gets the run around from Australian immigration. Hopefully when he current government gets shown the door a broom will be put through the department ( and quite a few others ) to put a stop to such rubbish.

MTOW 17th Apr 2013 07:08

Two more boats announced today - and I think it was either two or three yesterday.

The outrage meters are being re-calibrated by Sarah multidads and her wailing chorus for when Abbott tries to turn back the first boat.

The only way he'll even stand a chance of doing so is if he has a refurbished boat (one of the many arriving in multiples on a daily basis now) on standby to transfer the hopefuls to, because you can guarantee the Capt Imads of the country shopping industry will sabotage the first post election boat well and properly so the Navy or Customs will have no alternative than to take the 'poor unfortunates' on board and transport them straight to Perth.

My guess is that each and every pax on those first few boats will also be suffering from injuries or burns from when their boat foundered/burned just minutes before the Navy arrives to ensure they can't be sent back.

MTOW 17th Apr 2013 07:32

Hmmmm. Having now read the last few posts, I can only come to the conclusion that 7x7 is avoiding spelling out the main reason he's pushing for the dropping of dual citizenship, and that's the growing ever larger voting block in Western Sydney and outer Melbourne that, if allowed to vote (as they are now) will all too soon (if they haven't already) become an election-swinging force in Australian politics.

Twenty or thirty years from now, if the alarmists are correct, and the 'three generations' rule has not kicked in because this one community has not integrated into mainstream Australian society, this electoral force may well be inimical, even hostile, to the interests of the rest of Australia but, a bit like the Greens today, hold the balance of power and be able to succeed in making demands - again like the Greens, but perhaps even more - detrimental to Australia's interests.

It's amazing how many who come here for a better life just cannot, for one reason or another, cut the apron strings with the old country, whatever that old country may be. Personally, I think this devalues Australian citizenship - and I think that they way all too many 'New Australians' treat their Australian citizenship, it's quite obvious they do not value it at all except as a convenience and a ticket to generous welfare, all too often to be enjoyed while living back in their country of birth. (How many Lebanese/Australians did the Australian taxpayer rescue (i.e., pay for their flights back to Oz) a few years ago when Beirut again became a war zone? I think it 25,000. I know from Canadian friends that there was also a very large number of Lebanese/Canadians who demanded of their government and were given passage home. I'd love to know how many of 'our' 25,000 'Aussies' paid a cent towards their airline tickets back to Oz. Not too many, I'd guess.)

If you're not willing to make the break with the country you left because the life you were leading there had aspects bad enough to make you feel you had to move half way around the world to make a new life, maybe you really should have stuck with that country you love so much.

I don't expect this will go down well with quite a few readers here.

sisemen 17th Apr 2013 08:11

As I have said repeatedly - if the option is to cease dual citizenship with the UK or f*** off then there is no contest. I am an Australian. But, as I have pointed out there are certain bars to that happening. And if it does, in any event, the UK has a ruling that, as a born in UK person, you would never be turned away i.e. once you're ours then that's the way you'll stay no matter what you say. :}

PS. I do not, nor will I, claim any welfare benefits from Australia even though I have paid taxes from the moment I stepped ashore.

Now - can I make it any clearer?

And I can make a very good case for stripping Australian nationality from any individual who goes to fight for another country particularly when the causes that they fight for are inimical to our way of life - David Hicks is one such case.

Cactusjack 17th Apr 2013 09:59

The Red Haired Clown and her minions are history. They are going to cop the biggest election flogging in decades, and rightly so. You can't polish a turd and Labor is nothing short of a giant steaming nugget. I used to always vote Labor, not any more, and I won't vote for that Speedo wearing peckerhead Abbott either. Labor's only option was to bring back KRudd. I don't think he is worth a pinch of piss either but he is the only public personality in Labor that could pull off an election win, well could of.

They are a skidmark on the Australian landscape. Gillards earlobes are as large as her upcoming election loss.

RJM 17th Apr 2013 13:35

I think I agree with you, Cactus. I was reading Pickering's erudite analysis of Gillard's Gonski gambit, and I don't think it will work. The last gasp of a beached, I dunno, whatever. Something slimy.

To paraphrase someone else: '...because nothing will save the Prime Minister!'

PS Cactus - who the hell are you going to vote for? Not SHY's outfit, fer God's sake.

CHAIRMAN 17th Apr 2013 13:54

Very polite there Cactus.
Could have thought of more fitting comparisons for her forthcoming election loss:*

Cactusjack 17th Apr 2013 17:12

RJM, good question, who shall Cactus vote for? It's a bit like having a dozen fresh steaming turds on the ground and being told 'pick one up and keep it'. Decisions decisions.
Or it's like being asked which one do you want- genital warts, syphillis or genital herpes? Decisions decisions.
With such a long election campaign of 8 months (well done Julia, the length and uncertainty you have now created is further slowing down and f#king businesses) my vote is yet to be determined, however i dont think it is going to matter as it is more than evident that the wingnut who 'cannot fill his speedo's' has been handed a gift horse. However the choices are still unbearable. The dross that we have been presented with is nothing short of a complete joke. If I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have believed it.
Hmmmm the lucky country hey??

Worrals in the wilds 17th Apr 2013 22:16

Agreed. I think the Donkey is going to be a popular candidate this year, not that I believe in the practice.

Andu 17th Apr 2013 22:43

Worrals, I hope by 'donkey vote', that many will be voting informal - a scrawled 'none of the above' or something similar on their voting slip - rather than the accepted meaning of 'donkey vote', where the voter simply starts at the top of the page with '1' and works his way down.

In the past, the luck of the draw of getting your name at the top of the voting slip page was said to be worth as much as a 5% advantage to the lucky candidate. I suspect it will be higher than that this year.

I hope that people like cactus do a 'none of the above' or something similar.

I know that politically, the Libs could never do it, but maybe if they created their own version of 'GetUp', it (a supposedly independent organisation) could advise disillusioned Labor voters to vote informal if they want to send a clear message to Labor of their unhappiness with Julia Gillard but couldn't bear to vote for the Libs.

Speaking of unhappiness, did anyone else see the clip last night where a woman asked a question of Julia Gillard and mentioned that she'd just spoken to Tanya Pibersek in the toilet? Pibersek, sitting at a table facing the crowd, did her usual nodding and smiling as she acknowledged the woman, but then, as the woman told Gillard that "Minister Tanya" (her words, not mine) had told her that Gillard was on a knife edge, the changing expression on Tanya Pibersek's face was...


That clip is well worth seeking out. If can find it, I'll post the link here later on today.

Cactusjack 17th Apr 2013 23:59

I imagine that Plibersek was sitting on the shitter purging Labor policies?
Dropping off all the Labor party at the pool!!

Buster Hyman 18th Apr 2013 00:33

Was Tanya sitting on a stool.....?

Dark Knight 18th Apr 2013 02:24

Political Correctness..
I am told there's an annual contest at Bond University, Australia, calling for

The most appropriate definition of a contemporary term.

This year's chosen term was 'political correctness'.

The winning student wrote:

'Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.'

Worrals in the wilds 18th Apr 2013 03:07

Sorry Andu, my bad. :ouch: Yes you're right and I meant an informal vote.
I have a feeling that encouraging people to vote informally is actually a breach of the Electoral Act. Distant memory from a minority party campaign of days gone by...:confused:

RJM 18th Apr 2013 07:58

Screaming Lord Sutch, or Kevin Phillips Bong (Slightly Silly)?

chuboy 18th Apr 2013 09:16

Well I won't be voting for the LNP based on their broadband policy alone. :ugh:

Buster Hyman 18th Apr 2013 09:32

Well chuboy. It won't be enough to change my vote, but I have to agree with you, that policy is fairly ordinary. It sounds like they spoke to some retired telco employees over a beer & Parma! They really could have kicked a goal with this one because the current NBN is another potential white elephant.

chuboy 18th Apr 2013 10:04

Mmm, I listened to their announcement with great intent hoping to be convinced the LNP could take us into a modern age... let's just say I didn't feel reassured by their idea of 'saving money' - so this time around it will be the devil I know, for now anyway. Here's to hoping they can come up with a Revision 1 that's worth the napkin it's written on :}

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