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sisemen 27th Mar 2013 15:20

Rang up the ABC Morning Programme in Perth this morning to put a question to Dullard. The question was: When you signed as having witnessed the signature of Ralph Blewitt on that contract were you in the same building?

Guess what? I didn't get put to air.

Takan Inchovit 27th Mar 2013 20:13

How will people react if Jools dips into their Super funds to pay for her extravagant election promises?

500N 27th Mar 2013 20:26

Riots !!!

I think people will be looking very closely at this BEFORE
the budget.

Andu 27th Mar 2013 21:38

I think if they try that, even I will drag myself out on the streets to join the other old farts in the convoy of incontinence.

What Liebor is doing with the 'we're considering taking your Super' "leaks" is as old as politics itself. First you leak a really unpopular measure and then, in the budget, you come up with something not quite so unpopular, (but which would have been equally unpopular if the worse option hand not been put in play).

This is along the same lines as the tried and true "we're going to increase car rego and 3rd party insurance by 45%", and then, when they "only" increase them by 25% when the budget eventually comes out, everyone falls at their feet thanking them for not having increased them by 45%.

1DC 27th Mar 2013 21:42

Well so far your ALP seem to be making at least as big a bollox of the job as our Labour party did when they were in power. I just hope for your sake the medicine isn't as bad as what we are having to put up with now in the UK..

Andu 27th Mar 2013 21:50

1DC, what really pisses many of us off right royally is that all too often, "our" Liebor Pardee is made up of imports from the Old Dart (our current "Crime Minister", Stephen Conroy and Doug Cameron, [whose Scots accent is still so bloody thick many here find him hard to understand] being just three who come immediately to mind). You'd think they should know better after seeing what NuLabour's policies have done to the UK.

Meanwhile, you couldn't make this up:

Droopy eye repair among non urgent medical treatment provided to asylum seekers detained | News.com.au

Droopy eye repair among non urgent medical treatment provided to asylum seekers detained

Read more: Droopy eye repair among non urgent medical treatment provided to asylum seekers detained | News.com.au
A PREGNANT asylum seeker deemed a security risk by ASIO was offered free domestic help and childcare while another detainee has had drooping eyelids fixed by taxpayers.

An array of non urgent medical treatment provided to detainees has been revealed including a suspected war criminal who had his impacted wisdom teeth removed at no cost to him.

Details of treatment were contained in Ombudsman's reports on long term detainees and come as the government announced the latest asylum boat detected yesterday had 147 passengers on board, the biggest arrival since October last year.

Most of the detainees who have been given everything from free glasses and orthotics to dietary counselling to combat high cholesterol, have been rejected as refugees and are exhausting appeals or have received a negative ASIO security assessment.

In August last year immigration official offered the pregnant 33-year-old, whose third son was born in January, free "domestic assistance, occasional childcare support and assistance with (her daily) routine" on the advice of an occupational therapist and a psychologist.

The woman, who had attended ante-natal appointments at Fairfield Hospital while living in residential housing in the Villawood complex, rejected the offer.

She and her two sons arrived by boat in May 2010 and were in community detention, where she married her husband in April last year, until her release was revoked in April after ASIO delivered an adverse security assessment.

A 27-year-old Tamil Tiger had his impacted wisdom teeth extracted in June at Whyalla in South Australia, two months after he complained of dental pain.

He has been in detention since arriving by boat in December 2009 and was rejected as a refugee after Department of Immigration officials found "serious reasons for considering (the man) had committed a war crime or a crime against humanity."

A Department spokesman declined to comment on the man's case.The 38-year-old with drooping eyelids overstayed a business visa before being rejected as a refugee, prompting attempts to remove him.

While he has been in detention in Sydney, the man has had three rounds of surgery between December 2009 and January 2011 to correct his eyelids.

A Department spokeswoman said surgery was never provided for "purely cosmetic reasons."

Other cases include a 35-year-old with two wives who has been treated for everything from hearing problems to reflux and insomnia since arriving by boat in 2009.

"These cases, especially that of that of a suspected war criminal will do more than test the patience of the Australian public," Opposition Immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Immigration said it had a "non delegable duty of care" to ensure the health and welfare of detainees and that care "is funded by the Australian Government."

She said treatment had to be clinically recommended by "health professionals such as GPs, dentists and medical specialists."

Meanwhile, the government is reportedly considering a plan to move families out of community detention onto bridging visas to save money in the May budget.

Families would be treated the same as single asylum seekers who receive about $440 a fortnight and some rent assistance to live in the community.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard would only say yesterday that a decision had not been taken.

1DC 27th Mar 2013 22:03

Andu.. I sometimes think your imports are modelling themselves on Nu Labor..
A friend of mine is a recently retired Doctor here. He told me that if an Asylum Seeker came to see him he couldn't refuse to treat him (although he could refuse to have me a born and bred Brit. on his books). He would regularly get an AS turn up with a written list of things he wanted treating for. When he only treated him for what he considered necessary he knew that within a month he would get a letter from the relevant government department asking him to tell them why he had refused treatment to Mustafa X or similar name. He then had to fill in the paperwork explaining why he considered it unnecessary..

Worrals in the wilds 27th Mar 2013 22:47

How will people react if Jools dips into their Super funds to pay for her extravagant election promises?
Badly. The super issue is one that a lot of people who are normally automatic Labor voters are getting really hot under the collar about, and it won't do the ALP any favours come election time. While I think Andu is probably right (and they're running it up the flagpole) it's made a lot of working people very anxious, particularly the over fifties.

While the queues for public health care in the state hospitals grow ever longer for 'non-urgent' cases, even when they're genuinely poor and got something really painful and debilitating like gall stones or back injuries. Non-urgent basically means 'probably won't kill you' as a former colleague with the aformentioned gall stones found out. At one stage he was on a waiting list for the waiting list...:ugh:Maybe he should borrow a boat. :suspect:

Of course the federal government will (correctly) claim that health is a state issue that's being mismanaged by nasty conservatives (never mind the generation of mismanagement by nasty state Labor), but I don't think the average person will care.

I don't think I've ever seen a government that's so determined to alienate its own core support base.

MTOW 28th Mar 2013 00:22

Muslim gang-rapes across Europe under-reported in press makes for disturbing reading for anyone living in South Western Sydney.

500N 28th Mar 2013 01:06


Has already occurred, quite a few times sadly and
not just in Sydney, Melbourne as well.

We seem to have a problem with Lebos.

7x7 28th Mar 2013 07:09

After a rather enjoyable 30 minutes trolling through the Bolt, Ackerman and Smith sites, I've come to the conclusion that the price for airtime for advertisements during Julia Gillard's concession speech will be up there with what it costs to advertise during the American Football Final in the US. I have never seen so many posts expressing virtually the same sentiment - that the mute button in many thousands of Australian homes will be left alone for the first time in quite some time when Gillard's face appears on screen to make that long-awaited speech.

From the comments I have heard on the MSM today - even on the ALPBC(!) - I can't believe she can last until September. Even with skin as thick as hers so obviously is, I can't see how she can maintain the numbers given the (lack of) calibre of so many of her supporters. In a hopefully vain attempt at self-preservation, someone will fold.

Her hint of hitting superannuation savings might well be her undoing (although, how many times have we thought that over other crazy, ill-considered things she has come up with without any apparent thought of the consequences?). After the reaction that particular flag flying exercise has engendered from virtually every section of Australian society (except GetUp and the unspeakable Greens), I think she'll come up with an amendment PDQ where she'll "only" hit the superannuation of "rich" people.

CoodaShooda 28th Mar 2013 07:38

I don't think it is about winning the next election.
From here until September, the main game will be siphoning as much cash and power towards the unions/union mates as possible.

Trashing Abbott will be just for idle amusement.

Same international labor organisation. Same Hawker Britten model of Governing for Dummies.

7x7 28th Mar 2013 07:42

From the comments I have heard on the MSM today - even on the ALPBC(!)
ABC radio's Thank God it's Friday (on a Thursday, go figure) today, everyone was taking the piss out of Gillard.

Most unusual.

Something afoot?

Worrals in the wilds 28th Mar 2013 08:26

They're probably trying to shore up their chances of employment post September :suspect:.
Either that or they're as hacked off as everyone else is.

Andu 28th Mar 2013 08:38

Pickering's outdone himself with today's editorial on his blog.

Actually the Labor Party Julia “loves” is the same party she vowed to infiltrate for the sole purpose of imposing the Communist agenda of her Socialist Forum. Those who do love the Labor Party are those Gillard has systematically killed off. Well done Julia!

Make no mistake, unless Julia Gillard experienced an epiphanous rebirth on the eve of her election to Parliament, the blood of the radical Communist Left still runs deep in her veins.

Of course she denies any meaningful connection to the Socialist Forum, “I just did clerical work, posting letters and stuff, you know”, she claimed.

When asked on Q&A if the Socialist Forum was a Communist organisation, her terse reply was, “Of course not!”

In fact the Socialist Forum was an ultra radical breakaway group of the Communist Party of Australia.

But Julia forgot there are minutes of Socialist Forum meetings that show she was a driving force behind the subversive organisation.

The infamous Taft brothers, Jenny Macklin and Julia’s bed partner, Michael O’Conner (now of the CFMEU) along with other devotees, avowed the following resolution:

"... the Socialist Forum being a defacto continuum of a section of the Communist Party of Australia be interpreted as a political party competing with the ALP... it is not possible for any member of the ALP to simultaneously belong to the Socialist Forum.”

The above resolution was drafted by John Alford, Julia Gillard and Mark Taft. Mmmm, just posting letters were we, Ms Gillard?

Julia despises the ALP as a self-gelded group without the stomach for radical Communist reform.

The lowly proletariat is the numerical vehicle for Marxist revolution. In fact the proletariat is meant to suffer.

The financial system must be dismantled and the bourgeoise demonised.

Those who balk at the radicalism of true Marxism must be eliminated. Crumbs, can you see a pattern emerging here?

The truth is that Julia Gillard detests the Labor Party and its ‘lily livered’ mainstream. She hates those who refuse to conform to her despicable, un-Australian agenda.

Those true Labor men who are sickened by Gillard, the backbone of the ALP, have been emasculated by her and union numbers in Caucus.

If Julia Gillard had any affection whatsoever for the ALP she would immediately resign to avoid its complete destruction.

She won’t resign because the demise of the Labor movement is a major win for her and her Communist partners.

She has made some serious inroads, she is a hero of the Marxists, and those who ride with her are trembling with excitement, emboldened that they have actually journeyed this far.

Gillard doesn’t know it but she will not make it to September 14.

The true heart of Labor, those now on the backbench, have realised all of the above. They are moving against her.

The no confidence motion Abbott has forecast is gathering steam and now has real support from cross-benchers and from those who sit behind the red terror.

There are those looking forward to Gillard’s humiliating accession speech. Forget it.

Gillard’s mood will be one of inner ecstasy... she will have almost destroyed her hated ALP.

Her beloved Marxist movement has new breath and can now boast a serious foothold in the political landscape.

What she has achieved for the movement so far is beyond her wildest dreams.

Worrals in the wilds 28th Mar 2013 09:26

Her beloved Marxist movement has new breath and can now boast a serious foothold in the political landscape.
What she has achieved for the movement so far is beyond her wildest dreams.
By gifting the Libs a massive victory? I don't see how that works. The most socialist mainstream party at the moment is the Greens, and they're arguably more on the nose than Labor.

If Gillard's plan is to see the ALP get annhilated so armies of closet Commies can march out of the shrubbery then IMO it's going to fail, because there aren't any armies of Commies. Even the lefty student union groups are shadows of their former selves. There are a few pockets of wealthy champagne socialists in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane (mostly ageing former members of said student groups :E) , but if Australian politics ever came to a numbers game I'd back the Conservative rednecks and right wing Labor types any day and any time. Also, they've got the army :eek:. How many left wing Aussie soldiers has anyone met lately? :}

IMO it's more likely that Occam's Razor applies and like several former ALP State governments (now deceased :zzz:) they're just massively incompetent.

Flying Binghi 28th Mar 2013 09:56

...I don't see how that works...
Sorta describes everything Gillard has touched..:suspect:

Who knows, Pickering might be onto something...

Buster Hyman 28th Mar 2013 10:19

She has single handedly set the Ranga cause back 40 years!

FullOppositeRudder 28th Mar 2013 12:06

Yes indeed; the sisterhood must be really peed off. This was their big chance to demonstrate what a female leader is capable of and, well, it hasn't been a good look at all.

Sad fact is, she is in a hole, but still digging for all she's worth. It's a lost cause but she's determined to drag her party and the nation's standing into it as well.

As I've mentioned before, in 60+ years I cannot remember a time when there there has been so much universal disgust at they way things are in our federal government. Surely this cannot continue until September. :ugh:

Clare Prop 28th Mar 2013 12:34

Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing.

An old article but jsut as relevant now.

"PM Julia: Atheism, Adultery, Feminism and Fabianism"


Marxism: 110 million dead from 1917 to 1987. No wonder she doesn't give a stuff abut a few hundred dead boat people.

I always thought Super was a bit of a con, but I guess it comes under the heading of "Private Property"

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