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CoodaShooda 19th Mar 2013 11:29

I'm not sure you could describe Windsor as safe.

His electorate still isn't impressed with him putting labor into power.

The Nats could probably run the proverbial drovers dog and still win.

Unless Windsor claims it was all along his cunning plan to reveal the reality of the labor party and ruin their chances of re-election for the foreseeable future. :E

Worrals in the wilds 19th Mar 2013 11:45

The withdrawal came a day after The Australian Financial Review reported Mr Torbay had been helped into politics in 1999 by former Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid, now the subject of a corruption inquiry. Mr Torbay was also one of dozens of political and other figures featured in Mr Obeid’s diaries, published last week.
The matter is highly embarrassing for federal Nationals leader Warren Truss, who was to launch Mr Torbay’s campaign to unset incumbent independent New England MP Tony Windsor on Friday.
Bombshell: Torbay withdraws nomination for New England | The Northern Daily Leader
Presumably they can find another Nat before September? The New England district has no shortage of them. Better than running a candidate and having the whole thing blow up on them a month after the election. Not that that's ever happened to the ALP or the Libs...:E Oyster, anyone? :}

Apparently Carr is now saying publicly that he's lost confidence in Gillard.
That's the first positive press Gillard has had all month. :}

Buster Hyman 19th Mar 2013 12:12

The withdrawal means it is now more likely to retain the seat he has held since 2091.
Fkn time travelling Pollies! :* That's all we need!

Fliegenmong 19th Mar 2013 12:54

"That's the first positive press Gillard has had all month"

Ha ha, agreed what a goose that Carr clown is, ever so more that Swanny!!

Sure he fervently denied that about Jooliar this morning on the radio I was listening to on the way to work... :hmm:

But still...Economy not all that bad really..........looking at many other countries at least....AAA rating (What's that worth? :rolleyes:), low unemployment, interest rates low (No good for retired, but supposedly always lower under a coalition gummint according to Kim Il and his uninvited to Kirriibilli house gold selling side kick:rolleyes: costello :D)...

'Coupla' boat loads worth of pork hunts arriving as refugees from time to time, that'll stop as soon as they are intimately familiar with the intricacies of a coalition gummint immigration policy, they are likely wired these policies before the Aust voting populace are made aware of them.... I'm almost sure of it..rolleyes:

But I am at a loss to understand why the red bogan and her supporters are so hell bent on electoral destruction???? It's not as though they stand for the 'Working people', there's F' All between LNP & ALP really, and there hasn't been for years. (Except 'WorkChoices' and I already know how some on here will react to that :rolleyes: ...I know how AJ and his mate Leigh will react to it to! :uhoh:)

Both parties rely on the blind faith of those who will never ever vote the other side, no matter what, or even more rarely, no matter what policy is released.

And neither side cares what's best for the Country, only what's best for them.....a fact acknowledged by some of whom may be known as my 'political adversaries' on these very pages......but perhaps more correctly known as those who deep down realise that neither side are in it for the best of the country.....

Somewhere else on these esteemed (?) pages today I read of a an old Greek saying to the effect of something like "Countries prosper when old men plant trees for the shade they will never sit in" Now that may be the NBN, that may be the repealing of the carbon tax....but I think neither, because neither party in this country has much to offer the country short or long term....the parties short term interests are foremost.....and you'd be surely Naive to think otherwise.

Abbott summed it up perfectly after last election saying he'd do anything to be PM.....a truly smart guy would have pleaded he'd do anything to better the country,....but in a perhaps rare display of honesty, revealed to all and sundry, the only reason he was in the game.....

There is no doubt that the Main stream media is unabashedly pro Liberal, and why the hell would they not be??? They're not silly enough to bite the hand that feeds them!!

Which takes me back to why are/were/have been/ the Labor clowns been so suicidal in sticking with this abhorrent Woman Juliar??

Cut off the nose despite the face!!!, And the Simpleton reckons because she's Fiesty, she'll prevail!?!?!

Surely she ain't so stupid to believe that....Hell No! BUT Maybe she is!!? But then again the Aust voting population, silly enough to rally behind Jools, is silly enough to get behind TA.??

There's no doubt that many months of Main stream media will nurture and fondle the projected TA 'Charisma', no doubt that TA will enjoy a free ride, and the 'MSM' bosses will continue to enjoy 'the Chairmans Club' Leigh & Alan await you with Open Arms :E:E

Andu 19th Mar 2013 22:15

This morning on the ALPBC, every commentator is saying Barnaby Joyce will almost certainly put his hand up to go against Windsor in New England. It will be interesting to see whether that sits easily with the local Nats.

New England is a curious electorate. Rural/conservative in part, but anyone thinking that guarantees a conservative majority should allow for the sizable "educayshon" (thank you, Julia) sector with the New England University in the electorate and also its not insignificant number of Aboriginal voters. Traditionally, both these last two sectors have voted, in the main, for Labor.

What category would you place Windsor in after the last three years?

7x7 19th Mar 2013 22:25

Pages - Media Releases

19 March 2013 - Border Protection Command intercepts vessel…

19 March 2013 - Border Protection Command intercepts vessel…

18 March 2013 - Border Protection Command intercepts vessel…

15 March 2013 - Border Protection Command assists vessel…

15 March 2013 - Border Protection Command intercepts vessel…

14 March 2013 - Border Protection Command intercepts vessel…
14 March 2013 - Border Protection Command assists vessel…

14 March 2013 - Australian authorities assist vessel…

12 March 2013 - Border Protection Command assists vessel…

12 March 2013 - Border Protection Command intercepts vessel…

10 March 2013 - Border Protection Command intercepts vessel…

9 March 2013 - Border Protection Command assists vessel…

8 March 2013 - Border Protection Command intercepts vessel…

5 March 2013 - Border Protection Command assists vessel
In the last six years of the Howard Government, just 18 boats arrived. In just the last two weeks of the Gillard Government, 14 boats have arrived.

Flying Binghi 20th Mar 2013 03:11

Much money spent on machines that go BING...

In March 2010, John Abbot – a PhD scientist who is also a qualified solicitor – made a Freedom of Information request to the DCCEE asking for documents concerning the Australian Climate Change Science Program, ACCSP, including how monies were allocated between specific projects and the outcomes from these projects...

...These documents detailed funding for 160 government climate scientists, almost all of these employed by the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology, BOM. It appeared that there were significant accounting discrepancies suggesting the overpayment of CSIRO and BOM of about $10 million. The DCCEE has declined to comment on the discrepancy, in particular the provision of funding for salaries apparently far in excess of what could be reasonably justified and supplementary to core agency funding.

...Oh, Dear..:ooh:

Jennifer Marohasy » FOIA, Government-funded Climate science and Hole-digging

i'm completely surprised that there would be "accounting discrepancies" found in any group or organisation that makes their income from promoting the global warming hysteria..:rolleyes:

Just another thing for our new Prime Minister to look into.... the list gets longer and longer..........and longer......................

Howard Hughes 20th Mar 2013 03:44

I'm thinking about starting a Facebook campaign so that when the day finally comes, Abbots Removals move the Prime Minister out of the lodge!;)

Flying Binghi 20th Mar 2013 04:26

Abbotts Removals
Great advertising for the removalist. Cheap rates for labor members..:}

Heh, should take his truck around to parliament house and park nearby..:cool:

Andu 20th Mar 2013 06:18

I haven't seen the MSM speaking about an imminent leadership challenge for Gillard before as they are today. Even Michelle Grattan, a dyed in the wool Leftie, (on Sky News) was saying it was looking likely.

Looking at comments on the Ackerman, Pickering and similar sites, the overwhelming sentiment seems to be that most want Gillard to face the voters as leader so she can't escape the consequences of her utterly disastrous period as leader of the Labar Pardee.

Are there enough ***wits out there who would vote Labar if Rudd was back in the chair? It worries me to think there might be.

Captain Sand Dune 20th Mar 2013 07:51

Are there enough ***wits out there who would vote Labar if Rudd was back in the chair? It worries me to think there might be
I'm thinking there's an increasing number of said fcukwits that are waking up to the fact that this government is quite possibly the worst ever. However I also think that Labor has such a low opinion of the average Australian's power of observation that they will try anything - including re-cylcing KRudd - to hold on to power.

There is no doubt that the Main stream media is unabashedly pro Liberal,
Oh yeah? I reckon it's more likely that the even the unabashedly LEFT leaning MSM are waking up to the fact that this government is pretty well fcuked. However there's still a few Pravda presenters that are starting to look like Saddam Hussein's media person during the invasion.

Worrals in the wilds 20th Mar 2013 08:28

I haven't seen the MSM speaking about an imminent leadership challenge for Gillard before as they are today. Even Michelle Grattan, a dyed in the wool Leftie, (on Sky News) was saying it was looking likely.
Apparently that's the word 'round Canberra :suspect:. Of course the Canberra camp fire gossip has been wrong before.

Whatever happens, I don't think Rudd will regain the leadership. Whether the modern pollie (particularly the modern ALP pollie :() has any scruples whatsover is a popular barbie discussion topic, but I think that voting Rudd for leader is where the majority of federal Labor MPs' principles win over expediency. He's been too disloyal, too self interested and just too deadset crazy to be trusted. Also, IIRC last time he had the job Abbott was flogging him in the polls. His journo fans like to forget that.

However, Crean might step up if he's asked. He's old enough not to care about long term political goals and the Caucus seem to like him well enough. By all reports they're reconciled to the fact that they're going to lose. The only question is how badly, and whether a different leader may make a difference.

Of course the Labor caucus would like everyone to forget that they allowed Rudd and Gillard to make every single decision that's been unpopular and/or stuffed up. They were all there, nodding along in support. This whole 'Rudd/Gillard was/is out of control and we couldn't stop them' argument that they're all leaking to the press simply shows what a bunch of wusses they are. With that in mind, a different leader may not save them from literally millions of disgruntled Labor supporters who are out there sharpening their voting pencils. If so, changing leaders would be nothing more than a deck chair shuffle on the Titanic, and probably just generate more bad press than they're dealing with already.

Andu 20th Mar 2013 08:55

Worrals, I'm getting the electronic whizkids in tomorrow morning to sweep my family room. You obviously have a bug planted in my aspidistras.

I have to agree with you. The size of the crow the Gillard camp would have to eat to put Krudd back in the chair would be really hard to digest for most of them. But the Canberra Press Gallery is saying the numbers are currently standing at 49/44. That's only three to switch sides and it's (to quote some nameless redhead) "GaYme On".

Fliegenmong 20th Mar 2013 09:38

So what's Torby done? And who didn't vet him properly??

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

And up here a certain Mr Driscoll, if it all proves to be true, could be sporting the same vertical suntan that Gordon Nuttal is....

Controversial Redcliffe MP Scott Driscoll faces a possible CMC investigation after whistleblower provides documents | The Courier-Mail

Looking at Ros Bates, Caltabiano, now Driscoll, Flegg, but more so how Flegg was probably someone of integrity, and how he was removed was disgraceful, Newman's Facebook (Very quickly ex) buddy Gerard Baden-Clay

Gerard Baden-Clay committed to stand trial for murder of wife Allison | The Courier-Mail

(How many times have you cut yourself with a razor and how many times has it looked liker that? :rolleyes: )

$11 000 'Pay per view' business lunches........the participants of which are not 'donating money', therefore the general populace need not know who they are.......

$11,000 bill for a chance to dine with Campbell Newman's ministers | The Courier-Mail

Anna Blight (!) was woeful..........and these clowns are proving no better......red bogan is a shocker, but extrapolating, using my own states experience, and remembering the performance of the same LNP goons in the howard gummint.....:{:rolleyes::uhoh:

Worrals in the wilds 20th Mar 2013 09:54

Remember Fliegs, Baden Clay is entitled to a fair trial. If the facts look dodge then the Crown should be able to shoot them down in flames. I know a lot of people (myself included) are very upset about what happened to Alison Baden Clay, but the system must be allowed to do its thing. Otherwise you just get lynch mobs, which is all great until they lynch the wrong person. :ouch:
I know you know that, but we all need to keep reminding each other...;)

Driscoll? Let's not go there, or I'll get sued. When it comes to Queensland the LNP has certainly gone for Quantity over Quality. :hmm:

Andu, I used to work for the government and I was there to help:suspect:. They won't find my bugs...:} Seriously, we're both just saying (or writing) what a lot of reasonable people on both sides are saying.

Those are interesting numbers. I didn't realise they were as close as that... IMO shoving Rudd back in the chair would be the final scene in a really dodgy farce that's already had way too many curtain calls. A third person as leader probably wouldn't be a bad idea, but that depends on said third person taking one for the team. The media continue to love Rudd and I'm not really sure why, but I don't think that translates into public support outside of SE Qld, and it's debateable how much he garners there.

Fliegenmong 20th Mar 2013 10:37

Worrals, hope you never cut yourself with a razor and it looked like that!! :}:}

Yes, you are correct re lynch mobs, it;s why we don't resemle the streets of Karachi and yes I shall keep my quiet re the good LNP MP Scott Driscoll

But pay per view Minister....FFS! The great Leap forward to the 1980's :eek:

Flying Binghi 20th Mar 2013 12:26

Apparently its entirely a political issue..:hmm:

MANY climate sceptics do not trust environmentalists because they consider them "borderline communists" who want to curtail people's freedom, a leading US social scientist says...

..."The fear is that environmentalists are left-leaning, they are socialist, borderline communists, and they are using the government to try to control your freedom," Prof Hoffman said in the Sydney Ideas lecture at the University of Sydney.

"The expression for environmentalists is watermelons, they're green on the outside, but they're red on the inside. That really represents their feeling."
Mr Hoffman said a scientific consensus that humans contribute to climate change had failed to lead to action on the issue because it was really a "debate over values".

He said despite compelling science, just 40 per cent of Australians believed humans contributed to a hotter planet.

"It's not about CO2, it's not about climate models, it's about values, it's about world views," the business and environment academic said...

Read more: Climate change a values problem: expert | News.com.au

Perhaps the Doofus can find this "compelling science" because no one else can..:hmm:


Ovation 21st Mar 2013 01:55

From today's Australian:

JUST like any other day or night, the big screen television in the Qantas business lounge in Melbourne was set on the Sky News channel a few weeks ago when the Prime Minister began her speech at the Rooty Hill rally.

After a couple of minutes, one female passenger decided she couldn't take it any longer and asked staff to change the channel. When staff obliged, other passengers burst into spontaneous applause and cheered.
I know exactly how they felt -

When I'm travelling RPT I always carry on of these Universal keyring TV remote. Very handy to covertly change channel, lower the volume or simply turn it off, but it has been known to upset some people.

500N 21st Mar 2013 01:59


Deal Extreme a top web site.

500N 21st Mar 2013 02:07

Well Crean has certainly called it well.

Now to see what happens.

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