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Worrals in the wilds 10th Mar 2013 09:43

Of course they could put up a stalking horse and call an early election and put us all out of our misery.
The trouble is that no one sees themselves as a stalking horse. 'Hey you, wanna be PM and get flogged less than Gillard will?' Not a very attractive option for most MPs. Most people who go into politics these days do so to win, not to be a patsy.

They only did two things - they attacked and they defended.
I'd just like to hear a straight answer to a question; just one. :bored:

7x7 10th Mar 2013 10:20

Haven't seen a wipe out like that for a while.
500N, I find myself hoping that the headlines will be saying that the Federal result, when it comes, makes the WA wipe out look like a glancing flesh wound.

Monday morning, are we going to see someone (2GB's Robinson Brothers?) doing a slightly amended version of Craig Emerson's "(No) Whyalla Wipe Out?" - "W-you Ay Wipe Out, Right There on My Tee Vee"?

500N 10th Mar 2013 10:43


Hopefully !

I just want to see the Greens wiped out or become such a spent force
that they never recover - at Federal level because that will flow down
to State level. Victoria has less green BS since they got a hard knock
on the head at the last state election and it is so much quieter.

I'd even prefer to have the Democrats back, at least they had some
policies across the board and to an extent did some constructive things
unlike the Greens who are stop everything.

RJM 10th Mar 2013 11:12

I too can't wait for the banshee screeches (metaphorically) of SHY, Christine Milne and Lee Rhiannon to abate to a quiet background hiss, at most.

I read today of Christine Wallace's warts and all biography of Gillard that Wallace withdrew just before printing.

I wonder if she'd found something that would have 'killed' Gillard, but wasn't prepared or didn't feel that she had the right, to publish it?

On another Gillard matter, someone brought up today that at the time Gillard was attending the auction of 85 Kerr St, Fitzroy, with Bruce Wilson, she was also trying to gain preselection for the federal electorate of Melbourne. Fitzroy is bang in rthe middle of that electorate, and at the time Gillard was simultaneously renovating for sale her house in Abbotsford, in another electorate.

That may give her a motive for knowingly allowing the AWU-WRA to work its fundraising magic.

500N 10th Mar 2013 11:26

"of SHY, Christine Milne and Lee Rhiannon to abate to a quiet background hiss, at most."

Can you add Clover Moore to that list. She is worse than SHY and Christine.
Lee is a dead set Wacko.

Clare Prop 10th Mar 2013 14:50

If Brendan O'Connor got his way and deported all those filthy skilled 457 foreigners tomorrow then whose taxes are going to pay for the asylum seeker industry?
If say 125000 of them are paying say 35000 dollars a year in tax and that revenue stopped tomorrow...well, my little calculator can't do numbers that big...
Here are the sorts of jobs those nasty foreigners like me came here to do.


(I came as a subclass 126 with points for skills on p7 and p12)

Dark Knight 10th Mar 2013 22:52

I have changed my mind and want/wish Labor to retain J Gillard as PM!

Then, we the people, can cast her and this hopeless incompetent, deceitful, dishonest, untrustworthy, untruthful mob into the wilderness for many a long year!

Consider; would you vote for anyone dumb and stupid enough to take this poisoned challis?

I said "Julia, Julia; Don't go Julia"

"Beware the Ides of March approacheth"

Apologies W. Shakespeare

Mach Turtle 10th Mar 2013 23:28

What job isn't on that list? The only one specifically excluded is fast-food worker. Also, "Bishop" and "Ambassador," but probably for different reasons.

Captain Sand Dune 11th Mar 2013 00:47

Recently watched Alana MacTiernan (WA Labour) on PravdaTV.......oops, the ABC24 - stick it up Gillard. TA must be wetting himself laughing.:E

Clare Prop 11th Mar 2013 07:00

Alannah left politics in 2010 after being defeated (in my very safe Lib electorate) in her bid for a federal seat. So she is no longer is representative of WA Labor, but she is an honest, smart and outspoken lady, her opinons were always hers rather than just the sad old party line which was refreshing when she was a minister. If Gillard had a fraction of Alannah's intelligence and honesty she would be worth listening to. She would have been a briliant independant MP and wouldn't have taken any sh!t from anyone but sadly aligned herself with the ALP. A huge waste of her talent.

WA LAbor was finished the day Geoff Gallop resigned, he seemed like a decent bloke until it was revealed in Tony Blair's book that Gallop was his "closest political friend" so maybe we had a narrow escape.

david1300 11th Mar 2013 09:09

Looks like an interesting story coming up on 4 Corners tonight. Will it just be an attempt to once again sweep the AWU scandal under the carpet, or will it be a real story, I wonder.

david1300 11th Mar 2013 10:24

It's 8:20 and our power has just gone off. It's amazing what 'they' will do to stop me seeing the story:p:p

SOPS 11th Mar 2013 10:32

Are there black helicopters over your house?

Worrals in the wilds 11th Mar 2013 10:36

That'll be the Qld LNP's cuts to Energex. ;):}

david1300 11th Mar 2013 11:05

Just because I can't hear the helicopters doesn't mean they're not there:O

Worrals :=:p

Still in the dark. iPad is amazingly useful for once:ok:

Andu 11th Mar 2013 21:38

I can only assume that someone in the Liberal Party has paid off the Newspoll people to come up with the result they published this morning. A 3% rise for Labor (to 34%) and Julia Gillard resuming the lead as preferred Prime Minister will make it difficult for the Labor Pardee backroom boys to put the skids under Gillard - surely exactly what the Liberals want.

Added to that, last night's damning '4 Corners' programme on Eddie Obeid cannot be good news for Federal Labor. Bob Carr's attempts to distance himself from Obeid were pathetic.

500N 11th Mar 2013 21:52


re Poll, I agree. I was a bit shocked when I read it in The Age.

7x7 11th Mar 2013 22:04

From the Andrew Bolt blog:

A large conference planned for next weekend at the Melbourne Showgrounds is facing chaos, financial ruin and possible cancellation. The 1000 volunteers needed for what is billed as “Australia’s biggest dawah conference” have not materialised. [Dawah is the Arabic term for ‘Islamic propagation’]. Last Sunday around 300 turned up to Melbourne University for the final planning meeting for the conference. Waseem Razvi, the normally confident and charismatic president of the Islamic Research and Educational Academy (IREA) which is organising the conference, struggled to keep control of the crowd, sometimes shouting at them to be quiet. Many left without registering as volunteers. Ticket sales are low… Only 1 in 5 of the 200 marketing and commercial stalls have been rented.

Razvi has been rattled by recent revelations about a previous planning meeting in which he declared the real intent of the conference to a Muslim audience: “We don’t accept every religion. We are there to convey the message that Islam is the only right religion.” Razvi’s list of invited speakers was leaked to the media. Among them was Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, the controversial Imam of Mecca. Al-Sudais gained notoriety by calling for the annihilation of the Jews, declaring them to be “rats of the world” and the “offspring of apes and pigs”. IREA is so embarrassed by these remarks that they are trying to conceal his identity. Advertisements for the conference, displayed on banners and posters put up around Melbourne this week, show a man at a microphone with an Arab headscarf pulled over his face. He is called the “Imam of Makkah” [Mecca], but the same photo on the official Mecca website has Arabic text underneath which identifies him as Al-Sudais. It is unclear whether his visa, questioned by the Department of Immigration, has been issued. Other visas of listed speakers have apparently been denied…

The mainstream Muslim community will not be represented at this conference. Those absent from the list of speakers include moderate Muslims such as the ABC’s Waleed Aly, or Melbourne University scholar Professor Abdullah Saeed. Instead, perhaps in an attempt to avoid more visa refusals, the conference plans to video live-stream two American preachers with questionable histories. Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, who taught the ‘Christmas Day Underpants Bomber’ at his Al-Maghrib institute, refuses to openly condemn militant jihad, saying ”My hands are tied, and my tongue is silent.” Sheikh Yusuf Estes advised a group of Muslim men on how to deal with disobedient wives: ”Roll up a newspaper and give her a crack. Or take a yardstick, something like this, and you can hit.”
Will we see a gummit grant to the Islamic "Peace" Conference so the non-materialising "volunteers" can be paid for their services? Nothing would surprise me. I hope the Melbourne Showgrounds people insisted on money up front before the conference. If they didn't, they may be waiting a long time for their fees.

CoodaShooda 11th Mar 2013 23:29

Re the poll blip; Newspoll has been the most variable of the polls.

There have been two others in recent days maintaining the 55/45 split.

However, it is also possible that the demographic being targetted in the 457 visa dog whistling has responded as labor hoped.

You won't find them in these pages - but they do have a vote. :ugh:

Worrals in the wilds 11th Mar 2013 23:53

True Cooda, I thought the same thing.
Labor hasn't had a good bogan policy in yonks, so this may have cheered a few people up. :( That said, I think it's ephemeral support.

Also, the Libs have been letting Abbott speak in public again, which never does wonders for their poll results. :E:}

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