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sisemen 11th Feb 2013 01:51

Wonder if the likes of RedTBar and Matt Gray et al are hurriedly scrubbing their hard drives at the moment?

Clare Prop 11th Feb 2013 01:55

Meanwhile, thanks to the MRRT not raising enough to redistribute the wealth that belongs to the states...

The Australian:

"Superannuation Minister Bill Shorten said the government's superannuation pledges, which were initially linked to the minerals resource rent tax, would be still be delivered.

“Take it to the bank. We are going to pay for our superannuation changes ... through consolidated revenue,” Mr Shorten told ABC radio"

Whose consolidated revenue? China's? His personal fortune perhaps?
And where is the 1% drop in company tax rates Bill? :mad::mad:

There's something really creepy about those disembodied floating head graphics....

Worrals in the wilds 11th Feb 2013 02:01

Wonder if the likes of RedTBar and Matt Gray et al are hurriedly scrubbing their hard drives at the moment?
I still don't see how it's an offence unless a person is a public servant. If I wander around town claiming to be the Queen of Tikky Poo, my understanding is that unless I do so to defraud or con people it's not actually illegal. Likewise if I wander around town claiming to work for Bulla, surely...:confused:

The posters you mention are always careful to conceal any personal details whatsoever. That is one of the things that identifies their posts. They never actually claim to be anything. From the article, the posters they refer to claimed to be employees of a company when in fact they weren't.

If it is an offence, then surely (as an example, say :E) logging on to PPRuNE and claiming to be a OneStar flight attendant who's happy earning $24K a year and being rostered on an hourly basis, when said poster is in fact a OneStar PR poppet working at head office is also an offence. :uhoh:

It's lying and it's pathetic, but is it illegal?

500N 11th Feb 2013 02:08

I wonder if the Green vote will decrease this election
like in Victoria in the last state one.

That would be nice to see. Maybe we have seen "peak"
Green power come and going.

CoodaShooda 11th Feb 2013 02:19

The pollsters are tipping that labor voters who voted Green in protest at the last election will return to labor.

Doesn't change the 2pp but it is one of the reasons for the predicted demise of SH-Y.

Actually I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people who normally vote Labor vote Coalition in the Reps but still vote Labor in the Senate.
I know of a place where they will vote labor in the Reps but conservative in the Senate. :E

david1300 11th Feb 2013 02:26

I like it when the news makes me smile:

"IT'S easy to forget just how funny Kevin Rudd was when he occupied the Prime Minister's office, from his folksy self-selected handle of "The Rudster" to his odd habit of going to the Australian Federal Police gym at 2am and those Tropfest-worthy short films with footy stars.
Fuelled by a relevance deprivation only a dumped leader can know, Rudd has been reprising those times with a trio of goofball outings in as many days.
When Rudd and any kind of sport come together a silly photo is not far away. This happened on Friday when he went to the Coorparoo bowls club, in his best chainsaw suit pants and business shirt, and played an end with half a dozen young folk jumping around in "IT'S OUR RUDDY FUTURE" T-shirts."

Kevin Rudd's antics hard to follow | The Courier-Mail

Squeaks 11th Feb 2013 03:05

Originally Posted by sisemen (Post 7687870)
Wonder if the likes of RedTBar and Matt Gray et al are hurriedly scrubbing their hard drives at the moment?

I'm sure that he only has the one hard drive to scrub ;)

MTOW 11th Feb 2013 03:10

Larry Pickering's site goes down on average once every two or so days. I wonder how long we'll have to wait to hear that the hacking causing the problems Pickering's site so frequently suffers comes from government computers?

david1300 11th Feb 2013 05:54

And just so that Bob The Hat Katter also gets his fair share:

"There is a problem between the party president and Bob Katter and there is a problem between Aidan McLindon and Bob Katter," Mr Gaynor told ABC radio.
"It is also quite clear that Bob Katter and the party's values are going in two different directions."
He says the divisions on the issue could kill the party.
"If the wrong decisions are made it may well collapse," he said.
"Since the party has endorsed its first pro-gay marriage Senate candidate, within two days there has been call for the overthrow of management.
"The party is in disarray from top to bottom."
Mr Gaynor was disendorsed as a Senate nominee for KAP last month, after saying on Twitter that he wouldn't let gay teachers educate his children.

Gold Coast Breaking News :: News | goldcoast.com.au | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Worrals in the wilds 11th Feb 2013 07:42

I see Howard's now stirring the pot as only a former PM can...:E
Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun

Ovation 11th Feb 2013 08:08

I see Howard's now stirring the pot as only a former PM can...
Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun
See Post #4465..........

Worrals in the wilds 11th Feb 2013 08:21

For sure. He must be laughing his butt off.
BTW, is anyone else having issues viewing recent posts or is it just me? :( I seem to be missing a page, but I can still see them when I hit 'reply' and scroll through the recent responses. :8

Worrals in the wilds 11th Feb 2013 08:23

And no, before anyone asks...
I'm not posting from a government/Sussex Street computer. :\:}

david1300 11th Feb 2013 08:32

WiTW - when it comes to an end of the page or near the end, it seems to show that there is another page when that may not be the case. "They" do it.

Solid Rust Twotter 11th Feb 2013 08:39

False page of deleted posts, I think.

parabellum 11th Feb 2013 08:40

I'm sure that he only has the one hard drive to scrub
Have to disagree there, could well be wrong, but I really don't think those two are one and the same. I think Red T Bar stands alone whilst Matt Grey has several, easily identified, other user names.

sisemen 11th Feb 2013 14:38

I wonder if the electorate of that useless waste of oxygen, Rob Oakshitt, had the same reaction as I did on Lateline tonight? Totally tuned out.

From the snatches that I heard it was obviously an arse covering exercise in preparation for September. But boy, oh, boy have I got news for you Robbie :(

RJM 11th Feb 2013 15:24

I've had reason to speak to Oakeshott's office in Port Macquarie a couple of times recently. From those conversations, I would say that Oakeshott's support of Gillard is unconditional. Querying that, I was told that Oakeshott is sure that he made the right decision supporting Labor because of the $1.1 billion or whatever it is in special projects in the electorate of Lyne that Oakeshott was offered in return for his support. No matter that on some of the big ticket items like fixing the local highway Gillard has reneged.

The 'independents' are more to blame for Gillard's win in 2010 than the Greens, since Green voters would otherwise vote Labor, and Grenn preferences go to Labor.

If Oakeshott's office justifies his defection to Labor on the grounds of what he has achieved for the electorate (and imho he has a higher duty to act for good government of the nation anyway), then why has he not respected their clear non-Labor (ie National Party) voting intention?

I think Oakeshott will be obliterated at the next election, if he stands, which would most likely be as an independent. I doubt the National Party would ever pre-select him again.

Andu 11th Feb 2013 20:50

I'm told by friends in PMQ that Oakeshott's wife is the steel in the spine in that relationship, and it was - and is - she who maintains his resolve to support Labor.

On another matter, the unashamed rorting of Australia's purse continues as lawyers acting for 23 Indonesian "boys" who were crewmen on asylum seeker boats prepare to sue Australia for illegally incarcerating these "minors" in adult gaols.

I know, as sure as Julia Gillard will never give a straight reply to any question, that we'll end up forking over hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, to these "children" (to say nothing of the lawyers who'll represent them - we'll probably pay their fees as well on Legal Aid!), but I can't help but feel that Australia should say to the Indonesians and the lawyers what I once said to a bunch of high school kids who walked past my home on a hot day and spotted my wife in her bikini with our unclothed baby in the blow up pool. One of them made some lewd suggestions that my wife should remove her clothes as well. (I wasn't home at the time.)

Next day, I fronted the same kids as they passed and, telling them I knew that not one of THEM would ever say anything so totally inappropriate to my wife as the "unknown" boys the day before had said, asked them to please pass the word to these "unknown" boys that if they wanted to play by big boys' rules, I'd seek them out and deal with them using big boys' rules. I wouldn't be coming to the school and complaining to the head master, nor would I go their parents - I'd deal with them directly. It was all very polite, and, obviously more than a little embarrassed, but with 'face' intact, they promised me they'd pass the word on.

We all understood each other after that, and I had no more trouble from them.

It's way past the time Australia had a similar conversation with Indonesia and the lawyers who want to represent these "boys".

FullOppositeRudder 11th Feb 2013 21:44

Post Turtle
There is a lot of truth here. Think about it.

While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old ringer, whose hand was caught in the squeeze gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old bloke.

Eventually the topic got around to Julia Gillard and her role as our prime minister. The old ringer said, 'Well, ya know mate, Julia is a 'Post Turtle''.
Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him, what a 'post turtle' was.

The old ringer said, 'When you're driving down a country roadand you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a 'post turtle'.

The old ringer saw the puzzled look on the doctor's face so he continued to explain. "You know she didn't get up there by herself, she doesn't belong up there, she doesn't know what to do while she’s up there, she’s elevated beyond her ability to function, and you just Wonder what kind of bloody idiot put her up there to begin with."

Seems a reasonable analysis of what's happening.

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