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Captain Sand Dune 8th Feb 2013 19:56

NEW Zealand is believed to have agreed to take up to 150 asylum seekers from Australia's overcrowded detention centres in a deal which will see the country once again come to the federal government's rescue.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her NZ counterpart John Key are expected to make the announcement today at a formal leaders meeting in Queenstown. The announcement is expected to contain an agreement to take the overflow from detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island.
Sources confirmed that Australian and NZ officials had been working on an agreement for some time, with an initial arrangement that New Zealand would take a maximum of 200 asylum seekers.
The last time the country took refugees or asylum seekers heading for Australia was during the Howard-era, when it agreed to take refugees from Nauru after they had been processed.
It is unclear whether Australia will still bear the cost of refugee processing before they are resettled in NZ.
Asylum seekers at both centres have recently staged protests about their living conditions.
Ms Gillard arrived in Queenstown late yesterday for the annual leaders meeting.
She confirmed that asylum seekers would be discussed this morning but would not go into detail about the discussions.
Mr Key confirmed an announcement would be made following the meeting.
Under the Howard government's Pacific solution, New Zealand agreed to take hundreds of asylum seekers heading to Australia, and later confirmed to be genuine refugees.
But the new agreement is likely to stir debate in New Zealand, where the opposition has previously objected to Australia's idea of a "regional solution" for the issue.s
It had taken issue with to original East Timor solution.
Previously the Gillard Government had claimed that a problem with re-opening processing at Nauru was that no other third country would participate in settling refugees.Despite early signs of success by former Immigration Minister Chris Bowen in slowing the number of arrivals from Sri Lanka - many deemed by immigration officials to be economic refugees, boat arrivals have again started to rise.
It is unknown whether the Australian Government offered anything to NZ in return.
Mr Key yesterday did, however, say he hoped that the Australian Government would eventually back down on its refusal to offer welfare rights to 100,000 NZ citizens living in Australia.
NZ grants Australians the same rights as its own citizens. But Mr Key said it would be "spiteful" for NZ to cut these rights simply because they were not reciprocated by Australia.
Look's like the question has been answered.
Of course any ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT can just wait in NZ a few years, gain their NZ citizenship and jump over to Oz legally.

Andu 8th Feb 2013 20:20

Just stumbled across this clip on the US politics thread. It's (obviously) US-centric, but I believe it applies equally to Oz. Well worth hearing. The bloke makes a LOT of sense, and speaks very well. Mr Obama does not look particularly comfortable towards the end of the speech.

WATCH: Amazing Conservative Speech Upstages Obama At Prayer Breakfast | National Prayer Breakfast | Fox Nation

On the Kiwi 'rescue'. It just represents a more comfortable and perhaps cooler wait for the country-shoppers before they reach their destination and its endless welfare.

Oh, and don't be at all surprised to learn that in the very small print that will doubtlessly come with this agreement, that we will soon be paying welfare to all those Kiwis, Samoans and other Islanders who've come here via NZ and who are currently living in Oz. If so, stand by for another flood of newcomers with their hands out.

Andu 9th Feb 2013 01:51

On the Kiwi 'rescue'.
I've seen someone on the Kangaroo Court of Australia site saying that Australia will be paying the Kiwis 6.1 million dollars a month to take 150 asylum seekers.

Given that that 150 (and soon to be 200) come out of NZ's commitment to the UNHCR of 750 refugees a year, (and if it's true), I'm not sure how that plays. If we pay for 150 of the Kiwis' 750 annual refugee commitment, logic would dictate that we should be paying for them all, wouldn't it? What's that - 35.5 mill a month? What's another 35.5 mill - a *** month!!!!? Round it up to 40, Jools. That's a cool 480 million a year, every dollar of it BORROWED!

Dark Knight 9th Feb 2013 04:20

"Failure is not an Option" J E Gillard

7x7 9th Feb 2013 05:14

I cannot wait until I never have to hear that voice ever again."Faylyerr iz noit ayn optyn, Dayvydd." Aggghhhh!

Buster Hyman 9th Feb 2013 06:31

I don't really see how they could orchestrate Essendon's bombshell tbh... the big press conference though was mana from heaven for them &, like any party, they will slip a few things through whilst everyone's attention is elsewhere. They aren't the only ones to do that.

[soapbox]What annoys me is this constant shame that we, as Australians, are supposed to have. Ashamed of our past, ashamed of our shared history, ashamed of our links with Britain, ashamed of our flag, now we're ashamed of our sporting elite! WTF? We're in a great country, with some terrific people. Why is it that what was once great is now not, and all that we were must change in order to satisfy some vocal minorities? I like our flag. I like our Federation. I like that we will accept immigrants and refugees, but we just want to know that you are genuine (for the latter).

In some eyes, I am probably a Monarchist but, truth be told, I would vote Yes in a referendum if I thought it was right & the model suited what I believe we need. Not more power to Politicians, they have enough! If we are to give up a hereditary system, then lets get one where WE choose![/soapbox]

*Sorry...the drugs from todays procedure must be wearing off....

CoodaShooda 9th Feb 2013 08:30

I suspect the Essendon press conference etc was the result of the briefing the ACC gave the sporting bodies prior to the pollies putting in the boot.

Danks is the apparent link.

Essendon seems to have just been proactive in dealing with reports.

We'll know more when/if the detailed report is leaked. (Although I still expect it will be less sexy than Clare is suggesting.)

Worrals in the wilds 9th Feb 2013 14:02

Buster, I agree. Keating's legacy of shame lives on.
However, wrt sport I'm a bit suss. No smoke without fire; and there have been rackets elsewhere. Where's the money? In gambling and sponsorship, not in a fair game.

Andu 9th Feb 2013 20:49

The best summation of the sports "scandal" I've heard in the meedja was the exchange this morning between Ian MacNamara and long time radio journo Frank Crook on 'Australia All Over' (the one and only programme on the ABC where you sometimes get to hear an opinion refreshingly outside the blind Left Wing group think that seems to be required of every other ABC presenter).

I can't recall the conversation verbatim, but basically, to paraphrase, both expressed mock shock that anyone could be so thick as to think that cheating in sport was something new. I seem to recall Macca saying "it's been going on since the Greeks ran around playing sport naked." The other comment, which I can't remember in full, concerning the sad fact that professional sport today is all about money, was something along the lines of "no company sticks the bloke from the Department of How to Make a Quid on the backbench."

7x7 9th Feb 2013 21:29

Here's a very interesting article about Kevin Rudd's prime ministership.

One of the most revealing stories in modern Australian politics comes from James Button-a speechwriter for Kevin Rudd for a short time in 2009.

Button's recent and fascinating book, Speechless: A year in my father's business, details the now familiar story of chaos and confusion under Rudd's prime ministership. Cabinet deliberations were routinely stalled and abandoned. Bureaucrats waited to submit briefings until he went overseas and his deputy, Julia Gillard, could be trusted to make decisions. Advisers flew across the world for in-flight meetings that never eventuated. ‘Around Canberra,' Button writes, ‘it was widely said that Rudd's leadership style was dysfunctional.'

Nothing demonstrates the failure of Australia's journalists to tell the public the real story than these two words: ‘around Canberra'. The Canberra press gallery, comfortable in their wing of parliament house, knew Kevin Rudd was mad. They knew his government was wildly spinning out of control. They traded stories among themselves; they speculated how long Rudd could keep it from falling apart.

But they didn't tell us.

While Kevin Rudd was prime minister journalists decided not to write about his rude and vindictive treatment of his colleagues. Journalists decided not to write about his disorganised and haphazard administrative style. And journalists decided not to write about the fact that Rudd was widely hated by Labor MPs

Tim Blair
Saturday, February 09, 2013 (6:46pm)

This person used to be the Prime Minister:

Kevin Rudd has revealed he leaked hundreds of pages of documents relating to his complaints over the federal police investigation Operation Mesco into who leaked his expletive-laden video.

In a bizarre development, Mr Rudd has confirmed he lodged a freedom of information request into his own correspondence with the Federal Police, before leaking hundreds of pages of correspondence relating to ‘Operation Mesco” this week to the media.

These days, Kevin can’t even trust himself.

UPDATE. Rudd’s letter to the AFP. One or two familiar names there.

sisemen 9th Feb 2013 23:27

There are enough of his own party to probably ensure that Krudd never gets within sniffing distance of the top job again. The Latham Diaries is quite a good book to read if you want to know about Krudd.

If, in the highly unlikely event, that he is re-elevated then the government's popularity will be purely a "dead cat bounce" and the ALP would still be stuffed come an election.

One can almost imagine the glee being felt in the Liberal HQ at the moment when deciding which of their enormous embarrassment of riches they should choose from when seeking to screw over Dullard or Krudd. For one, I'm really looking forward to the Coalition political advertising.

Ovation 9th Feb 2013 23:30

What annoys me is this constant shame that we, as Australians, are supposed to have. Ashamed of our past, ashamed of our shared history, ashamed of our links with Britain, ashamed of our flag, now we're ashamed of our sporting elite! WTF? We're in a great country, with some terrific people. Why is it that what was once great is now not, and all that we were must change in order to satisfy some vocal minorities? I like our flag. I like our Federation. I like that we will accept immigrants and refugees, but we just want to know that you are genuine (for the latter).
The Australian media is our problem. One can (almost) guarantee our daily TV and print media will have servings of:

* Gay Rights/Marriage
* Pedophelia and Child Abuse (Catholic Church mostly)
* The Stolen Generation
* Bullying in the workplace
* Sexual Harassment
* Greenies protesting about something
* Aboriginal health and welfare (or lack of it)

It's not just Australia either - Sir David Attenborough has been slammed by some University Professor for failing to mention animal homosexuality in his documentaries. Give me a break FCS!

What's the point, and where is all this leading to? :ugh:

owen meaney 10th Feb 2013 00:17

Interesting round up from Piers Akerman
I watched a political show so comical it was a tragedy | Daily Telegraph Piers Akerman Blog

Renaming of the ALP to the JDP is clever.

david1300 10th Feb 2013 01:27

Thanks for that link, Owen. Made me smile, specially the last paragraph.

sisemen 10th Feb 2013 01:30

Upload of swearing video was a crime: Rudd - The West Australian

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd says a crime was committed when a video of him swearing was stolen and uploaded onto YouTube a year ago.

The video, recorded in 2009, showed Mr Rudd becoming increasingly frustrated while filming an address.

Mr Rudd says he is not satisfied with a Federal Police investigation which did not result in charges being laid.
I suspect that a frustrated Krudd, anxious for retribution and a further denting of Dullard's reputation, will start to lash out.

Keep yer 'eads down chaps. It's about to get nasty again :E

owen meaney 10th Feb 2013 02:32

Latest catchword from the PM, "Modern Families". Working families can now just p1ss off

Worrals in the wilds 10th Feb 2013 04:30

...and single people are just cash cows with no other value to society. :rolleyes:

Mr Rudd says he is not satisfied with a Federal Police investigation which did not result in charges being laid.
Word 'round the campfire was that Rudd and the AFP had a somewhat strained relationship (putting it politely) :eek:. Neither side is going to be in a hurry to do the other any favours.

That's an interesting article about the media. It's right; there wasn't much in the press about Rudd. However, there was quite a bit on the internet and doing the rounds of the public service gossip network. Futher evidence that it's wise to read widely and remain sceptical...:8 and assume that today's Canberra 'press gallery' are generally nothing more than a collection of lazy, fawning irrelevances.

500N 10th Feb 2013 04:36

"assume that today's Canberra 'press gallery' are generally nothing more than a collection of lazy, fawning irrelevances."

And have been for quite a few years.

In terms of who is bonking who and who has weird personal / drinking et al
habits, I was told by someone who worked in Canberra that the press gallery
are no beacon of light if not worse.

Worrals in the wilds 10th Feb 2013 04:38

That's probably about right. There may be plenty of dirt both sides can lob at each other if the commentary gets too unfriendly...:suspect:

The taxpayer-funded ABC, which was given a further $10 million to add to its billion-dollar budget on Thursday, is working on Julia, the Antipodean Joan Of Arc, the story of a migrant Welsh coal miner’s daughter who champions the fight against misogyny while seeking true love after a series of unhappy relationships. It is not expected to be a ratings winner.
(from Ackerman) ROFLMAO :E.
However, I think he raises an important point in the last sentence; how may ordinary people actually watch this stuff? The only people I know who watch the ABC political coverage are ALP faithful looking for affirmation and Coalition faithful who enjoy being annoyed. From what I see (not a scientific poll of course) most people get their political info from either the papers, talkback radio or other people. I rarely hear the ABC shows discussed or commented on...maybe other people have different experiences? :confused:
The ratings data doesn't point to a huge following either. It suggests what a lot of us probably suspected; that the average TV watcher likes watching sport and everyday idiots get humiliated a heck of a lot more than they like watching political commentary.
List of Australian television ratings for 2012 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
EDIT: sorry about the duplicate posts. :confused: Edit Gone Wild.

Andu 10th Feb 2013 06:32

The article 7x7 gives the link to in post 4444 is well worth reading in full. It points to a sad state of affairs with the Canberra press gallery.

If you want to torture yourself and despair to think that this man rates a weekly column in a national newspaper, read the drivel Peter Fitzsimons has come out with in his column in today's Sydney Morning Herald. It's enough to a make any grown adult weep.

I think Julia Gillard can win. It is not likely, mind, and I suspect she is only a 30 per cent chance, but I maintain a True Believers II election is at least a possibility. In the time between now and September 14, it goes without saying they must focus on governing well, but there is another obvious star to steer by: Do It Like Barack Obama Did It. Embrace progressive policies and stitch together your own coalition of people who want change, not same old, same old.

Don’t run away from the carbon tax - glory in it. Point out that while Rome is burning, Australia is actually at the forefront of trying to douse the flames. Ramp up the republic. Sure, that will annoy the conservatives, but that’s just a bonus! Highlight that the National Disability Insurance Scheme really is a breakthrough for those Australians who’ve been dealt a bad hand, through no fault of their own.

And one more thing: put gay marriage back on the agenda.

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