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SOPS 2nd Feb 2013 02:29

Some in the Libs are suggesting there are more resignations to come. Am I to assume that there are some unhappy bunnies around?

parabellum 2nd Feb 2013 02:40

Or maybe Buster, just maybe, she knee jerked again, didn't talk to most olf
her ministers to get advice, didn't think it through properly, and has not
considered all possible outcomes.
I expect it was all Tim's idea - ;)

Takan Inchovit 2nd Feb 2013 02:49

Is there anyone seriously running this country? I get the feeling party politics is being performed using taxpayers monies.
Waste of bloody space and oxygen.

MTOW 2nd Feb 2013 03:12

The first boat for February arrived today, with 60 "New Australians" on board.

A bit like looking to the bookies to see how things are really going rather than looking to the polls, it will be interesting to see if there'll be a rush of boats over the next few weeks. My guess is that the people smugglers and their clients will have a far better idea than the Canberra press gallery and the pundits on whether the Gillard "government" will last until Sept 14th or whether the gravy train will come to a crashing halt somewhat sooner than that.

So, will they wait for the better weather, or come now? My guess would be now.

MTOW 2nd Feb 2013 03:17

Some in the Libs are suggesting there are more resignations to come.
SOPS, I read elsewhere this morning that there are rumours of four more in the immediate future. I reckon that will prove to be an understatement. What are the odds we'll be into double figures before the end of March?

That's if this "government" lasts until March. If Thomson can't make it to work on Tuesday because he's attending court in Melbourne and Abbott calls a vote of no confidence in Gillard, JEG might be forced to make that journey to Bill Shorten's Mum in Law's place that same afternoon.

Squeaks 2nd Feb 2013 03:47

In the words of Sir Humphrey:

to lose one cabinet minister may be considered misfortune, to lose both looks like carelessness
Yes, Prime Minister.... ;)

CoodaShooda 2nd Feb 2013 04:17

I think I heard somewhere that the courts agree that a defendant's duty to parliament takes precedence over his appearance before the court.

If so, he gets an automatic deferral if the hearing is scheduled within a week before or during sittings.

sisemen 2nd Feb 2013 05:03

I'm probably wrong but recent events seem to me to have all the hallmarks of McTernan's grubby hands over them.

#1 Slipper to bow out early to preserve his pension - call an election and thwart a by-election says the Jock spinmeister.

#2 Roxon grossly underperforming and becoming an electoral liability - "Get rid of her - NOW!" yells McTurd-one to a reluctant Gillard.

#3 Crossin underperforming and Jooliar's best mate wants a go at the gold plated pension - OK, we can turn this to our advantage says the puppeteer. Chuck out the old one - she'll cause a bit of a fuss but not too much - and don't go anywhere near the branches 'cos they'll not do what we say.

You do really wonder who exactly it is that is supposed to be governing at the moment.

Worrals in the wilds 2nd Feb 2013 05:29

The last thing Thomson or Slipper need is a pair; that's what got them both into such a mess in the first place. :}:E

If I were Gillard I'd be taking their existing pairs away...:uhoh:

Andu 2nd Feb 2013 06:39

I think it would be safe to say there's one person who will be utterly ecstatic over the events of today, and that would Chris Evans, who was able to rid himself of the poison chalice of the Immigration portfolio.

I can't believe that Eileen cleared her comment with her media handlers that both Evans and Roxon has told her 12 months ago that they wanted out. That would have been all of six weeks after Roxon had taken over as AG. Even for Gillard, who has set the bar very, very high in the barefaced lies department, that particular porky was a major, major, industrial scale piggery.

RJM 2nd Feb 2013 07:59

The strange case of Julia Gillard.

Even allowing for conservative dislike of a Labor PM, Gillard really stirs people up. It's as if she's a cuckoo in the nest.

I wonder if she's always stirred up and polarised people like this? It seems to me that she leaves a trail of angry people wherever she goes, yet she managed to get herself to the top of the tree in an at least notionally sane country.

It's a mystery to me. Once this is all over, I wonder what she'll do, provided she's not in gaol.

RJM 2nd Feb 2013 08:06

I don't think she can help lying, Andu. She seems not to have any sort of ethical barrier about lying. It's as if lying were just another style of promoting your argument, or yourself. She seems among us but not of us. I don't mean she's Welsh, but she seems different. What Roxoff calls Gillard's 'titanium' toughness could just be a lack of feeling in some area. I'd love to see an accurate psychological profile of this unusual woman.

parabellum 2nd Feb 2013 08:11

she managed to get herself to the top of the tree in an at least
notionally sane country.

She slept with a lot of the helpful ones!

SOPS 2nd Feb 2013 08:16

And appears to have left a lot of wreckage along the way.

sisemen 2nd Feb 2013 08:51

The evidence would seem to indicate that, at least since she started uni, she has developed an underhanded persona where lying, conniving, serial shagging with other women's husbands and goodness knows what else seem to be the norm.

While she seems happy enough doing all that stuff deep down she has a conscience. She knows that she has done wrong and has done a lot of things which are quite shameful.

While her parents and relatives were/are quite proud of her for making PM, under the glare of public examination all this stuff which she had probably kept from her family has been coming out.

Alan Jones was probably right on the money when he said that her father had "died of shame". This obviously triggered a violent conscience reaction because she probably knew that her parents were getting some very uncomfortable messages about their daughter which they obviously quizzed her on and probably passed unfavourable comment.

So, Jonesy touched on a very raw nerve indeed.

Everything in life eventually catches up with you and Eileen is no exception - and it's coming in spades.

7x7 2nd Feb 2013 09:01

For political junkies, there are going to be some REALLY interesting books written over the next few years about these days, some by the main and not so main players. Not to say they'll be accurate. Some will be self-serving in the extreme, but some will reveal some really unpalatable truths about some of the main players, I suspect about Julia Gillard (and Kevin Rudd) in particular.

If Rudd writes a book, I can only hope he makes it an electronic edition, for I don't believe one single tree should fall to publish the absolute self-serving crap it will contain. Gillard? Would she dare - or deign to do so?

What will become of her after September? Hopefully, something a long way from Australia, and hopefully, apart from her undeserved fully-indexed pension, something that does not involve the long-suffering taxpayer subsidising her sorry existence. Christopher Skase's old pad in Spain is probably available. That would be apt in the extreme, in oh, so may ways.

Here's a pretty safe prediction: a by-election in the seat of Lalor about six weeks after the general election. Oh, and the Labor candidate? An ex-union official or a former Labor staffer.

Fliegenmong 2nd Feb 2013 09:43

I don't think she can help lying, Andu. She seems not to have any sort of ethical barrier about lying. It's as if lying were just another style of promoting your argument, or yourself. She seems among us but not of us.

And of Tony RJM? A confessed 'Non Gospel truth', and former member of a 'Non Core' promise party????

I think you'll find they're called politicians......they exist in both camps......and the level of trustworthiness is the same....nil.

Take just this week for example here in Queensland, all we hear is about how broke the state is, how awful the state of the states balance sheet is (We never see figures mind you, just get told)...and in the next breathe propose to spend billions in flood proofing a state!!! So what is it this week broke or not?

Flood proof a state!! FFS How be that for a lie!!

Worrals in the wilds 2nd Feb 2013 09:50

I reckon the Caucus has bounced Roxon.

Fliegenmong 2nd Feb 2013 10:08

Your neighbours demanded she leave, after having to listen to you screech at her!! :}

Worrals in the wilds 2nd Feb 2013 10:27

Lol. :cool:Too true, I'm not sorry.
I still think the proposed anti free speech laws had gotten too embarrassing. Realistically they can't dump Gillard (apart from anything else no-one in their right mind would take the job) but they can cut her allies.

A good AG was sidelined to make way for Roxon, and for what? A proposed law that even the Singaporeans would think is a bit hard core? A law that would impact on their own people as much (or more) than The Australian Tory Daily? The whole thing has been desperately embarrassing. Crossin's not the only member who doesn't 'own' her seat. :hmm:

I don't think there's any coincidence in the various Rudd supporters being promoted. It's not that Rudd's back (far from it, despite the toy chainsaw :rolleyes:) but more that Gillard's gone. They might be stuck with her, but her friends are now very expendable.

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