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SOPS 28th Jan 2013 10:39

What is it costing US to look for theses idiots?

Asylum seekers missing on makeshift raft - The West Australian

500N 28th Jan 2013 10:50

A heap, RAAF Aircraft, Patrol boat and what else.

Jesus, we really do take it up the arse for a first world country.

RJM 28th Jan 2013 12:03

owen meaney, I defer to your personal knowledge of the situation of indigenous people in the NT.

Peris must have hadd some success in delivering benefits to NT citizens, as you say, but I was relying on the Australian government's scathing analysis of the near million dollar grant which she managed:

2. Executive Summary

Fubaar 28th Jan 2013 20:51

Oh Tim... what were you thinking? Were you thinking? Never, never never ad lib, me ole China.

(I wish there'd been a camera trained on the faces of his handlers. The expressions would have been priceless.)

FullOppositeRudder 28th Jan 2013 21:36

Probably now locked up in a room with McT and Herself and the central figure of a serious debriefing session.

I almost pity him ..... :E

owen meaney 28th Jan 2013 21:44

The politics in the aboriginal care industry are horrendous. Nova's teams stepped on some toes, and tried to play in other agencies sandpit.
Read about the disgusting back play when Bess Price decided to make a stand.

In the overall scheme of things, I would have preferred Nova replace Warren Snowden, but hey, thats just my thoughts

500N 28th Jan 2013 21:47

I agree, except isn't he in the House of Reps, not the Senate ?

What amazes me is the PM replaced a woman when they
are trying to get more women in Parliament.

owen meaney 28th Jan 2013 21:52

What amazes me is the PM replaced a woman when they
are trying to get more women in Parliament.
Exactly my thoughts, and correct he is in the house of reps.

500N 28th Jan 2013 21:56

"he is in the house of reps."

That's what I thought but a not fully across all of
the NT pollies but his name didn't ring a bell as
a Senator.

Which defeats what the PM is trying to achieve,
a safe seat for Nova, hence knocking off the other

Fubaar 28th Jan 2013 23:04

Reports on other sites this morning that the Bolt Report has bee dropped by Channel 10.

Perhaps 10 does not want to risk overstepping the proposed "don't offend anyone" law?

..and Tim has apologised. You have to give McTernan 10 out of 10 for damage control. Imagine the outcry of Tony Abbott made such a crass comment?

sisemen 29th Jan 2013 00:39

Magnificent reaction by Abbott. Restrained but cutting and to the point.

Earlier, the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott called on the Prime Minister to respond to Mr Mathieson's remark.

"After everything the Prime Minister has said on these sorts of subjects, I do think that she does have to deal with this personally," he said.

Worrals in the wilds 29th Jan 2013 01:26

What amazes me is the PM replaced a woman when they are trying to get more women in Parliament.
Stott Despoja made exactly that point on Channel Ten the other night.

Thanks for the info, owen; good to hear some of the positives about Perris. However, I think The Australian's cartoon the other day summed it up;
Party Hack (to Gllard) 'You've completely ignored the ALP's democratic process. I mean, did you even try stacking the branch'? :E:}

What did he say??? (off to google...)
EDIT: Ohhh dear. :rolleyes: The trouble with setting yourself up as being holier than thou (whether about women, PCness or anything else) is that when you or someone around you cocks up (as they invariably do), all your enemies jump on it like a trampoline and you end up looking pretty silly.

owen meaney 29th Jan 2013 02:16

Restrained but cutting and to the point.
Well he would wouldn't he - I know Ad hominem but couldn't resist.
Spoke with some blokes - we are all over 50 - and with a wry smile we all agreed with Tim. I should think Tony would know what Tim means.
Worrals, you may not have had this delightfull procedure carried out.

Clare Prop 29th Jan 2013 02:50

Ah, Owen, maybe not.. but I'd venture that what Ben Elton once referred to as the "Duck Billed Platypus" test that we all dread every two years is a lot more invasive no matter what the build or gender of the doctor.....Mammograms are no picnic either!

Still at least we don't have Julia lecturing us about something private between us and our GPs, when did Timmie become your nanny, guys?

owen meaney 29th Jan 2013 03:10

I am woman hear me roar.

Andu 29th Jan 2013 03:16

Mammograms are no picnic either!
If my wife's descriptions of a mamogram is anywhere near accurate, it's streets - make that whole city blocks - ahead of a prostate digital check in the discomfort, even sheer pain stakes.

I have to give the Labor spin doctors full marks for the way they've dodged what should have been a fatal bullet for the PM's de facto's future public life. Everyone is carefully skating around the one point that damn near every adult male at least knows was clearly implied in Mathieson's 'blokey' comment. Asian... female... (oh, and by the way, doctor) - wink, wink, nudge, nudge, snicker, snicker, snicker....

In this day and age, unbe***inglievable.

As others have stated here and on other sites today,it clearly states to anyone who cares to notice that the Lodge really is currently occupied by Bogans of the lowest order.

Buster Hyman 29th Jan 2013 03:24

People in glass lodges....:hmm:

500N 29th Jan 2013 03:31

" anyone who cares to notice that the Lodge really is currently occupied by Bogans of the lowest order."

Yes, well, a hair dresser from Shepparton (that says it all !) with a Western suburbs chick :O

And before you all jump down my throat, she's my local pollie and
has been for 20 years so I have had to put up with her twang voice
for a long time.

And never in my wildest thoughts did I think she would be PM !!!

Tim is just a bogan who was on the right train at the right time.

7x7 29th Jan 2013 04:02

What's the bet Tim won't be given any speaking parts that haven't been very, very tightly scripted from here on?

I think it would be a safe bet that Rueben the poodle will get some lines before Tim does.

500N 29th Jan 2013 04:13

+ 1


He'll be told to dress smartly, smile at the cameras, walk 2 paces
behind Joolia and keep his bloody gob shut :O

Why was he talking anyway ? He's not an elected official ?

Hey, we could have out very own Prince Phillip on our hands.
At least time didn't use the words "slanty eyed" :O

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