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Croozin 22nd Jan 2013 21:01

Larry Pickering might be said to be "not happy, Jan"
Dear Ms Gillard,
Let me explain something to you, and I know you will read this. I have been studying politicians since before you were born. I knew great and poor Prime Ministers personally, from Menzies to Howard.

I knew their traits, their foibles, their strengths and hidden weaknesses. But each nurtured a common, unbroken thread; they all honoured their high Office.

Each was respected, if not liked. Each was Australian and decent in essence.

You, Ms Gillard, are different. You will never legitimately stand beside those who have gone before you. If you worked at my corner store, if you hadnít aspired to be something youíre so obviously not, I might quite like you.

I know you wonít believe this Ms Gillard, but I wanted nothing more than to be proud of Australiaís first woman Prime Minister. You have destroyed that.

You simply donít get it, do you Ms Gillard ? This is not about policy or Left or Right... itís not about sexism, misogyny or any other vile adjective you use. Itís about YOU !

You are emboldened by the fake infatuation of the minority who need you. You are deaf to the majority who donít want you.

When you were nine years old Ms Gillard we had another controversial Prime Minister called John Gorton. I recall like yesterday, a Party room meeting on March 10, 1971. A motion of no-confidence in Gorton's leadership was tied precariously at 33-all. Realising his Partyís predicament he immediately gave his casting vote against himself, effectively removing himself from Office.

He realised the marginal satisfaction with his role as Prime Minister was potentially caustic and effectively handed the Prime Ministership to my good friend at the time, Bill McMahon. He then voluntarily suffered the ignominy of accepting the position of Deputy PM to Bill.

That was the stuff of John Gorton. And thatís difference between a decent person and you, Ms Gillard. You would not have done that.

Donít try to pretend you possess that high tier of honour. You simply donít. I happen to know you donít because your selfish ideological agenda are far more important to you than the station of your Office.

Your barbs of misogyny completely miss me, Ms Gillard. I happen to love women and I always will. You see Ms Gillard, it is not at all about gender nor any other of your nasty labels and no, I donít give a damn if you are a crook.

But I do give a damn if you are a crook AND my Prime Minister.

- Larry Pickering. 9/12/12.

Croozin 22nd Jan 2013 21:03

How "Aboriginal" is Nova Peris?

She looks predominately Indian to me.

FullOppositeRudder 22nd Jan 2013 22:39

How to start the day on a positive note.
Theraputic advice offered by a friend this morning:

1. Open a new file in your computer.
2. Name it "Julia Gillard".
3.. Send it to the Recycle Bin.
4. Empty the Recycle Bin.
5. Your PC will ask you, "Do you really want to get rid of Julia Gillard?"
6. Firmly Click "Yes."
7. Feel better already? Good!

Tomorrow we'll do Wayne Swan.


owen meaney 22nd Jan 2013 22:55

She looks predominately Indian to me.
Filipino mixed.
Peris family shifted from Kahlin Camp at Stuart Park to the new suburb of Rapid creek in early sixties.

Croozin 22nd Jan 2013 23:08

I read elsewhere (after posting my comment above) that she has Sri Lankan forebears. Speaking as someone who has lived for 20 years in a country with an 80% Indian/Sri Lankan population, I can say she looks very much like any middle aged, middle class Sri Lankan or Indian lady you'd see on the streets, and NOT at all like an Australian Aborigine.

"Mixed race" might be a more accurate description of Ms Peris.

Andu 22nd Jan 2013 23:58

Indonesian boat crew youths to sue over prison

by: Peter Alford, Jakarta correspondent
From: The Australian
January 23, 2013 12:00AM

A GROUP of Australian lawyers is preparing to sue the federal government on behalf of as many as 48 Indonesian youths who were held in adult prisons after being arrested for crewing asylum boats.

The action has the support of Indonesia's human rights commission, Komnas HAM, the child protection commission and House of Representatives commission responsible for foreign affairs and defence. The planned civil action will seek compensation, so far unspecified, and a formal apology from the Australian government to the 48 youngsters. They were identified by an Australian Human Rights Commission report last July as having been aged under 18 yet charged and then held in adult prisons for an average of more than six months before being released without conviction.
"A GROUP of Australian lawyers". Translation: a group of Australian lawyers who will be representing these Indonesian "youngsters" and claiming hefty fees under legal aid provisions from the Australian Government - a.k.a. the taxpayer.

The very same taxpayer who will be forking out the compensation (should that be "compenshayshun"?) to these people who are transporting the country-shoppers to Australia?

We really are being taken for Grade One suckers by all and sundry, aren't we? And here's a prediction: I'll bet nothing much changes under an Abbott government if we ever see one.

Clare Prop 23rd Jan 2013 00:51

Any sympathy for Crossin evaporated when I read that she is a very high profile member and founder of the alleged slush fund, EMILY's list. :mad:

However it is a bold move on Gillard's part to boot someone who is co-convenor of an organisation that indulges in tokenism over competency for a non-member token. Talk about biting the hand that feeds!

Is booting a member of EMILY's list a step too far? Will the other EMILY tokens still be standing next to her doing the usual noddys, whilst sharpening knives of thier own?

It's a pity that Nova will now be remembered for this rather than her other achievements.

sisemen 23rd Jan 2013 02:07

The comments section in the NT News (Nova for politics - and Trish isn't happy | News | NT News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia | ntnews.com.au) are very illuminating.

There appears to be one - yes, one - comment in support of the dullard's 'captain's choice'.

If Peris has any intelligence she ought to be saying, "Er, I've been having a think and I don't believe that I ought to......."

MTOW 23rd Jan 2013 02:24

Not politics for once. Here's the uncensored version of the Dick Smith ad. that the TV networks won't touch. I can't say I blame them. Boganseque, if there is such a word, would be a pretty good description.

Dick Smith Foods Australia Day Ad - UNCENSORED - YouTube

CoodaShooda 23rd Jan 2013 02:46

Our ABC Brekkie announcer expressed her view this morning shortly after taking a call from a Sydney-based friend of Nova's who "just happened" to ring in declare his support for her.

She told listeners that the PM's office had just contacted her, the PM was not available to talk to her but they wanted her to take calls from a number of 'friends of Nova'.

She then commented that "that's the way it's done" but, funnily enough, failed to broadcast any further calls. :E

MTOW 23rd Jan 2013 02:58

You'd have to hope, for her own sake, that Nova Peris does a Mal Maninga. Lunchtime news reports that Trish Crossin is not going quietly, as I suppose might be expected of a founding member of Emily's List.

Two things I find myself wondering about:

(1) Why wouldn't Gillard's handlers have done whatever it takes to close the deal with Crossin (ambassadorship etc) before the announcement? and

(2) Why in the world didn't they delay the announcement for the five minutes it would have taken to pay the $5.00 to make Nova Peris a paid up member of the ALP?

Especially point (2) makes me think that the East Timor (non)deal, the Malaysian (non)Solution, the Manus Island (non)Agreement, the Mining Resourses (collect no)Tax (and many, many more) show a rather disturbing 'fire from the hip without taking one moment to think about it' trend on the part of our PM.

Worrals in the wilds 23rd Jan 2013 04:42

I wondered the same thing, MTOW. Like many things this government have done, it seems really slipshod and poorly thought out. I reckon the average student union could do better...:hmm:

She then commented that "that's the way it's done" but, funnily enough, failed to broadcast any further calls.
I guess that answers Andu's question re the media; they're not buying it. If even the ABC are openly sceptical then it's a safe bet that practically every other journo in the country (barring a few sycophants and agents of influence) is laughing their arses off. :E

How many people in Sydney regularly listen to ABC Darwin anyway? Not to mention being keen enough to factor in the time difference so they can ring up and join in the discussion? :confused:

If that's the best they can do when it comes to media manipulation then it should be an hilarious election campaign.

CoodaShooda 23rd Jan 2013 05:45

There's already a campaign running to encourage Territorians to tick the CLP box above the line come the election.

Strangely enough it's being run by labor pardy members.

(I typed pardy and my phone tried to correct it to parody.
Definitely predictive text.)

sisemen 23rd Jan 2013 06:36

Pardy or parody - both work :ok:

Clare Prop 23rd Jan 2013 09:16

I had to turn the volume down on the video where Gillard was speaking. NP was cringeworthy, why the rush to get her on the telly before having any effective media training? (I ran really fast today pant pant doesn't count) Ah yes silly me, Australia Day.

But just as sickening as JG's mangling of the English language is the way she kind of pats and paws at people in such a patronising, clawing way. I would do her for assault if she ever laid a finger on me. :yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk:

Worrals in the wilds 23rd Jan 2013 10:12

Strangely enough it's being run by labor pardy members.
Like the blokes in CFMEU shirts who were handing out Katter's How To Vote cards in Central Queensland at the last state election. When the run's on the run's on, and we all know how Qld panned out...:uhoh:

The whole thing sucks. Referring to Peris as a 'politician' before she's even pre-selected (let alone elected) sucks. Parachuting in a Senate candidate who doesn't appear to live in the NT (is that correct) when there are a whole bunch of deserving residents sucks. The PM referring to a 'captain's choice' (is the Australian Senate a :mad:ng cricket team?) sucks. Last time I looked the ALP was supposed to be governed by consensus. Of course we all know that doesn't always happen, but the PM is not a frigging president. Of course the Caucus let her get away with this crap, so don't worry boys and girls; we'll remember that. One for all and all for one...:ooh::}

P.S. MTOW, just watched the Dick Smith ad and...wow :eek:. He's like Clive. When dudes have more money than they know what to do with, you get some interesting outcomes.

Andu 23rd Jan 2013 10:13

My long-suffering wife had to endure me yet again shouting at the television as Eileen warned us of the (as usual, totally unfunded) "securidee" measures she was taking on our behalf.

Message to John McTernan: your latest effort to make the unspeakable Eileen appear Presidental fell totally flat with this voter. You might get a tiny bit of traction with me if you could get the woman to pronounce the 't' as a 't' and not a bloody 'd' whenever it appears mid word. Grrrr!!!

Worrals in the wilds 23rd Jan 2013 10:33

McTernan's a Pom (okay a Scot, before I get flamed :eek:) and knows jackshit about what Aussies want to hear. They would have been better off falling back to the standard ALP think tank; the unions and Blokes/Ladies At The Pub. Of course the problem with both those think tanks is that they say stuff the current heirarchy don't want to hear. Bogan stuff that doesn't really fit in with the curent lefto trendo Party line. Also, then they'd have to actually attend a few union meetings and go to the pub, where people might have a crack at them. How Rude! Better off to stay cloistered, surrounded by the dwindling supply of true believers telling them how awesome they really are. :rolleyes:

Peter Beattie's last Courier Mail column summed it up; the electorate got it wrong. Really, the future Qld ALP leader should not be Anastacia P (who a lot of people like), but Dick, a bloke who got flogged by his electorate, ably backed up by the equally flogged Kate Jones.

The electoral bloodbath wasn't their fault, it was all to do with Factors Beyond Their Control. Instead of supporting the magnificent seven who made it through the last electoral bloodbath, he took the opportunity to slag and backstab them for all it was worth while touting Yesterday's Heroes. I didn't think anything could make the current Qld LNP government look good until I read that. All from a bloke who now lives in North Carolina and looks scarier than Warnie. :oh:

With friends like these...

Croozin 23rd Jan 2013 10:55

Michael Smith is upping the ante on his bl*g site.

In reply to Peter Fisher at 8.57PM - I am told that the bulk of the caucus discussion about Ms Gillard is along these lines - "we no longer doubt her guilt, nor that she will be charged in due course, the question now is this - is she a sufficiently accomplished charlatan to continue to stare down the media and the opposition until the election".

Ms Gillard knows that she can count on the uncritical support of her cheer leaders in the Press Gallery. She knows that complexity is her friend, and that far too many "journalists" simply don't read, research and comprehend. They seek out 'expert" views and repeat them. The truth in this matter lies in the source documents, the statements of witnesses and the inconsistencies in the admissions made by the offenders.

At some point the penny will drop for the caucus that the investigation could lead to charges.

Posted by: Michael Smith | Wednesday, 23 January 2013 at 09:20 PM

SOPS 23rd Jan 2013 13:14

I could be wrong, (I hope Im not), I get the feeling things are startng to "warm" up a bit for our PM and her pardy.

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