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Flying Binghi 10th Jan 2013 05:55


via Worrals in the wilds:
In fairness, isn't fire control a state issue?
If yer commenting on my post...

"...The sheer mess of the bush fire prevention and control measures in Australia at this time and the huge life and economic loss potential demands a Prime Minister who has had hands on experience of the issue... who do you get to fight a war - a Churchill or a (green) appeasing Chamberlain..."

(note edited to add "life and")

Buster Hyman 10th Jan 2013 05:56

Thanks FOR. You time volunteering makes my time pale to insignificance. As you will have seen, some people on here have commented on Abbott getting press time for his volunteering. I'd be interested in your take on the matter.

As I type, the pager has just informed me that tomorrow VIC will be under a TFB. Central district is in the SEVERE catagory. :uhoh:

sisemen 10th Jan 2013 07:50

FOR ditto! (just coming up to the bar for my National Medal which makes me a beginner in comparison)

If the ALP had just shut up about Abbott's stint on the fireground then they would have carried off the line about Gillard doing the right thing. But no. The thirty three and a turd spinmeisters under the tutelage of the Scottish Wrecker saw another opportunity to have a go and it's backfired beautifully on them.

Even the die-hard true believers are now saying that it was a spin too far.

(Note to MacTurd - Aussies know about bush fires and they appreciate those who do dangerous things on their behalf so don't f**k with them)

parabellum 10th Jan 2013 08:52

Interesting isn't it, they, the ALP, tried to rubbish Abbott when he went to Afghanistan and spoke 'soldier's talk' to soldiers, (thanks Channel 7), and now they try again when he serves his volunteer commitment to the CFA.
The ALP remain utterly bereft of honesty and common decency.
Hopefully Sussex Streets' latest acolyte will keep his, (their) head(s) down for a while now, particularly since the original rubbisher has withdrawn.

Fliegenmong 10th Jan 2013 09:19

"If Sin City is ever hit with a disaster I'm sure Fliegs and everyone else will be out with shovels, barricades, hoses or whatever's required, as happened in Brisbane 2011 (where there were more volunteers than were needed ). Rest assured that the meter maids will get more press piccies than all the pollies combined, and good luck to 'em. They probably talk less rubbish..."

Was in the 'Irish bar upstairs from the McDonalds at the end of Cavill a few years back, and Meter Maid came in asking for any spare 'Shrappy'.....by which I think she meant 'Shrapnel', or small change!! Ha ha, anyway can't knock the Girls, they put money in my meter the other day when I was out in the surf, and saved me a parking fine :ok:

Bless 'em....

Meter Maids Surfers Paradise - Meter Maids

Incidentally WITW that same Irish bar was once a hospital, and My father had his tonsils out there! (A little local history for you!), he also went to school where Q1 now stands...

As a matter of fact relatives of mine in the distant past piled car bodies and sandbags into 'Narrowneck', otherwise Main Beach would now be South South Stradbroke Island!!

So we haven't had a 'True' Cyclone since then...closest we've come in recent times was I'd say '89, when one sat about 100k off the coast, so flood yeah sure....but one wonders what sort of a mess a true cyclone would do here now.....all that flood plain development that has occured...

'Top of the Mark' is a dive of a building Worrals, it's looking very very tired, where the 'SAR' club is now, used to be 'Twains' nightclub in the late & 80s, many under age drunken nights of frivolity were had in there:O

Jnr Fliegs has his Learners permit now :\...and I had him drive me through Cavill / Orchid last weekend, despite the light rail fiasco, and ripping up the centre Cavill (pedestrian part) Ave :eek:

I was surprised at how busy it was, people everywhere in the shops, in the cafes, bars, restuarants etc etc. Spending money, was encouraging to see!

parabellum 10th Jan 2013 09:38

Spending money, was encouraging to see!

It's desperation Fliegs, spend it or have it ripped off by another Federal tax before the election!:)

Fliegenmong 10th Jan 2013 10:02

He He Para!....Maybe!!, but 'town' has been a little 'dead' for a few years, and yet just these last few times I have been in there (And being local, it's not all that often, except for the early morning surf or Ocean swim!!) there's a lot of people crowding restaurants and bars and shops....late November and we had to go and meet an old family friend from Mrs Fliegs side who was up with her family holidaying, went to here

Italian Restaurant, Brisbane CBD Restaurant, Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Restaurant, Albert Lane

Mrs Fliegs, our Son and I walked with a bill north of $90.00!!!! :eek: Sure! their square metre rent would be astronomical, but that is a lot of money for a fairly casual place, 2 pizzas, a salad, a carafe of wine that barely held 2 glasses and a few pink lemonades......and the place was packed! And other places were packed!

This family were also staying at a Gold Coast Resort, and were working their way through all the GC Theme Parks.....gets bloody expensive that does, especially with 4 ankle biters in tow!! :}

Oh Yeah WITW! I was going to say.....I had a giggle at one of the Headlines on the atrocious GC Bully today!....it made me think of your 'Very GC' quip, as a p1ss take on the current Tourism Marketing Drive...ready for it....

"Fake Doctor injects Strippers with Botox at Bikini Party" I think was the hard copy headline, here in electronic form....

Fake doctor jailed over Botox jabs Crime and Court News | goldcoast.com.au | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

"David Robin Douglas, 48, who has legally changed his name to O'Cean, admitted he pretended to be Los Angeles-based "Doctor Ocean" in 2010 when he enticed a strippers-for-hire company into booking him for a Botox injection party in Surfers Paradise."

Now that is very GC! :} Gotta Love it!! Too Funny!! Makes me cringe at the same time....crazy town.....Wonder if the stripper company employs ex meter maids?!?!

Bon Giorno 10th Jan 2013 12:19


Ashby v Commonwealth of Australia (No 4) [2012] FCA 1411

Citation: Ashby v Commonwealth of Australia (No 4) [2012] FCA 1411


File number: NSD 580 of 2012

Judge: RARES J

Date of judgment: 12 December 2012

When Rares J of the Federal Court delivered his well reasoned and damning judgement in the the above matter it was crystal clear that the writing was on the wall for practically the entire Liberal-National Party front bench.

They were up to their ears in a clumsily executed political conspiracy to overthrow the properly elected Government of Australia.

The collective sigh of relief that Parliament had risen for 2012 and they could all disappear into obscurity for the Christmas break was palpable.

As Andu posted

But then, when you consider the timing: Friday evening in mid December, the same day all the main media players depart to go on Christmas leave; Christmas, 'the silly season', when 90% of the electorate is more concerned about getting enough ice to keep beer cold and the prawns from going off than bothering with politics; by the time everyone gets back to business as usual in mid January, it'll be old news and a done deal.
Oh wait - that was in relation to the paranoid and totally false suggestion (by another poster) that Rares J had been appointed to the High Court of Australia as a reward for his judgement. Just one of a number of similar posts. Impugning a Judge of the Federal Court online is probably not one of the smartest career moves that anyone will ever make.

The notion that they, the Lib/Nats could then emerge like butterflies in the New Year and pretend it all never happened was always entirely fanciful.

Every bit as fanciful as those who continue to post seemingly in absolute denial of the tsunami about to overwhelm the Torys. One is tempted to hark back to the Rev Jones little cordial party in Guyana for a similar example of mass denial of the inevitable. And we know how well that turned out. Oh wait - there was more recently Romney Landslide. Don't think that went as well as the wingers predicted either.

The Federal Court judgement was clear and damning. Senior Members of the Liberal Party were up to their ears in a conspiracy to overthrow the properly elected Government of Australia and were prepared to pervert the course of justice and proper Parliamentary process to put Abbott where he believes he rightfully belongs - The Lodge. Among others the Liberals poster boy Brough, being parachuted into Fisher was mentioned some 100 times in the judgement - none of them at all favourable.

The proper wheels of justice are however now beginning to move with an Australian Federal Police investigation being initiated at the request of Graham Perrett MP as a private individual without any Federal assistance.

Graham Perrett, the federal Labor member for Moreton, has referred information from the Federal Court decision on the Peter Slipper-James Ashby sexual harassment case to the Australian Federal Police.

In his letter, Perrett says Mal Brough, Christopher Pyne, Julie Bishop, Mark McArdle, James Ashby and Karen Doane “may have committed criminal offences in relation to their participation in a political conspiracy designed to harm the Honourable Peter Slipper MP and the Federal Government”.

A citizens petition is also in train -

Attorney General, Parliament House, Canberra.: Inquiry into people involved with James Ashby acting against Peter Slipper

The Ashby campaign appears to have been aimed at procuring the resignation of the The Speaker. This amounts to an attempt to prevent the most important elected official of the House from performing their duty and is an assault of the gravest form on the authority and sovereignty of the Parliament. It amounts to a para-Parliamentary conspiracy to use illegal means - a series of deceptions - in order to pervert the processes and corrupt the decisions of the House. This goes beyond a mere political contest. It is an attempt to subvert the Parliament. It should be publicly investigated by a Committee of Members of the House. David Leith change.org
Welcome to Ashbygate.

sisemen 10th Jan 2013 14:26

I'll have some of what you're on BG. That above most surely qualify for the funniest post of the year

Every bit as fanciful as those who continue to post seemingly in absolute denial of the tsunami about to overwhelm the Torys
That's a quote that I will store away until needed.

By the way, I think I was correct in not holding my breath for any details of your time with the fireys. Perhaps your memory is letting you down in remembering your brigade or when you were an active firefighter?

On the military aircrew site posters relay many a tale of questions they have asked to expose those who they believe to be fraudulent "walts". It's quite fun really watching the fraudsters squirm.:E

SOPS 10th Jan 2013 15:19

BG has to be in the employ of those crazy JG spin doctors, otherwise I prescribe a cup of tea and a good lie down.:E

Andu 10th Jan 2013 19:45

Having just forced myself to read all of BG's last post, I'm reminded of that classic restaurant scene in "When Harry Met Sally". I felt as though I was the middle aged woman diner who, after witnessing Meg Ryan's faked orgasm scene, called the waiter over and said: "I'll have whatever it was she had."

BG, if you ever get yourself banned from this site under your current guise, may I suggest a really apt next Pprune 'handle' for you? - Winston Smith (or in Bill Shorten/Julia-ese, 'Winston Smif').

CoodaShooda 10th Jan 2013 21:59

The issue of any "fallout" from the Rares findings appears to be of massive importance to labor apparatchiks but of just mild, passing interest to the broader electorate.

I daresay it might be a major plank in labor's election campaign in the coming months but, if so, I suggest it will prove to be another own goal.

Keeping Slipper's name in the public mind will be more of a reminder that Gillard et al actively recruited and supported as Speaker an allegedly corrupt sleazebag, who was facing being dropped by his own party.

The criminal charges he now faces are just icing on the cake.

Changing the subject, can anyone remember labor running to the last election on a platform of redrafting the anti-discrimination laws as Roxon is now trying?

Captain Dart 10th Jan 2013 22:51

BG is also trolling on the Fragrant Harbour (Hong Kong) forum, his big contribution to a discussion on the Boeing 787: he corrected a spelling mistake, which was probably just a typo.

Congratulations BG, I have about 5 1/2 years on PPrUNE and you've made it to number three on my 'ignore' list :D.

sisemen 10th Jan 2013 23:30

A "citizens" petition - mounted by Rockson the Attorney General? Yep, obviously very popular :ugh: As Cooda says this is going to be a huge own goal for Gillard and her mental pygmies.

This amounts to an attempt to prevent the most important elected official of the House from performing their duty and is an assault of the gravest form on the authority and sovereignty of the Parliament.
And if she regarded the position of Speaker as so important and high profile then why did they pick a known sleaze bag like Slipp-it-u-em to do the job in place of the well-respected Harry Jenkins?

As they say - when you know you're in a hole, stop digging.

Mods - please keep BG on. He's worth it for the entertainment value :}

Croozin 10th Jan 2013 23:47

Mods - please keep BG on. He's worth it for the entertainment value
I'll second that. It saves me logging on to Crikey to see what the other mob are coming up with each day.

Captain Sand Dune 10th Jan 2013 23:52

This from today's Stray'an:

LEADING feminist and key member of the Women's Electoral Lobby Eva Cox has declared some of Julia Gillard's policies sexist and rejected the Prime Minister's claims that Tony Abbott is a misogynist.
In an opinion article for The Conversation website, Ms Cox says the Opposition Leader is not "feminism's worst enemy", as portrayed by Labor in its attacks against Mr Abbott.
“He is a somewhat inconsistent, confused conservative with the attached sexist views on gender roles, which he seems to be trying hard to minimise,” she says. “He is not in my terms a misogynist.”
Ms Gillard labelled Mr Abbott a misogynist in a widely-viewed fiery speech in parliament in October and other female Labor ministers have since labelled him as having a problem with women.
In response, Mr Abbott’s wife, Margy, has spoken out in defence of her husband, as has his chief of staff, Peta Credlin.
Ms Cox says she takes the definition of sexism as “a view of gender as the basis for entrenched discriminatory differences” and misogyny as having a deep pathological dislike of women.
“Mr Abbott fits the first, but not the second category, and seems to have a wide range of female friends,” she says. “How he coped with women in power is not clear as he is the boss of his office.”
She takes aim at Ms Gillard’s feminist credentials, saying policies such as scrapping the sole parent benefit, which affects mainly women, and forcing them on to Newstart do not help. “There is a danger that Gillard’s own claim to be a good candidate for women may take a bit more flak,” she says.
“Yes, she is our first female PM, which is n ice in principle but in policy terms has real flaws in her feminist credentials.”
Ms Cox writes that the current “mutually-slung mud” being thrown at both leaders did not strike a chord with voters and she was concerned that this year’s federal election campaign would fail to connect with voters and policy debate could be lost among the insults.
Firstly; "widely-viewed"? Why the hyphen? Surely "widely viewed" is correct. Same with “mutually-slung mud”.
But more importantly.....and I can't believe I'm saying this...........I agree with a feminist!:eek: There! I said it!
The hits just keep coming for Joolya. Now she's even p*ssing off the sistahood by trying to be "more feminist than thou."

Croozin 11th Jan 2013 04:52

Ship out Sheik Ismail Al-Wahwah, says Queensland Liberal MP Steve Ciobo | thetelegraph.com.au

RADICAL sheik who has called for Australia to become an Islamic state ruled by sharia law should be "slapped down" by moderate Muslims, according to a federal MP.
Sheik Ismail Al-Wahwah, the Australian head of extremist Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, suggested during a Christmas Eve sermon that jihad should be used to implement hardline teachings.

Queensland Liberal MP Steve Ciobo said the sheik should adopt Australia's values of tolerance and a fair go for all or "pack up and ship off".

"Frankly, we have had a gutful of people who deliberately incite hatred and people who want to overturn the foundation principles of this country," he said. "This Sheik Al-Wahwah needs to be slapped down from moderate Muslim supporters who recognise there is no place in Australia for these kinds of attitudes."The sheik told supporters it was their duty to "carry the light of Islam to the rest of the world ... Not with flowers. It was the army of Muslims which started from Medina, and they went to China, India, and the Maghreb.

"That is jihad."

He said under an Islamic government, alcohol would be banned, a strict dress code enforced for all Australians and languages other than Arabic banned in schools.

Mr Ciobo said if Mr Al-Wahwah held dual citizenship the government should facilitate his move to another country more to his liking.

"I couldn't care less if he preaches to five people or 5000," he said.

"It only takes one or two crazies to take his message of jihad and to cause problems.

"If he's going to preach a message that this country needs to be under sharia law then he should go to where he can live under sharia law - and that is not in Australia."

Muslim enclave plan sub-divides residents | thetelegraph.com.au

Residents divided on Muslim enclave

NEIGHBOURS are divided over a proposed "halal housing" development in Sydney's west.

While some feared it would lead to friction with Muslims, others welcomed the plan.

Qartaba Homes is promoting its 145-lot subdivision at Riverstone, near Rouse Hill, as Australia's "very first project of its kind for the Muslim community", The Daily Telegraph revealed yesterday.

The developer yesterday insisted people of any religion were welcome to purchase land.

But resident Jeanette Mowbray said she feared the development would lead to Muslims "taking over" the area.

Christine Stacy, 54, worried it could further upset locals already frustrated with Muslim burial practices at the local cemetery.

"To put that here is not in the community's best interests. It's going to create aggression," she said.

AN interest-free housing project aimed at the Muslim community and boasting 100 per cent halal-type housing has sparked a major row.

Local business owners predictably said they would welcome more people to bring extra business to Riverstone's main street.

"I think it's good. We'll have more beautiful people for the village," bakery owner Tung Do said.

But another business owner, who did not want to be named, said while she was all for the community expanding, she didn't believe "that their community wants to be part of our community".

Many residents expressed their concerns that non-Muslims would be excluded from the site, while others said the developers were welcome to the land, which they said was flood prone.

Qartaba director Wajahat Rana said the company was happy to sell blocks of land to anyone.

"We're not doing this as an Islamic organisation, we're doing it as business people and we'd like to keep it like that," he said.

"We want all religions to be living together in Australia, side-by-side. We don't want division."

University of Technology Sydney sociology professor Andrew Jakubowicz said the creation of religious enclaves was not a new concept: "The phenomenon of creating an environment where people of a particular religious faith feel comfortable is a very old Christian tradition, associated particularly with the Anglican church.

"The Jewish community also has taken steps to draw a line around neighbourhoods, not to keep others out but to make it safe for Jews."

Charlie Foxtrot India 11th Jan 2013 05:04

BG has been given some time out to get treatment for multiple pprune personality disorder.

Buster Hyman 11th Jan 2013 05:41

So, he's been around as long as I have but used the persona 18 times? I hope he gets professional help.

MTOW 11th Jan 2013 06:17

Don't bin him CFI. He keeps me (and, it would seem, quite a few others) amused. Maybe if he had to post under all the names he's used?

Nah, maybe not such a good idea. It would use up too much bandwidth.

I can't believe the near total silence from the MSM over the crazy "sheikh" and his plans for our future. In knowing what's good for us despite whatever we may feel, the bloke should join the Greens. He seems to have a very similar agenda to them.

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