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Clare Prop 8th Jan 2013 15:32

I much prefer seeing BB in Sea Shepherd garb than a suit.

SOPS 8th Jan 2013 16:02

They are given tablet computers?!!! Give me strength, wasn't there a promise to give every school age child a laptop? No, can't do that...we are to busy giving every boat person a free computer, so they can calculate their Centerlink payments. :ugh::ugh:

Andu 8th Jan 2013 19:44

It would seem that Sussex Street have their online monitors working a night shift now. Hope they're paying you at least time and a half, BG.

Captain Sand Dune 8th Jan 2013 20:30

So out of interest, what's the mood in the electorate? Yay for Tone or lynch mobs at the ready?
I was posted to the Victorian Riviera (i.e. Gippsland!) in January 2012. However upon departure from Tamworth, "Tony Windsor" was considered bad language. I have no reason to believe things have changed.

Fliegenmong 8th Jan 2013 20:37

BG, posting articles like that is not welcome on this thread!!!! Please only post anything by Janet Albrechtson, Piers Akerman or Andrew Bolt

Fer chrissakes you'll get yourself a banning ya know!!

Worrals in the wilds 8th Jan 2013 22:01

However upon departure from Tamworth, "Tony Windsor" was considered bad language. I have no reason to believe things have changed.
Thanks for that. Sounds similar to Port, then.

Croozin 8th Jan 2013 23:20

The people I know in Port foam at the mouth at any mention of RO, who, I'm told, rarely shows his face in public any more (and usually only at carefully 'faithful-stacked' events). The only person who earns more nasty comments than the good member is his wife, who, if what I've been told is true, is the only spine in that relationship and is the one who keeps him squarely on his strange political course.

Buster Hyman 9th Jan 2013 03:45

In reality Buster Gillard offered them less than Abbott.
Up the dosage & believe whatever they tell you, good boy!

Superior negotiator...I guess that's probably true, especially considering her earlier career as a Lawyer...

sisemen 9th Jan 2013 06:04

Gillard visits Tassie to commiserate with the victims of the bush fires.

Good. Empathetic :ok:

Abbott volunteers to actually fight the fires

Bad. Electioneering :=

If Gillard's cheer squad can't come up with anything better than knocking Abbott at every crick and turn then I feel only pity for them for the drubbing that they will receive because of their "relentless negativity" and paucity of any ideas.

Fliegenmong 9th Jan 2013 07:27

Liberal MP urges Abbott to detail IR policy - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I see pallets pineapples getting shipped to the managers offices :uhoh:

You really think they'd shut the f&*k up about IR wouldn't you? We only heard Peer Reith a little while back.....It's kinda like you can see Andrew Robb and Tony Abbott Eric Abetz et al. smiling nervously while kicking them under the table.....:)

Bon Giorno 9th Jan 2013 08:19

January 9 2013
I applaud all the 2000 Fireys who went to work to save lives and property today. 1999 of you didn't issue a press release about it.

Cr Chad Griffith
Lake Macquarie Council

parabellum 9th Jan 2013 08:20

Living in Gippsland Clare Prop? Congratulations, God's country, that is real class!;)

parabellum 9th Jan 2013 08:28


Captain Dart 9th Jan 2013 08:40

Latest on the ALPBC:

Milne condoning cyber-terrorism against Whitehaven Coal, that even prodded the ALP to tell the Watermelons to HTFU.

If this ALP/Green Axis of Evil isn't disposed of next election, the country is done for.

SOPS 9th Jan 2013 08:48

The women should be locked up, she is a danger to herself and the country.(IMO)

Worrals in the wilds 9th Jan 2013 10:04

Thanks for that classic parabellum, I still have a paper copy somewhere. :E

Buster Hyman 9th Jan 2013 10:15

Apart from siseman & myself, who else on this thread is an active volunteer firey?

Clare Prop 9th Jan 2013 10:25

Trained but lapsed due to work commitments, the other 'arf still active.

Don't live in Gippsland though, not sure where that came from?

Buster Hyman 9th Jan 2013 10:32

Thanks Clare prop. Just interested to see if the biggest stone throwers actually put in, or just welch off the system.

Abbott has been a volunter since 2000...obviously, he does it for votes. :rolleyes: As for a press release, about the only time pollies don't issue a press release is when they sneak off to see the troops. As a public figure, leader of the opposition, and someone who is sought after for comment on a regular basis, is it too much to issue a release indicating that person's movements?

Clearly, Labor MP Brendan O'Connor thought so, but had the good sense (?) to apologise for it.

Bon Giorno 9th Jan 2013 10:36

Apart from siseman & myself, who else on this thread is an active volunteer firey?
BTDT Buster. Probably (in fact almost certainly) before you were born.

I don't tend to big note myself because of it though.


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