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Fliegenmong 19th Dec 2012 09:32

Onya Sise! Ta! :)

BenThere 19th Dec 2012 10:49

My wife's in Queensland right now, near Cairns, spending Christmas with her family. I can only work my schedule to go every two or three years. I plan ahead several months to be able to do it, but it seems every time I get there I arrive in the aftermath of a cat 4 or 5 cyclone.

TNQ is beautiful. I like to characterize the coastal regions as being like a giant Hawaii. I really enjoy spending time with my in-laws, who I adore, and the everyday folks I've met have been marvelous.

The only complaint I have is that Australia has become viciously expensive. For purchasing power parity the Oz buck ought to be around $.75 US. Alas, my wife reports paying $1.08 at the bank.

Does anyone know of a way to exchange USD for AUSD without the 2-3% exchange fees? We anticipate doing monthly exchanges routinely and would like to avoid that cost. I would think Aussies planning to travel to the States would want the same.

One idea I had would work for expats or people planning extended stays. I could open a checking account in the US and give access to an Aussie, who would do the equivalent in Australia for me. Any takers? Thinking about up to $10,000/month.

500N 19th Dec 2012 10:59

I could do with some US$ in the US and could send the
Aussie dollars to your wife.

No where near $10,000 but a few $1000 or so every so often.

PM me.

Buster Hyman 19th Dec 2012 11:00

Apparently the 'pittance of a handout' was more than they had ever received under the previous government, i think they more surprised than anyone really!
Yes, but what one hand giveth, the other taketh away. It's what they lost that is probably hurting them more now that a total dollar figure.

though had my support would indeed be more precise http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif
Interesting turn of phrase...

Fliegenmong 19th Dec 2012 11:46

What exactly is 'probably' hurting them more now than (that?) a total figure?

Can you specify 'Probably' for the benefit of the argument?

Cost of essential services? By way of privatisation? Labor / Liberal the same there! Anna 'BLIE' trying to tell me that electricity prices would be more competitive in an unregulated market FFS!! Water the same?? LNP would have taken the same action...Ironically Campbell Newman's actions to date have been a very big boost to National Labor, very unfairly / undeservedly so in fact!

We're a minnow country that does what it is told, and the difference between Labor and the Coalition is really very small.......

Labor (kinda) ensures that Australians don't work for a bowl of rice a day. Liberal (kinda) wants to ensure that Australians do work for a bowl of rice a day...small business (kinda) wants what is left of the populace to spend money with them, but what is left is taxed / fined out of existence!

I really need to check on the other nests I"ve disturbed before retiring.,....

Fliegenmong 19th Dec 2012 12:22

Tis late 'down here', and as an Australian born, white male, heterosexual, hard working, tax paying, and essentially Christian family man, I am in a minority...regrettably....in my own home town..... I need to go to bed.....to get up to make it all happen again

Captain Sand Dune 19th Dec 2012 20:02

We're a minnow country that does what it is told
Aint that the truth!! This is a country crying out for real leadership, but is populated by those least likely to accept it.

an Australian born, white male, heterosexual, hard working, tax paying, and essentially Christian family man, I am in a minority...regrettably....in my own home town
Mate, we're actively discriminated against!:mad:

Croozin 19th Dec 2012 21:11

I thought the post below, taken from the Tim Blair b*og, was quite well put, and explains, to me at least, the inconsistencies in the Left's arguments on just about everything.

Why is it whenever asylum-seeker boats sink killing dozens, according to those on the left “it’s not the time to discuss asylum seeker laws”, yet a shooting massacre is “a moment not to let gun laws pass by”? I know the answer, but the hypocrisy needs to be pointed out.

Another Ross (Reply)
Wed 19 Dec 12 (07:51pm)

Captain Sand Dune 19th Dec 2012 23:51

The Lefty creed - "my problem is everyone's problem".

And now for something completely different (but sort of the same):

THE mother and uncle of a three-year-old named Jihad, who was born on September 11, are due in a French court for sending him to school in a top with "I am a bomb" written on it.
The sweatshirt also had the words "Jihad, born on September 11" emblazoned on the back when he turned up at his nursery school in the southern town of Sorgues on September 25.
The pair are charged with condoning a crime over the alleged reference to the 9/11 attacks on New York's twin towers in 2001. The uncle bought the top and the mother dressed her son in it when she sent him to school that day.
Jihad's teacher alerted the authorities and a few days later the town mayor, Thierry Lagneau of the conservative UMP party, asked prosecutors to investigate.
"I condemn the attitude of the parents who shamefully took advantage of the person and the age of this child to convey a political message," Lagneau said.
The mother and uncle of the boy, who official records show was born on September 11, 2009 and was given Jihad as his first name, were not known Islamists, prosecutors said.
The mother was astonished at the reaction to her son's top and at the proportions the affair had taken on, they added.
She and her brother were due in court in Avignon, southern France, on Tuesday afternoon.
Reckon it would even make it to court here in Oz? If it did, the school would probably get done.:rolleyes:

sisemen 19th Dec 2012 23:54

The mother was astonished at the reaction to her son's top
No shit, batman :ugh:

Captain Sand Dune 20th Dec 2012 04:39

Well surprise, surprise!!

TREASURER Wayne Swan says it is "unlikely" Labor will be able to achieve the promised budget surplus in 2012/13.
The wafer-thin $1.1 billion budget surplus Swan had promised to deliver was shattered today when company tax payments came in almost $4 billion under expectations, reflecting commodity price falls and weakness in the global economy.
"Tax receipts are well below our forecast," Mr Swan said. "It was a substantial hit to profits that Australian companies have experienced in the first half of this year."
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said it was a "humiliating, embarrassing, nervous announcement from the Treasurer".
Swan said the combination of global volatility, lower commodity prices and the high Australian dollar had created a "very unusual'' situation - which had drained tax reserves in six months to a degree the Labor government had predicted for the entire year.
"It's a really big hit to revenue. It's a huge whack," he said.
"Given what we've seen it's unlikely that there will be a surplus in 2012/13."
Acting Prime Minister and Treasurer Wayne Swan holding a press conference at Parliament House in Canberra.
Overall, the federal budget is so far running at a deficit of $12.3 billion and the government had promised to deliver a surplus of $1.1 billion for 2012/13.
Swan said the government would no longer focus on achieving a surplus but would aim to maintain jobs growth.
"Underlying fundmentals are strong, GDP remains solid, unemployment is low," Swan said.
"We are going to apply our fiscal rules in a common sense way.
"The whole point of the fiscal rules is to have sustainable growth."
Swan said he had spoken with Prime Minister Julia Gillard and several cabinet colleagues about the fall in revenue and its impact on the budget.
Acting Prime Minister and Treasurer Wayne Swan holding a press conference at Parliament House in Canberra. Picture: Kym Smith
He said the impact on the government's budget bottom line was not due to increased government spending.
Yeah, right Woiyne! You'll have to try harder to spin your way out of this one!

"What we've seen is a sledgehammer hit on our revenues thanks to the deepest and most sustained period of economic turmoil since the Great Depression," he said.
"We have been making savings in the budget ... and we will continue to exercise spending restraint, even in the face of continuing volatility and uncertainty in the global economy."
Like the oh so restrained waste on ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS perhaps?

He said the ratio of spending to gross domestic product (GDP) was 23.8 per cent in 2012/13, which was below the average spend of the previous Howard government, and would remain around 24 per cent of GDP over the forward budget estimates.
The treasurer noted state government revenues had also been impacted.
"What we're seeing in our own numbers today means that $160 billion has been ripped from the budget bottom line over five years,'' the treasurer said.
The Finance Department's latest monthly statement released today showed cash receipts for 2012/13 so far totalled $111.6 billion at the end of October, down almost $4 billion on expectations.
The main factor was company tax revenue, which was impact by profit declines.
However, total government payments of $123.9 billion was ahead of projections by just over $1 billion, reflecting savings made.
The government also in October collected $501 million in resources rent taxes, which includes the petroleum resource rent taxes (PRRT) and proceeds from the minerals resource rent tax (MRRT).
Mr Abbott said the surplus was not a forecast - "it was a fact".
"It has now been dumped," he said.
"You just can't trust this government to manage the economy. You just can't trust this government to tell the truth".
Opposition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey said it is "not in the Labor party's DNA to live within their means".
"Taking out the garbage five minutes before Christmas is the way the Labor party operates," he said.
"They are treating the Australian people with contempt."
Mr Abbott said the Prime Minister made "two solemn covenants" during the election - the carbon tax and the surplus.
"She said that the day after she made the no carbon tax commitment. This second solemn commitment, this second covenant with the Australian people, dumped."
"For three years they have been boasting of this surplus. Well, they don't have that anymore".
Nice attempt by the ALP to try and sweep this one under carpet just before Christmas. Tone just needs to keep keep this one (and all the other clangers) on the simmer for a few more months.:ok:

Fliegenmong 20th Dec 2012 08:46

CSD, post 3701 ...We agree :eek::ok: he he

Same story here in QLD too.....

Mid year Budget review finds Newman Government has taken $2.6 billion revenue hit | The Courier-Mail

sisemen 20th Dec 2012 10:37

TREASURER Wayne Swan says it is "unlikely" Labor will be able to achieve the promised budget surplus in 2012/13.
Well..........who'd a thunk it :ugh:

Seems that everybody apart from Swanny and the Crime Minister could see what was in front of their faces.

Andu 20th Dec 2012 19:27

The Customs scandal, (which we're already been told we are to blame the Liberals for), brought to you by Fairfax and the ABC, should keep Joe Public's attention diverted from any other minor distractions like the AWU slush fund, the witnessing, (from Melbourne, two weeks before pen was put to paper) of documents that were signed in Perth, continuing record-setting illegal arrivals, Craig Thomson, the surplus that Wayne has at last admitted isn't and who knows what else over the Christmas break.

I suspect that, leading up to the election, we'll be seeing and hearing, in that awful, monotonal drone: "There will be a surplus in twenny twelve, twenny thirdeen under a guvvmint eye leed, an' that's set in stone." almost as often as that infamous carbon tax promise.

One thing dragging up the clips of those 'set in stone' promises made in 2010 has highlighted - the sands of time have not been kind to Eileen in her three years in power. I suspect if Tim hadn't been hard at work on the roots with the Henna, we'd be noticing an even bigger change.

Croozin 20th Dec 2012 19:53

An amusing read:http://bl*gs.telegraph.co.uk/news/ja...o-totally-gay/

Australia you are so totally gay

I mean "gay", of course, in the offensive, playground, politically incorrect sense of the word. As in: "Your Dad's car is totally gay." Or: "That shark was so gay he didn't even manage to take your whole leg off." This is the kind of usage that would you have you arrested in Australia these days, such is the gag-making political correctness of the land they once called the Lucky Country but which now ought more properly to be named the Haringey of the Southern Hemisphere.
When I tell this to people who've never been to Oz they are usually surprised. Australia, they imagine, is a rugged, no-nonsense place where the men all look a bit like Crocodile Dundee (or, at least, the late Steve Irwin), and where their idea of a chat-up line to the Sheilas on Bondi beach is "Hey Sheila. Do you want a ****?" (to which they'll add, if Sheila is reluctant: "Well would you mind just lying there while I have one?")
But it's just not true. Australia handed in its testicles to the progressives long ago.

Mimpe 20th Dec 2012 20:22

Revenue Federally, is at record levels, as described on the abc news last night. Its just that Federal spending is inexorably higher and unable to be controlled.

By the way, the surplus promise was made around 210 times, which tells more about poor judgement and lack of insight.

Labor governments at the federal level have a consistent almost perfect record of being unable to control spending.

CoodaShooda 20th Dec 2012 22:16

Coupled with the fact that they spend big on things that neither generate further national wealth nor provide for our defence.

sisemen 21st Dec 2012 00:20

It just goes to prove:

a. The left side of politics are not and never have been good economic managers so why people keep falling for that line astounds me.

b. This current government use lies and deceit as policy.

c. This current government are not averse to criminal activities to further their own ends.

Anyone out there want to refute that??

CoodaShooda 21st Dec 2012 04:21

1. Because they give "free handouts" to people who don't care who's paying for them, where the money's come from and what the future might have in store.

Seems to me the progressives have, over the years, sought to claim (steal) the moral high ground pushing the "what are we leaving for our children/grandchildren?" line.

The answers are now coming in:
Greater financial indebtedness
Larger welfare sector
Declining manufacturing, service and retail sectors
Winding back primary production
Increasingly uncompetitive minerals and resources sector
an abysmal level of education.

Any others? :E

sisemen 21st Dec 2012 05:57


The ethic that it's OK to lie, cheat and commit criminal acts in order to get one off the hook.

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