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Flying Binghi 16th Dec 2012 23:03

Endless amounts of public money to waste...

via Worrals in the wilds;

...We've seen that in Queensland. Those people are far too hard to get rid of, so it's easier to punt a bunch of hospital cleaners, national park admin people (so the rangers have to do the admin rather than protect the parks, because the admin never goes away and is much more important to the government than the actual park ), and the list goes on...
Do tell Worrals in the wilds, here's me thinking one of the main problems with QLD parks were the fact that the previous state labore government created more park areas then they could manage to keep the green vote on side..:hmm: Lookin to me the common sense thing to do would be to reduce the park areas to a manageable area concurrent to the available management crew.

Henbury Station in the N.T. is another prime example of a great big green pandering clustafeck...
"A company linked to RM Williams says it wants to reintroduce cattle to one of its outback stations, even though it is a protected nature reserve..." RM Williams wants cattle back on carbon farm - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Worrals in the wilds 16th Dec 2012 23:51

Do tell Worrals in the wilds, here's me thinking one of the main problems with QLD parks were the fact that the previous state labore government created more park areas then they could manage to keep the green vote on side..http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/yeees.gif Lookin to me the common sense thing to do would be to reduce the park areas to a manageable area concurrent to the available management crew.
That's one problem for sure, Diamantina is a good example; last time I went there it didn't even have a ranger.

However, if you go to Lamington NP (the busiest park in the state) and talk to the rangers you will quickly see that it's run by a skeleton staff who can barely keep the tracks maintained, let alone get off them. You could probably build a house in southern Lamington before anyone noticed :ugh:. Compared to parks in WA and NSW ours are lamentably understaffed and underpatrolled.

The current state government said prior to election that they would look at the number of gazetted parks, but my understanding is that post election all they have done is make noises about all parks being opened for horse riding, trailbikes and commercial activities. In some parks horse riding and trailbikes probably aren't an issue, but in those parks with significant areas already threatened by Mytrle Rust and other pests (such as Lamington and Mossman) horses and bikes spread these pests like wildfire. I like horses as much as the next person, but they don't belong in a vulnerable area that's prone to disease and degradation. Surely it's a big enough state that the horsy and bike fanatics can find somewhere else to enjoy themselves.

I agree that the former state government was beholden to the green vote wrt parks, but this current state government is equally beholden, though this time it's to the National Party rednecks who'd prefer to see every park in the state logged and flattened for farming.

Andu 16th Dec 2012 23:59

Worrals, I think what you're saying is a common point in all of us (if I'm being honest, myself included). After five years (longer, much longer at State level) of seeing the country run into the ground by what could politely be called a bunch of total amateurs, every last one of us wants things tidied up, a stop to waste and unnecessary government spending, the economy put back on a sound footing, the nation's books back in the black - unless it impacts on ME.

CoodaShooda 17th Dec 2012 00:00

who'd prefer to see every park in the state logged and flattened for farming
You say that as if it's a bad thing. :p

500N 17th Dec 2012 00:14

"Henbury Station in the N.T."

No cattle, few people, little travel done around it as no need to check on the bores every day ............. yep, just like most of the other "Green" properties, will turn into a weed and feral infested hole within a year. The wild pigs, donkeys and camels will have a field day and then someone will have to pay for a chopper.

CoodaShooda 17th Dec 2012 00:58

Wasn't Henbury the model "carbon capture" station that was going to capitalise on the new carbon economy?

No stock, just lots of carbon absorbing plants.

Croozin 17th Dec 2012 08:39

Saw this on another site.

Am I the only one who suspects that the reason Eileen did not renew her licence to practise law was because her not doing so was one of the conditions S&G laid down at the exit interview to allow her to resign rather than be sacked?
Eileen = JEG :)

SOPS 17th Dec 2012 09:33

Henbury Station
Maybe they can use it to house the 30,000 predicted "new arrivals" next year.

Navy 'at risk of being overwhelmed by 30,000 asylum seekers' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Worrals in the wilds 17th Dec 2012 09:36

No stock, just lots of carbon absorbing plants.
Cool! The Worrals Dope and Chop Chop Plantation... Sorry, Carbon Sink will be coming to a Beaudesert near you. :suspect: I can taste those tax rebates...:E

Croozin, not a lawyer but know a few (that's the sort of thing you only admit to on an 'anonymous' website :}). They were singularly amazed that a lawyer working for a firm could do what's been alleged and get away with it. From what they said it was akin to doing work with company resources on company time for yourself without telling the company; then having a cockup.

Being a simple worker the details escaped me, but it sounded similar to borrowing the company grader on the weekend and using it in your personal landscaping business, and then flattening someone else's front yard by mistake.

I.e. a bit Dodge. :eek:

...a stop to waste and unnecessary government spending, the economy put back on a sound footing, the nation's books back in the black - unless it impacts on ME.
And you're right, to a certain extent, but only to a certain extent. I've just driven the Bruce Highway (the whole Bruce Highway, twice :\) and there are a huge number of roadworks for about 600km. One lane, stop and go, 40kmph style roadworks. Very irritating, but as far as the Big Picture goes, it's a great thing to see. The new highway will be higher, wider and better. Hopefully it won't be closed due floods every wet season, because it's not like the wet season is a big surprise. :hmm:

I doubt I'm the only person who pulled up for stop sign after stop sign and thought 'well at least they're fixing it.' That was certainly the prevailing Pub View along the way from a lot of other people who'd rolled into town two hours later than estimated.

I don't mind paying taxes/fees if I see some return for my money. I didn't mind paying five bucks for a token bus ride to the local mob at Mossman because they've provided a nicely equipped visitor centre and restaurant with that money (try the kangaroo salad :ok:). Of course they would have had a government handout to start the ball rolling but in the meantime they're employing a bunch of local people and keeping the Pommy backpackers off the park roads. IMO this is well worth the money. :}

Being a leftie I'm happy to pay for the common good. What I object to is paying a shed load in taxes/fees to see that money squandered on think tanks, fat cats and political crap when the parks are left to wither and administration costs are still sky high. Prior to the change of government I pontificated mightily on here about the costs of maintaining a liquor license. Now there's been a change of government and the Evil Overregulating Labor Party have been cast into the wilderness; it's gone up. :ugh::yuk: I was told today by the Not A Pizza Joint people that there's now an added $400 application fee. Thanks, LNP. You're really supporting the small businesses. :mad:

Keep blaming Labor though. We all know you had your own people in Treasury prior to the change of government (we know some of those people :suspect:) so the whole 'It was a big shock" argument is thinner than the Duchess of Cambridge, but hey, whatever's expedient. :E I'd really love to have a government I could believe in. :bored:

Fliegenmong 17th Dec 2012 10:42

Yeah WITW, I really do think there are some in QLD who are looking at the LNP and thinking to themselves, do we really want this on a Federal level? The $400 application fee you mention, I've been led to believe that small business is the backbone of the country, sh!t like that stifles small business, mostly because the fat cats don't realise that $400 is a **** of a lot of money, Seeney for example thinks that $440 000 K + per year is reasonable expense to the tax payer for his private travel, no diff to howard using the Aust BBJ for he and jeanette to go Broome for the weekend, or indeed for him t use it as a shuttle between Sydney and Canberra, because the lodge was an undesirable place to reside....out of touch does not really begin to cover it

Worrals in the wilds 17th Dec 2012 11:09

Seeney. :yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk:
Of course Mr 'I don't like aircaft noise, it's bad for my electorate' Rudd used the government BBJ like a frigging taxi service while he was PM. Must have been a different sort of aircraft noise when it winged in over Murarrie at all hours of the night. :hmm:

MTOW 18th Dec 2012 01:09

Crime-Minister-in-Waiting Bob Carr announces - but only after someone in Treasury leaked it to Channel 10 - that 375 million dollars of Australia's overseas aid will be spent inside Australia supporting the country shoppers... sorry, asylum seekers who ran the "risk" of being processed overseas, but instead, were and will be released within the Australian community.

The Libs - stupidly, I believe - were quick to condemn this move, and promised to reinstate it after they gain power. Hopefully, that will prove to be a 'non core' promise. :)

Surely, the next logical step for either Party would be to say that the 375 million will be taken from aid originally destined for Indonesia?

I nearly choked on my cornflakes when Carr, explaining the need to find the funds to pay for the country shoppers' upkeep, said: "You can't spend money you don't have". Broadly speaking, isn't that what you and your misnamed government have been doing since you spent all of the surplus Peter Costello left in the till for you, Bob? Tax income has not come anywhere near meeting expenditure in any one of the five years Labor has been in power.

Worrals in the wilds 18th Dec 2012 01:19

In the Channel 10 phone interview he sounded very much on the back foot. :E Whoever leaked it better watch out for themselves. :suspect:

Buster Hyman 18th Dec 2012 01:26

Is the only argument that supporters of the Red Witch can come up with is that the Libs will be worse, then surely they can see how bad this cesspool of a Government is! Otherwise, we'd be hearing about all the good things they've done for us & the country as a whole...the silence is deafening isn't it? :hmm:

CoodaShooda 18th Dec 2012 01:35

Time to trot out the "what has labor done to warrant your support?" gambit again? :E

Clare Prop 18th Dec 2012 08:45

I'd find Carr a bit more credible if he had actually been elected by so much as one single vote. To me he is proof that Eileen is running a dicatatorship.
I'd love to know the real "incentive" Arbib was given to step aside and make way for him to be parachuted in. I guess Carr must have more dirt on various people in cabinet than others.
I am no fan of foreign aid being splashed around willy nilly but this is something else entirely....! :eek:

parabellum 18th Dec 2012 10:15

jeanette to go Broome for the weekend,
No he didn't Fliegs, on the back of a totally legitimate trip he stopped off in Broome, sent the RAAF aircraft back and after a short holiday came back on a commercial flight. Your kind of deliberate BS really pisses me off.

Whilst we are at it, I happened to be talking to a recently retired very senior ADF officer who said turning the boats back, or stopping them, was never a problem, pull along side, offload the illegals, sink their boat and take illegals to the nearest Indonesian port, no question of "I am not getting off", either, it was done then, regularly, so why not now? Oh yes, we now have an ALP 'government' and who are these military officers who now say it is not possible, could they just be protecting their own career?

Rant over.

Worrals in the wilds 18th Dec 2012 10:41

Time to trot out the "what has labor done to warrant your support?" gambit again? :E
It didn't work in Queensland. :E
The refugee budget being spent in Australia thing has alienated a lot of lefties, arguably the last supporters of the current government. The obvious 'gotcha' feel to Carr's outing by Channel 10 has confirmed a lot of dark suspicions wrt true left wing Labor values.

I'm not a true leftie but I was concerned to hear that the money will come out of the Pacific Island aid fund; that was only on Channel 7 so I'll have to confirm it but still...:hmm: I think Australia should concentrate its aid budget on the people next door. This may be irrational, but that's what I think. I've worked alongside many Samoans and other Islanders over the years and I've heard how poor these places are. They have no chance at growing big industry because they're small and remote; IMHO we're the big kids on the block and if we're going to help anyone we should help them first. Samoans get a lot of bad press (some of it justified :() but a lot of them are here working their arses off in low paid jobs to support the rels back home. If what's suggested on the TV news is true (that the aid budget to the Islands will be cut) then I'm a bit cranky. :mad: One p'd off semi-leftie heading to a ballot box near you...:}

The public opinion at the moment reminds me of the feel prior to the Howard Government drubbing; everyone's annoyed about something. Lefties, Righties, Bushies, Greenies, Middle-of-the-roadies... everyone's cranky with the federal government. To quote Will Smith in Men In Black; 'you just p1ssing everybody off today'. :=

It doesn't take a big swing to win or lose a federal election. 1975: 55:45. 2007: 52.7:47.3. These are the two greatest federal swings in modern times and they're not all that big when compared to state elections. The government don't have to alienate all that many people to lose power, and I believe governments lose elections more often that oppositions win them.

I just wish the Opposition would be any better but that's up there with World Peace. Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right; here I am, stuck in the middle with you. :(

Croozin 18th Dec 2012 10:59

Some wag on Michael Smith News referred to Eileen as 'the Red Barren'.

Love it.

Fliegenmong 18th Dec 2012 11:04

Para my good man, You are indeed correct it was on the back of legitimate trip (well as legitimate as an Asean meeting is, the funny shirt meetings!)....But Cebu to Broome is hardly 'On the way home', it is a very significant detour indeed, and then after being called on it offers to pay just for the 'Business Class' portion between Broome Bris (Was there even such a flight?) And certainly not for the Cebu to Broome portion...

Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun

Your kind of deliberate selective memory doesn't piss me off so much as remind me of the arrogance of rusted on liberal voters unable to embrace anything outside their rigid ideology....(unless, at a Party level, it's for using taxpayers money for buying votes, and both sides are guilty here...the rigidity of ideology becomes amazingly flexible then)

That said I do not wish to alienate you Para, for mostly I do enjoy a great many of your posts! :)

Re the Country Shoppers / Boaties / Ashmore Reef Dwellers

If it was 'done regularly then' and never reported, why was a 'Nauru' ever built at all? Just keep turning them around in the same fashion, no hand wringing lefty tree hugger would ever need know it was going on at all! And why I liked the Man in the Hats idea of tossing them a tin of petrol and swinging their compass 180

I'll see if a friend currently seconded from the RAAF to the RAN will let on anything, or indeed my Brother in Law as ex RAN during the howards years will let on anything....suspect confidentiality will prohibit them, but I'll ask anyway

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