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CoodaShooda 22nd Nov 2012 02:05

Bugger, I may have to think about imposing a ban on staff talking in the office.

The mounting attacks on our freedom to speak are positively sinister.

Simon Breheny of the IPA notes an extraordinary overreach by the Gillard Government in its proposed discrimination laws:

For the first time ever, discrimination on the basis of “political opinions” will be unlawful. .......

Further, the bill defines discrimination to be any “conduct that offends, insults or intimidates” another person (see Section 19 here). That means that expressing an opinion that offends someone else’s political opinions is now grounds for discrimination if it occurs in certain contexts, such as in the workplace.

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Nov 2012 03:07

For the first time ever, discrimination on the basis of “political opinions” will be unlawful. ......
Well that wraps it up for every state government for the last twenty years (from both sides of politics). :rolleyes:
The change-of-government public service bloodbath has become as familiar as pollster phone calls at dinner time.

“conduct that offends, insults or intimidates”
Seriously? Pathetic. Namby pamby PC leftyism. Mind you, the CFMEU will have to watch out; the AEC may be the least of their worries if this gets passed...:eek:

Clare Prop 22nd Nov 2012 03:40

Very Orwellian and sinister.

Solution - don't employ anyone. Close down your business and go on the dole.

Kalgoorlie, hmm, wasn't that where a certain young and naive lawyer and her boyfriend went to persuade union members to hand over control of their fund for bereaved families so that they could be used to purchase holiday units in Kalbarri? Allegedly?

Is The Prime Minister A Crook? Part VIII - The Pickering Post

Michael Smith News

Meanwhile, the govt seems to have just given up on even pretending to have any kind of border control, and apparently people like cancer patients have to give up their chemo to pay for these people to come and live among us... presumably with free chemo if THEY need it? Because they will be getting free cigarettes as well, surely?

Nothing but a bunch of headless chooks in Canberra now.

Sir Les Patterson for PM!! Then at least we could have a laugh!

500N 22nd Nov 2012 03:46

Border control - we lost that quite a few years ago.

If it's illegal fishing you have more chance of being caught
than if you are an Asylum seeker trying to get to Xmas Island.

On the radio at 12 today, Amnesty complaining about the conditions
on Nauru and then one of the AS was on the phone describing the rain,
floods, he had his feet in water while on the phone, he said the Internet
room, TV / Telephone room etc etc were all flooded and conditions
were terrible.

He came from Afghanistan. Yep, I am sure he had all those comforts
over there.


Croozin 22nd Nov 2012 06:08

OFFICIAL: Gillard’s boat people policy fails
Piers Akerman – Thursday, November 22, 2012 (4:05am)

ITS OFFICIAL: The Gillard government’s border protection policy has failed.

Arrive in Australia illegally by boat and be given a bridging visa and an effective welfare payment of around $440 a fortnight and a home in the community for as long as it takes for asylum claims to be processed.

At least the Coalition and Greens MPs were able to defeat Labor’s legislation which would have meant asylum seekers already in the community would have their bridging visas automatically renewed.

Labor has thrown in the towel.

Having laid siege to the Howard government’s successful border protection policy five years ago, and stripped it of any relevance, Labor has tacitly admitted that it has given up.

Yesterday it also announced the reopening of Pontville detention centre in Tasmania and a 300 bed expansion of Melbourne’s Immigration transit centre as it sent the first 19 men, women and children to Manus Island and flew 100 home to Sri Lanka on an RAAF jet.

Meanwhile, at least seven more people smuggler boats arrived since the weekend.

The Gillard government’s so-called Pacific Solution has been overwhelmed.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has conceded that Nauru and Manus can’t accommodate all the asylum-seekers intercepted since it was announced on August 13.

The government’s new “no-advantage” principle will now have to be applied to the overflow of unauthorised arrivals brought to Australia.

The principle requires asylum-seekers to wait for a refugee visa for as long as they would have if they had waited offshore to be settled through official channels.

About 7000 asylum-seekers have arrived since the new Pacific Solution was announced.

Opposition leader Tony Abbott said: “This government just doesn’t have its heart in it.”

“And for this government to say, oh look at the (19) that have gone to Manus when you’ve got 2000-plus coming every month demonstrates that they just don’t get it.”

Abbott said people who came to Australia could not expect “to be treated like they are staying in a four or five star hotel”.

“The people who have come illegally to this country need to know that they are breaking our laws and that they are, if I may say so, taking unfair advantage of our decency as a people,” he Abbott said.

“It is illegal to come to Australia without papers, without proper documentation, without adhering to the normal requirements that we expect of people coming to this country.”

The destruction of border protection can be fairly and squarely laid at the feet of the ALP and the Greens with the support of the flaccid Independents.

Limp and weak, they have undermined the border security of the nation and shown contempt for the wishes of the majority of Australians.

Andu 22nd Nov 2012 06:24

I've just heard on the evening news that, because the offshore detention facilities have been "overwhelmed" by the sheer force of numbers, asylum seekers will be released into the community on bridging visas, but will have to wait five years for their claims for asylum to be assessed. While on these bridging visas, they receive $220 a week and "limited rental assistance" - and are not allowed to work.

Try as you might, could you possibly come up with a worse recipe for disaster? Five years in what could only be described as a life of penury, but also five years where, because you are unable to get a job, your chances of assimilating, even learning English, are close to zero. What are these people expected to do? About the only options open to them are either a criminal career or a descent into radical Islam - and you can be sure there will be plenty of people all too willing to drag them into either, if not both.

I cannot believe that anyone, even this sorry excuse for a government, could come up with something so utterly, totally bad, both for Australia and for the asylum seekers. Are they hoping many of not most will decide it's so bad here that they'll volunteer to go home?

SOPS 22nd Nov 2012 06:29

The policy did not fail, there was never a policy in the first place!!! The only policy they had was to get rid of the one that was working..John Howard's. And what are we left with? More than 7 boats a week, a system that has completley broken down and people just being released willy nilly into the comunity!!

This mob is completley hopless!!!!:ugh::ugh:

Clare Prop 22nd Nov 2012 06:40

Why not put them to work doing something like say building a water pipeline from the Kimberley to Perth.

After all it was thier countymen who opened up much of the outback and provided us with feral camels.

They could have something useful to do, learn English, learn some skills, make friends etc and we would have a useful bit of infrastructure.

I understand something similar was in place for the Snowy River project. Surely it would be cheaper than just paying them to do nothing while providing them with free accommodation and free healthcare etc.

Alternatively, tell Mr Moon we want out of the refugee convention which was set up to protect people fleeing from communism (oh the irony)

I really dont see any other options now.

I guess Rintoul, SHY and co would say this was unworkable because they may have to live in temporary accommodation (Tents and dongers :eek: so inhumane!) and apprently that is only OK if you are Australian.

SOPS 22nd Nov 2012 07:43

News just in
Bank letter links PM to union mortgage

sisemen 22nd Nov 2012 07:51

It's obvious why she was so good at this:

She's a well practiced and polished liar. And she's still doing it.

SOPS 22nd Nov 2012 08:06

Even the ABC is on to it.
Lawyer claims discrepancy in PM's slush fund explanation - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

parabellum 22nd Nov 2012 09:45

Only the depth varies!

criticalmass 22nd Nov 2012 10:27

A government which deliberately puts in place policies to subvert and undermine the religious, cultural and ethnic cohesiveness of an entire nation which it purports to govern is guilty of treason.

The federal Labor government has done precisely that. It has put in place policies which will lead to the rapid "Balkanisation" of Australia. This is being done for the long-term benefit of Labor. They are thinking a long way beyond the next election. They are thinking thirty years or more ahead. Until multiculturalism is officially abandoned and all its excesses are undone, ultimately the illegals and their descendents will win. The country will be socially re-engineered.

It is a long-term aim of Labor and The Greens to destroy the Anglo-Celtic heritage and traditions of the country in order to rule permanently using a population of radicalised people, mostly men (remember, by far the majority of the illegals are Islamic men of fighting age), wedded to Labor due to the provision of handouts, permanent residency and political power, backed up by the gun, unlimited intimidation, organised crime and the terrorist bomb.

This is the new army within our midst, inserted by stealth, using our money, to enforce the will of Federal Labor on the entire country. This is radical Communism using Islamic refugees as their Trojan Horse. This is treason - pure, deliberate, and simple.

Traditionally there has been one penalty for treason. A block of wood, and an axe. You could buy both at Bunnings Hardware.

The names of Gillard, Swan, Milne and company will rank in history with those of Judas Iscariot, Vidkun Quisling and Field Marshal Petain...if the victors in the forthcoming Australian Civil War are the Anglo-Celtics, that is. If the radical Islamic Communists emerge as victors, the world will have seen an example of how a democracy can be destroyed using its own institutions and laws.

Australia in a hundred years time may be taught in schools around the world as the first example of how a modern, progressive and tolerant nation can be made to commit religious, cultural and economic suicide.

Fliegenmong 22nd Nov 2012 12:47

.if the victors in the forthcoming Australian Civil War

Um.....ok....do i need bring my own pitchfork?

Or by 'upcoming' you mean 100+ years from now? :confused:

sisemen 22nd Nov 2012 14:04

A government which deliberately puts in place policies to subvert and undermine the religious, cultural and ethnic cohesiveness of an entire nation which it purports to govern is guilty of treason.
You are giving this government far too much credit. This bunch of f*ckwits can't even get day-to-day policies right never mind looking to the future beyond the next drubbing.

Clare Prop 22nd Nov 2012 14:39

An amusing comment on the Michael Smith blog from someone who has mates serving in Afghanistan:

I've got a few mates over there at the moment. When Julia last visited, she was really impressed that the diggers saluted her all the time

It took me a while before remembering that the reason you don't salute in a war zone is so that snipers can't identify the leader... :}:D

Buster Hyman 22nd Nov 2012 19:47

They laughed at Enoch Powell too Fleigs... ;):p

Thanks for dropping in btw.

Andu 22nd Nov 2012 20:34

If criticalmass' civil war ever eventuates, remember that John Howard disarmed the law-abiding population.

It's only the non-law-abiding part of the population who are armed today, and if the current drive by shooting spree in SW Sydney is anything to go by, it could be said that a disturbingly large number of that non-law-abiding part of the community will be on the non-Anglo Celtic side.

If any such war ever did come to pass, can you imagine the fatuous comments from SHY and her like as they urge restraint (of course, by only the Angle Celtic side)?

parabellum 22nd Nov 2012 23:43

You are giving this government far too much credit. This bunch of f*ckwits
can't even get day-to-day policies right never mind looking to the future beyond
the next drubbing.
Not really Sise, don't forget we have two governments now, the one we can see and the ultra dangerous one, the faceless one behind the scenes, they are the ones engineering just what criticalmass is talking about.

BenThere 23rd Nov 2012 01:01

It's only the non-law-abiding part of the population who are armed today
You didn't really turn in all the guns, did you?

Those of you who did need to figure out a way to get that fundamental right back, if you ask me, which I acknowledge, you didn't.

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