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david1300 19th Nov 2012 23:39

I didn't watch the program so this might be hearsay, but didn't KRudd suggest that Turn(coat)bull would be more at home in the ALP?

Worrals in the wilds 20th Nov 2012 00:42

He probably would be, too. Never struck me as a Lib per se.
That said, Right wing Labor and small l Libs aren't all that far apart. They're certainly much closer to each other than they are to the fruit loop factions within their own parties.

500N 20th Nov 2012 00:47

It wouldn't worry me which side he was on, he'd kick some heads
and get some things going which other pollies can't or won't.

Plus he has business experience !!!

CoodaShooda 20th Nov 2012 01:12

Rudd did make that suggestion.

My problem with Turnbull is that he has the banker's keeness for a carbon economy.

Croozin 20th Nov 2012 04:33

Deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop asked the Prime Minister questions every day during Parliamentary sittings three weeks ago about work Julia Gillard did as a solicitor on the AWU slush fund - used by her then boyfriend to steal $400,000 (without her knowledge, she says):

Number of times Michelle Grattan of The Age rang Bishop for comment: 0

Number of times ABC reporters rang Bishop for comment: 0

On Sunday, Labor minister Brendan O’Connor suggested, without a shred of evidence, Julie Bishop had unspecified ”questions” to answer about perfectly uncontroversial and completely legal work she did as a solicitor on the CSR asbestosis case in which she took instructions from, among others, the then WA Labor Attorney-General.

Number of times Michelle Grattan of The Age rang Bishop for comment: 1

Number of times ABC journalists and producers rang Bishop for comment: 6
Gee, an apparently biased ABC. Whodathunkit?

Croozin 20th Nov 2012 08:12

Missing AWU scandal files “found”

Piers Akerman – Monday, November 19, 2012

CRITICAL FILES relating to the growing AWU scandal and Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s former boyfriend Bruce Wilson which had disappeared from the federal archive in Queensland have been found.

The files, which relate to attempts by the AWU to recover money paid to Wilson and his union associate Ralph Blewitt, have been recovered in Melbourne.

The files contain the claims made by former AWU boss and ALP power broker Bill Ludwig to the Industrial Registrar for the recovery of the money paid to the dodgy union officials.

On Saturday, The Weekend Australian revealed that the files lodged with the Industrial Relations Court’s Queensland registry in 1995 by the former AWU national president had been lost in the past nine months.

This afternoon, deputy Opposition leader Julie Bishop called on the federal court to protect all files relating to the AWU and the AWU Reform Association which Gillard has said she set up as a slush fund for her former boyfriend.

“The federal court must conduct an immediate audit of all files relating to these matters and give them official protection to prevent any possible destruction of material that may be called on as evidence in future,” Bishop told me.

Files are still missing in WA and NSW.

Among the files missing in NSW is the original affidavit made by former AWU official Ian Cambridge, a respected member of the industrial community, and the original conveyancing documents for a Melbourne property bought by Wilson in Blewitt’s name at an auction which Gillard attended.

Gillard arranged for Labor law firm Slater & Gordon, where she was a partner, to provide a portion of the money for the mortgage on the property.

She also waived the firm’s fee for work done by the firm on the conveyancing for Blewitt.

The Australian revealed last month that the file held by the State Records Office in Perth on the AWU Workplace Reform Association was empty.

It should contain key documents from 1992, when the association was registered by the West Australian government.

Slater & Gordon also has disclosed that it cannot find its file on the association.

The Federal Court documents were filed by Mr Ludwig in a bid to recover the large redundancies paid to Wilson and other AWU officials—including his bagman Blewitt and their friend Bill Telikostoglou, whom Gillard called “Bill the Greek”.

According to retired lawyer and union historian Harry Nowicki, the files contain affidavits from key players and the details of the meetings in which the AWU became aware of fraudulent activity.

These include the national executive meeting of August 16, 1995, which voted to pay large redundancy cheques of AWU members’ money.

The WA Premier, Colin Barnett said on Sunday he would seek an explanation from the State Records Office about the missing file of public documents relating to the union slush fund when he received a formal complaint. That was being prepared today.

Paperwork for the creation of the association set up by Gillard and allegedly used by her former boyfriend to plunder funds, was filed with the WA Commissioner for Corporate Affairs in 1992, and should be contained in the missing State Records Office file.

There is no evidence Ms Gillard knew about the alleged frauds and she has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. In August she said she provided legal advice to set up the slush fund but knew nothing about its workings until 1995.

Federal Housing Minister Brendan O’Connor told the ABC’s Insiders program on Sunday people were “sick of the smear” in relation to Ms Gillard’s role in the AWU saga and attempted to smear Bishop by referring to her work for CSR on asbestos cases.

That attempt backfired however as Bishop actually ran two test cases for the industrial giant openly and transparently and rather than delaying the asbestos-related claims, ensured the speedy payment of hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation to asbestos victims when the cases were concluded.

Worrals in the wilds 20th Nov 2012 08:37

She also waived the firm’s fee for work done by the firm on the conveyancing for Blewitt.
With the firm's permission or otherwise? It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in the S&G tea room at the moment. :hmm: Recently a couple of lawyers have explained to me the significance of the 'separate file' thing ( I couldn't follow it in the newspaper reports) which apparently equates to doing outside work on company time and not billing them for it. In other words, a bit dodgy. :ooh:

Federal Housing Minister Brendan O’Connor told the ABC’s Insiders program on Sunday people were “sick of the smear”
Got that right. However, that doesn't translate to 'believing everything the government has to say on the matter.' :suspect: If O'Connor thinks this is going to go away because he says so, he's got a vastly overinflated opinion of his ability to sway the electorate.

...attempted to smear Bishop by referring to her work for CSR on asbestos cases.
IMO this was a bit of an own goal. Bishop (like any lawyer) has no doubt worked for a lot of dodgy people. That's what lawyers do. As evidenced by the vast number of lawyer jokes around, people get high minded about it; right up until the time they're falsely accused of something.

The asbestos cover-up was despicable and IMO nothing more than mass murder, but the proponents were still entitled to a fair trial and entitled to a decent lawyer to defend them. So are accused murderers, peds, drug traffickers and other criminal masterminds. That doesn't make the lawyer guilty of their client's crimes, no matter what the child protection advocates and deperate pollies like to advocate. The alternative? Trial by mob, and I assume that no reasonable person wants that.

sisemen 20th Nov 2012 09:01

And in WA Federal Labor are so on the nose that the WA Labor Party have officially changed their name to WA Labor through the Australian Electoral Commission.

The caption to the cartoon in today's West Australian says it all "Nope, it's still a pig"

Worrals in the wilds 20th Nov 2012 09:17

That's an interesting development.
Certainly the Qld ALP (aka the Magnificent Seven :E) have been very careful to disassociate themselves from the Federal mob. On Gillard's first official visit post state election she apparently didn't have 'time' to meet with Annastacia P. In hindsight, Annastacia may have been devoutly thankful. Maybe she was the one who was busy doing her hair rather than Gillard, as was suggested at the time. :suspect:

If Labor is to rebuild, they must first do it locally. Whether in the states or the unions, the party can only regain its support at the grass roots level with legitimate, honest candidates who actually live what they're touting; rather than copping kick backs, driving around in fancy cars, suing everyone and claiming their "worker" credentials based on a six month Macca's stint (while they were doing their degree) before jagging a job in some ALP MP's office opening the mail. :hmm:

IMO, federal Labor has become so far removed from its traditional supporters that it's impossible for their all-stars to regain any integrity with their electorates. I think that's why Swan's people have turned on him. Of course, come the day they may still vote for him (electorates like their MP to be a Minister), but in the meantime; jeez they're whinging about him.

Andu 21st Nov 2012 01:59

19 sent to Manus Island today... as two boats containing 137 country shoppers arrive off Cocos Is and Christmas is.

Not good math, Jules.

From the Andrew Bolt bl*g, (note the poster's address):

The only people sent to Nauru and Manus are Sri Lankans single young femalesand families. Iraqi, Afghani and particularly Iranian men are kept on Christmas Island because they threaten to make trouble.
It also seems that not all boats are reported, one day last week we had five arrivals but this was not in any of the papers or news services.

Enough of Christmas Island (Reply)
Wed 21 Nov 12 (12:10pm)

SOPS 21st Nov 2012 04:56

And they now admit that they are so overwhelmed with arrivals, that they have to start releasing people into the community on "bridging visas". Things are going really well aren't they Jules?:ugh::ugh:

Croozin 21st Nov 2012 08:11

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Asylum-seeker flood sinks Labor's offshore processing policy

by: Ben Packham and Lanai Vasek
From:The Australian
November 21, 20125:52PM

THE Gillard government has admitted its Pacific Solution has been overwhelmed, declaring asylum-seekers arriving since the policy was announced will be allowed to live in the Australian community.

As Papua New Guinea's Manus Island processing centre received its first detainees today, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen conceded Nauru and Manus would not be able to accommodate all the asylum-seekers intercepted since the August 13 policy announcement.
The Federal Government has withdrawn cover for some anti-cancer drugs, saving the taxpayer 40 million dollars a year.

On 2GB this morning, it was reported that each boat arriving costs on average 13 million dollars to process (whatever that means) - and that does not include Centrelink payments, sometimes, it would seem for life, for many if not most arrivees.

So at an arrival rate as we've seen today of two boats a day, that's the saving on anti-cancer drugs gone in 36 hours. Nice one, Chris 'n Jools.

SOPS 21st Nov 2012 08:16

I dont claim to have the answer, but somehow this has got to be stopped. If every boat is costing 13 million, just think what that money could do for people currently living leagaly in the country!!:mad:

Worrals in the wilds 21st Nov 2012 08:51

On 2GB this morning, it was reported that each boat arriving costs on average 13 million dollars to process (whatever that means)
That seems a lot to me. Particularly when one of the main problems with boat processing is a lack of funding for DIAC/alphabet agency staff to do the paperwork. This was also a problem under the Howard government, so the Libs shouldn't be too virtuous about the issue.

When a person presents at the border and claims refugee status, the government needs to 1. establish their nationality (and their eligibility for refugee status) and 2. establish their criminal record (where possible, it's difficult to do when a person comes from a lawless place like Somalia, even if they have a passport). This requires border agency officers and spooks with the appropriate skills and resources, something the current government has been loath to provide.

Why? No soundbites in the actual processing. Half the pollies don't understand the basics, so God help them if they try to explain it to the electorate. It's much easier to bang on about 'turning back the boats' which is impossible, but much more talkback radio friendly.

SOPS 21st Nov 2012 09:22

And in other news (this could be interesting)
Gillard still has questions to answer: ex-AWU official - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Worrals in the wilds 21st Nov 2012 10:06

Mr Blewitt says he is now preparing to speak to the Victorian Fraud Squad about his recollection of what happened.
He has told 7.30 he wants immunity from prosecution, and he is now confident of the chain of events.
"I was having trouble with recollection of the events," he said.
"In recent times I've been shown numerous documents that have been uncovered by Freedom of Information and various other sources that have refreshed my memory as to the course of events and filled in some of the gaps in my memory.
What a reliable witness. :ugh:If I show him a picture of Elvis, will it refresh his memory wrt to the tubby dark headed bloke with sideburns who he once met in a Melbourne pub?
Not having a crack at you, SOPS, but at the people who are crawling out of the woodwork. People who 'can't remember' the course of events until there's a buck/ publicity in it.

Show him the money...

SOPS 21st Nov 2012 10:19

Worrals, you could well be right. I was just making the observation, that which ever way it goes, it might prove interesting.

Andu 21st Nov 2012 10:25

The only thing that can be guaranteed is that any result from this (and any other) investigation will come up with a "safe" report that will never endanger the career of any still serving politician.

The System looks after its own, unless they're long retired - and preferably dead.

Julia Gillard may well one day be "outed", (the evidence, particularly over the witnessing of signatures on documents that could not have been witnessed without time travel, seems rather strong), but it won't be before she is safely in retirement.

Worrals in the wilds 21st Nov 2012 10:51

Julia Gillard may well one day be "outed", (the evidence, particularly over the witnessing of signatures on documents that could not have been witnessed without time travel, seems rather strong), but it won't be before she is safely in retirement.
Unless someone honourable wants to stand up and be counted. I don't class Pickering as honourable, he's more of a manevolent schoolboy :E. The latest AWU official willling to spill his guts all over the floor? Reverse memory loss is a wonderful thing. So glad he's got his cognition back provided immunity is offered :uhoh:. Truly, the cure for Alzheimer's is upon us :ok::}. It's cash and immunity...:suspect:

What is lacking is someone who'll stand up and say 'this is what happened':suspect:. That person doesn't exist, because to do so would bring down the whole happy little arrangement and the person themselves. In the long run we'll hear the true story 'round the pubs but in the meantime, who knows.

There is nothing that can be done for these people. Like gangrene, sometimes the only cure is to cut above the infection and live without the body parts below. They are gangrenous and they eat away at the Labour movement; poisoning its tissue and killing it off toe by toe. Every implausible excuse, every defamation lawsuit, every piece of plausible deniablility leaves the Party and the Unions ever weaker in the eyes of the electorate.

The only cure for gangrene is to slice and live with the resulting disability. IMO, this is largely what the Qld ALP have done. They may be amateur, they may be a bit average but at least they're not infected with terminal deceit:ok:. They've also been lucky that the conservative state government has been very dodgy, but they must remember; they left us with them. They left us with no alternative. The true believers can castigate the majority via Facebook, but IMO anyone who voted for the previous State Government was in denial.

Deceit and entitlement is the gangrene of the ALP, and it is slowly killing the party. The internet age has exposed their petty little rackets to everyone with an account. This is why we all believe every piece of scuttlebut we hear about them, because we know they are capable of anything to stay in power. :ugh:We assume they have no integrity, no honour; we assume they will stop at nothing to keep their position for another week. Of course the Opposition is often no better (just ask the Queenslanders) but sometimes the road less travelled is the better road.

Entitlement is what will kill these guys. It's their mortal sin. They think they deserve kickbacks, favours and special treatment. Why, I'll never know, but they think they're :mad:ing special. :ugh::ugh:
Half the cnuts have never worked a day in their lives but they assert themselves as the Workers' representatives, in between copping kickbacks from the companies they profess to fight with. We all know fellahs. We know which Unions kow towed and which Unions kept fighting. My original post named them, but I'd hate to be sued for defamation :eek:. Seems to be the fashion these days, from union "heavies" who can't even throw a decent punch unless it comes via a legal letter and an aggro lawyer who regularly turns up on the telly.:ooh:

For the workers. :yuk:

Don't get me started. Oops, you already did. :}

sisemen 21st Nov 2012 12:29

Meanwhile the corrupt thugs in the CFMEU (who else!) in WA are now the subject of an AEC investigation over an "official" going round Kalgoorlie telling the members that because of "delays with the Post Office" he'll happily take their ballot papers for the WA CFMEU elections and post them in Perth.

The Post Office have said "what delays?"

What's the betting that Joe MacDonald and his bunch of thugs get in. :yuk:

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