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priapism 16th Nov 2012 09:07


And one that took it and went home came back again - does he get it twice?

Clare Prop 16th Nov 2012 15:06

Michael Smith News

Some verrrry interesting stuff on there.

Andu 16th Nov 2012 20:54

On the ABALPC this morning: Refugee advocates (Ian Rintoul?) are saying that "...charging asylum seekers who smashed lights, slashed tents, destroyed kitchens on Nauru with riot for what were 'only trifling' offences smacks of political interference".

Give me strength.

Croozin 17th Nov 2012 21:48

Interesting thread on 'Kangaroo Court of Australia' site saying that Victorian police at (at last) investigating the goings on in 1995 involving Bruce Wilson and Julia Gillard. This post (below) I thought pretty well sums the current situation up. (The post was in reply to one saying that JG should be sent to prison.)

Concerned Aussie November 15, 2012 at 3:00 pm #
I think Bazza’s comment sums it all up perfectly, in a variety of different ways.

Firstly, the constant denials, all the way to the very end. This is how criminals learned and are taught by lawyers to operate – deny everything at all times even in spite of overwhelming evidence. This in itself to me is proof of criminal behaviour, for surely if anybody accused me of anything I would talk until I’m blue and provide all evidence I could to prove them wrong. Any genuinely innocent person would do this – only criminals do the opposite.

Secondly, he might be right about charges never being laid against Julia. This site and many others have proved beyond a doubt that the criminals have embedded themselves so deeply within our system that they can make, break, and sidestep laws, verdicts and prosecutions as it suits them. I think we have all seen cases of innocent people being gaoled, yet people guilty as hell walking free. The fact that a person may never be charged with any crime does not mean they are not criminals – it means that are well connected with other criminals, effectively making them even bigger criminals.

Thirdly, “the investigation”. Refer to my second point regarding criminals being well connected. As an example, a former unionist turned politician could use union funds for prostitutes and other personal spending, be caught out with evidence, the so called “investigation” being palmed off to their criminal mates within the system (eg: fair work australia) and then have a finding of “no wrong doing” and a “flawed investigation”. Case closed, no charges, goodbye and thanks for the money.

And finally “the conservatives are getting desperate”. Refer to Paul’s question on that one! Refer to my first point too. Clearly a politically motivated statement to protect the nice little golden goose all these criminals have.

These people need to be made aware that we are on to them, and we must keep pushing hard to educate others about their cunning methods and how they manipulate with lies and misinformation. Their days are numbered, no stopping this train now. May it hit them hard.

sisemen 18th Nov 2012 13:36

Now here's an interesting thing.

On Friday the Federal Court confirmed that key documents filed in 1995 by the then AWU President had been lost at some point during the last 9 months.

Earlier the file held by the State Records Office in Perth on the AWU Workplace Reform Association was empty. It should have held key documents.

And Slater and Gordon cannot find the file on that Association which Gillard helped to set up.

To lose one set of documents could be said to be unfortunate; to lose two sets of documents looks like carelessness but to lose three sets points the finger very firmly in the direction of outright criminality.

While deny, deny, deny is a short term measure that the guilty take in evading justice eventually the truth will out.

One wonders whether some of the dear departed representatives from Sussex Street can take the message back to our deeply loved prime minister that she's managing this problem-ette completely wrongly and that she will, most likely, be found out and then it will be embarrassing with a capital F.

I for one will cheer her arrival at the gates of the Alexander Maconachie Women's Correctional Centre in the ACT.

Clare Prop 18th Nov 2012 15:40

Why can't they just do an Al Capone and get these people on tax evasion? Or has she stacked the ATO with her mates as well?

it seems Michael Smith may have copies of the "missing" documents...

Meanwhile over at Pickering Post CARR, RICHO INVOLVED IN WILSON/GILLARD COVER-UP - The Pickering Post

Andu 18th Nov 2012 21:54

Having just read the Pickering article Clare Prop provided to us in her last post, I find myself wondering how long Fairfax, the commercial TV networks and "our" ABC can continue to ignore this?

If it's untrue, Pickering would have been sued to high heaven by now.

Croozin 18th Nov 2012 23:25

Two boats intercepted off Christmas Island

From: AAP
November 18, 201211:25PM

TWO boats carrying 195 asylum seekers have been intercepted off Christmas Island.

The first boat, which was located on Friday night, was carrying 59 passengers and two crew.

The second boat, carrying 136 passengers and two crew, was intercepted on Saturday morning.
Those new 'stern' measures you introduced in August are certainly working, Julia - about as well as every other policy you've implimented.

sisemen 18th Nov 2012 23:44

Brings a whole new meaning to Richo's "whatever it takes" mantra.

Clare Prop provided to us in her last post,

500N 19th Nov 2012 00:17

Richo couldn't lie straight in bed he's that bent !

Has his hands in more underhand dealings that most
of the people in the two parties combined !

Clare Prop 19th Nov 2012 01:41

Got a problem with me being a "her" siseman? That must mean you are a m..mmmm.. what was that word again? Just kidding! :p

CoodaShooda 19th Nov 2012 04:39

A journo actually trying to set the record straight:confused::E

sisemen 19th Nov 2012 06:37

Got a problem with me being a "her" siseman?
None whatsoever :ok: I just had a mental picture of a bloke as in - "clear prop" an instruction that a male CFI drummed into me :}

Clare Prop 19th Nov 2012 08:43

Me too, hence the name!

Worrals in the wilds 19th Nov 2012 09:13

"clear prop" an instruction that a male CFI drummed into me :}
Me too. I try to do it in a South African accent just like him, but it doesn't sound the same. :sad:
I always thought Clare Prop was a great pun. :ok:
But you all knew that already. :E

Re the allegations, nothing has changed. Pickering has a lot of stories and many of them may be true. Are they beyond reasonable doubt? Who knows, because they've never been tested in court. The argument 'if Pickering is defamatory why don't they sue him' can be used in the equal and opposite direction; if concerned people feel these accusations are true, why haven't they been taken to the coppers? Why haven't they been pushed into the justice system?

Pickering never cites any sources or pushes much further than his website, so IMO he's basically operating a gossip network. Nothing wrong with that, but he feels there's a serious criminal conspiracy in this he needs to shit or get off the pot.

Of course Pickering's previous answer has been that the AFP are part of the whole Labor conspiracy. This ignores the fact that most of the AFP are thoroughly Liberal and hate the current government with a passion. Why? Just look at the budgets for border agencies since Kevin 07 blew into town. Also, coppers are naturally right wing.

Pickering never offers any evidence for his AFP conspiracy theory either, because Pickering never offers much evidence for anything, and seems to believe that every institution in the land is currently embroiled in a large conspiracy against Pickering. I don't know how he survived the Howard Years, with no-one to accuse of being out to get him. :} The AFP has not had a complete change of staff since then, so it's still basically the same AFP that was operating at that time, and anyone with even a peripheral knowledge of the Australian Public Service knows that they never changed sides. :E

There is currently a Royal Commission underway in NSW which is taking submissions about ALP corruption. Scary stuff, and damning to the current crop of ALP politicians who have the nerve to call themselves supporters of the workers' party :yuk:. This is the way corruption and dodgy stuff should be exposed, not via an individual's website. This is how it gets dragged into the light and the shonkies get exposed; without subjective opinion, without gossip, without scuttlebut. Under oath.

Pickering can bang on to his heart's content (that's the joys of the internet) but many of us leftie sceptics would rather see him take his information to the proper authorities, and see it dealt with and examined in the light once and for all. We'd like to hear what he has to say examined, wieghed up and assessed, because currently it's no more than gossip, and Gillard and Co can rightly dismiss it as such. If he really cares about this stuff (rather than just being a shit stirrer) he should do something about it. Otherwise everything he whines about just keeps happening.

CoodaShooda 19th Nov 2012 11:40

Can't disagree with you Worrals but I seem to recall reading that the unions declined to assist the police when the alleged fraud first came to light. As a result, the police had nowhere to go.

If reports that key documents have gone missing in four states are true, it is unlikely any successful prosecutions can be mounted in the future.

However, it will remain a neat conspiracy theory to further taint Ms Gillard's public reputation; regardless of any formal police action.

I expect that we will see a growing number of inquiries into the behaviour of the labor movement's ruling elite; hopefully with the outcome that the workers regain control of their movement.

CoodaShooda 19th Nov 2012 22:15

What's happening at the ABC?

Last week's Hamster Wheel ran its mock obituary on Gillard and gave her quite a savaging.

Last night's Q&I gives Rudd a very sympathetic platform.

This morning's AM runs segments from said Q&I and then reports on suggestions from within labor of another challenge to the PM within two weeks, with internal polling suggesting double digit swings away from labor in key seats.

I also see a report that Blewett has announced his intention to return to Australia to talk to Victorian police about the AWU fraud.

Interesting times in the "New Paradigm".

Worrals in the wilds 19th Nov 2012 23:04

Can't disagree with you Worrals but I seem to recall reading that the unions declined to assist the police when the alleged fraud first came to light. As a result, the police had nowhere to go.
Yeah, I guess :sad:.

I expect that we will see a growing number of inquiries into the behaviour of the labor movement's ruling elite; hopefully with the outcome that the workers regain control of their movement.
They're not all crooked. I think the non-crooked ones are getting very sick of being associated with the crooked ones, so hopefully they'll do something about it. Either way, the unions won't have any members left if they don't. Younger people in particular have very jaundiced views about them.

Interesting re the ABC. Wasn't Turnbull on Q&A as well?

CoodaShooda 19th Nov 2012 23:19

They're not all crooked.
Agreed. And from them will hopefully spring the means to oust the corrupt cabal.

Turnbull was on too. Seemed to be the alternative leaders session.

Although Turnbull stated that Abbott would be the next PM and that he would be part of the leadership team. Whereas returning the Gillard Gummint to power would see mate Kevvie still languishing on the back bench.

Rudd's line of the night was to dismiss the suggestion that he and Turnbull establish a new party because "we would not be able to agree on who should be leader".

Worrals in the wilds 19th Nov 2012 23:38

That's actually pretty funny. Mind you, both of them are masters of television appearances; it's just when the cameras get turned off that they turn to jelly.

Swan's the one who should be worried; talking to people from his electorate, I don't know if he'll get back in. :eek:

Agreed. And from them will hopefully spring the means to oust the corrupt cabal.
Loyalty is always the problem, and the crooked people know how to milk it for every drop it's worth. As they do in every organization...because they're crooks. :(

Many years ago, I had the displeasure of working with a guy who was a drug dealer on the side. I didn't know that at the time, but when I found out and applied hindsight, his MO for attracting and keeping clients was very interesting. There was always lots about loyalty and staying friendly with the cool crowd, it was all about being part of the team. I think it's how a lot of manipulators and dodgy people work.

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