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Clare Prop 13th Nov 2012 01:07

I wonder what their definition of "abuse" will be.

I hope they will include female predators in these organisations..or is this just a variation on the "misogyny" theme?

Having been educated in a convent boarding school, there were plenty of incidences that left girls scarred for life with or without any actual "physical" interference...

The parents who had the exact same education and treatment knowingly sending their kids off to these predators, are they guilty too?

And as for the celibacy thing, got nothing to do with it, they join the church because they knew they would have easy access to small children with the religiously brainwashed parents' blessing, in a completely secret environment. These people will never spill the beans.

500N 13th Nov 2012 01:31

I think you will find it was protocol that determined the
GG was not wearing a poppy.

And as for the GG being a bogan ????

One of the best and hardest working GG's we've had.

Saltie 13th Nov 2012 03:24

I wonder what their definition of "abuse" will be.
You can guarantee that the whole exercise will be subtley slanted to put the spotlight on one Tony Abbott, with repeated reminders that he is an ex-seminarian and was - and remains - part of an organisation that will be found to be wanting in the extreme. (Like Worrals, I'm a victim of that same system myself.)

500N, I wish I could share your enthusiasm for the good Mz Bryce. Stlyish, half starved fashion plate she may be, but that is perhaos part of the problem some have with her. She's also been the most expensive, both Goveronr of Queensland and GG in Canberra, with her "requirements", in most insiders' eyes, being.. shall we say.. "extreme". A far more serious issue is her r part in the Heiner affair. If the allegations (that have been studiously ignored for years now by everyone in power) ever prove to be even half true, it puts her squarely into the deepest part of of the nasty end of the Labor machine.

500N 13th Nov 2012 03:52

You bought in the fashion side / sexist side.

I mentioned the criteria I used, "hard working". Whether she looks like
a dog or a pussy cat, doesn't worry me although it is nice to have someone
that carries and presents well.

Did you see she got an extension for 6 months ??? And comment was made
on the number of events and fucntions she has held or been too.

Expensive ? Of course she is, she actually gets out and about.

Better than some clusters of GG's we've had :O

500N 13th Nov 2012 03:53

Of course she is Labor, who the hell do you think her daughter married ???

Buster Hyman 13th Nov 2012 03:56

Did she manage to get misogynists into the wording of the Royal Commission's brief?

prospector 13th Nov 2012 06:28

Of course she is Labor, who the hell do you think her daughter married ???
One would have thought the Queens representative would be apolitical,
or at least should be seen to be.

Andu 13th Nov 2012 06:30

The more important part of Saltie's post was the first paragraph. Pity the second, whether accurate or not, drew everyone's attention away from it. The Catholic Church will be vilified at every turn with regular reports and leaks on what the Royal Commission is currently looking into, and at every turn, we'll be reminded that TonyAbbottTonyAbbottTonyAbbott is a Catholic, so he must be somehow stained as well - and if he's ever elected, child abuse will be set in stone.

It's been said already, but Labor has taken a lot of lessons from the Democrats' campaign in the recent US election, especially that negative advertising has been shown to work, and work well. The "drip, drip, drip" technique of constantly "reminding" people of how dreadful Abbott is will increase to a fire hose gusher flow as the election approaches, and sadly, there appear to be enough out there who will fall for it.

SOPS 13th Nov 2012 06:44

Excellent post Andu:D

Ascend Charlie 13th Nov 2012 07:06

On tonight's news, a catholic priest is defending the church and the paedophilia accusations, when he says:

"We haven't always done it right, but at least we had a crack.....":eek:

Worrals in the wilds 13th Nov 2012 09:29

Gold. :rolleyes::}

Having been educated in a convent boarding school, there were plenty of incidences that left girls scarred for life with or without any actual "physical" interference...
Agreed. Some of the worst bullies I encountered at school were teachers. They egged on the student bullies and made some girls' lives a living hell for years.

Last night's 7.30 Report set the media pace with respect to the Commission (I was only watching because Devil Dust was on next), when the aggro blonde sheila they've got at the moment argued for a narrowing of the terms of reference; ie they should just be investigating the Catholics.

That dismisses the large number of abuse reports and substantiated cases from Anglican, other Protestant and state run care organizations, but the ABC never let common sense get in the way of good ol' fashioned bigotry. Many Catholics vote Labor and think Abbott is a nut, but don't tell the ABC. :suspect:

Of course the abuse reports should be investigated; all the abuse reports, no matter which institution was running the institution in question, not to mention the state police forces and their response (or lack thereof) to those complaints. What has become blatantly clear worldwide is that housing vulnerable kids in group accomodation is just asking for deviants and pervs to crawl out of the woodwork and get jobs there. :uhoh:

Not all priests are abusers, and it's time the relevant organizations manned up and defended the guys and women who aren't, because currently they're all getting tarred with the same brush. One of my family is a priest and not a pedophile (he rather fancies Nigella Lawson :\). Like many preists he won't wear a dog collar in public any more because of the abuse it brings from loud mouthed vigilantes.

The ABC is doing its level best to stir this sort of vitriol up even futher. Fine behaviour from a publicly funded network that repeatedly claims the high moral ground wrt equality and inclusion. :mad:

SOPS 13th Nov 2012 10:07

Which makes you ask the question......Is the ABC trying to only highlight the "Catholic Connection", so it is then easier to make an "Abbott Connection"? Or am I thinking too hard?

Clare Prop 13th Nov 2012 11:53

If the Heiner "Shreddergate" affair is not included in the terms of reference then I'm afraid you could be right SOPS.

And bearing in mind the public figures including Rudd and especially the GG who were a part of it I really doubt that Gillard would touch this with a bargepole unless she knew that wouldn't be included. I can't help but be cynical when these people who oh so suddenly care about the poor little children have sat on that for so long.

Maybe they were all just young and naive. After all this was 22 years ago.

500N 13th Nov 2012 16:09


Agree, apolitical.

Someone did make a comment in one of the newspapers that
if the GG had to sack the Gov't, then she would be sacking her
own son in law !!!

I still think she is more than just a pretty looking clothes horse
but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


500N 13th Nov 2012 16:11

Hasn't Pell put his foot in it in the last 24 hours
since the RC was announced ?

I somehow don't think he will come out of it
smelling like Roses and he knows it.

MTOW 13th Nov 2012 20:13

500N, if you can be bothered to do so, (I can't), I think a google search will uncover some very critical comments about the current GG's tenure as Governor of Queensland. I seem to remember something about a multimultithousand dollar refurb of the Governor's official residence to a rather unusual "all pink" decor and something about her insistence on spending very large amounts of money on flowers. (And guess who pays for all those worn only once dresses and the quick costume changes between appointments on the same day? You do, digger.)

And then there's the Heiner affair... If that is ignored in any investigation into child abuse, (the details, truly shocking, are to be easily found online), it makes a mockery of the whole exercise and all but the most one-eyed, rusted-on Laborite will see it as a shoddy attempt to smear Tony Abbott by association. Which I suspect already it really is.

Some might be surprised to see me say that the Catholic Church will survive, even thrive under the scrutiny. History shows that the Church thrives in periods of persecution, (a halfway perverted version on 'the forbidden fruit', I suppose). But the Labor Pardee couldn't give a damn either way - the Catholic Church is simply a convenient conduit to their real target, Tony Abbott.

The sad fact is, it will probably work and by fair means or foul, (mostly foul), we'll see a repeat of the Obama election result and a return of "We'll give you lotsa free stuff" Pardee by voters who don't give a damn who has to pay the bills at sometime in the (maybe not so) distant future, just so long as the free stuff keeps flowing to them now.

Worrals in the wilds 13th Nov 2012 22:43

Is the ABC trying to only highlight the "Catholic Connection", so it is then easier to make an "Abbott Connection"? Or am I thinking too hard?
Probably. It's up to their usual standard of 'journalism.' :ugh:

Hasn't Pell put his foot in it in the last 24 hours since the RC was announced ?
Pell always puts his foot in it. It's one of those constants in life. :rolleyes: Personally I'm not a big Pell fan (too hard core, not like Cardinal Clancy who was a nice man) but he has supported the Commission, which is of course all he can do. Nor has there ever been any assertion that Pell himself was up to anything dastardly. I don't know why they went with confidentiality agreements but I guess they either wanted to mitigate the public damage or Church lawyers thought it was a good idea at the time. Unfortunately (and possibly correctly) it makes everyone smell a cover up. :suspect:

The confession issue is a tough one, because the doctrine is that priests must not reveal what they hear, whatever that may be. Unpopular? Sure. Unwise? Maybe, but it's been part of the system for a couple of thousand years. Priests were counselling people who'd done bad stuff and trying to steer them towards the right path long before psychologists were even dreamed of.

If they changed it people would just stop confessing stuff and the mafia would stop going to church (and donating :sad::}). If O'Farrell doesn't 'understand' that (as opposed to not agreeing with it, which is a valid point of view) then he must have wagged a lot of Sunday School. Either that or he's just giving a pollie's weasel answer.

We object to being described as the only cab on the rank. We acknowledge, with shame, the extent of the problem and I want to assure you that we have been serious in attempting to eradicate it and deal with it."Cardinal Pell hoped the royal commission would assess whether police were adequately resourced for "day to day" abuse cases, as well as "historical" cases of abuse.
I thought this was fair enough. There has also been a massive problem in the UK, in C of E homes. Whatever hatred the ABC may like to screech from the rooftops, this isn't just a Catholic thing, or even just an Australian thing. It's a human thing, and what happens when lazy organizations (including the Church and the state governments) leave deviants in charge of children with no checks, balances or observation.
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

parabellum 14th Nov 2012 00:09

There has also been a massive problem in the UK, in C of E homes.
Oh so true. Famous case on a C of E home in Belfast where the staff would 'select' certain boys for the visiting pollies and other riff raff, company directors etc. etc. A film loosely based on this case was made but children's homes of various denominations all over the UK have grim stories to tell of sexual abuse in which the staff of the home were almost always involved.

Captain Sand Dune 14th Nov 2012 00:13

this isn't just a Catholic thing, or even just an Australian thing. It's a human thing,
Eloquently put!! I just hope this doesn't become a Mick bash-fest and get overtaken by political agendas.

sisemen 14th Nov 2012 01:09

We're still in the throes of the aftermath of this particular bit of nastiness

PM - Inquiry into abuse at Katanning hostel tabled 19/09/2012

The leaders of the Liberal and Labor parties in Western Australia have apologised to victims of abuse at state-run hostels in the 1970s and '80s. The Premier Colin Barnett tabled a report into abuse at St Andrew's Hostel at Katanning.

It follows an inquiry by a former Supreme Court Justice Peter Blaxell, who found several authority figures failed to act on reports of abuse. And he found in fact individuals were diverted when they tried to raise abuse allegations.

The warden of that hostel, Dennis McKenna has been convicted and jailed twice for abusing boys.

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