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parabellum 8th Nov 2012 09:02

When I lived in Singapore I drank Fosters, it was a good drink, VB wasn't. When I got to Australia exactly the opposite, now I drink VB or Carlton, I think it depends on where it is brewed. (Also drink Bintang Baru or Asahi when I can get it at Aldi!).

Clare Prop 8th Nov 2012 09:20

You lost me here, allan....

stomach ulcers are caused by a virus therefore treatable by antibiotics

There was also the EFTPOS machine and the goon sack....

owen meaney 8th Nov 2012 09:29

A strong sense of the ridiculous or just dumb?
Fail: Anti-Obama teen wants to move to Australia because we have 'Christian, male president' | Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews | The Courier-Mail

Takan Inchovit 8th Nov 2012 09:47

A strong sense of the ridiculous or just dumb?
Wonder if they were interviewing Rudd over there.

Clare Prop 8th Nov 2012 10:05

Maybe she means Heinze Fischer, the president of Austria?

Seriously though you can read in UK news websites whinging about illegal immigrants and "how we should have tough border protection like that bloke Howard in Australia"...so all the stuff about women around the world lauding a parliamentary hissy fit...most of them have never heard of Julia Gillard.

parabellum 8th Nov 2012 10:56

...most of them have never heard of Julia Gillard
Maybe they don't go to the 'Swingers' websites?;)

MagnusP 8th Nov 2012 11:26

Look, it's easy. You have about 50,000km of coastline and 23 million people. Station one person every 2 metres or so with weapons and you're sorted.

owen meaney 8th Nov 2012 11:43

Station one person every 2 metres or so with weapons and you're sorted.
A strong sense of the ridiculous or just ......?

allan907 8th Nov 2012 13:32

You lost me here, allan....
Sorry, bacteria not virus :ugh:

BBC NEWS | Health | Nobel for stomach ulcer discovery

Two Australian scientists have been awarded the Nobel prize for medicine for their discovery that stomach ulcers can be caused by a bacterial infection.
Robin Warren and Barry Marshall showed the bacterium Helicobacter pylori plays a key role in the development of both stomach and intestinal ulcers.

MagnusP 8th Nov 2012 13:38

A strong sense of the ridiculous or just ......?
I like ridiculous. Of course, I realise my suggestion breaks down when the illegals switch from boats to aircraft. YCBB no longer has scheduled services, so might be an option for sneaking in. :p

Worrals in the wilds 8th Nov 2012 14:04

Was a doomsday device detonated in the WA desert? | weirdaustralia
The place is so big that we can't even stop people buying outback properties and testing their home-built weapons of mass destruction :uhoh: :}, let alone patrol the border on foot.

parabellum 9th Nov 2012 22:21

I hope Australians have taken note of the USA election and seen what can happen when minority issues can become the deciding factor and push very important and urgent matters like the economy into the shadows.

allan907 10th Nov 2012 00:18

Yesterday (Friday) was a big Poppy Day collection event. In Perth you couldn't go 10 steps without bumping in to a Poppy collector.

As I was walking down a street I noticed a face that seemed somewhat familiar. It was Stephen Smith, Minister of Defence, with a girly staffer in tow. And guess what - neither he nor his staffer were wearing a poppy.

Worrals in the wilds 10th Nov 2012 02:39

And guess what - neither he nor his staffer were wearing a poppy.
And was anyone surprised? :hmm: After all, it's Politics 101 stuff, and it would appear that a lot of these guys didn't pass. :E

Clare Prop 10th Nov 2012 05:20

Good to see poppies here, even if the pollies can't be arsed to get one. Would look a bit hypocritical with all those defence cuts after all....and the PC stuff that has led in the UK to allow immigrants to get away with burning poppies on 11/11. :mad::mad:

allan907 10th Nov 2012 10:06

"Not pulling your weight" is the comment passed by Clinton and Panetta prior to their visit to Australia this coming week.

Needless to say Smith and Gillard are saying that our defence effort is just simply wonderful and the Yanks have got it all wrong.

Oh, and on Insiders today Smith is still not wearing a poppy.

allan907 10th Nov 2012 10:21

Just watching the news and the segment about the Royal visit to Canberra.

Those wearing poppies:

The newsreader
HRH Prince Charles
Duchess of Cornwall
The Hon Tony Abbott

Those not wearing poppies:

Scumbag Gillard :yuk:
Bogan Gov General :ugh:

Jeezus bloody wept.

Clare Prop 10th Nov 2012 11:53

I wouldn't expect it of Gillard.

But as for the GG ... :=

Perhaps a poppy couldn't be worn if it wouldn't go with the shoes and handbag.

allan907 10th Nov 2012 16:12

Pictures here http://www.pprune.org/military-aircr...g-poppies.html

Unfortunately PPRuNe does not let me post pics under this name tag and I am, apparently, permanently banned from this thread as sisemen.

sisemen 13th Nov 2012 00:53

Woo hoo! I've been unlocked!

Many thanks to all who helped.

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