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Ovation 3rd Nov 2012 02:12

You didn't miss anything WITW. The transcript was in The Australian and, yes, Gillard NMP (no moral principles) is actually getting some stick for not answering a perfectly legitimate question.

Which obviously raises another question - just what is it that she's hiding? Methinks the hounds are getting closer.

But when and if they get there what to do? Can we really cart off a PM to prison?
Gillard (unfortunately) is the Prime Minister of Australia. To hold that honour there is a expectation that Gillard should be squeaky clean morally and ethically, treat her office with the greatest of respect, and be answerable to the Parliament and all Australians.

Gillard fails on all points. She has no morals, no ethics and she is disrespectful to the Parliament and the Australian people. The elevation of Slipper to the position of Speaker and her passionate defence of him in spite of the text revelations is one of her (many) notable failures.

Her failure to properly explain her actions in her then (married) boyfriend's financial dealings with the AWU Workplace Reform Association is another.

So in answer to allan907, YES, she should carted off to prison if she has committed any offences which would attract a custodial sentence. Young and naive is not a defence for a salaried partner in a law firm, for the simple fact that she was an officer of the court and must have known the difference between right and wrong.

If anything, punishment for a criminal act should be more severe than what might be meted out to an ordinary citizen, because she should have known better.

Riddle doing the rounds....

Q: Who has had many husbands but never married?

A: Julia Gillard

CoodaShooda 3rd Nov 2012 03:23

Yet she apparently has greater public support than a Rhodes Scholar who does charitable works and is in a long term, reputedly stable, traditional marriage.

Perhaps this speaks volumes about our current society.

Worrals in the wilds 3rd Nov 2012 06:09

But when and if they get there what to do? Can we really cart off a PM to prison?
There is no reason not to, if she were convicted of something and sentenced accordingly. The PM is not the head of state and has no immunity from the law that I'm aware of.

I agree with Ovation about the standard of integrity that we should demand from a PM, and any other MP for that matter. Her defence of Slipper (who has been proven by his own phone to be a far greater misogynist than Abbott has ever been accused of) clearly demonstrates that Gillard's integrity is about sea level.

As for the 'young and naive' excuse; solicitors around the country are still falling about with laughter at that one. Apparently it really doesn't cut the mustard.

parabellum 3rd Nov 2012 10:42

I think, if we can find an honest journalist, what will emerge is the full extent that political skulduggery and machinations can effect the course of justice if you happen to be a politician, not just a mere MP like Thompson but even a seriously devious and crooked Prime Minister. First, find your journalist.

Worrals in the wilds 3rd Nov 2012 11:19

And second, find the paper/website that's willing to run the story. Given that the new Labor mantra is 'I'll sue, here's my defamation lawyer, BTW I'm on a parliamentary salary and earn more in a year than most people pay for their house in a lifetime so I can afford to pay the insufferable prick's daily rate including TV chat show appearance fees', good luck with that. :(

For the workers. :yuk:

Discuss; is the term 'insufferable prick' defamatory or merely truth in public interest? :8:}

Of course Murdoch could afford it, but he's got other issues at the moment. Young Packer could afford it, but he doesn't seem to be as political as his ol' man. Clive Palmer can afford it, but he's got a business to run. Funny story from when Palmer sued Qld Premier Anna Bligh for defamation; the word 'round the legal campfires was that Palmer didn't give a toss how many lawyers they threw at him, because he has more money than the State of Queensland. :E

Most of us aren't so lucky, including the journos.

allan907 3rd Nov 2012 15:59

I think that The Australian is having a fair stab at it. Lately it seems that hardly a day goes by without some sort of reference to it with the occasional lengthy meaty article.

It's probably a case of slowly, slowly catchee monkey. They're probably afraid to go for the killer blow until they've got absolute incontrovertible proof. And now that Bishop has got her teeth into it it will surely grow and grow.

It's a looming black cloud for Gillard and her bunch of dysfunctional f*ckwits which they don't want in the lead up to the change of Government.

Buster Hyman 3rd Nov 2012 22:19

Ease up Allan...there are many dysfunctional f*ckwits around the world that don't deserve to be lumped in with this rabble!

Fliegenmong 4th Nov 2012 10:49

I'm unsure of what 'IT' you're referring to Al907.,'As in '{fair stab at it?}but certainly the mainstream media in Aust do no favours to the current government, each and every one received considerable support from Kim Il Howard, and the editorials leave nothing to the imagination...poor old Aunty for being so venomously demonised for being so very audacious as to present an alternative point of view as to the murdochs / packers of this world....in fact ...how very dare they!!!

The ABC should be privatised so that it's news and editorial content reflect what a minority in the country want, (Just like mainstream media does) that is to tow the line of what Leigh Clifford, Alan Joyce & Gina Reinhart want! What Clive Palmer wants, what Peter Reith John Howard et all want.,

No doubt Leigh, AJ & howard discuss what might have been in the chairmans lounge......and almost surely the mad monk picks up the crumbs, wanting to be like his hero Leigh......

Nah!!! For all the failings of the current gummint, they've never threatened the very existance of my family's very modest way of life like the way that the coalition do! 'Work - no - choices' dead? Non Core promise right tony? - See already I give the clown non capital letter respect.....but why respect someone who fails to respect the people he'll claim to represent???

Buster Hyman 4th Nov 2012 14:27

Clearly, party members get looked after because in the real world, my modest way of life is going South fast!

No favours? Still waiting for a proper report on this Slater & Gordon business. Is Aunties alternative view one where they ignore the whole matter? Quality editorial that is.

Still, it may all be going to he'll in a basket, but at least our climate is improving thanks to the tax eh?

allan907 4th Nov 2012 14:39

I'm unsure of what 'IT' you're referring to Al907
"It" being the sleaze and corruption that the scumbag maggot Gillard was involved in when she was a lawyer.

BTW it was Tony Abbott that was the almost lone voice in Howard's Cabinet that protested against WorkChoices as being electoral suicide. He really does have no wish to bring it back.

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Marr said on Lateline: "He opposed Work Choices. He thought it was bad politics and he thought it was unfair........We don't have to take it on Abbott's word. We have it on no lesser authority than Howard that he led the argument in cabinet against Work Choices. His mantra of "dead, buried and cremated" in the last election was what he wanted to do to the policy in 2005.
But best not let some facts get in the way of a good beat up eh.

Having said that anything that any party does to rein in union mis-use of power and increase productivity for a fair increase in wages gets my vote.

SOPS 5th Nov 2012 03:53

And in other news.....5 boats arrived on the weekend with 319 new "friends" on boar:ugh:d.:ugh:

parabellum 5th Nov 2012 06:37

Rare footage of Australian Fed Treasurer, Wayne Swan's childhood hasrecently surfaced...


SOPS 5th Nov 2012 08:06

And still they come, another one this afternoon. That six boats in three days. Good job Julia !!! :ugh:

Takan Inchovit 5th Nov 2012 08:19

Whats the bet, interest rates go up one zillionth of a percent tomorrow and the banks will follow before nightfall!

Fliegenmong 5th Nov 2012 11:06

Fair enough A907, however is that core or non core? Is it Tony 'Gospel Truth' or not? You and I both know very very well that the line will go something like this....

"Due the previous Governments ineptitude, we are left with no choice but to radically overhaul industrial relations in this country"....you see A 907, once in power, you can blame the other side for stuff for ages after you get into power, only have to look at this common garden eel that is Campbell Newman to see it on a state level in QLD.

As an exposed out and out liar, of the order that even the red bogan aspires to, Campbell is showing many in the electorate what sort of outrageous lies to expect from a Coalition Government......

Households face massive spike in fixed electricity costs as Newman Government reforms electricity tariffs | The Courier-Mail

Just Sayin'

Captain Sand Dune 5th Nov 2012 20:22

poor old Aunty for being so venomously demonised for being so very audacious as to present an alternative point of view as to the murdochs / packers of this world....in fact ...how very dare they!!!

SOPS 6th Nov 2012 04:32

And wait for it........another 3 boats this afternoon!!!! Does anyone have any sort of plan to stop this!!!??:mad:

allan907 6th Nov 2012 04:52

Be fair. The ALP and the Greens do have a plan.

It consists of a mat at each point of entry which says "WELCOME"

RJM 6th Nov 2012 11:01

in five languages ...

Buster Hyman 6th Nov 2012 12:03

...but not in English, as that would hark back to the White Australia policy... :rolleyes::ugh:

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