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Clare Prop 30th Oct 2012 06:55

Maybe before someone finally spills the beans and Gillard is carted off out of parliament house in the back of a police car?

allan907 30th Oct 2012 07:15

Unfortunately Clare I think that is highly unlikely. For that to happen she needs to lose office; get stabbed in the back by her own party and then, and only then, is it likely that any kind of police action would be taken

Captain Sand Dune 30th Oct 2012 08:01

Ms GillARD will hang on to power for as long as possible using every trick in her arsenal. Therefore expect more lies, diversionary tactics and shrill claims of mysogeny, sexism etc. Accordingly I think the prediction of an election pre-Christmas is but only a wish.

SOPS 30th Oct 2012 08:04

There was an article in last weekends Australian, saying that she should go to an election now. The argument was that she could not win, but would not lose so badly. Who knows?

Buster Hyman 30th Oct 2012 08:34

8. Abbott is replaced by someone else who will be a lot harder to beat !
Now, on that point, what is it in the Constitution that disallows an Opposition Leader being changed after an election is called?

I read in QF32 how Fraser wanted to call an election before Hawke took over the reins of the ALP from Hayden. I never knew there was an issue. :confused:

500N 30th Oct 2012 08:47


I didn't know that.

I knew Fraser wanted to go before Hawke got in because
he knew he could beat Hayden.

Worrals in the wilds 30th Oct 2012 10:21

I agree with the Captain. They all might be good reasons from a long term planning POV, but pollies both state and federal have demonstrated that long term planning is not part of the agenda.

I think they'll hang in there as long as possible, and barring a by election or losing the support of an independent they'll run as close to full term as they can. It's the politicians' way.

Andu 30th Oct 2012 18:57

Early election?

You call an early election only if you perceive yourself to have a temporary WINNING advantage that will have evaporated by full term. You don't call an early election so that you get certainly defeated by a lesser margin than you will be defeated at full term. A week's a long time in politics, and the Libs have shown shown themselves to be repeatedly accident-prone, so Gillard and her team (to use the term loosely) will hang in to the death knell, hoping (or hoping to manufacture) a crisis that will swing the voters against the Libs.

The current hurricane/storm wiping out the US East coast is a good example of which I speak - Gillard will be praying to the God she doesn't believe in ("whatever it takes") for some such disaster as close to the Australian full term so that she could swing "an Anna Bligh" with massive (borrowed) handouts and an ever compliant Main Stream Media there to make her look Prime Ministeral for those vital weeks leading up to voting day.

Worrals in the wilds 31st Oct 2012 00:58

Para 1, agreed :ok:. However:

...so that she could swing "an Anna Bligh" with massive (borrowed) handouts and an ever compliant Main Stream Media there to make her look Prime Ministeral for those vital weeks leading up to voting day.
Bligh got annhilated for doing this. IMHO it was one reason they lost by such a huge margin, because many people perceived that Bligh was cashing in on the disaster. She didn't look prime ministerial; to all but the ever faithful she looked detestable, and even a lot of true believers were left wanting to :yuk: or throw things at their television. They were always going to lose, but I think two things pushed it into record winning loss territory; the personal attacks on Newman's family and millking the flood.

Of course those true believers who crossed the floor have now been rewarded by having Labour Day taken away from them by the ever-gloating LNP government (not to mention all the public service cuts that weren't going to happen, the uranium mining that wasn't going to happen and the commercialisation of national parks that wasn't going to happen...etc, etc, etc :ooh:); but that's the thanks you get for voting Liberal/National.

In some ways it's quite a trivial thing (particularly compared to people losing their jobs) but in another, it sums up the state government's attitude towards the people who put them there. 'Cower, mortals, for We Are The LNP, have a massive majority...:eek:.' Jeez, who gave them that majority again? Ungrateful berks.

Oh well, they come they go :bored:. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...:sad:

olddolley 31st Oct 2012 03:07

australian politicians
air australia went bust as the ceo was somewhat.
undertrained in such exhalted status.
I know him, and trained him (as best he would allow) at Ansett.

In respect to Australia, we need to shove the existing government, and put them behind a wall 200 meters high off Indonesia

Clare Prop 31st Oct 2012 04:44

So for the second day running Gillard is refusing to answer questions about the AWU slush fund she set up for her married boyfirned when she was a "young and naive" marriage wrecker....including witnessing signatures on Power of Attorney when she was thousands of miles away.

I suppose the fact that Julie Bishop asked the question makes her (JB) a misogynist? Isn't the newspeak definition "Anyone that asks Julia Gillard to answer a question"

parabellum 31st Oct 2012 22:26

I think they'll hang in there as long as possible, and barring a by election or
losing the support of an independent they'll run as close to full term as they
can. It's the politicians' way
And normally I would agree 100%, for the present ALP 'government' things can't really get any worse so I would expect them to hang out hoping for a miracle, but after the former head of the AWU has had the charges against him increased to 58 could it be that someone from the CPS, or a similar reliable source, knows that Thompson is about to be charged as well and has whispered in the ALP's ear that they had best prepare now as things really are about to get worse and Gillards involvement in the slush fund is going to come back and bite her? Just my thoughts.

criticalmass 1st Nov 2012 00:06

No matter when the forthcoming election is held, be on the watch for the massive electoral fraud perpetrated by the Labor party in an effort to retain power by "hook or by crook". Graham Richardson once famously said "whatever it takes". Remember that phrase!

Using every technique known to Communist governments, this crew of flunkies,junkies, loons, goons and union buffoons will endeavour to intimidate, hoodwink or just plain lie their way back into power.

Fake "How-To-Vote" cards on polling day. Fielding Independent candidates who are really Labor stooges acting as fifth-columnists. Character assassination of Liberal and other non-labor inclined candidates. Boxes of ballots will be lost or mysteriously "mislaid". Multiple voting will occur in almost every electorate - especially the marginal ones. Every dead Australian within the last fifty years whose headstone can still be read will faithfully cast their vote - for Labor - on polling-day. Counting of ballots will be interrupted, voters will turn up to vote only to find their names have already been ruled through indicating they have voted, fake ballots will find their way into notionally-sealed ballot-boxes prior to the count, and possibly another fifty ways of committing electoral fraud will be actively used by this bunch of thugs and small-time criminals.

Their intention is twofold - retain power at any cost, and flush any genuine Labor working-man's party types out of the Labor machine forever, to re-cast it as the New Communist Party of Australia.

Make no mistake about it, the entire cabinet of dirty tricks, straight from the Marxist-Leninist text-books, will be put into action for the next election. It will be the biggest test of the integrity, effectiveness and independence of the Australian Electoral Commission it has ever faced - and I am by no means sure of the outcome.

Worrals in the wilds 1st Nov 2012 00:48

And normally I would agree 100%, for the present ALP 'government' things can't really get any worse...
I dunno, their polls are up slightly. Non sure why, but I think pirate bashing may have helped. Nor has Abbott kicked any recent goals. In many ways they're in better shape than they were six months ago.

From what I've heard, even if he were charged today Thomson wouldn't be found guilty or otherwise before the next election anyway, taking the appeals process into account.

That's not a conspicacy theory :suspect: either; due to a lack of judges and courtrooms justice moves at the speed of drying paint for all Australians, no matter what their political leanings. Nice if you've been remanded in custody for nine months for a crime you're later found not guilty of committing, but anyway... :ugh:

gupta 1st Nov 2012 01:31

Thomson turns his back on Labor

You couldn't make this up! This guy has thicker skin than a rhino

One of the main reasons I decided to enter Parliament was because I was appalled at the way Australia was treating asylum seekers

Nothing to do with the gravy train then

he has not ruled out running as an independent
One way to lose the deposit I suppose

CoodaShooda 1st Nov 2012 04:54

I wonder whether history will record this period as the Great Union Cash Grab.

There seems to be a lot of dosh being directed towards union affiliated individuals and organisations.

Shorten's recent decision to go against the Productivity Commission recommendation and favour union controlled super funds as the recipients of undirected contributions.

Compensating union controlled clubs in the ACT to trial the clayton's pokies reforms.

Leasing union owned offices at inflated rents.

Thomson and Williamson's behaviour seems just the tip of a grubby iceberg.

And of course we can't mention the actions of a current PM, 17 years ago....

I wonder whether the ALP appears on the FBI's watch list of organised criminal organisations? :E

Clare Prop 2nd Nov 2012 11:41

Is it just me or is Julie Bishop looking more like Prime Minister material by the day?

If I needed a good lawyer I know who I would chose out of these two! She certainly makes Gillard look like a bumbling amateur totally out of her depth in poo. Answer the questions, Julia, I dare you.

Worrals in the wilds 2nd Nov 2012 12:18

Mmm, dunno. She's given some horror interviews in the past and I've always thought she was a bit uppity and self satisfied. Of course so are many lawyers, but you don't hire them to run the country, you hire them to get you out of a big steaming pile of excrement. Being likeable ranks at about number 153 on the list of 'what I want my lawyer to be'.:E

That said, Gillard's answer was classic Gillard; lots of words without any answer whatsoever. Apologies to the faithful if there was a real answer closer to the 28 minute mark; I didn't last that long. :zzz:

Was I the only person watching the response shouting 'just answer the :mad:ing question? Give a BS answer if you have to in the best ALP tradition, but give an answer, FFS.'

(Warning; personal opinion ahead :ouch:). Gillard has never struck me as being a clear thinker or speaker; I don't know whether that's a clever act or whether that's the way she is, because I don't know her. However, in her public speeches she's never displayed the lawyer's knack of getting to a point quickly and concisely.

Barack Obama is probably the best current example of a lawyer turned pollie who's good at this; even if you disagree with what he says, he has a quick, clear way of saying it when the cameras are around. Howard was also good at it, if uncharismatic. Jounos or the opposition would ask him a question, he'd zone in on the flaws in that question and give an answer in a sentence or less.

Gillard pontificates, and this isn't the age of the pontificator. It's the tw1tter age, where anything you have to say needs to be in 140 characters or less or everyone gets bored and mentally wanders off.

How do I know this? Cos I'm really bad at it. :\:} I'm more of a hangover from the Victorian Era, which is fine because I don't write/speak for a living. However, Gillard does. :ouch:
Get to the point, darl!

Buster Hyman 2nd Nov 2012 13:04

but you don't hire them to run the country, you hire them to get you out of a big steaming pile of excrement.
So...we need her then.

allan907 3rd Nov 2012 01:03

You didn't miss anything WITW. The transcript was in The Australian and, yes, Gillard NMP (no moral principles) is actually getting some stick for not answering a perfectly legitimate question.

Which obviously raises another question - just what is it that she's hiding? Methinks the hounds are getting closer.

But when and if they get there what to do? Can we really cart off a PM to prison?

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