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CoodaShooda 27th Oct 2012 12:12

hope most people just tick the party box
You mean there's a viable alternative method? :confused::E

allan907 27th Oct 2012 17:35

It appears that Chris Bowen has been playing with himself again. Apparently he was fiddling with his trouser zip, felt inside and, surprise, surprise discovered some balls that we all thought had disappeared.

Explanation :}

The pirate mob on the ship from Sri Lanka have been put on a plane and shipped straight back from whence they came. Could hardly do anything else really without causing this apology for a government to fall.

Captain Sand Dune 27th Oct 2012 23:09

I sometimes feel a litle sorry for Chris Bowen. I don't think he is being allowed to run the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT situation the way he would like.

On another topic, Smith has been quiet of late. I thought the Chief of Army's recent comments would have provoked him into some form of public rebuttal.

priapism 28th Oct 2012 20:01

Gillard's account of union slush fund rejected

owen meaney 28th Oct 2012 21:22

I don't think he is being allowed to run the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT situation the way he would like.
Chris was rolled in Cabinet when he wanted to pursue the Pacific Solution, he is doing the best he can with one hand tied.

500N 28th Oct 2012 21:23

"The pirate mob on the ship from Sri Lanka have been put on a plane and shipped straight back from whence they came."

I didn't see that in the media. Will go and have a look.

About time someone had the balls to do it.

allan907 29th Oct 2012 00:56

Sorry, shoulda putta link in

This is how the Sri Lankans are reporting it:

Sri Lanka : Sri Lanka arrests 14 pirate asylum seekers returned by Australia

and how we are:

Sri Lankans sent back in piracy case

Clare Prop 29th Oct 2012 01:56

Seems the Government are saying it's OK to send this lot back because apparently they weren't asylum seekers. :confused:

Are Gillard and co drawing more imaginary lines that people have crossed?

Have the hand-wringers finally worked out the difference between seeking "asylum" from prosecution rather than persecution?

Andu 29th Oct 2012 09:34

Loved this bit from the second link provided by Allan907.

[One of the men found on the Chejan was sent home yesterday for the second time in weeks. The 39-year-old had volunteered to return last month on the promise of a $3300 government resettlement package.

But three weeks after being returned, he was on his way back

Worrals in the wilds 29th Oct 2012 10:01

Fancy that. :E

CoodaShooda 29th Oct 2012 10:26

If they were accused of criminal behaviour, I would have thought they would have had to go through some form of extradition action before being returned.

Or is this a case where the country of origin was willing to take them back? :confused:

More inconsistent behaviour which may bite the gummint downstream.

I note Julia has settled on a new non-answer to difficult questions.
"I have already spoken about this in the past and it is not where my focus now is. Next question." Wonder how long before the ABC journo's let it go through to the keeper without challenging her.

And finally a poll that the labor ministers are happy to comment on; despite past assurances that they neither focus on nor comment on opinion polls.

Pity that Newspoll's 50/50 result has been overtaken by Essential Media's 46/54 in favour if the Coalition. Wonder if they will be as effusive with their comments on the latter result. :E

Croozin 30th Oct 2012 01:17

Here's my prediction: to stay consistent with playing Casanova with virtually everything they've touched since coming to power in 2007, I predict that the Labor government's decision to send these alleged criminals back to Sri Lanka without first going through the tortourous, time-consuming processes usually involved in such extraditions, the Australian taxpayer will end up paying millions of dollars in compensation to said alleged criminals for not protecting their human rights.

It's almost a given that some bottom-feeding Australian human rights lawyer - or lawyers - are already on his/their was to Sri Lanka to represent the people summarily deported. And the fees they incur in the meantime will probably be covered - somehow - by legal aid, also supplied by the Australian taxpyer.

Worrals in the wilds 30th Oct 2012 01:38

Did they enter Australia with a valid visa?
Did they actually claim refugee status?

If they didn't say the magic words then they have entered Australia improperly and AFAIK can be turned around at the border, same as if a non-Australian rocked up to arrivals without a visa.

Other question; was it in Australian waters or just approaching them?


Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said at the weekend none of the returned Sri Lankans made claims for asylum. "Some of these people face serious charges in Sri Lanka," he said.

REFUGEE advocates have been trying to make contact with the last remaining Sri Lankan from a hijacked trawler intercepted near the Cocos (Keeling) Islands in the early hours of Friday, hoping they can block his removal from Australia on the grounds he faces serious danger in Sri Lanka.
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

I'm right on one point :ok: and Croozin's right on another. :ugh:Isn't it nice when that happens. :}

500N 30th Oct 2012 01:52

I see Joolia has at last decided to pass into law excluding everything except the mainland from the immigration zone.

A bit bloody late if you ask me and isn't this just a rehash of what
John Howard wanted to do or did and Labor kicked up a stink ????

Buster Hyman 30th Oct 2012 03:14

So, after systematically dismantling a working process, they are quietly trying to put it back together...what a bloody joke!

Every Australian that voted for this Circus owes an apology to every Australian that didn't!

FullOppositeRudder 30th Oct 2012 03:40

"Informed sources" in Canberra are predicting that a federal election will be called before Christmas .....

That should be fun :yuk:

CoodaShooda 30th Oct 2012 04:15

We can only dream.

Worrals in the wilds 30th Oct 2012 04:54

"Informed sources" in Canberra are predicting that a federal election will be called before Christmas .....
How come? What's the theory?

allan907 30th Oct 2012 05:41

How come? What's the theory?
Get it in before it becomes obvious:

1. that the 'surplus' has vanished and is actually a deficit.

2. that the allegations in the 'slush fund' affair become too hot to handle.

3. the poll ratings were merely transitory.

4. that the pressure from Krudd is hurting.

5. that the next huge cock-up is revealed.

6. that the number of illegal entrants is not going to slow down.

Any more?

500N 30th Oct 2012 06:41

"Any more?"

7. That after "5" the next huge cock up, Abbott gets the jump on them
in the polls and manages to maintain it.

8. Abbott is replaced by someone else who will be a lot harder to beat !

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