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Clare Prop 15th Oct 2012 03:46

Um, are those "official" photos? :uhoh:
Are we supposed to believe she travelled there in the back of a herc?

I think the photographer (whether male or female) must be a MISOGYNIST NUT-JOB!

allan907 15th Oct 2012 03:51

the one with her in the helmet and shades is just perfect for my .22 range practice :E

Clare Prop 15th Oct 2012 04:41

So finally, Craig Thompson is facing civil charges.

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

That was quick! Interesting timing. :E

Because they are civil charges and the penalties in no way match the amount of money in question it may not be enough to get rid of him unless the police act...but it certainly raises some interesting questions about the ALPs role in defending him. Pity he's a man so they can't use their new M word.

CoodaShooda 15th Oct 2012 05:37

I'm happy to be corrected; but I don't think being found guilty of a civil charge triggers dismissal from parliament. It needs to be a criminal conviction.

So, if found guilty, he would remain as a former labor politician sitting on the cross benches as an independent. No change to the numbers game, as I can't see a party that would vote in favour of keeping Slipper as a "fit and proper" Speaker moving against someone voting with them.

MTOW 15th Oct 2012 06:24

North Resistance

Waiting for the impassioned pleas of his Mum for the Australian government to provide aid and consular assistance to get him home if he gets injured?

This might be a better link: Australian Terrorist Fighting with Al Qaeda in Syria | Human Rights Activists

500N 15th Oct 2012 06:59

Um, are those "official" photos?
Are we supposed to believe she travelled there in the back of a herc?

Clare Prop

Why not ? A C130 or a C17.

What is wrong with the back of a herc ?
(As long as it is not full up with troops with full kit
at the same time ?)

Worrals in the wilds 15th Oct 2012 07:13

Pity he's a man so they can't use their new M word.
At least FWA have charged him. About time...:zzz:
Maybe he'll sue for defamation, alongside Paul Howes' suit against Steve Purvinas from the ALAEA for allegedly being Mean to him. :yuk: Serious teddy chucking in progress. What happened to sorting in out in the carpark? :sad:
Howes sues fellow union leader for defamation
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian
I was going to do a range of bumper stickers 'Honk if you're being sued by Paul Howes' but I figured he'd probably sue me. :E

Croozin 15th Oct 2012 10:31

I'm confused. Julia Gillard, now world famous (in the Twitterverse at least) for her glorious "one ass kicking motherf**ker" speech where she passionately broadcast to the world that, at every opportunity, she would fight against misogony, flits into Afghanistan to have a few photo ops ... (sorry).. boost the morale of our troops - and in her speeches there, according to journalist and broadcaster Paul Murray, not once mentioned the Taliban, probably the world class exponents of misogony as well as being the people our troops are fighting.

Maybe the word has a different meaning in Julia's world.

It would seem to me that quite a few words have different meanings in Julia's world.

parabellum 16th Oct 2012 00:16

HyperBOWL for one!

Very little in the papers about Telstra's announcement earlier this week that it is highly likely that by the end of the year our 'phone bills will show an additional $1.00 for each service supplied and this is directly passing on to us the Carbon Tax!

Andu 16th Oct 2012 01:09

With the Labor Pardee in almost total disarray and with at least one of their ministers (Roxon) - in the real world - ought to be looking at a sacking, surely it's time for Malcolm Turnbull or one of the other Libs to turn up in front of a camera to say something utterly stupid to score (yet another) own goal.

And I agree... hastening first to say that it has nothing to do with her gender, but our Jools did look an utter dork in her hard hat and chicken plate.

Worrals in the wilds 16th Oct 2012 01:19

I think most civvys do though. It's the sort of thing you have to wear all the time to get relatively comfortable with.
Unlike Beazles, at least she can fit in a tank. :O

Roxon never should have been made AG in the first place. They had a perfectly decent senior counsel in the job who got shoved aside for one of the gals. Likewise the Speaker. I see Pickering jumped on that issue last week; he's starting to sound slightly less like a moon landing conspriracy theorist. :8

More foreign workers set for mines - The West Australian
And every time they need community support for something the mining giants all whine that everyone hates them...a pox on all their share prices. :mad:

I suppose they'll all be working under Chinese conditions and for Chinese pay rates. Gets around the whole pesky "Australia; first world country" problem. :ugh:

owen meaney 16th Oct 2012 01:50

Carried a rifle for a living once, we all looked like d1ckheads in the pajama camos and kevlar helmet.
All politicians like to wear funny hats.
I was impressed with Mr Abbott going to Indonesia to start dialogue with their government.
Maybe he can get the boats stopped at their source, or at their refueling point if they are transitting from Sri Lanka.
Had the oppurtunity to speak with Kevin Rudd the other day, struck me as a just another bloke.

Unlike Beazles, at least she can fit in a tank.
That is a fattist and sexist thing to say WITW

heated ice detector 16th Oct 2012 02:05

As I said before, I do not know why you are all so worried about the Asylum seekers, Obviously Tony Abbott is not.

500N 16th Oct 2012 02:05

"Unlike Beazles, at least she can fit in a tank. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/embarass.gif"

I hate to tell you this but a photo exists of Kim atop a tank
when he was Defence Minister.


500N 16th Oct 2012 02:08

"Obviously Tony Abbott is not."

I think he understands how to handle the Indonesians.

Telling them what to do is going to get us nowhere.

Building a relationship and then bringing it up is far
more beneficial.

Just look at the response we got to the Timor issue / invasion
and a heap of other more recent issues. I think they have actually
said that we (as in Australia) need to stop lecturing them !


Buster Hyman 16th Oct 2012 02:14

Screw the Tank. How did he get in a cockpit? :eek:


Clare Prop 16th Oct 2012 03:06

I wonder what the ALP would be like if Beazles was still the leader. Seemed like a pretty down to earth good old Sandgroper to me. Apart from that "luxury tax" he allegedly wanted to put on all things to do with aviation.

Meanwhile Bowen is "Slamming" Abbott for not discussing turning the boats back with SBY. :bored::confused: :mad: When did Bowen last go and have a chat to SBY and what DIDN'T they talk about I wonder?

owen meaney 16th Oct 2012 03:11

Clare, Chris Bowen is doing a good job with his hands tied.
He is one to watch, kept on as Minister after backing Rudd in last leadership spill., makes one think.

Buster Hyman 16th Oct 2012 03:28

Seemed like a pretty down to earth good old Sandgroper to me.
My Brother in law's Mum worked at the Parliamentary Library in CBR for a number of years. She always maintained that the only gentlemen that came through the Library were Beazley & Howard.

Clare Prop 16th Oct 2012 04:28

Owen, plese elaborate on where Bowen, who is responsible for our borders, has done a good job and why he is criticising Abbott when he has not to my knowledge sorted out anything effective with SBY apart from giing him loads of our cash and doing their SAR work for them?

Why has a minister got his hands tied? Do you mean by the UN? In which case, why doesn't he advocate Australia withdrawing from the outdated and much abused refugee convention?

Or are his hands tied because in the ALP you can only do what you are told by the "faceless men" not your conscience or your constituents?

Looking forward to your side of this debate :)

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