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allan907 9th Oct 2012 15:38

I think that with the personal antipathy between Gillard and Abbott there's little chance of that. And it started (but probably before that) with Gillard saying "Game on" when Abbott shook her hand and congratulated her on taking the Prime Ministership. As we know on here if you start a flame war like that then there's only one direction it can take.

And in answer to the doubts shown by WITW et al be aware that the ALP propaganda machine is working on you. Cometh the hour....etc. Abbott at least deserves the chance. And if he fails....well, 3 years can't be as bad as 6 years under this current load of schiessen.

Clare Prop 9th Oct 2012 16:09

Amazing how both sides are trying to claim some kind of "victory" from today's debacle when all it did was show how low this parliament have sunk, to the point where the only one who seemed to do the right thing was Slipper. How stupid was Abbott to trot out the line about dying of shame, even if it is one he has trotted out many times before pre Alan Jones.

So sick of all of them. A huge victory for hypocrisy.

This is OUR parliament not somewhere to be shreiking like a fishwife and getting all emotional while, as usual, avoiding the issues. Meanwhile Australia is going down the plughole but that's obviously not important enough to warrant any time in the house when there is mud to be flung.

The worst misogyny I have ever encountered has come from other women. From someone who has spent her young and naive youth bonking other people's husbands and supporting some of the bed hopping filth in her party to whine about misogyny sounds pretty hollow and just a pathetic cop out from someone who is totally out of thier depth.

SOPS 9th Oct 2012 16:53

Well it is getting interesting now, maybe the wheels are, if not coming off, at least getting a little wobbly.

500N 9th Oct 2012 19:11

Herald Sun

"JULIA Gillard needs five votes from a crossbench of seven MPs to pass legislation"

I hadn't realised the above.

I wonder if she will have to go to the polls soon because the above
is not exactly a situation you want to be in trying to run a country.

Get it over and done with and lets get on with it !


Andu 9th Oct 2012 20:21

Where will Slipper sit in Parliament now? With the Libs?(!) Surely not. The news stated that the re-arrangement of hats after Slipper stood down leaves the Gillard Government with a majority of 1. Do those numbers have Slipper on the crossbenches?

Please, please, please Jools, bite the bullet and hop in your comm. car and take that short journey to tell Bill Shorten's Mum in Law that the grand social experiment has gone pffffutt, because Jools, surely even you can see that it has.

Andu 9th Oct 2012 20:32

And meanwhile, as what passes for business as usual continues in Canberra, it's business as usual off the Western Australian coast.

Two boats carrying 175 people intercepted

20:21 AEST Tue Oct 9 2012

Two asylum seeker boats carrying 175 people have been intercepted off the West Australian coast.
..and Chris Bowen crows in this morning's papers about the new 'hardline' policy beginning to work.

Buster Hyman 9th Oct 2012 21:38

So sick of all of them. A huge victory for hypocrisy.
Have to agree. There was no need for Abbott to use that particular line. If anything, he conceded ground to the ALP by doing so, and giving them an 'out' from the debate.

And didn't she jump on it? It seems okay to mention her Dad again if she can kick a few goals. The poor bloke is dead & he's being used as a Political hot potato...what a disgrace this entire House is!


Dark Knight 9th Oct 2012 23:11

The answer lies in a matter or Integrity, Honesty, Trust and Truthfulness

Can Ms Gillard's word be trusted, given she had backed Mr. Rudd as leader at least six times in the last 30 days prior to leading the coup to depose a sitting prime Minister.

"I formed the view that the best way of making sure that this government was back ontrack ... was to take the course that I took last night and this morning,"Ms Gillard told parliament.

And of course telling the Australian People “There will be no Carbon Tax under a government I lead”

500N 10th Oct 2012 00:44

It seems Slipper is back in Parliament !!!

Doesn't look too good.

I like the Herald Sun headline, "Gillard clings to Power" !


CoodaShooda 10th Oct 2012 01:07

He's on the cross benches but - like the other independents from conservative electorates -appears to be voting with labor in order to extend his tenure as long as possible.

Takan Inchovit 10th Oct 2012 06:04

“There will be no Carbon Tax under a government I lead”
I think the last part of that statement is the key DK. Gillard is "following" some sort of invisible force,there is no leading.

Andu 10th Oct 2012 09:06

If you were to judge Julia Gillard's state of mind from her performance in parliament today, you could be forgiven for thinking that she may be more than a little unbalanced.

Could she be losing it?

CoodaShooda 10th Oct 2012 09:14

The youtube version of her diatribe is getting rave reviews overseas. She's seen as passionate, forceful and direct.

Pity the viewers don't realise the lack of substance behind her words.

Worrals in the wilds 10th Oct 2012 10:02

And in answer to the doubts shown by WITW et al be aware that the ALP propaganda machine is working on you.
Maybe. Propaganda's not always wrong though. Anyway, FWIW I hope you're correct.

The youtube version of her diatribe is getting rave reviews overseas. She's seen as passionate, forceful and direct.
From what I've seen/heard today it's getting quite a polarised response here from the dwindling faithful. Some people are loving it, some really aren't. No-one's loving Slipper. :ooh:

Takan Inchovit 10th Oct 2012 10:21

No-one's loving Slipper.
and that's what I like about Slipper! :}

Is labor full of man haters? Starting to look that way.

Fliegenmong 10th Oct 2012 11:11

Must be a cold day in hell then, 'cos I never thought I'd see Peter Slipper being the most honourable member of parliament...:8..(resigning)

Listening to him way back around '98/99 when he used to do the 'Kev & Pete' show (Rudd V Slipper) on the ABC morning radio.....hardly surprising how he wound up.....still...No doubt the Libs will be sufficiently lacking in integrity and doused in hypocrisy to accept Slippers vote in any case...

Abbott happy to accept Slipper's vote - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Not saying for a minute that the Red Bogan would not be as equally as immoral & dishonest (but maybe not quite as nastily arrogant as) Mad Monk..hell, she has runs on the board !!

Can I say Mad Monk??? I know it is perfectly acceptably to say the Red Bogan around here.....

Interesting to to see the Hon(?) Jeff Seeney here in QLD dust $65K in three (3!) months worth of private charter travel.....tell me again how bad the states affairs are in Jeff?...lead by example?....Least when he gets to the big smoke he can kick back in the chairman's lounge with Leigh, Al and all the boys, he'll fly back on Q metal too!!..QLD taxpayer metal that is!!....

Perhaps for the first time ever Buster and I agreed...on the amazingly brain dead comment from Abbott,... 'Died of Shame' Gummint so soon after a massive own goal....no wonder the Bogans cutting response went around the world, she can be sharp, as could that most questionable of treasurers 'the smirk without balls'...but so could Keating.. plenty of other sharp performers...not all of them had an Abbott to gift them free kicks though!!

Funny old game is politics......

Shame when people say that they're 'sick of them all', they don't actually act upon it, but rather vote the way they always have, the way their parents always did..and unsurprisingly end up with the same sorts of rabble...that they always did! :hmm:

Now my mate, 'the man in the hat' would never private charter like that!

CoodaShooda 10th Oct 2012 13:06


Abbott has been calling "shame" on the government in Parliament for quite a long time now.

But it was a tactical error to use it again so soon after the Jones Affair.

It allowed the argument to be diverted away from the substance of the debate; ie labor's support for Slipper.

Love how Oakeshott and Windsor are claiming the moral high ground after voting against the liberal motion. I feel it just makes them look even more "tricky" and insincere.

The next round of opinion polls will be interesting. May trigger another push from the Rudd supporters.

(And I have no objection to your use of the Mad Monks other name. Prefer it to AbbottAbbottAbbott, which has a touch of Lou Costello about it but with a lower humour quotient.)

500N 10th Oct 2012 13:11

Listening to the ABC at 2.20 today, the presenter asking opinions
of Julia's burst of outrage.

Mostly women responded, split slightly more in favour
of Julia but quite a few impressed by the outburst but not a fan
of Julia because they didn't trust her !

allan907 10th Oct 2012 13:44

One wonders whether it was a tactical error or a deliberate ploy to make her lose her rag.

She certainly lost her rag. Does it show her to be hot-headed and impetuous as well as a liar and husband stealer?

Stand up the 'real' Jooliar

RJM 10th Oct 2012 15:48

She's acting. There's nothing she won't do to to stay in power (knife the boss, lie her head off...) - and she calls Abbott aggressive and blames him for lowering the tone of the place. And would Julia stoop to exploiting her dad's death? She's exploited everything else.

I think Abbott took an unnecessary risk adding 'die' to 'shame'. It gave Julia, angry and with her back to the wall, the excuse she needed to start ranting, although however you look at it the evidence for her serious accusation against Abbott, that he's a misogynist, a hater of women, is fairly thin. I'd say Abbott has more evidence to call Julia a crook than she has to call him a woman hater.

I reckon you can tell when Julia's putting it on. She finishes a sentence by snapping her mouth shut and turning away. "When I hear sexism I'm going to call it for what it is." Snap. Turn away.

What a pain in the arse she is. On the other hand, Oakeshott has redeemed himself slightly, imho. He and Windsor did a good job on Slipper.

I've just read allan907's comment above. Oakeshott said on Lateline tonight that Albanese was wanderin in and out of the room while Oakeshott and Windsor were working on Slipper. I wonder if O and W were working off their own bat or were under instructions, and if so, whose?

And I agree that Plibersek's defence on TV of Labor's doings was hopeless. They'll have to do better than that. Then again, it's only about ten percent of voters Labor is after. Maybe there's a gullible ten percent out there who'll swallow Julia's fake outrage.

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