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Sven Langolier 8th Oct 2012 13:49

Now allegedly some of the conspicuous intelligentsia are recalling that a statement for reporters to show themselves before proceedings was announced, Records prove otherwise.
I think they must of had trouble hearing what with the Budgie smugglers on their head.
Spot on detector. The ultimate elephant in that room that nobody wants to talk about are the best and brightest hopes that Liberals can muster to govern Australia in the future. The mind boggles!:ugh:

Young Libs caught with a chaff bag full of untruths

Nobody likes a liar. Oh, and it's never the original crime that gets you. It's the cover-up.

For two solid years, Alan Jones has been accusing Julia Gillard of lying.

When The Sunday Telegraph reported last week that Jones had made stupid and cruel comments at a Liberal Club dinner about Julia Gillard's father John having "died of shame" because his daughter was "a liar", the first instinct of those who had been busted was to fib.

Jones said the dinner was held under the Chatham House rule, not for reporting. Sorry Alan, but you know that isn't true. Liberal Club president Alex Dore said our journalist entered the dinner on false pretences. That wasn't true either.

And a bunch of young Liberals, under what they hoped was the cover of anonymity, marshalled to begin telling fibs about what had been said.

First, a young man told The Sydney Morning Herald's Kate McClymont that the dinner was definitely off-the-record and that it was the equivalent of "friends over for dinner". He said the Master of Ceremonies, Simon Berger, had, at the beginning of the dinner, asked humorously for any "working journalists" to own up.

Well, this week we worked out who the journalist was who spoke to the SMH. It was one Mitchell Nadin, a cadet from The Australian, who was at the dinner in his capacity as a Young Lib enthusiast.

He has confessed that he was there, that he did not think to report the original story, and that he briefed Kate McClymont in an attempt to suggest his supposed colleague, Jonathan Marshall, of this newspaper, had misrepresented himself.

Nadin insisted, when asked this week, that Berger made the remarks after singing a tribute song ('Tomorrow', from the musical Annie, while wearing a red curly wig).

I have listened to the audio recording of the whole night, including all of Simon Berger's words to the dinner and the songs, and there was no mention anywhere of journalists, off-the-record, Chatham House or anything else even remotely close.

It just wasn't true. It was a convenient smear that I think was cooked up by the Young Libs last Sunday when they realised they had been caught out and they had effectively allowed their hero, Alan Jones, to reveal his nastiness.

They knew Jones was embarrassed, and they took a gamble that nobody would be able to prove them wrong.

At least three spoke to Media Watch again, anonymously, with the same line: "Simon Berger asked journalists to identify themselves therefore it was off-the-record".

Sorry, kids. You've been caught, too.

On Friday, we sent the transcript of Berger's entire speech to his employer, Woolworths, where he was a government relations executive.

A couple of hours later, Berger tendered his resignation and Woolworths accepted it.

It wasn't just that Berger had produced and then auctioned a jacket made of chaff bags that made it impossible for him to continue working at such a well respected and decent company. It was the fact that Berger gleefully retailed off-colour gags in an attempt to ingratiate himself with Jones: like his view that other people who should be put in a chaff bag and thrown out to sea were Barack Obama, Wayne Swan, Clover Moore and Chris Hartcher, the NSW right-wing Liberal who is Energy Minister.

Interestingly, the biggest cheer of the night accompanied Berger's suggestion Hartcher be put in a chaff bag - a sign of how factionally riven the NSW Liberal Party now is.

This was only ever a straight news story for The Sunday Telegraph. We showed up, recorded the event and reported what happened - truthfully.

Alan Jones has made a career of simple political messages that cut through to his audience.

He's brilliant at it.

So here's a very simple one for Jones and his fans: just don't lie. You'll always get caught.
In addition transcripts of both Jones and Bergers speeches are readily available to anyone capable of mastering Google.

Andu 8th Oct 2012 20:53

Still waiting for that answer, Sven...

According to this morning's 'Australian', Nicola Roxon's role in the Peter Slipper "affair" (perhaps an unfortunate choice of words) - or more to the point, the court case - is looking more and more problematic.

I have to admit, she's not a lady who fills me with any confidence, (judging only by her [far too many for my taste] appearances on TV and radio). It's not her politics, just her demeanour - she seems totally out of her depth, a first year uni student in a PhD class. I can't believe that too many Labor True Believers would come up with a different assessment.

Still waiting Sven.

CoodaShooda 8th Oct 2012 22:43

In addition transcripts of both Jones and Bergers speeches are readily available to anyone capable of mastering Google.
Read the question again Sven.

Charlie Foxtrot India 9th Oct 2012 01:09

Sorry Andu, you'll have to wait until he pops up again in another incarnation.


SOPS 9th Oct 2012 03:08

So, as predicted by some, it seems the last newspol could have been a "blip", as Julia had been off the radar while that poll was taken. Todays poll showing the Libs back at 54% and Labor at 46% on a 2pp vote.:cool:

500N 9th Oct 2012 03:16

Talking of polls, I saw a brief glimse of an article that said
Abbott will not win the next election as he will not be leader
and that Turnbull will be the leader.

CoodaShooda 9th Oct 2012 03:48

And Tony Abott has moved to remove Slipper as Speaker.

Should make for an interesting debate.

Buster Hyman 9th Oct 2012 03:56

Sorry Andu, you'll have to wait until he pops up again in another incarnation.
Should we run a book on the next moniker? :hmm:

Still, if your only tactic is to repeat garbage ad nauseaum until its taken as Gospel, whilst blithely ignoring questions posed to you, then he shall return...

Clare Prop 9th Oct 2012 04:14

IMHO Abbott has done his job as opposition leader very well. He is the best one to show Labor up for what they are. But PM? :confused:

Unfortunately as a lot of the population don't seem to understand how our electoral system works at all they will continue to look at the leader and "vote for them" rather than their local candidate. There's a real difference the various govts could make to education...teach the kids about the Westminster system!

Turnbull has a similar educational background to Abbott and has actually worked in the "real World" and didn't make his money from his wife exploiting people like KRudd did. I know there are those who call him "Turncoat" and he was ousted from his leadership of the Libs for a very good reason at the time but hmm, I think we are at a stalemate politically with this endless mind numbing Julia v Tony....

Worrals in the wilds 9th Oct 2012 04:53

There's a real difference the various govts could make to education...teach the kids about the Westminster system!
I think that a lot of the time they'd rather people didn't know. All too often our governments are made up of one or two mouthy MPs at the front, with a rag-tag of inneffectual ones bobbing along behind. :zzz:

Running the Leader campaign (and both sides do it) takes the focus off the rest of the team. :suspect:

There have been mutterings from LNP types about a division within the party between the moderates and the more right wing faction, Abbott being squarely in the right wing camp. The recent spray from outgoing Qld Liberal Senator Sue Boyce alluded to this.
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian
IMO one of the sad things about the current federal government is that both major parties are fairly extreme at the moment. The ALP's agenda is being set by the loopy left, while the Libs are being led from the front by the rabid right.

I think it's one of the reasons most of us normal people don't like either side very much; to quote Stealer's Wheel, clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...stuck in the middle with you.

Fubaar 9th Oct 2012 05:34

I know that in the Westminister system, I don't get to vote for Malcolm Turnbull unless I live in Waverley. However, if the Libs put him back in as leader and at the next election, I have to choose between him and Gillard (or whomever Labor puts up to replace her, as she so deservedly deserves to be replaced), I'll be in despair.

From his behaviour since being dropped (again so, deservedly) from the Liberal Party leadership, Turnbull might as well be in the Labor Pardee, as I strongly suspect are 99% of the people who repeatedly tell us he should replace Tony Abbott as leader of the Libs. He's proven himself to be a very good merchant banker, (perhaps a rather doubtful accolade), but he was - and most probably still is - a terrible political leader.

Ovation 9th Oct 2012 09:27

The best news I've heard all week - after Labor narrowly won a vote to keep him earlier this afternoon, the Speaker of the Parliament Peter Slipper has resigned of his own accord.

This will surely upset our resident troll..............:ok::ok::ok:

allan907 9th Oct 2012 09:33

Sorry Ovation....not resident more a lurker :E

But good news on the parliamentary front. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Worrals in the wilds 9th Oct 2012 09:43

He's proven himself to be a very good merchant banker, (perhaps a rather doubtful accolade), but he was - and most probably still is - a terrible political leader.
Certainly he never could have rolled Rudd, which Abbott did very effectively. IMO Turnbull and Rudd have more in common than difference, and not necessarily good qualities. That said, I don't mind Turnbull, but I don't think he'd wash with the average Lib. As Fuubar says, he's a bit Labor. :suspect:

However, as a disgruntled Labor voter (probably the biggest demographic in the country at the moment :}) I find Abbott overwhelmingly negative and very Big L Liberal. There's a place for ruthless assassins, but it's not necessarily at the top. I didn't mind Howard's government until they/he went nutso on IR (and nor did a lot of other supposed Labor voters, which is how they stayed in power for so long) but Abbott....I dunno. I find him alarming.

Unfortunately, none of the options look very attractive. Reward the current collection of clowns and endorse tax backflips, Australia's Worst Union cronies and Slipper (and having read the comments, my response would be 'at least I don't have a head that looks like a bottle of... ' you get the idea :E) or vote for Mr Alarming and the Big Business Brigade.

Big Business is different from small or medium business. Big Business includes the Ginas, the Leigh Cliffords/Geoff Dixons and a bunch of other people who are members of the Big Business gang. The many Qantas threads on DG&P go some way towards unravelling just how close these big business people are with the banks, super funds and each other. After all, Australia is a small country and they're all in the Chairman's Club. If they had their way we'd all be supplicating at their temple of money, humbly begging for the privilege of a day off every once in a while and never mind those pesky OH&S requirements.

The Libs like to claim that they're the small business party as the ALP like to claim that they're the workers' party, but in truth both major parties have largely deserted their core supporters. They've found it more lucrative to deal with the spivs at each ends of the spectrum and left the rest of us floundering and unrepresented.

While Labor continues to endorse the blatant rip-offs and lies from what once were unions, and continues to marginalise, belittle (and occasionally expel from the party/support defamation lawsuits :yuk:) against those union leaders who continue to speak for the true cause rather than the party, they'll continue to be despised by their long suffering 'supporters'. Maybe once they get turfed they'll wake up, but then we'll be blessed with years of Tone and the Big Business Gang.

Yippee yeehah. :sad:

The best news I've heard all week - after Labor narrowly won a vote to keep him earlier this afternoon, the Speaker of the Parliament Peter Slipper has resigned of his own accord.
About frigging time. Both parties showed their true colours with Slipper and those colours are neither red nor blue. They're the green and gold of the $100 note, and the colour of this week's Morgan poll. They're the colour of desperation from a bunch of people who are magnificently incompentent, magnificently unprincipled and magnificently self-promoting.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...the Parliament of Australia. :yuk::yuk::yuk: Slipper (feted by both parties) is indicative of what our parliament has become. Even Keating at his vilest had nothing on these comments; he was neither nasty enough (arguably) nor stupid enough (definitely) to go on record with this sort of thing, which is what an SMS is; a published quote, for better or for worse that can be shared with all and sundry. Also, Keating was generally funny. This wasn't. Slipper can grovel all he likes about how they were private remarks, but the minute he sent it out into cyberspace it ceased to be private. It's his published word.

If that's what the former Speaker of the House thinks about me then what is that House worth? Shit. Less than shit. Shit's useful. Both sides were happy to put him there, and both sides were happy to keep him there until he resigned. That's all any of them are, and still my tax dollars go towards paying their flocking wages :mad:.

Takan Inchovit 9th Oct 2012 09:53

Another arrogantly naive Gillard stuff up comes to rest. Next please!

Fliegenmong 9th Oct 2012 11:33

Rather well articulated WITW, be careful you're not banned!! I was thinking similar....AJ & AJ (Well they're both...apparently,,not that of matters of course!!)

Anyway AJ & AJ must both be hunkered away in the Chairman's lounge with LC & GD......You want to accept QF 'mismanagement' you must also accept the Liberals view of the world....and as air crew..."you work...as chairman I decree"..O'l LC will help to ensure you're f*%ked right over...

..but,,,BUT.....AJ, LC et al still think you're an unessecary overhead....and they expect you to vote Liberal.....and you probably will....and when your demise in terms and conditions become apparent..and when your employer starts buying investment properties in Manhattan you'll ask yourself why do we do all the work, whilst those who pay us do less and less

But vote Liberal anyway..you have been told!!!


allan907 9th Oct 2012 12:08

Fliegs... you've got it in one! The reason that WITW is a valued participant is that she debates with intelligence and her points of view are accepted even though, at times, they may not accord with some of us on here. This is in direct contrast to the dross that the recently departed have felt appropriate to serve up.


Having watched some of the House performances this afternoon (courtesy of the ABC News and 7.30 Report) it seemed clear to me that Tony Abbott came across as the better statesman whereas Jooliar descended into the gutter with her fishwife (is that misogynist??) rantings.

And the polls today seem to bear out the fact that the ALP bowing to the altar of McTernan is actually working against them. They just don't get it do they?

Buster Hyman 9th Oct 2012 12:11

But wouldn't that play into the ALP's hands. It would easily allow their vision of Australia to become reality. Everyone nursed at the Government teat & nobody allowed to think for themselves.

A truly Socialist welfare state...happy days!:yuk:

allan907 9th Oct 2012 15:13

Just watched tonight's edition of Lateline (yeah we're 3 hours behind you Eastern Staters).

I have a lot of time for Tanya Plibersek but my estimation of her has plummeted. She was trying to defend the indefensible and not being terribly good at it. If that's the best that the government can offer up to the Slipper debacle then they really ought to call it quits.

If I were the Opposition then I would be putting a proposal to Slipper: Resign now and we'll make sure that you are landed with a reasonably cushy job and we'll call off the dogs on your court case and get Ashby to withdraw the charges and save you further embarrassment.

Although I suppose that ignores what slime-ball Gillard and her crew are offering.

500N 9th Oct 2012 15:24

How much time have EITHER party actually spent governing the country or critiquing the Governement in the last year ?

Seems to me that all they seem to be doing is having a go at one another on a personal level in the hope of being "last man standing" at election time.

IMHO, our economy needs some serious attention at the moment
and it doesn't seem to be getting it.

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