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Worrals in the wilds 13th Sep 2012 02:13

Ahh, the zombie faithful :rolleyes:.
Both sides of politics seem to do this in every jurisdiction, so it's probably unfair to hit the CLP with too big a stick. The day after a party gropes its way out of the political wilderness a stream of zimmer framed former hard men can be seen making their way from the Home For Retired Bears to the Parliamentary Annexe.

A dear friend is a member of the LNP and told me once that well into the early 2000s, many Qld Nat types would begin any debate with the question 'now what would Joh have done'?:eek: The Lib faction just used to shake their heads and weep.

Andu 13th Sep 2012 22:29

First asylum flight departs for Nauru

by: Paige Taylor and Joe Kelly
From:The Australian
September 14, 201212:00AM

A GROUP of Sri Lankan men last night become the first asylum-seekers to be subjected to the Gillard government's version of the Pacific Solution and were on their way from Christmas Island to Nauru on a chartered Airbus.

One by one, the men boarded the Skytraders plane under heavy police guard between 6.30pm and 7pm (10pm AEST).
50 "clients" and 80 guards, I understand. Interesting that they've sent Sri Lankans (=Tamils) rather than the more traditional Christmas Island "clients" from the Middle East/Afghanistan (a.k.a. Pakistan). Could it be because they were considered to be less likely to cause problems, both on the flight and after arriving? Or more likely to be able to be processed more quickly and sent home? (Not holding my breath on that last point.) I wonder what promises were made to make them travel willingly?

Andu 13th Sep 2012 22:36

The barbarity of being kept in the dark ages | thetelegraph.com.au

Meanwhile, those already here are assimilating quite well...

A SYDNEY sheik accused of involvement in the barbaric "genital circumcision" of sisters aged 6 and 7 is alleged to have told his Muslim community to lie about its widespread practice.

Police claim Sheik Shabbir Mohammedbhai Vaziri told members of the Dawoodi Bohra community at Auburn to lie to police when they questioned them over the mutilations.

Vaziri, 56, of Auburn, Helen Magennis, 68, a retired nurse of Campbelltown, and the children's parents have all been charged in relation to the alleged acts on the girls.

Police allege the procedures were carried out by Magennis.

A strike force of seven detectives from the NSW sex crimes unit was set up after an anonymous tip to the Department of Community Services several months ago.

It is the first time anyone has been charged with the offence in relation to children after legislation was passed in 1994.

FEW in Australia realise that female genital mutilation or FGM is an issue both here and in other modern multicultural nations.

Genital mutilation may not be isolated.

A MAN has appeared in a Sydney court charged over the genital mutilation of two girls aged six and seven.

Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward said she did not believe genital mutilation was rare in NSW.

MTOW 13th Sep 2012 23:47

A kind reading of why they chose Tamils might be that they were less likely to riot and resist being put on board the aeroplane.

A less kind reading might be that it is yet another example of the Gillard government attempting to make the Houston plan not work. (No one who has come via Indonesia has yet been disadvantaged by the new, stricter, sterner (!) policy.)

On the radio this morning: - 40 Tamils taken to Nauru as a boat containing another 148 Tamils arrived off Ashmore Reef. That's a negative 108 outcome for Australia for one day, Jools.

500N 14th Sep 2012 01:11

I heard on AM this morning 38 boats had arrived since the new policy
was announced !!! LOL

beer bong 15th Sep 2012 09:20

I see Australia's immigration policy's are working well in Sydney today. :yuk:

allan907 15th Sep 2012 09:25

Predicably, the personal smear campaign has been kicked off by left.

Abbott and his supposed anti-women attitudes are the current target aided and abetted by the witches chorus in the shape of Plibersek, Roxon and Wong.

Wasn't it the Chief Witch herself that said, only a matter of a week or so ago that "these were matters from 17 years ago when I was young and naive and we all move on". And this concerned documented corruption which had a direct bearing on her credentials as a Minister in the Government.

So, something from 35 years ago, not documented, no direct bearing on Abbott's performance as a politician is OK?

They have no policies; they are the masters of back-flips; they screw the economy; they are a dysfunctional and uncoordinated rabble who couldn't govern a kindergarten which, I suppose, is why all they have left is personal attack like this.

The sooner we get rid of the lying, corrupt and incompetent Chief Witch and her bunch of losers the better.

Andu 15th Sep 2012 09:39

I wonder if the Prime Minister will comment publicly about the demonstrations in Martin Place today? WTF does a (from the two minutes I could bear to watch) truly terrible and amateurish in the extreme home movie possibly made by some minor crim in California have to do with Australia?

RJM 15th Sep 2012 18:17

Why not call it what it is? Call what happened in Sydney a race riot, or at least a religion-based race riot. It might shock a few people into getting serious about assimilation into our society.

500N 15th Sep 2012 19:43


They won't do that.

Remember the Sydney Australia day march which IMHO was essentially
an anti Lebo / Ethnic march, they called it Pride in Australia march.

One thing all Aussie Gov't's don't like is calling anything a race riot.

They are sh#t scared of Indonesia and others to the North calling us racists
- just look at how they cringe everytime we have a spat with Indonesia / Malaysia and they say something along those lines.


Worrals in the wilds 16th Sep 2012 01:58

She has now, Andu, as have the others.

All levels and sides of politics were quick to condemn the protest with Prime Minister Julia Gillard issuing a statement saying: “Violent protest is never acceptable - not today, not ever.”
“The right to protest comes with an equal responsibility to do so peacefully,” NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell said.
“That responsibility has been comprehensively ignored today.”
Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott told the Seven Network it was “completely, utterly and absolutely unacceptable”, adding those responsible for the violence should be prosecuted.
Greens leader Christine Milne said there was no place for violent protests in Australia.
“We welcome clear statements from leaders and members of the Islamic community in Australia condemning the violence and noting that this protest is not representative of them.”
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Tallying up the damage, Supt Walton said last night eight people had been arrested, two had been taken to hospital for dog bites and 17 others were treated for the effects of the capsicum spray.
About how many people were there? THe Aus article didn't say and I didn't see any news footage.

500N 16th Sep 2012 02:04

Australian Gov't are quite happy for people to demonstrate
and to do so loudly and in numbers but IF the demonstrators
tehn get violent or refuse to carry out instructions, then the
police get heavy.

And IMHO that is the way it should be.

Most protest organisers liaise with Police beforehand to everyone is on the same level and everyone knows what is expected of them and where the trigger points are, although I doubt this lot did much of that.

500N 16th Sep 2012 02:58

Got to love this open letter in the Sydney newspaper
but I like the front page heading that took me to it.

"What were the protestors thinking - Every racist in the country now has ample fuel to reinforce every bad stereotype they ever had"

An open letter

To the Islamic protesters ...

HAVE we Sydney-siders got this straight?
Because on the other side of the Pacific, somewhere in California, some loser has thrown together some kind of amateur internet video insulting your particular god, you think it justifiable to:
  • Take over the Sydney CBD.
  • Cause willful damage to property.
  • Throw rocks at police officers who are doing nothing more than their duty.
  • Hold up such ludicrous signs as “Behead all those who insult the prophet.”
We have to ask: Do you have the first clue as to the ramifications of your actions? Do you not understand that the net result of such irresponsible, appalling action is to give ample fuel to every racist in the country to reinforce every bad stereotype they have ever had of you, and that will affect badly the hundreds of thousands of other peaceful and law-abiding Islamic Australians?

Sydney CBD protest

Muslims protest against American movie. Photo: James Brickwood

Get this straight, and quickly: some of you may be from countries where this kind of thing is acceptable. But it is NOT acceptable in this country.
In this country you are free to worship whatever god you damn well please. Others are free to worship their gods.
And I am free to say it is all nonsense over imaginary friends.
But you are not free to create the mayhem you did yesterday, simply because you don't like a freaking video!
Racists have said for years, “If you don't like the way we do things here, go back to where you came from.” The net result of your actions yesterday is that – for those people specifically disgracing themselves in the CBD yesterday, not the vast bulk of Islamic Australians – much of the country now feels the same.
Nice work.

Andu 16th Sep 2012 03:10

I think most people witnessing Saturday's demonstration in Martin Place are missing the point of the whole exercise (from the point of view of the demonstrators who resorted to violence, at least). [I did see some older demonstrators attempting - unsuccessfully - to rein in the crazies.]

They've clearly demonstrated to the rest of Australia what's acceptable to them if we don't want to see more violence (or worse) from them, and if past practice is anything to go by, by and large, we (and the authorities) will comply, even bend over backwards, to accommodate them.

They've already set the standards for us to follow - I mean, think about it. Six policemen injured and six demonstrators arrested. Six? Just from what I saw on the news, if the mob had been anyone but our fellow Australians who practise the religion of peace, how many of them would have ended up charged? A damn sight more than six. Already, to avoid demonstrations like the one we saw on Saturday, the cops and the pollies go easy on anything touching upon the religion of peace, and the practioners of that religion of peace will continue to tighten the ratchet more and more - until someone in authority sees the light and declares we've gone too far in accommodating these fellow Australians' "cultural differences". By the time that happens, those very same people now causing all the trouble will have bred and/or imported themselves into such numbers to quite probably have to numbers to prevent anyone getting into power who might cry "enough!".

Am I the only one wondering if all the demonstrators at Saturday's riot had been rounded up and kept in custody until next Friday, how many CentreLink payments would not have been collected from the ATMs in Sydney's southwest this week?

500N 16th Sep 2012 03:14

I think next time they decide to do something like this
they will be met with a lot more force and riot police
and won't get away with it twice.

And that is IF they are allowed to demonstrate.

Worrals in the wilds 16th Sep 2012 03:16

Good letter. Sums up what a lot of people think about this sort of thing. :ok:

Just from what I saw on the news, if the mob had been anyone but our fellow Australians who practise the religion of peace, how many of them would have ended up charged? A damn sight more than six.
You've got a point (I hate it when that happens ;):}). If it had been the CFMEU they would have been banged up en masse quick smart. :hmm:

Most protest organisers liaise with Police beforehand to everyone is on the same level and everyone knows what is expected of them and where the trigger points are, although I doubt this lot did much of that.
As an example, this was on Facebook wrt Monday's effort in Brissie, complete with cheesy pic.
"QCU Campaign Officer Mick de Brenni discusses crowd control with police officers for todays rallies. Crowds of 10,000 are expected, meaning many police to crowd control. Remember to be courteous to our police at rallies today - they are fellow unionist remember" [sic].

PukinDog 16th Sep 2012 03:25


They've clearly demonstrated to the rest of Australia what's acceptable to
them if we don't want to see more violence (or worse) from them,..
The so-called "religion of peace" isn't really a "religion", and is hard-wired for intimidation and violence until it dominates, and only then "peace" is via submission and enforced through unequal treatment and the power to punish non-conformist acts and utterances.

Their doctrine views a place like Oz as a spiritual battleground, except this "spiritual" fight doesn't necessarily mean that the battle doesn't manifest itself as a battle in the streets. Their so-called prophet was a warrior chieftan leading young, males seeking battle and rewards through victory or martyrdom, after all.

onetrack 16th Sep 2012 03:33

People forget that these Muslim demonstrators in Sydney were troublemakers in the country/countries that they came from.
Nothing has changed in their outlook, they want to turn Sydney into another Beirut/Benghazi/Middle-Eastern-city-of-revolt-of-your-choice.

The simplest solution is to ID all the perps, round them up and ship them right back to where they came from, as "undesirables" who refuse to integrate, and are only intent on fomenting hatred and discord.

If I make a threat to kill someone, that's a serious chargeable offence. What is different between that, and making clear, signposted public threats to kill anyone who offends their God?

The "appeasers" of these permanently violent, permanently angry, and permanently insulted people, will rue the day they buckle to any of their demands.

We jailed tens of thousands of harmless, good-character people during WW2, just because they came from a country we were at war with. They didn't even have to protest, to be rounded up and jailed.

This was done under Constitutional Law that enables any person in a Govt-annointed position of power, acting for the Govt, to take action to suppress a threat to Australia's security.

These angry, violent Muslims pose a serious threat to Australias security. Give me some good reasons why they shouldn't be interred as a threat to our security - as was done during WW2?
There is no wording in the Constitution that says we have to be in a state of Declared War, to enable threats to our security to be suppressed.

Worrals in the wilds 16th Sep 2012 03:35

Their doctrine views a place like Oz as a spiritual battleground, except this "spiritual" fight doesn't necessarily mean that the battle doesn't manifest itself as a battle in the streets.
So does hard core Catholicism, but they've (we've :\) learned to behave.

500N 16th Sep 2012 03:38

One track
Agree :ok:

If I went about behaving like they did and threatening people,
then the book would be thrown at me.

I think the authorities are sometimes a bit scared to confront
the ethnics for fear of being called racist.


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