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allan907 11th Sep 2012 15:07

"fewer" votes 500N, "fewer" :E

The corridors of power have been abuzz for a while now about clearing the decks for an early election. That's probably why there has been such a flurry of action in getting rid of the sore points like the floor price on the carbon scam; the offshore processing etc as well as dishing out cash, or the promises of cash, like there's no tomorrow such as the dental plan, the schools plan etc etc.

And that's also the reason for publicly dissing the Greens at every available opportunity. I guess Milne wakes each morning realising that realpolitik is upon them and they, as well as Oakshott and Windsor, are bound for the waste bin of history.

EffohX 11th Sep 2012 21:14

Are they so out of touch with reality to think they might be able to milk a sympathy vote if they get in quick after JG's father's death?

parabellum 11th Sep 2012 21:45

before the December quarter power bills hit.
Exactly! A point I have made several times already, the real effect of the carbon tax won't be felt until six to nine months after its inception, a point not understood by the rusted on ALP supporters here.

MTOW 12th Sep 2012 08:18

From people I've spoken to of late, the electricity and gas bills that have just come in have been shockers. We've been cushioned to a degree by installing gas heating just as winter approached, so (if I ignore the not insubstantial cost of installing the gas and then buying two small gas heaters - over $1800), we've not had quite the fright that others have. This last quarter, our electricity bill was ~$50 higher than last year for the same quarter (when we used electric heating) and our gas bill is double what it was for the same quarter last year (when we didn't have gas heating, just gas hot water). I'd hate to think what the electricity bill would have been if we'd been using the electric central heating this year.

A friend, (elderly, retired couple) told me his gas bill was over $800 for the last quarter. Mine was $160, so I can only assume he heats the whole house for much of the day. We have the heater on for a few hours in just one room in the evenings for maybe three or four hours.

Another boat from Sri Lanka arrived today. 69 pax.

SOPS 12th Sep 2012 08:27

The QE2 is sitting in Dubai. Why dont they crank it up, go to Sri Lanka and where ever else, fill the old girl full of "irregular maratime arrival people", and then take them straight to Naru? It would cut out all this middleman stuff at least.

priapism 12th Sep 2012 11:48

Won't happen - the independents did a deal with Gillard NOT to go to the polls early so they could keep their seats as long as possible.

Andu 12th Sep 2012 12:36

I think I heard today that Oakeshott said he'd consider accepting the delay of the election date to 30 Nov 13.

allan907 12th Sep 2012 13:28

Funniest thing I've heard all day was Krudd on the 7.30 Report channeling Gordon Brown (he of UK Bust fame) as his messiah. Wrong choice of hero Kevvy.

He also had to be really pushed to change his statement of "The ALP has a chance under the leadership of the Prime Minister" to "yes, I said Prime Minister Gillard".

What seemed to come across long and loud was that if Kevvy somehow wrested the PMship back from Jooliar then he would actually be twice as worse as he was when he was in power. His personality wouldn't be able to contain itself at having 'won'.

500N 12th Sep 2012 13:39

IMHO, Kevin wants the PM ship for the wrong reasons.

The net few months are going to be very interesting.

What are people's views, do you really believe that we will have
an election this year ?


allan907 12th Sep 2012 13:43

Who knows anymore?

Gillard's options seem to be whether it is better committing suicide by poison or shooting ones self.

If Krudd keeps pushing (and he certainly seems to be setting out a new campaign) then she may have to go early to head him off - and she loses government.

If there's no challenge then she, aided and abetted by the craven independents, will leave it to the last minute - and she loses government.

Worrals in the wilds 12th Sep 2012 14:42

What are people's views, do you really believe that we will have an election this year ?
Feel free to dish it out if I turn out to be wrong. :\

I agree with priapism; I don't think the Independents/Greens are going to give up their time in the sun a day before they have to, no matter how much they whine. Out of all of them Wilkie probably has the most soul, but word around the campfire is that he agreed to support the government so he will do so. Men (or women) of integrity in politics are rarer than koalas in new 'green' :yuk: housing estates, so if it's true I guess he's worthy of respect.

IMO the rest of them would support the reintroduction of child labour if they thought it would keep them in gravy.

Nor is Labor going to volunteer for an early poll they know they'll lose. Why would they? Even with the world's best ALP ads running continuously on the nightly news at present (aka the Conservative state Premiers :E) federal Labor are still well behind. There's nothing for them to gain by going to an early election.

As for the Qld LNP, they're a great ad for Gillard. :ouch:
Sky News: Jobs anger reaches Newman's parliament
I was at this rally (naturally :E) and there were a lot of 'ordinary' people there. By ordinary I mean; not rabble, not professional agitators and not the usual crowd who turn up to this sort of thing.

There were a lot of people who either hadn't been to a march before or hadn't been to a march since the 1980s when they were footloose students protesting against Joh, cos it was the cool thing to do:cool:. When 10,000 people turn up, many on their lunch break hoofing down sushi/sangers in a bag while they marched (and the crowd thinned noticably after 1.00pm as people dashed back to work), many in corporate dress / worker uniform, many looking slightly sheepish and several getting their flags all knotted :\ (but Doing Their Best ;)) I think it's safe to say that ordinary people are...concerned.

Newman's counter was to say that the rally was planned several weeks earlier and would have happened whatever the state budget contained. Certainly, it was planned, mainly because the QCU knew the budget wasn't going to be pretty. It's Queensland, and everyone knows a bloke. Everyone knew a bloke involved with the budget, and everyone knew there were cuts coming. I think the budget announcements bolstered the numbers; after all, anyone can call a rally, but it doesn't guarantee people will show up. They showed up.

I heard many people say 'I voted for them and I'll never do it again.' I heard a lot more people say 'I never voted for them' with a pious look on their faces and deception written all over the rest of their bodies, but you get that. :E Everyone's wise after the event.

As you Cane Toad regulars know, I detested and despised the former Qld ALP government. As you also know, I voted against them because of that.

Will I ever do that again? Probably. That's democracy; sometimes your favourite team is so frigging useless that you just have to punt them. :sad:

Will I do it next election, the election after that and possibly the election after that?
Hell no.

As for the federal election, let's just say I'm even less keen on Tone and the gang than I was before. If their state counterparts are going to be this revolting, what are the feds going to be like? :hmm:

if Kevvy somehow wrested the PMship back from Jooliar then he would actually be twice as worse as he was when he was in power.
Twice infinity is still infinity. In other words, he'll still suck. Nasty little leaker/ backstabber who cares about one cause in life. Kevvy. :yuk:
Kevvy, who can't 'remember' what union he was in (everyone else does :suspect:). Kevvy who was formerly involved in state politics.

The rest of Brisbane remembers, and they remember that Newman isn't running the first state government to administer ruthless and hasty cuts to the public service, nor is the LNP the first party to endorse such actions. Someone else was heavily involved though... someone who turns up on the telly a lot, preaching from the Book of Kevvy.
Queenslander. :E

CoodaShooda 12th Sep 2012 21:01

I too doubt there'll be an early election, although I also doubt they'll drag it out until November 2013.

The government's greatest asset at the moment is the state conservative governments.

While they are dishing out the early term pain, it can only assist labor.

I feel labor'll continue to propose increased (and unsustainable) social expenditure as a counterpoint to the austere state budgets and then call on the election before the next round of state budgets can kick in.

Have to admit, Worrals, I watched the report of the Brisbane demo on tv last night and had a strong suspicion you'd have been in there somewhere. :E

RJM 12th Sep 2012 21:34

IMHO, Kevin wants the PM ship for the wrong reasons.
Agreed, 500N - I don't think Kevin's ever wanted power for the right reasons.

500N 12th Sep 2012 21:49

I had never even heard of Kevin until he became leader of the Labour party
and then PM.

It was only afterwards that I realised what he was like.

And the interview / article the other day just crystalised in my mind
from what he said that he doesn't want the PM ship for running the
country but to stick it up Joolia / The Labor party.

Fubaar 12th Sep 2012 21:59

And just to add a little spice to the argument.... Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

THE spectre of Islamic terrorism in Australia has been reignited after police yesterday conducted sweeping raids across southeastern Melbourne in which 11 homes were searched, weapons were seized and one person was arrested for terror-related offences.

A 23-year-old man was expected to be charged with terrorism-related offences last night after he was allegedly found with material that had the potential to incite violence.

It is believed police are analysing information relating to 11 people aged between 22 and 40 who live in the southwest suburbs of Melbourne. Yesterday's raids, which focused on the al-Furqan Islamic centre in Springvale in Melbourne's southeast, took place a day after the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington.

Among items seized were a USB drive containing violent extremist materials, computer equipment, a number of registered firearms and imitation firearms.
Of course, not one of the undocumented young men of the Islamic persuasion now entering the country uninvited would ever be involved in anything like this in the future. They will, to a man, be so grateful for the lifelong succor we give them and their extended families (I wonder, should that be 'sucker'?) that not one would ever stray into Muslim extremism.

Fubaar 12th Sep 2012 22:08

As for the 'will they go to the polls early' argument: I don't think so. The old truism 'a week's a long time in politics' applies. They'll be hoping for a miracle - a bit like Hitler in the famous bunker scene - and the Liberal State premiers might well provide them with one.

Everyone wants the books balanced and the massive national debt repaid - unless it affects them.

Abbott is going to have to do some really unpopular things to come anywhwere near balancing the books, let alone repay the debt Labor is accruing - and those measures will hurt everyone's hip pocket in some way. Anyone who doesn't understand this has rocks in his or her head.

Worrals in the wilds 12th Sep 2012 23:04

A lot of it depends on how it's done. The Qld LNP initially promised to get rid of freeloaders and fat cats (Labor appointed beauracrat flunkies), of which there are many. Nobody minded that idea (except the fat cats :uhoh:) and I think it convinced a lot of people to vote LNP. I don't think the average working Labor voter does support dishing out government money to the Land Rights For Gay Whales brigade, which is how the Bligh government frittered away a lot of cash.

The problem is that they're not getting rid of the fat cats. It's the people at the bottom and lower middle doing the actual work who are getting the chop. They can mince words with this frontline crap until the cows come home, but the cuts they're making will impact on services.

No one with a rock free head wants spiraling debt, but likewise no one wants the sort of health system where you have to take food and bedding into hospital for your sick relative. No one wants to wait half a day for the fire service to come and put their fire out. People pay a fair bit of tax and expect some government services for their money.

Of course the pollies complain that they have no choice, but unfortunately both major parties have so little credibility with the electorate that it should come as no great shock when nobody believes them. :ouch:

Particularly when they keep voting themselves pay rises and surrounding themselves with posses of yes men, 'advisors', instant experts and assorted munchkins. :yuk: Certainly the austerity measures haven't hit Parliament House, and nor are they likely to.

CoodaShooda 12th Sep 2012 23:34

Particularly when they keep voting themselves pay rises and surrounding themselves with posses of yes men, 'advisors', instant experts and assorted munchkins.
Such a scenario led to the demise of the CLP in the NT in 2001.

Sadly, those in charge of that particular train wreck have now re-emerged following the party'e re-election and the NT is going "Back to the Future".:yuk:

Worrals in the wilds 13th Sep 2012 01:02

You guys too? :(
We'll all be getting around in Kingswoods soon. :}

CoodaShooda 13th Sep 2012 01:07

The one positive is that the CLP at its worst was still better for the economy than the ALP at its best.

But seeing guys in their mid to late 60's, some of whom retired over 5 years ago, being brought out and dusted off as new Department CEO's is a tad worrying.

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