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Andu 10th Sep 2012 11:21

Two more asylum-seeker boats arrive | thetelegraph.com.au

TWO more boats carrying suspected asylum seekers have been intercepted.

One of the boats, which is believed to have 81 passengers and three crew on board, was spotted today by an Australian customs vessel, ACV Triton, north of Christmas Island.

The passengers are to be taken to Christmas Island for security, health and identity checks. Their reason for travel will also be identified.

In a separate incident, a boat believed to be carrying 58 passengers was intercepted by HMAS Hervey Bay, west-northwest of Cocos (Keeling) Islands, also today.

The group will be transferred to Cocos (Keeling) Islands for basic health and security checks. They will then go to Christmas Island for further checks.

The latest arrivals came after today's announcement from Immigration Minister Chris Bowen on regional processing.

The first asylum seekers to be processed in Nauru will be flown there at the end of this week, Mr Bowen said.

Announcing he had signed the legislative instrument designating the Republic of Nauru as a regional processing country today, Mr Bowen said 500 would be sent by the end of the month.

But the minister would not say whether every one of 2000 people who have arrived since the tough new policy was unveiled will be sent for offshore processing. The number is just short of the 2100 planned capacity of Nauru and Manus Island.

Last night, an estimated 39 people were reported to be on board another "suspected irregular entry vessel'' .

They were also taken to Christmas Island.

That followed two asylum-seeker boats carrying more than 100 people being intercepted in northern Australian waters on Saturday.

500N 10th Sep 2012 11:24

I saw on the news tonight they mentined the boats picked up
and mentioned by name Sulewesi.

Didn't even bat an eyelid when they went straight onto the fact that they were going to Christmas Island.

Obviously no one thinks of adding two and two together and it doesn't add up !

SOPS 10th Sep 2012 11:43

Ok, Juliar..the offshore processing centers are for all intents and purposes, already full!! What is the next part of the plan to stop the boats??:yuk:

Worrals in the wilds 10th Sep 2012 15:46

What is the next part of the plan to stop the boats??http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/pukey.gif
Environmentalists push to kick out massive fishing trawler | The Courier-Mail
The untold story: the supertrawler was actually hired by the federal government to scoop up any approaching boats and give all passengers the choice of returning to Indonesia, being tinned or handing out ALP how to vote cards at the next federal election. :ouch:
Preliminary surveys suggest that being tinned was the preferred option. :uhoh:
It would have worked though, and been a win for the federal government. Why else would Rudd want to stop it? :suspect::}
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

EffohX 10th Sep 2012 21:46

Listening to the news this morning about how the Nauru/Manus legislation is almost certainly to be passed today in the Senate ("the last hurdle"), that the camp in Nauru is "a sea of tents on bare ground about to turn to mud" and then, in 'The Australian', about efforts by Labor to resurrect the Malaysia 4 for 1 people swap,

(Nauru crush spurs Malaysia talks
by: Lauren Wilson and Sid Maher
From:The Australian
September 11, 201212:00AM

LABOR is striving to revive its people-swap deal with Malaysia amid concerns that Nauru, which will receive its first asylum-seekers by the end of the week, risks being swamped by a wave of new arrivals flooding through Indonesia.)
, am I the only one with a deep suspicion that Labor is bending over backwards to make sure the Houston Committee plan will not work?

I'm standing by for the first reports by Australian media on the "appaling" conditions the "asylum seekers" are "forced" to live in - and then the lawsuits by the dozen claiming compensation for the "psychological pain and suffering" these "inhumane" policies have inflicted on the hapless country-shoppers.

I'm increasingly in despair to think that there may be enough voters out there who will fall for the (unfunded) freebie bonanza Gillard is promising them "if they'll only give her another term". Another three years of this lot and, from the point of total State control of information at least, we'll be living in a carbon copy of Nazi Germany - and in another parallel with Nazi Germany, in cloud coockoo land economically, creating "wealth" out of empty air, i.e., totally broke.

Andu 10th Sep 2012 22:28

So how long will we have to wait before we hear of the major fire that destroys half the tents on Nauru?

parabellum 10th Sep 2012 23:31

Gillard now has the perfect opportunity to walk away unscathed from the mess she has created. Mother now needs her more than parliament and she rides off into the sunset, complete with stunning pension and perks.

Nauru: Spent almost a year on the island, I think it rained twice! The island is so small that even during the so called 'wet' season it is not uncommon to see large amounts of rain drifting by either side but not a drop on the island and fresh water had to be brought in by ship. The idea that Nauru will be a sea of mud for months is highy unlikely.

EDIT: Some more here, http://www.cawcr.gov.au/projects/PCC..._GH_poster.pdf

Cacophonix 10th Sep 2012 23:43

Ah strewth fellahs! You are all beginning to sound like a bunch of Poms.

And, with respect, nobody north or south (or even west or east) of your latitude cares a damn.


500N 11th Sep 2012 00:04


"And, with respect, nobody north or south (or even west or east) of your latitude cares a damn."

And nobody in the centre gives a damn either !!!

Cacophonix 11th Sep 2012 00:09

And nobody in the centre gives a damn either !!!
Nothing like a bit of sledging! ;)


Cacophonix 11th Sep 2012 00:46

Do all Aussi chicks always sound like they are wrong?


500N 11th Sep 2012 01:35

"Nothing like a bit of sledging! http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/wink2.gif


And you are certainly good at that :O:ok:
(I'm pretty thick skinned so happy to engage !)

Worrals in the wilds 11th Sep 2012 01:39

Must be pub closing time in Pommyland. Either that or someone got kicked out. :uhoh:

Andu 11th Sep 2012 02:39

On Sky News.. four boats yesterday, one (so far) today.

criticalmass 11th Sep 2012 06:17

An opinion, if I may?

Gillard will not leave parliament. It is all about power and arrogance, and she has both. An election can remove the power, but only her demise will remove the arrogance.

For some of us, that cannot come too soon. This woman ranks with Irma Grese. The only difference is opportunity. At least Irma Grese was tried by her countrymen and executed for her crimes. For her crimes against this nation Gillard will retire with an indexed pension, and 24-hours a day protection for the rest of her life from Australian Protective Services. We will pay for both with our taxes.

Illegal immigrants come here claiming asylum. Well, Australia has indeed become an asylum - and the lunatics are now running it. What's more, the asylum has walls that leak like a sieve. Anyone with an unseaworthy boat and a mobile-phone can get in and no-one appears to be leaving.

The groundwork for the Australian Civil War of 2050 has been well-laid by this government of Fifth-Columnists.

History - prove me wrong!

500N 11th Sep 2012 06:38

Leaking like a sieve.

What concerns me is if these Asylum boats can get all this way
without being detected, AND our Navy and Customs so preoccupied
with this whole saga, who the hell else is getting in across the top end.

It's only a hop, skip and jump in the far north so god knows what is
going on. I know you can get planes in and out of FNQ (Far North Queensland)
without being detected so it makes you wonder.

Andu 11th Sep 2012 09:37

Nauru and Manus Island full before they even open | thetelegraph.com.au

ASYLUM seeker numbers have already eclipsed the capacity of Nauru and Manus Island, and will continue to soar for "a while", says a member of the Government's expert panel on asylum seeker policy.

The island processing centres will cater for 2100 people, but 2180 have arrived since the policy was reinstated and before either centre has opened.

Paris Aristotle, who helped draw up plans to reopen offshore processing centres in Nauru and PNG and increase the humanitarian intake to 20,000, said the flow would not be stemmed until all policies were running.

"I'm assuming that we'll continue to see boats coming for a while,'' the refugee advocate told ABC Radio.

RJM 11th Sep 2012 12:26

Is Gillard planning an early election? The word is that Jenny Macklin is chairing a committee looking for ideas by October 6th for an early election. Mid-November looks possible - before the December quarter power bills hit. No doubt Gillard would rather be thrown out of office as a kind of martyr than be a historical footnote as a mere ditched leader.

Personally, I don't care how they configure themselves for the greatest rout in Australian history.

EffohX 11th Sep 2012 12:30

Pleeease, bring it on - and I'll bet the turnout will be a damn sight better than it was for the council elections last Saturday.

500N 11th Sep 2012 12:40

Hopefully the Greens will get less votes like they did at the weekend.

I just love the reasons the Greens are coming out with as to why
that was the case !!!

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