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CoodaShooda 7th Sep 2012 06:16

That strongly-worded "you risk being sent to Nauru" has really spoiled the people smugglers' business plan, hasn't it? (It would appear NOT.)
Obviously the coalition's policy supporting off-shore processing doesn't work then. :E

SOPS 7th Sep 2012 09:44

Just how many boats have come in the first week of September?? I think the Naru "threat" has got them really scared!:mad::mad:

Andu 7th Sep 2012 10:50

Not "threat", SOP - "risk".

Knee-trembling stuff.

Clare Prop 7th Sep 2012 11:13

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

THE agency responsible for telling would-be asylum-seekers about new "no advantage" rules for boatpeople has just $1.3 million to spread the message in at least five different countries.

More than 1600 asylum-seekers have arrived since Labor agreed less than a month ago to restore offshore processing on Nauru and Papua New Guinea, with extended periods of detention for those arriving by boat.

The government is now likely to fill its 2000-person quota for the centres - 1500 on Nauru and 500 on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island - before the facilities are completed.

But, as boatpeople ignore the new processing regime, the Customs and Border Protection Service has been denied additional funds to advertise the deterrent in asylum-seeker source countries.

It's understood the agency has $1.3 million left from a $3 million 2011-12 budget allocation for offshore communications campaigns to counter people-smuggling.

The new campaign will be run in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Sri Lanka.

Opposition home affairs spokesman Michael Keenan said the offshore advertising budget was insignificant given the size of the task.

“It's incredibly small, to design a campaign in many different languages and run it across a whole series of countries.

“They spent $70 million on carbon tax advertising. And that's in one market, let alone trying to take it internationally.”

Advertising industry sources said in the Australian market, $1.3 million would pay for a “short, sharp” 2-4 week campaign.

A Customs spokesman said the service had refocused its strategic communications campaign in key source countries following the government's adoption of the recommendations of the Angus Houston-led panel on asylum-seekers.

“Locally engaged communications consultants have been engaged in source countries including Afghanistan and Pakistan and are conveying key messages via liaison with local media outlets, including radio, TV and newspapers, online media and grass roots community liaison activities,” the spokesman said.

The advertisements will tell prospective boatpeople they risk detention in Nauru or Papua New Guinea for as long as they would have waited for a refugee visa if they had applied through official channels rather than boarding a boat.

A parallel campaign will be run in Australia by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, targeting refugee communities.

Under a key recommendation of the Houston panel, adopted by the Gillard government, asylum-seekers arriving by boat will secure “no advantage” by failing to apply for refugee visas through official channels.

Almost 200 asylum-seekers have been intercepted on three boats over the past two days.

Refugee advocate Ian Rintoul said the continued flow of asylum boats proved the new offshore processing regime was a failure.

“The government is now confronted with the reality of its Pacific Solution 2.0,” he said.

“Nauru is already full. And the quota for Manus Island is likely to be filled in the next week or two at the most.”

(sorry for big paste but it's for the people who don't subscribe)

Of course it's a failure, they know that they have about a 0.001% chance of being sent back once they get to Xmas Island and this lot have no intention of stopping the people smuggling trade. We idiots who are paying for it aren't falling for their BS either!

So...why bother with "locally engaged communication consultants" :ugh: when all you need to do is take some "rescued" ones back to Indo, they'll spread the word on Farcebook and Twatter for free!

EffohX 7th Sep 2012 23:45

I may have an explanation - taking a leaf from Gina Reinhart's book, perhaps Julia Gillard has found "locally engaged communication consultants" overseas willing to sell her 'No Advantage' message in five languages for $2.00 a day. :)

And on this morning's news, another 99 people are "at risk" of being sent to Nauru having turned up at Cocos Island yesterday. While another lot are refusing to get off their boat, out of fuel and at anchor at an Indonesian island, demanding 2000 litres of diesel fuel so that they can continue their journey to Australia. The Indonesians are refusing, because that would be "co-operating with people smuggling".

I don't know why they want 2000 litres of fuel. Surely, if past performance is anything to go by, all they have to do is re-charge the batteries on their sat. phones, drift 10 miles offshore with the next outgoing tide and ring the Australian Maritime Services with a fake Mayday call, careful not to pull the hull bungs before they sight HMAS Taxi, which will hasten to their aid and take them to Christmas Island.

hellsbrink 7th Sep 2012 23:53

I don't know why they want 2000 litres of fuel. Surely, if past performance is anything to go by, all they have to do is re-charge the batteries on their sat. phones, drift 10 miles offshore with the next outgoing tide and ring the Australian Maritime Services with a fake Mayday call, careful not to pull the hull bungs before they sight HMAS Taxi, which will hasten to their aid and take them to Christmas Island.
Because they don't want to go to Christmas Island, they either want to reach Australia or be close enough when run out of fuel that the only option the Navy has is to tow them to the mainland. From then on, they will be "processed" on the mainland, they will get what they want.

After all, do you think that Labor would risk headlines like "Poor, innocent refugees, who bravely risked their lives to escape persecution, shipped off to overflowing refugee centre on Christmas Island after reaching Darwin"?

Andu 9th Sep 2012 08:14

Asylum seeker boat intercepted
From: AAP September 09, 2012 12:25PM

ANOTHER suspected asylum seeker boat has been found northwest of Christmas Island.

HMAS Childers intercepted overnight the "suspected irregular entry vessel" with an estimated 39 people on board, according to a statement on Sunday from Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare's office.

Border Protection Command will arrange for the passengers to be transferred to Christmas Island, where they will undergo initial security, health and identity checks.

On Saturday, a statement from the minister said two asylum seeker boats carrying more than 100 people had been intercepted in northern Australian waters.

Buster Hyman 9th Sep 2012 09:58

On a side note, I'm sick to bloody death of Australian journalism! I'm cancelling my Age subscription because of overwhelming bias, and I refuse to read the HeraldSun because I seriously doubt they have a clue about anything!

Gone are the days where a newspaper stood by its reputation of fearless reporting & offering no favour. These days they pick a side & never deviate from their chosen path!

All I want is a paper that reports the known facts & when a political opinion is sought, the opposing stand is equally reported. Let me make up my own bloody mind FFS!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad:

500N 9th Sep 2012 10:24


I don't blame you.

The media and newspapers, they don't report or just want to report the news anymore, they want to go one step further and create it / the news.

They do this by inventing or concocting some thought, asking a question about it, getting a response from one side then hammering the other side for their thoughts on it and if they have a policy on it.

The result is, everyone runs around in circles second guessing everything
which creates it's own news cycle and of course someone always slips up
that starts the whole media circus again.

You mention the words facts ? Well, I am afraid that facts and the truth run
a poor third to everything else with 1 and 2 being Selling newspapers and creating a sensationalist headline that then feeds item 1 !!!

IMHO, one of the reasons they do this is so they have can get the jump on the other papers.

Has anyone else noticed that they now create the news instead of reporting it ?

Andu 9th Sep 2012 10:55

Anyone who thinks Julia Gillard will certainly be consigned, (as she so deservedly does), to the political scrapheap when the Australian electorate gets its next chance to vote should pause and look to the way the latte-sipping denizens of inner city Sydney voted yesterday - they re-elected "independent" Clover Moore with a reduced but still overwhelming majority.

More bike tracks, (+ more congestion, more delays and fewer parking places, you lucky, lucky Sydneysiders).

A visit to a Surrey Hills or Newtown pub shows you that there's a whole different world out there who never consider that bills must one day be paid.

parabellum 9th Sep 2012 10:56

Buster I gave up on the Age about ten years ago when a poll showed 90% of Australian asked agreed with John Howard's immigartion policy and the age published twenty one letter of which nineteen disagreed with the JH policy!

Quite happy with The Australian, it tries to be fair and central but does have a right of centre leaning.

hellsbrink 9th Sep 2012 11:00

It's been like that across the world for a hell of a long time, 500N.

The cut-throat world of newspapers, where "ratings" and "circulation" are the most important thing as it directly affects the advertising revenue, the ability to make things more "interesting" to your readers is what succeeds against the seemingly unlimited options available thanks to the internet, with similar applying to other news outlets like TV. Also, they have to satisfy the short attention spans and the unending "need to be told (what to do)" of what I like to think of as the ADHD Generation, so topics that are a bit scurrilous, opinions that biased towards a certain demographic, outright favbrication of stories based on the flimsiest of "evidence", etc, are par for the course now.

So, by taking a non-story and, well, "embellishing" it so it becomes something of interest to the readers they protect their circulation, protect their "rating" and therefore protect or improve their advertising revenue (or taxpayers' money if state funded TV/radio).

The "news" hasn't mattered for decades, the revenues, however, are a different matter.

SOPS 9th Sep 2012 11:18

This boat thing now has just become one constant flow. Jxxus!!! Labor and its policies have created a monster that they can no longer control. I dont know what the soloution is anymore...well I know one, but I dont think its very PC!!!!. I am very worried for my country.:confused::confused:

allan907 9th Sep 2012 11:19

The Australian ain't bad. They do at least attempt to give both sides of the story - even to the extent of giving space to ALP ministers and others! There's also a fair sprinkling of letters in support of the ALP.

In fact, it's a lot like this thread except those putting the ALP view tend to write in a much more adult, persuasive and intelligent way than some of their (late) supporters on here.

500N 9th Sep 2012 15:44

You say it has been like that for a long time.
Only in the last 10 - 20 does it seem to have become so bad
it's not funny.

EffohX 9th Sep 2012 22:02

If you tried putting this into the plot of a novel, you'd be laughed out of your editor's office.

139 asylum seekers picked up by a merchant ship from their sinking boat off the coast of Sulawesi... and 82 people picked up by Indonesian authorities off Makassar... after the Indonesian crew are "removed", (wait for it...)... will be transported to Christmas Island for processing(!)

Take a look at a map. Sulawesi and Makassar are further north of Java than Christmas Island is south of Java. Sulawesi is off the east coast of Borneo, for Gawd's sake, barely south of the equator!

Is this part of the latest deal our "great negosheeaytor" organised with the Indonesians last week (along with the extra $4.6 million 'gift') to "improve" their SAR services? - that the Indonesians will rescue asylum seekers anywhere within their own archipelego, "arrest" the Indonesian crew, then transport the asylum seekers to Christmas Island?

Someone's taking the piss here.

500N 9th Sep 2012 22:11


Where did you read that one ?

Must be a joke, surely ?


EffohX 9th Sep 2012 22:24

Not a joke.

ABC radio news (Sydney) this morning.

500N 9th Sep 2012 22:33

You know I don't know why we bother with all this, wasting time, money
and destroying our Navy boats.

We might as well just say we'll pick up X number from the wharf
each month and deliver them to Australia.

It would save a heap of time and effort.

Since we seem to be doing all the SAR work for Indonesia,
maybe we should annex Indo to Australia !

allan907 10th Sep 2012 00:50

It's not only taking the piss - it's taking the piss with bells on. What's the betting that the 'line to take' will be that 'it just goes to prove that Abbott's plan is totally unworkable - we tried'

This is currently doing the rounds

My dog sleeps about 20 hours a day. He has his food prepared for him. He can eat whenever he wants.

His meals are provided at no cost to him.

He visits the Doctor once a year for his checkup, and again during the year if any medical needs arise.

For this he pays nothing, and nothing is required of him.

He lives in a nice neighbourhood in a house that is much larger than he needs, but he is not required to do any upkeep.

He makes no contribution to the running or maintenance of the house.
If he makes a mess, someone else cleans it up. He has his choice of luxurious places to sleep. He receives these accommodations absolutely free. He is living like a King, and has absolutely no expenses whatsoever.

All of his costs are picked up by others who go out, work hard, and earn a living every day.

I was just thinking about all this, and suddenly it hit me like a brick in the head.

I think my dog is an IMMIGRANT

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