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Ovation 2nd Sep 2012 06:02

glad rag - here is the handwriting comparison. The cheque is evidence of the "slush fund" payment to Slater and Gordon and seems to be in Blewitt's hand.


Andu 3rd Sep 2012 00:56

The earth just shifted on its axis!

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr was on the radio this morning stating what everyone BUT Labor and the Greens have been saying for years now - that there are 1.5 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan alone and more than 20 million refugees worldwide, as well as countless millions of what might be classed as 'potential economic migrants' in the Third World, all looking for a better life...

Australia, Carr says, risks filling its entire migrant intake from people smugglers' clients. (Dare I say "Duh".)

Carr hasn't asked the obvious follow on question. At what number of uninvited immigrants will the generous Australian welfare system cease to be able to cope? I see Quinten Brice - in tears - is currently visiting refugee camps in Jordan and dishing out another BORROWED $20 million dollars (and you can guarantee, making all sorts of promises about Australia resettling 'n' thousand Syrian refugees).

500N 3rd Sep 2012 04:41

I see Joolia has now jumped on the education band wagon !!!

Another diversion ?

CoodaShooda 3rd Sep 2012 05:10

I like the theory that she's clearing the decks for an early election. Can't come soon enough.

EffohX 3rd Sep 2012 11:49

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian
Boat carrying 48 asylum seekers intercepted off WA coast
Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun
Asylum boat found with 56 on board
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian
Foreign Minister Bob Carr warns of 180,000 boatpeople

Multiple boat arrivals daily, government minsiters admitting that the current trickle will become a flood if current policies continue. It's like watching a train wreck - and not a slow motion one. And how does she address this" She announces massive spending plans that cannot be paid for. Some would call it economoc sabotage. Some might have a stronger word to describe it.

500N 3rd Sep 2012 12:15

"government minsiters admitting that the current trickle will become a flood if current policies continue."

will become ??????

Understatement of the year.

FFS, when will someone admit it is ALREADY a flood, not "will become" one.

These guys must have their head in the sand or just not up with reality.


allan907 3rd Sep 2012 15:38

Gizzard reminds me of my ex during the period of the divorce and settlement. She basically tried to destroy me and my economic base while realising that she was also, ultimately, destroying herself.

So, bring out the policies for the future and bugger who's going to pay for them. Let the illegals in without let or hindrance - it'll be some other buggers problem.

And all to make sure that Abbott has a really, really hard time when he takes over the reins (and to make sure that Krudd can't resurrect himself)

Andu 3rd Sep 2012 21:39

FFS, when will someone admit it is ALREADY a flood, not "will become" one.
500N, I think Mr Carr (and EffohX) was saying that what we'll see if the current policies continue will make the current flow look like a trickle.

With the weeping GG in Jordan highlighting what a compassionate (in Muslimspeak = weak) people we Australians are, all she's achieved (apart from handing out another $20 mill of our ***ing borrowed money) is to highlight to the displaced Syrians (and Palestinians) there that Australia might be a place worth considering for a better life. The flights from Amman to Jakarta will be even more full than usual in the months to come.

500N 3rd Sep 2012 22:00


Thanks, my bad.

Re the GG, she is good but I was surprised it was that camp that made here break considering others have been in far worse situations - Ethiopia etc

Re Julia and Abbott, anyone noticed the article in The Age (and others)
where they say it is not Abbott's unpopularity but his bad team !!!

I wonder who is pushing this Agenda.

CoodaShooda 3rd Sep 2012 22:58

Is that the Amanda Vanstone article that is essentially a critique of labor failings but, as a side note, observes that most of the shadow ministry doesn't get out much?

I heard that the Fairfax sub added headlines highlighting the latter while avoiding the main thrust of the article.

Fairly typical leftist media approach.

What's surprising me is the Murdoch-owned NT News bucking News Ltd's national trend and appearing unashamedly left wing in its treatment of the change in government here. No honeymoon period for a new government here.

I probably shouldn't be surprised as the chief editor has strong labor ties.

And it might also be just the traditional NT News 'trashy tabloid take' on everything.

But it will be interesting to see whether the CLP will ever generate any positive press through the NT News.

500N 3rd Sep 2012 23:03

"But it will be interesting to see whether the CLP will ever generate any positive press through the NT News."

Of course they will

- a good save the croc story
- remove the $100 alcohol limit
- remove the showing and registering ID when buying grog
- go soft on gunja smokers
- extended trading hours of pubs

The usual feel good for the Teritorians.

Oh, and if they could fix the cattle industry or find a new market
for all the cattle that can't be sold to Indonesia, they will be laughing !!!

BTW, do you know why can't the cattle be sold in Australia ?

Either way, a good example of the Fed Gov't really stuffing it up
and an industry having all it's eggs in one basket !!!

CoodaShooda 4th Sep 2012 05:25

I have a nasty feeling we've just been taken over by a fundamentalist Christian; supported by a retired public servant infamous for destroying the morale and effectiveness of most agencies he touched. :ouch:

Time will tell.

The cattle aren't marketable in Australia as they "taste different" and don't suit the local palate. I think the Asians prefer a different fat content, or something.

MTOW 4th Sep 2012 06:43

Am I the only one who finds it a trifle strange, even surreal that the person, (our Leader), who is promoting a grand improvement in our education system, cannot even pronounce the word?

At least, I am assuming she is promoting education when she says "ejookayshun".

As well, her inability to pronounce the 't' sound in mid sentence seems to be rubbing off on quite a few others in public life, to the point where I'm beginning to wonder if some are not imitating her deliberately with the Bogan 'd' replacing the 't' to make her unique mangling of the English language acceptable, mainstream pronunciation, a bit like the way two or three of her Ministers came out with "hyperbowl" in speeches they made the days following that particular gaffe.

Myself, I find myself repeatedly in "high dungeon" :) every time I hear her voice.

Election please.

500N 4th Sep 2012 06:45

Come on, she was 10 times worse 5 years ago. The twang in her voice used to irritate the hell out of me, now she is not too bad.

MTOW 4th Sep 2012 06:50

The Chinese water torture is working on you, 500N.

Drip, drip, drip...

500N 4th Sep 2012 06:57


Funny you mention water torture, we did do some water boarding to some people once (IET soldiers on end of Exercise), one couldn't hack it and went off :O

You lot have only had to put up with her since she went into senior Federal positions in Parliament.

She is my local member so I have had to listen to her for over 20 years :(

Takan Inchovit 4th Sep 2012 09:11

You have my sincere condolences 500N.

Buster Hyman 4th Sep 2012 10:41

She is my local member so I have had to listen to her for over 20 years http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/sowee.gif
So it's your fault!!!!

Andu 4th Sep 2012 11:59

I understand that Werribee/Hoppers Crossing (the heart of Joolia's fiefdom) hold the rather dubious distinction of having one of the highest, if not the highest, percentage of welfare recipients to overall local population in the nation.

'Gravy'... 'train'.... and 'why she's in a very safe Labor seat' come immediately to mind. Anyone who's lived in Melbourne will also be aware that 'Werribee' and 'shit farm' also have a close association. Without wishing to lapse into hyperbOWL, perhaps figuratively as well as literally.

I16 4th Sep 2012 12:16

You must be Magpies supporter!

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