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MattGray 26th Aug 2012 12:08

Head in the sand ain't a workable policy anymore, Julia.
Well she's since well and truly destroyed that myth cooda.

Fronting 50 minutes of no holds barred intense questioning by the Canberra Press Gallery. Both preceded and followed by questioning on other matters - a total of 73 mins on her feet. Then straight into another hour of QT.

What a contrast to the cowardly Abbott who cuts and scurries from almost every presser at the first sign of a penetrating question.:ugh:

....Fairfax and the ABC will continue to gloss over the allegations....
Demonstrably incorrect claims in both cases cooda.

See for example Squeaks extensive posts above on Friday from Fairfax.

The matter also received extensive live coverage on ABC's News 24, discussed widely on The Drum and on the 7.30 Report.

No glossing over whatsoever!!:ugh:

.....but people want to believe the worst.
Obviously :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

The longer you avoid answering, the more you are condemned in their eyes.
And answering every last question that Australia's journalistic elite could fire at her until they sat exhausted and silent has clearly made absolutely no difference.

As the Prime Minister herself so presciently observed there is absolutely nothing which will deter the "misogynistic nutjobs" with their ''eccentric lunar right Tea Party-style" politics.

JULIA GILLARD: Will the misogynists and the nut jobs on the internet continue to circulate them?
Yes, they will.

And it wouldn't matter what I said and it wouldn't matter what documents were produced and it wouldn't matter what anybody else said, they will pursue this claim for motivations of their own which are malicious and not in any way associated with the facts.

hellsbrink 26th Aug 2012 12:09

In this case, despite the crew clearly not being threatened, we had the genesis of yet another great Liberal myth like Children Overboard being propagated.
And there you go with the same Leftie myth being perpetuated.

The economic migrants threatened to harm themselves, and that threat then interfered with the safe and normal operations of the vessel. That means that there was a direct threat against the Captain and his crew as, simply, if they didn't comply with the wishes of the parasites on board they faced the threat of seeing these parasites carry out all sorts of actions which would have not only harmed the safe running of the vessel but would have also resulted in the Captain and crew facing the possibility of having to face an inquiry into the "self harm" of these people whilst they were the responsibility of the Captain and crew of the vessel. The agitation of these economic migrants is also a factor as it is perfectly reasonable to assume that if these people did not get their own way they would then directly threaten the Captain and crew and possibly try to take over the vessel.

So point out where the threat to self harm in these circumstances is not actually a direct threat against the Captain and crew because, at that moment and only at that moment, there was no direct threat of violence against said Captain and crew but the threat to the safe and proper operation of the vessel was perfectly clear.

It says everything though, when you try to defend those who are willing to say they will harm themselves and therefore put those charged with the proper and legitimate running of a vessel into a state of fear as when people start off on that way of thinking it usually ends up in bloodshed when they don't get their own way.

MattGray 26th Aug 2012 12:25

Young Libs at universities are as adolescent as Young Labs at universities. The point is that most Young LIbs grow up. Most Young Labs get preselected.

Yes RJM, some Young Libs grow up - many don't. Believe me I know!

But lack of maturity doesn't appear to be any barrier to being voted into parliament by those discerning ever politically astute Liberals does it?

Did I just hear banjos and rednecks mentioned?

I did see a quote in the Courier Mail from someone in the NT Country Liberal Party assuring the electorate that they've gotten rid of the rednecks. They said that down here in Queensland, too; until a day after they won. Then the sound of banjos, shotguns and recordings of Joh's 'great' speeches were heard emanating from Parliament House and the policy decisions followed thick and fast (with an emphasis on 'thick')..

Well lookie here Bubba - we got ourselves a live one.

ROOKIE Broadwater MP Verity Barton has lambasted rail passengers as "icky", called on welfare payments to be stopped for single parents and couples with children, and said Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former leader Kevin Rudd should stop breathing.

Ms Barton, third-choice LNP candidate for the Gold Coast seat, also said she did not believe in climate change, wanted WorkChoices brought back and described some voters as bogans.

Ms Barton's outrageous views have been posted on her Facebook page.

The 26-year-old beat Labor's four-term veteran Peta-Kaye Croft in the state election in March.

Ms Barton, the state's youngest female in Parliament, got the nod to contest the high-profile seat for the LNP after one candidate resigned when he was caught drink-driving and the replacement candidate was dumped after photos emerged of him taking part in a swingers' club event.

Political sources last week revealed Ms Barton's Facebook offerings, some dating to 2009 and her pre-MP days as a shop assistant and Broadwater's LNP state electorate council chair.

They included:

* Sounds like you (a friend) encounter icky QR passengers often.

* I don't even believe climate change exists.

* Welfare for parents (single or coupled) just shouldn't exist. If you fall pregnant you've got nine months to save/budget.

* Is Craig Emerson (Federal Minister for Trade) drinking? Or is he always just such a d---head?

* If certain people want to reduce carbon emissions they should discourage flatulence and breathing by certain people (Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Penny Wong).

* Do not listen to the bogan when it says it doesn't care about politics, for it is lying to you.
This Born-to-Rule mob are pure class aren't they? :eek:

MattGray 26th Aug 2012 12:30

Then there is their fearless articulate Rhodes Scholar Leader.......

allan907 26th Aug 2012 12:58


Yep, this is definitely where the ALP get their policies, their spokesmen and their supporters from.

CoodaShooda 26th Aug 2012 13:01


Suggest you publish a list of the journos present at that press conference.

Hardly the full cream and none of those who were working on the story for their respective media outlets.

Most of the questions were based on what those present remembered from reading the newspapers that morning.

Any accidental question of real substance was avoided.

Bubble and froth so that her supporters could crow about how tough and strong she was and try to bury the story. Good political theory from her pressers but basic analysis shows it's just more spin without substance.

I have to say that what got me intrigued in this story is that it's not being pushed by the libs. So why has it sparked your ardent support of Gillard, Matt?

PS Just a reminder that I prefer you quote me in context. It's also helpful if you use the recent ones.

allan907 26th Aug 2012 13:08

As unpalatable as it seems to the likes of Matt Cooda there's more than a strong suspicion that it's being pushed from within the ALP. Which all goes to prove that there are some in that party that still maintain a sense of decency; that can still put themselves above spin and can think straight when required and that still put the country above personality.

It's probably going to be word-eating time for the likes of Matt eventually but they're playing a dead nag anyway. One could almost feel sorry for them having their dreams and aspirations dashed on the rocky shores of reality.

Charlie Foxtrot India 26th Aug 2012 14:10

Time for Matt and his army of straw men to have a little holiday before other mods close this thread.

Towering Q 26th Aug 2012 14:42

That Tony Abbott interview on 7:30 became the 2nd most watched video on youtube in Australia, not sure what was first.

It was an appalling performance by Abbott. Not since the infamous Kerry O'Brien 'gospel truth' interview, has he had such a comprehensive drubbing.

Many of my friends who normally vote Liberal, were embarrassed for him.

These same friends would never vote Labor or Green, so it won't make a lot of difference next year, however, Abbott is certainly on the nose....I wouldn't be suprised if the Liberal Party were looking at their options, especially if there's a few more repeat performances like that one.

500N 26th Aug 2012 21:44

You just have to love this first paragraph out of The Age this morning.

"THE Gillard government has narrowed the Coalition's lead to be in its best position in six months, in an Age/Nielsen poll showing overwhelming public support for the decision to process asylum seekers offshore."

So it seems that being all nice and fluffy coesn't get the votes but Howard's harder type solution is the winner. Well won't that piss of Labour / Left / Greens.

Also thought this was interesting from the same article.

"For the second consecutive month, a majority of voters said the carbon tax was making no difference to them.
But federal Labor would still be trounced by a 4 per cent swing in an election held now, and the ALP ''brand'' received another setback with the decisive weekend defeat of the Northern Territory government, with a 6 per cent swing against Labor.

Ovation 26th Aug 2012 22:59

Time for Matt and his army of straw men to have a little holiday before other mods close this thread.
Yes....................there really is a Santa Claus! :ok:

Ovation 26th Aug 2012 23:30

Larry Pickering's latest revelation. There seems just too much detail in terms of dates, times, specific events and linkages to other parties to be something Pickering simply dreamed up.

Pickering is so specific that any one of the players he's "mentioned" would have strong grounds to sue for libel (if it's false), and while he might have no assets at risk, the temptation to punish and silence him would have to be on the table, but so far, nothing.

Pickering Post

I would think this latest chapter dispels any notion that a practising "union" solicitor as well as a partner in the law firm Slater and Gordon could continue to plead that she was "young and naive at the time".

It is remarkable that the source seems to be from political enemies from within her own ranks, with the LNP playing a dead hand on the issue. Is the campaign to destabilise her already damaged leadership entering the home straight?

Andu 26th Aug 2012 23:45

It will be interesting to see if Hedley Thomas (or any other journalist [!]) confirms any of this in the MSM. Someone from within the AWU must be the source for there to be so much detail. (That's of course if any of those details are correct.)

allan907 27th Aug 2012 01:17

Criminal elements, like small fish Craig Thomson, (who had Gillard’s “full confidence” until the bitter end) are deeply embedded in the ALP. They are protected by the ALP and their court costs are covered by the ALP via the unions. HSU’s Williamson has ripped $20 million from lowly paid workers.

The money these mobsters embezzle from innocent workers is tax exempt. It’s like taking prize candy from a kid and there are no penalties when caught.

It is the Labor system, it is the culture and it has become enmeshed in the sophisticated involvement of Left wing Law Firms like Slater & Gordon and Maurice Blackburn who have made an art form of ripping off needy claimants.

Abbott refrains from demanding an immediate Royal Commission because Gillard and her Union mobsters must never be allowed to set narrow terms of reference. My information is that Abbott will move on the unions as soon as he gains Office. His will be a Royal Commission with the widest possible terms of reference.
My bold. I suppose that we can now expect an increase in the amount of shrill rubbish that we currently see emanating from our Sussex St correspondent. The party machine must be getting absolutely terrified about the upcoming election.

As I said before - this one has got legs and it ain't going away just because Gillard tries to manoeuvre it away from the spotlight by using personal abusive language that, if used by any of us, would get us banned by the moderators.

CoodaShooda 27th Aug 2012 02:05

Now what was it I wrote a little while back?

Ah yes

The final nail in the coffin of brand labor will be the fallout from the union corruption enquiries, which I think we will find is only just starting.
Cooda 25 July 2012

Hmmm. Poor grammar. Should have said "are only just starting." :E

CFI - thanks for intervening again and keeping us open for business. :ok:
Guess I'll have to start misquoting myself, to make up for Matt's absence.

priapism 27th Aug 2012 06:10

The fact that the rabble running the country at the moment are "only" 8% down in the current polls is not so much a reflection of their appalling performance but just as much a reflection on the calibre of the current opposition.

Any decent opposition party would be 20% ahead. As much as I despise Gillard, Rudd etc, the thought of Abbott as PM is not that exciting. Will he lead the party in to the next election?

CoodaShooda 27th Aug 2012 07:07

Have to also question the extent to which the performance of the liberal state governments is affecting voter sentiment.
Newsman's treatment of Qld public servants contributed strongly to labor's vote holding up in Darwin's northern suburbs.
I understand Baillieau (sp) is hardly setting records in Vic.
If the need arose, who would you replace Abbott with?

Clare Prop 27th Aug 2012 07:07

I know little about Aboriginal politics, but from a distance it does seem that finally people like Bess Price, Marcia Langton and Noel Pearson are making headway and the paternalistic "Just sit down and take your welfare and let use city people decide what's good for you" attitude has finally bitten Labor in the bum.

Matt was amusing, would have been fun to debate with if only he would enter debate, but that was beyond him.

I wonder if he knows what a Rhodes Scholar has to be able to show to be awarded the scholarship? Did he know Bob'awke and Geoff Gallop were Rhodes scholars? Just sayin' because my granddad was one too and I don't like seeing that acheivement belittled and scorned.

500N 27th Aug 2012 07:21

A few more Aussies have Rhodes Scholarships. Sir Zelman Cowan and Kim Beasley for two.

Re Aboriginal Policy, I think it has a long way to go before they get it right
but I would like to say also that the Aboriginies need to want it as well and
that can be a problem, partly because we (as in white) try to impose on them
white values etc into Black Society. Just my HO.

I did see a good story in the media about a school that was trying to get
the kids to school every day. They ended up changing the school term dates
so that the traditional period of "going bush" and other learning fell outside
of school term dates as this was when the kids often didn't turn up.

Still think that some have been on welfare too long to come off it though.

Andu 27th Aug 2012 07:47

...and today John Howard had his own "Malcolm Turnbull moment", shooting the good ship Liberal with a well-aimed torpedo midships and well below the waterline by bringing up the dreaded "Workchoices" bogeyman again.

Even the malfunctioning rabble that is the current Labor circus will have little difficulty turning this to their own enormous advantage, milking it for all it is worth from now right up to the election.

I think John Howard just cost the Libs a negative shift in the polls of 5%, if not more.

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