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parabellum 5th Mar 2012 02:13

To be honest I don't think Carr needs to know very much!
Americans are NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES - Safeshare.TV

bob johns 5th Mar 2012 04:02

bob johns
I m prepared to bet you could get a similar result in any Sydney beach side suburb on a Sunday afternoon, you know? thumb in bum brain in neutral , but its not compulsory to vote in the Gud damned US of A like it is here.

Solid Rust Twotter 5th Mar 2012 04:45

Quite so. If you're trying to slant opinion you'd hardly pick those who got it right to include for broadcast. As you say, any group will have its duds.

Frank Arouet 5th Mar 2012 05:13

Four years is insufficient to embark on a long range plan
Old age is creeping up on me. I thought the only one's with a 4 year term were NSW State government. The Feds and other States had 3 years.

I'm beginning to think unelected prime ministers should be limited to one year. Like on probation, to prove their worth. Then it goes to a general election. Two terms of Rudd then Gillard is cause for nausea.

Clare Prop 5th Mar 2012 05:43

Maybe Carr is going to use his valuable historical knowledge to help his colleagues to start a war between East and West or between entrepreneurs and bludgers (Swanny's class war and politics of envy) in which case surely he should be the treasurer rather than FM.

Frank what do you mean by an unelected PM? Presumably JG won her seat in wherever her constituency is and her party have chosen her as their leader. Though it seems to me that nobody "won" the last election :ugh:

Buster Hyman 5th Mar 2012 06:20

The Feds and other States had 3 years.
I rounded up...besides, if we're splitting hairs, it's a maximum of 3 years & 140 days.

Frank Arouet 5th Mar 2012 06:52

Frank what do you mean by an unelected PM?
Sorry, I was orientating in time and space and talking of the more recent past tenure of one KRudd and the winner of that coup. But you can insert any name/ political party member of your choice.

By any means, Gillard assasinated the incumbant then went to an election on a lie, not winning the election at all. In fact The other lot polled more votes. The Independants who gave her the illigitimate power, double crossed their electorates who are notionally Conservative voters.

History will prove this at the next elections.

It's a wonder nobody has conducted a poll in those same electorates that would, if it went that way, give credibility to Gillard and the secret deals.

Buster H: Groan, not another half a year?

I rounded up too.

Fliegenmong 5th Mar 2012 08:23

High time this guy was on the ballot paper....

Andu 5th Mar 2012 10:01

If the Liberal NSW Government do put up some other member of the Labor Party rather than Carr, (which I understand is their right under the constitution), it would be another Timor Leste 'moment' for La Gillard - and major egg on her face.

Unfortunately, I don't think O'Farrell has the bottle (or the political bastardry) to pull such a stunt, but there'd be many who'd thank him if he did. The Gillard coffin can only handle so many nails before it implodes, and losing her prematurely declared FM would be another spike on its already very holey underside.

CoodaShooda 5th Mar 2012 11:30

There is precedent for O'Farrell to appoint an independent to replace Arbib.

Tom Lewis appointed Cleaver Bunton on the basis that the convention of replacing like with like only applied when the vacancy occurred through death or ill-health.

Wonder if he could find a liberal leaning independent? :E

RJM 5th Mar 2012 11:31

There's no-one in Lyne...

Clare Prop 5th Mar 2012 12:10

It's all starting to seem like a Monty Python film. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords etc.
Foreign Minister eh, very nice!

Help help I'm being repressed

Desert Dingo 5th Mar 2012 13:01


Frank Arouet 5th Mar 2012 22:32

Treasurer ignorant of fiduciary law.
While I note personalities creeping into the discussion, I can only say they, The Labor Party, have brought it on themselves with their "hipshooting" campaigns of wealth re-distribution.

I refer to treasurer Swan this morning again "sticking it to " three mineral Company Directors when he said, Mr Forrest's comment made him sick, in that his only duty was to the shareholders of the company. Elaborating, further, his sick in the gut feeling was exacerbated when he said he, (Forrest), owed no duty to the Nation.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission, (ASIC), the jurisdiction in which these companies lie, makes it quiet clear that;

The Directors owe a fiduciary duty to the company. It goes on to define the company as the members/ shareholders.

Swan either is ignorant to these FACTS, or understands the principle and is telling lies to further his agenda.

Either way, he is treating the Nation with contempt.

Buster Hyman 6th Mar 2012 00:15

Yes, Swan's gone from school to Uni, then lectured at Uni, before entering politics. Clearly, nobody is better placed to discuss what is "owed" to the community. :hmm:

BandAide 6th Mar 2012 00:50

I figured the jig for Labor was up when I spoke to one of my in-laws about a month ago. He and his partner (gay) were staunch laborites, banging on about work choices when I visited with them in 2006.

Now they are chomping at the bit to see the end of Labor, both in Queensland and Canberra. They operate a business, you see. After talking with them about politics on the phone the other day, I offered to send them each a pair of cowboy boots, my treat.

They're coming to visit in July, when I plan to show them first-hand what the left did to Detroit.

Rollingthunder 6th Mar 2012 00:58

What do you call 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the Fraser?

Howard Hughes 6th Mar 2012 01:42

both sides should look outside their party politics for the greater good...oh look! A flying pig! Back later....
In my life time I long to see one of the major parties appoint someone from the opposition party to cabinet, surely not everyone on the opposing side is incompetent, no matter who is in power. Oh hang on a minute maybe I have just answered my own question...;)

Maybe Carr is going to use his valuable historical knowledge to help his colleagues to start a war between East and West or between entrepreneurs and bludgers
Isn't there already a war between the East and the West, with the West threatening to withdraw from the Union!:E

CoodaShooda 6th Mar 2012 01:53


A bloody good start?

I'd suggest the only difference is that Swan is the only one who never left academe (ie had a real job) before entering politics.

BEACH KING 6th Mar 2012 01:55

Yeah you really have to love people who have gone to uni don't you?
I really love the ones that have gone to Uni... and then done something meaningful with their lives...like
using their qualifications to the betterment of society, operated a business, employed someone, paid taxes, joined a P&F assn or service Club, member of a local council or some other community group.

Most politicians these days (especially Labor) live in a parallel universe in regard to their understanding of how most Australians live and want.

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