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CoodaShooda 25th Aug 2012 10:06

Naughty boy HB. :E

Mid way through the count and it looks like a general 4.5% swing against labor and 3% against the greens..

Particular swings against labor in the remote communities, their "traditional" stronghold.

The public servants in the northern suburbs of Darwin (widely noted for their general incompetence) have reacted as expected to labor's claim that the CLP will sack them and maintained the labor vote in their electorates.

But it looks as though, for the first time, it will be the bush and not the northern suburbs that decide the government.

SOPS 25th Aug 2012 10:31

ABC website is showing a predicted win for CLP, with a win of 16 seats.

Buster Hyman 25th Aug 2012 11:12

After all the rhetoric & gasbagging going on here about "opinion" polls...at the end of the day, only ONE poll matters!

RJM 25th Aug 2012 11:13

...and that despite Gillard refusing to visit the NT during the campaign.

"Territorians know who (sic) they're voting for," she told reporters.

Of course.

SOPS 25th Aug 2012 11:16

Did she refuse to visit, or was she asked to stay away?:E

allan907 25th Aug 2012 11:18

And in other news.....

Apparently the latest graduation class of Christmas Island are refusing to eat their food in case they are "sent to Nauru".

Cue government statement saying, "The very next boat....and we mean it this time"

Cue human rights lawyers saying. "Kerching"

RJM 25th Aug 2012 11:37

This government couldn't organise a f*ck in a brothel.

SOPS 25th Aug 2012 11:44

Were they not advised when they bought their "tickets", that there was a good chance they might get a side trip to Naru?

CoodaShooda 25th Aug 2012 12:29

Another labor government falls.

Outgoing Chief Minister doing an Oakeshott for his concession speech and trying to re-write history to present his failed government as a success story.

Waiting for the Chief Minister-in waiting to give his victory speech but Hendo is still rabbiting on.

Poor start for the newbie. Can't get his microphone to work.

Standard platitudes.........................karate chops for emphasis............praise for all............poor jokes

Oh dear.

Andu 25th Aug 2012 12:44

Can't wait to see the NT election result turned into a "positive-for-Labor" spin by Mr McTernan's team.

...and to see the vast majority of the MSM swallow it hook, line and sinker.

parabellum 25th Aug 2012 12:46


500N 25th Aug 2012 12:48

Interesting result in the NT.

Ever since the main party that was in for a long time up there lost,
it's like a yo yo state with elections, lack of long term decisions
from what I hear - like infrastructure out bush - Bridges !!! and when
they do build them, they are designed badly and built ON THE CHEAP
as per the Bridge that was washed away in the Cyclone aftermath.
No wonder everyone is pee'd off with the Pollies up there.

Gillard visit the NT ? Only if Barack is with her !

MattGray 25th Aug 2012 13:17

Another labor government falls.

Glad to see it!! :D

As I remarked when Can-Do got up in Qld the more that the various States get a lick of Liberal governance to remind them what life was really like under Howard the better.

And after only two short months of Newman's white shoe brigade that prediction has today become stark reality.

SUPPORT for federal Labor has jumped in Queensland, putting it in striking distance of retaining all its seats at the next election.

The latest Galaxy poll conducted exclusively for The Courier-Mail found Labor enjoyed a seven-point resurgence in its primary vote

And another one for the true blue doomsayers - also just as predicted :}

The poll also suggested voters were not as concerned as they once were about the Government's climate change laws. More than half of those polled said the carbon tax had little or no impact on their household budget.

As for some of the other latest "wisdom" from the Party Faithful studiously avoiding any mention whatsoever of this week's slo-mo Liberal train wreck while trotting out a hit parade of spivs, con-men and crooks as their true-blue heroes one can only repeat - if this site ever goes behind a paywall I'd gladly ante up just for the laughs. :}:ok:

MattGray 25th Aug 2012 14:58

Day 56 of the great big scary toxic Carbon Tax

Sky hasn't fallen!

Whyalla still standing!

No wrecking ball thru the economy!

$100 Lamb Roasts selling for $19.99!

Tony Abbott backflips on wild fear-mongering Carbon Tax claims!!!

MattGray 25th Aug 2012 15:43

Laurie Oakes? Did someone here call for Laurie Oakes?

Oh yes, here is is from Andu

At the very least, the likes of Laurie Oakes, Mark Riley - indeed, all the Canberra Press Gallery - should be insisting that she gives a full explanation of her actions during that period to Parliament. However, I'm not holding my breath waiting for Laurie, Mark or any of them to do so.

Funny Andu, but Oakes, like most of Australia is focused on the Liberal train wreck this week. The train wreck that those with their head in the sand wish would pass unnnoticed. Too bad - it's headlines in the Sunday papers.

Tony Abbott has made a string of false claims about the impact of the carbon tax


"LET'S not beat about the bush. To my mind, Tony Abbott tells lies.

So what? Is there anything surprising about that? After all, he's a politician.

But it needs to be pointed out because the central message from Abbott supporters is that the Prime Minister is the liar - Ju-liar, in fact, according to the likes of Alan Jones.

The Opposition Leader is portrayed - and portrays himself - as the epitomy of honesty. A man whose word can always be trusted.

Mr Abbott's lieutenants were even pleased when he was tossed out of Parliament on Monday because it got his offending comment - accusing Julia Gillard of lying - into the headlines.

Mr Abbott's own truthfulness came under the microscope, however, after a blundering performance in an interview on ABC TV's 7.30 program on Wednesday evening.

Earlier that day he had claimed BHP's decision to put the Olympic Dam mining project in South Australia on hold was partly due to the Federal Government's carbon and mining taxes.

That was porkie No. 1. BHP CEO Marius Kloppers had blamed such factors as the Eurozone financial crisis, the slowdown of growth in China and weakness in commodity markets.

He had not mentioned the mining tax or carbon price in his statement explaining the decision to the Stock Exchange.

In fact, Mr Kloppers told journalists: "The tax environment for this particular project has not changed at all since we started working on it six or seven years ago".

The mining tax, he explained, only covered coal and iron ore - not copper, gold and uranium, which Olympic Dam would produce.

When Mr Abbott stuck to his claim despite what Mr Kloppers had said, interviewer Leigh Sales asked: "Have you actually read BHP's statements?"

Mr Abbott replied: "No".

That extraordinary admission led to widespread criticism of the Opposition Leader, so next day he claimed he had read the BHP announcement after all - soon after it was made.

He attributed the damaging answer in the 7.30 interview to a misunderstanding of what Sales had asked him.

But Sales's meaning could hardly have been clearer. Just in case there was any doubt, she had gone on to say in her next question: "You haven't read their statements today but you're commenting about what they've announced."

To me the conclusion is inescapable: that, in trying to explain away a dreadful gaffe, Mr Abbott resorted to another falsehood.

Ms Gillard will never live down her broken "no carbon tax" election promise, and nor should she. And there are plenty of other examples of her being economical with the truth.

Is Mr Abbott, though, any better? He has made a string of false claims about the impact of the carbon tax, in particular - the bodgie Olympic Dam allegation being just the latest.

As I see it the Opposition Leader has largely got away with being shamelessly loose with the truth, if only because attention has been focused on his opponent, but perhaps now it is starting to catch up with him.

Ms Gillard had her problems this week, too - most notably in her handling of allegations about the circumstances surrounding her departure from the law firm Slater and Gordon 17 years ago before she went into politics.

But, in a marathon news conference on Thursday, she answered every question on the matter that members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery could throw at her.

It was a strong and competent performance, in stark contrast to Mr Abbott's embarrassing television appearance the night before.

A few more weeks like this would certainly worry the Coalition.

Mr Abbott's most serious error came at an education forum, after he'd accused Ms Gillard - despite her denials - of having a hit list of private schools that would lose funding under a proposed Government blueprint.

He pointed out that more state and federal funding goes to public school pupils than to those in the private education sector and said: "There is no question of injustice to public schools here. If anything, the injustice is the other way."

In case anyone missed it, the Opposition Leader repeated the line about private schools possibly suffering an injustice. He had left himself wide open.

But he squealed with outrage when Ms Gillard used the comment to accuse him of believing public schools got too much money and should have their funding trimmed.

Significantly the Education Minister in the NSW Liberal Government, Adrian Piccoli, immediately responded that "most of the proposed funding increases should be directed to public sector schools because most disadvantaged students are concentrated in this sector".

That was quite a whack at the federal Liberal leader from his own side.

Mr Abbott's bad week continued with his response to the PM's press conference on the Slater and Gordon issue and her role in setting up a slush fund for her then boyfriend, an AWU official.

Mr Abbott had claimed for days that this was an important matter and Ms Gillard had questions to answer.

Then he had to admit yesterday morning he had not bothered to watch the news conference right through nor even to read the transcript.

Being less than obsessive in his approach to the truth is not Mr Abbott's only shortcoming.

His strength is the sweeping statement and going for the political jugular - not getting into the detail of issues and doing the hard yards."

Laurie Oakes is political editor for the Nine Network. His column appears every Saturday in The Advertiser.

Buster Hyman 25th Aug 2012 15:51

Awww...the polls were wrong were they?


Poor diddums...

500N 25th Aug 2012 17:37

Laurie Oakes


Someone who work Canberra once told me that he was worse than the Politicians
yet calls them out for things all the time.

PukinDog 25th Aug 2012 19:38

So is that election a sign that Oz is getting tired of Gillard and that Roxon woman telling y'all how to live your lives or be taxed? Or is it a fluke.

500N 25th Aug 2012 20:29

IMHO and I don't live there but visit regularly, the NT is a strange one because it is a territory and although it had it's own Parliament, it has weird links to the Federal Gov't which other states do not have and the associated problems with that.

In addition, you have the Intervention, pushed by the Federal Gov't
which always seems to have blow back onto the NT Gov't of the day IMHO.

Cooda could probably expand more.

EffohX 25th Aug 2012 21:51

You couldn't make this up.

PASSENGERS on an asylum seeker boat just 23 nautical miles off Indonesia telephoned in an SOS to Australia to organise a Navy transfer to Christmas Island.
Amid opposition claims asylum seekers are using the Navy as a “water taxi” service, officials confirmed yesterday that HMAS Melville was en route to Christmas Island with 80 suspected asylum seekers after they phoned Australian officials fearing they were lost off Indonesia and needed assistance....
Australian Maritime Safety Authority has told The Sunday Telegraph the vessel was first pinpointed just 23 nautical miles or around 40 kilometres off Indonesia on Thursday morning.
Indonesia told Australian officials it had a search and rescue vessel available but it could not be despatched due to bad weather. They asked Australia to send in air surveillance.
At 10pm on Thursday, a DASH-8 aircraft located the asylum seeker boat and HMAS Melville was despatched to assist.
Asylum seekers stage Christmas Island hunger strike

Asylum seekers, potentially numbering in the hundreds, have gone on a hunger strike on Christmas Island to protest against being sent to Nauru for their claims to be assessed.
Afghan asylum seeker Imayat Ali told Fairfax by phone late on Friday that 238 people, including about 40 women and children - from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Sri Lanka - had been told they would be sent to Nauru, "and if we refuse ... we would be deported to our home countries. So we've been doing hunger strike," Mr Ali, 55, said.
He said he had arrived via boat from Indonesia on August 14 and had been on hunger strike since the 16th. It was unclear how many of the asylum seekers are refusing food.
My first reaction to this "news" is... "...so?"

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