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gupta 13th Feb 2013 05:01

And how about this little gem of mismanagement in the name of assisting climate change, from the Alice Springs News about the purchase of Henbury Station for use as a carbon farm

And a very appropriate comment from Alice Springs Town Councillor Steve Brown:

I don’t know what it is about Labor Governments, but if they spent as much time and money actually carrying out well thought out planned projects as they do in in printing glossy pamphlets and spruiking political propaganda in the pretense of doing something, they and our nation would be a lot better off!

Andu 13th Feb 2013 05:21

It will be an interesting development should Trish Crossin stand as an independent for the NT Senate seat. I'm sure someone (a 'faceless man'? :) ) will lean heavily on her if she made any move to do so, but, since JEG herself offered her (to quote Trish Crossin) 'nothing' when she summarily dismissed her, you'd have to ask, would that 'leaning' involve a reward or a threat?

I suppose the big question would be: will Trish Crossin (or anyone) believe that Labor will be in a position to offer any rewards after the election?

CoodaShooda 13th Feb 2013 05:29


Most Territorians wouldn't have known who Trish was until Julia put her in the spotlight.

The way Senate voting has gone here ever since we got the two seats is that the labor #1 and the CLP #1 have got the required 33%.

As I posted earlier, she only just got the quota last time.

There might be a sympathy vote swing if she goes as an independent but my gut feel is that the CLP might pick up the quinella.

In the small circle that I mix with, the "anyone but Julia" movement has been expanded to "anyone but Julia and Nova".

That said, the new Mills Gummint is doing the best it can to trash the CLP brand; so my gut may be well off beam. Always hard to tell in the Terrortory.

7x7 13th Feb 2013 06:13

15th Feb approaching, the anniversary of the most humiliating defeat ever suffered by the British Empire - the surrender of Singapore to an exhausted, almost out of ammunition attacking force that was one third the size of the defending force.

Surely Nova Peris must feel a bit like an untrained Brit reinforcement on a ship pulling into Singapore Harbour 71 years ago today, or maybe even tomorrow?

Nova, I think that in the long run, you'd be better off if your 'ship' was sunk by today's version of Japanese bombs before you walk down the gangplank and into "capdividy".

To stretch the Singapore analogy a bit further, I don't believe you're going to like your 'officers' who will be 'interred' with you on the Opposition benches in the Senate.

Andu 13th Feb 2013 20:36

Self-funded retirees, be afraid; be very afraid.
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Private super in frame for tax hit
• From:The Australian
• February 14, 2013 12:00AM

TREASURY officials are sharpening their focus on the $460 billion held in self-managed superannuation funds as the Gillard government searches for ways to recoup tax revenue to pay for disability services and school reforms.

The fast-growing sector is seen as a prime target for higher taxes as Labor examines ways to improve "fairness and equity" in the concessions on retirement savings.
Andrew Bold expands upon this same theme.

The Gillard Government wants to loot retirement savings for three reasons only:

- it’s spent too much
- it wants to spend even more
- super is where more money is.

It’s as simple as that. No one should think it’s actually good public policy to punish the prudent or destroy confidence in the superannuation system:

TREASURY officials are sharpening their focus on the $460 billion held in self-managed superannuation funds as the Gillard government searches for ways to recoup tax revenue to pay for disability services and school reforms.

The fast-growing sector is seen as a prime target for higher taxes as Labor examines ways to improve “fairness and equity” in the concessions on retirement savings.

Talk of reform triggered warnings from the industry last night that the tax breaks available to self-managed super funds were no different from those already being used by everyday funds commonly used by millions of workers…

Changes remain on the agenda, however, as the government seeks “structural savings” in the May budget to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme and a response to the Gonski review of school funding. Combined, the two reforms could cost almost $15bn a year when fully in place.

Normally you check how much money you have and then spend accordingly.
This Government does things in exactly the opposite way. First it spends, and then arranges taxes accordingly.

Niki Savva adds a fourth reason. It’s called Wayne Swan:

He has known for months [his mining tax] would fall short of projections. The two measures described as flaws or loopholes that limit revenue - the depreciation provisions and reimbursement of increased state royalties - are no such thing. They are deliberate design elements agreed to in great haste to resolve a political problem…

[Swan last year] predicted it would raise $2 billion - $10bn less than the first estimate for the super profits tax. So far it has delivered more than $126 million.

Swan expected people to believe a volatile tax could fund recurrent spending of $15bn, that he could rustle up another $15bn to pay for Gonski and the National Disability Insurance Scheme and provide a surplus.

He got away with it for a while. No longer.

David Uren explains the tax changes that left the Government with peanuts. One problem: Swan went into negotiations really thinking there were super profits just waiting for collection.

Does anyone have confidence in the Government’s economic management?
Commonwealth Bank of Australia chief executive Ian Narev has called on the government not to use the $1.5 trillion superannuation system to prop up the federal budget, warning retirement savings should not be treated as a “political football” during the election…

Mr Narev’s comments were echoed by one of the country’s most respected economists, who cautioned that the retirement savings system may be severely damaged by further rises in super taxes.

John Piggott, a member of the Henry panel that conducted an extensive review of taxation in 2009, warned Australia had a world-class super system that “may yet be torn apart” by politicians who raid it to plug budget holes.

500N 13th Feb 2013 20:39

I see the word out there is that a Rudd challenge will come
within 3 - 4 weeks.

It is going to get very interesting !!!

Andu 13th Feb 2013 21:38

I don't think Kevni can help himself. He's like a junkie looking for the next fix. Over the last few days, it's been little short of embarrassing watching him perform for the cameras.

I really hope that hubris reigns within the Labor Pardee and they believe their own propaganda and roll him, because I really want this unspeakable woman to face the electors in September - and preferably earlier - so, like the witless Gough Whitlam in 1976, there can be no doubt about what the electorate thinks of her.

If she gets rolled without facing the electorate, some (undoubtedly female) "journalist" will write an adoring, totally whitewashed (should that be 'airbrushed'?) account of the "wonderful" Gillard years - and as sure as God made little apples, that book will become the accepted history in all Australian universidies in years to come.

500N 13th Feb 2013 21:42

I just had a thought.

If she gets rolled like Howard did, she might leave Parliament
which means that after 20 years, I might get a new MP in my

That would be a change as she is never around much anyway
and most people in our area wouldn't know anyone else.


Ovation 13th Feb 2013 23:22

Meanwhile, back at the New South Wales ICAC Hearing into the corrupt dealings surrounding the Mt Penny coal mine leases, a crucial witness has checked himself into a mental health facility and avoids giving testimony against disgraced former ALP politicians, namely Eddie Obeid and Ian McDonald.

IAN MACDONALD's business partner, who is considered a ''crucial witness'' in a corruption inquiry is understood to have checked himself into a mental-health centre.
John Gerathy, the business partner and lawyer of disgraced former minister Ian Macdonald, has told the Independent Commission Against Corruption he is ill and unable to give evidence.

Read more: Corruption Inquiry

sisemen 14th Feb 2013 01:06

With an economy in tatters and an idiot as treasurer, totally unsecured borders, no real plan for the future, and a vicious ex leader seeking vengeance and retribution why on earth is Dullard holding out until September? This is now the lamest of lame duck administrations and she should be doing something positive for the country by resigning now and calling an election. There ain't going to be any white knight charging up to save the day no matter how much this shower of scheissen would hope for it

Andu 14th Feb 2013 01:47

She's hoping for her very own 'Hurricane Sandy Downunda', sise. She thought she might have had it with the Queensland floods, but they were just bit too early and the water didn't get quite high enough in quite enough places for her to become Our Very Secular Saviour. (The poor buggers in Bundaberg might disagree with that comment, but for Jools to milk it as well as Bazza did in the US and to be able to hand out the gummit largesse to enough potential voters in critical seats, it needed to be the whole of the western suburbs of Sydney or something similar.)

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised to see them manufacture some 'national crisis' that will allow them to do any number of things that are patently unconstitutional just in time for the election. The 'blackest day in Australian sport', already acknowledged by most commentators as a TOTAL beat up, was just a dress rehearsal, and if the MSM leaps aboard as willingly as they did for the sports 'crisis', they might just pull it off.

Clare Prop 14th Feb 2013 04:24

Good to see Shorten taking a stand against bullying...allegedly it was him who ordered Bob Kernohan be bashed?

The only bullying I have ever enountered was from unions. A shop steward holding me up by the throat against a hot packing machine threatening to burn my house down if I didn't join his union, and a workmate who did join his union then making my life so much hell, on shop steward's orders, that I had to quit a job I loved as work became unbearable. It was a great workplance until we gotthat union thuggette in our department. (Eventually she got pushed out when even the union couldn't cover for her total inablility to do the job)

Every "question time" (well it certainly isn't "answer time") Gillard and her cronies are bullying the "other side" which shows how shallow they are, having no debating skills whatsoever, only union style thuggery mixed with scorn, lies and mind boggling hypocrisy.

But I suppose like Roxon's Law (which hasn't gone away, people) they will try to exempt themselves .

Takan Inchovit 14th Feb 2013 04:45

she should be doing something positive for the country by resigning
The trouble is, she is only doing it for labor ideals, not the country. :*

RJM 14th Feb 2013 05:34

She acts for herself only. If that includes some distorted, out of date flat cap soclialist ideals, thne so be it, but it's Gillard Gillard Gillard all the way down.

sisemen 15th Feb 2013 00:06

Rudd 'likely' to be PM again - The West Australian

Speculation Kevin Rudd may be preparing for a final showdown with Julia Gillard over the Labor leadership continues to grow after the former opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull insisted ‘it is likely they will put him back’.

Mr Turnbull, speaking to ABC television, believes Rudd will replace Prime Minister Julia Gillard before the September election and the opposition’s communications manager said: “I think it is likely they will put him back.

“The Gillard government goes from one catastrophe to another.”
Expect blood on the floor.........on the walls, the ceiling, the doors .......everywhere.

Sits back with a large container of popcorn and waits for the show to start :}

Andu 15th Feb 2013 00:41

I don't know how even the most entrenched Emily's Lister could consider allowing Gillard to lead Labor into the next election. I mean, when you cut to the chase, what do election campaigns consist of? - Politicians, particularly, the leader, promising the electorate what his/her party/pardee will deliver in return for their vote. With her history, "there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead", how could Labor have Gillard as their leader? All the Coalition has to do is replay that one clip over and over again immediately after every one of Gillard's new crop of promises.

As for Kevni, if, after the last five years, three of which were under his 'watch'(!), there are enough Australian voters out there who will vote the tragedy that is Kevin Rudd back into power, maybe we as a nation deserve whatever he'll dish out.

It's just a pity that the other 49%, while being systematically robbed of their savings to finance the unsustainable lifestyles of those who voted him back in, will be dragged down the gurgler along with the ones who vote to live rather than live to vote.

Clare Prop 15th Feb 2013 02:02

Is it true that the "ALPdependants" did their deal with Julia rather than the ALP, and that if she goes, so does thier support?

We've already seen that the only PM the "faceless men" will allow is someone who has enough dirt in their past that they can be easily controlled.

Even if they put KRudd in there just to get through an election we would probably end up with someone else from the very shallow talent pool within a few weeks. Who knows, it could get so bad (Shorten, Emerson?!) that people might want Gillard back!

Be careful what you wish for...I just want to see her face on the ABC news on Sept 15 (?)when she realises that she has driven the long overdue final nail into the coffin of the ALP dinosaur and she and the whole "swingers party" incestuous lot of them including "GG Barbie" get carted off in he back of police cars. :*

Buster Hyman 15th Feb 2013 03:05

Having announced a date, she's given KRudd the perfect opportunity to time his run for the maximum "honeymoon" period milking!

500N 15th Feb 2013 03:10

I don't think he should make it too long.
Just long enough.

I think all the signs are there that it will happen.

Her blow up in Caucus re the leaked email.
Rumours in the paper.

Warm Ballast 15th Feb 2013 07:58

The Age - Preferred PM poll as of 1955 hrs with 27,996 votes ...

Julia Gillard 9%
Kevin Rudd 22%
Tony Abbott 20%
Malcolm Turnbull 37%
None of them 12%

Buster Hyman 15th Feb 2013 08:54

I like that "None of them's" style...he's got my vote! :ok:

sisemen 15th Feb 2013 09:23

I wouldn't put too much faith in the Turnbull count. He's Labor Lite and the preferred option for those who want to abandon the sinking ship but don't want to go the whole hog and vote Liberal under a real Liberal.

As I say....cometh the hour, cometh the man. Abbott will do fine once he's there and the incessant 'negadividy' from Dullard and crew will be exposed for the propaganda crap that it is.

Captain Sand Dune 16th Feb 2013 05:34

TWO female teachers from the Islamic College of South Australia have gone to court to fight against being unfairly dismissed based, in part, on their attire being considered inappropriate.

The teachers were sacked last year by the West Croydon school, which issued a warning to all female teachers - Muslim and non-Muslim - to wear a hijab head scarf or face the sack.

One of the teachers has taken a case of unfair dismissal to the civil court while the other's claim is being heard by Fair Work Australia.

School principal Kadir Emniyet yesterday defended the school's policy, which he said he had discussed with all 42 teachers. He said "90 per cent of them are happy to adhere to the policy".

The policy insists non-Muslim women to wear a head scarf, not a traditional hijab, and was installed in 1998 but dropped in 2010 by the former principal and board. It was reinstated at the start of this year with a verbal only order to staff.

Mr Emniyet, who started in his position at the college this year, said male teachers who breached the staff dress code - for example, by wearing shorts - would face the same three-strikes warning system as female teachers who did not adhere to the headscarf policy.

School board chairman Farouk Khan could not be contacted yesterday but the Independent Education Union and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils said they were not aware of any change to the policy.

AFIC assistant secretary Keysar Trad said he had spoken with Mr Khan.

"We didn't get in to the discussion about the hijab ... it was more of a discussion about the disagreement with us on the policy," Mr Trad said. "We have our executive meeting on Saturday and I'm sure the matter will be raised there."

Mr Trad said AFIC could not force the school's governing body to change its policy, despite it being at odds with the federation's policy.

"Understand that this is not an across the board issue ... this is an issue that has arisen due to the policy of one school," he said.

"I personally don't believe in imposing the scarf on people.

"We have Muslim and non-Muslim staff in our schools who do not wear it.

"The only requirement we have is for teachers to dress modestly."

Mr Trad did not rule out AFIC imposing sanctions on the Islamic College of SA but said there should be more clarity on the issue after Saturday's meeting.
This boils my blood:mad: Surprised that the MSM hasnt made more of this..............oh wait, I'm not.:hmm: Can you imagine the furor from the Muslim community were the boot on the other foot. Religion of tolerance - my *ss.

RJM 16th Feb 2013 06:26

It can't be long now.

It's like 'The Last Days Of Pompeii': the ground's shaking and people are starting to feel alarmed.

Things are still relatively civil, but there will be little civility once the columns start crashing to the ground and the streets fill with desperate, running, sobbing people, all trying to reach safety and not be part of the awful cataclysm that is so obviously about to happen.

CHAIRMAN 16th Feb 2013 14:37

School principal Kadir Emniyet yesterday defended the school's policy, which he said he had discussed with all 42 teachers. He said "90 per cent of them are happy to adhere to the policy".
Hmmm, So the other 10% of the teachers/staff can either put up with it or go home...............Hmmm:ugh:

Dark Knight 16th Feb 2013 21:57

From the Wes Australian...

Even the LAD is included (little Asian Doctor)

And; they still keep coming....

RJM 17th Feb 2013 00:57

Brilliant cartoon. Apparently, the Labor strategists are 'sandbagging' about 20 marginal seats, and abandoning the rest to the local resources of members or candidates. Those abandoned are complaining that the strategy is aimed at preserving Gillard's leadership full stop.

Has Gillard got them all hypnotised? In my opinion, she's one of Labor's biggest problems!

That's not to say Rudd would be a good alternative, but with a relative cleanskin in charge, like the Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, and with as new a front bench and Cabinet as they can manage, plus a few forced retirements (by disendorsement) of union imposed dead wood, they might look like a chance to avoid annihilation.

Pigs might fly, of course.

Gillard's mob of incompetents are not intent on the proper governance of Austalia, they're intent on keeping their fat arses on the soft leather seats in Canberra, their greedy snouts firmly wedged in the public trough and their networks of mates secure in their government sinecures.

F*ck 'em. I say. Roll on the election. My baseball bat is ready and oiled to belt Gillard and her crew to the oblivion they so richly deserve.

sisemen 17th Feb 2013 02:04

Another fine plan aimed purely at keeping her arse in the seat....

Gillard unveils $1 billion jobs plan - The West Australian

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has made a pitch to blue-collar workers, unveiling details of the Government's new $1 billion jobs package......

A series of new manufacturing precincts will also be established to develop new products and skills to break into new markets.......

Ms Gillard says the plan will be funded by removing a tax concession for big businesses.

"Bigger businesses currently benefiting for a special research and development tax advantage will be forgoing that advantage," she said.

Severely restrict the ability to fund R&D? So, that's another well thought out plan then. :yuk:

parabellum 17th Feb 2013 07:11

Gillard keeps making promises yet doesn't have a penny in her purse, when these promises get cancelled or unfulfilled by the next government guess whose fault that will be!

Rudd is playing the game, he denied any chance of a challenge to Gillard on TV today, just as Gillard said she had more chance of playing in an AFL team than becoming PM, also, why would Rudd want to lead the ALP to an almost certain crushing anyway? I think Rudd has decided that regardless of the leader, the ALP are doomed and wants Julia to cop it, fair and square.

People will often say that the present government is not representative of the traditional Labour movement, sorry, you are wrong, the current ALP are the new traditional Labour movement. Mainly ex union officials and failed lawyers who are in it for what they can get, it isn't going to change anytime soon, the Labour attitude is always that they are The Oppressed, therefore take what you can, look after yourself and get out, sod the rest, I'm in the lifeboat. As a political party they are full of unfunded empty gestures that they know they cannot fulfill.

Takan Inchovit 17th Feb 2013 09:07

So, do you reckon Crean will have a go, supported by Rudd maybe?

Jools has failed at everything in the business sector and now she's going to have a go at the worker relations. Talk about balanced, no one will escape her idiotic brain farts.


parabellum 17th Feb 2013 09:48

Only a complete dreamer or a complete fool would accept this poisoned chalice now, best bet, Julia is finished so she might as well wear the lost election as well. Only fair really, she was instrumental in the crash.

Takan Inchovit 17th Feb 2013 10:08

Only a complete dreamer or a complete fool would accept this poisoned chalice now,
Mine point eggzactlee! ;)

Worrals in the wilds 17th Feb 2013 11:15

People will often say that the present government is not representative of the traditional Labour movement, sorry, you are wrong, the current ALP are the new traditional Labour movement.
This week. Traditions are strangely transient...:E
What is clear is that the current mob need to get hosed out. Once that happens, maybe some competent people will step up to the plate. There's no point in mounting a challenge now. Better off waiting and being the post-apocalyptic Leader of the Opposition. No-one with any brains is going to challenge Gillard now.

Flying Binghi 17th Feb 2013 11:55

Well, it looks like the only person who can save the labore party now is Turnbull.......


david1300 17th Feb 2013 11:55

Weird things happening here
On my PC I can read about 6 or 8 posts after the cartoon, with the last showing it's posted by WiTW, but on my iPad the last post showing is the cartoon. Weird stuff, I tell you.

Clare Prop 17th Feb 2013 13:59

Will there be an opposition for anyone to be leader of?

It might be Bob Katter!!

500N 17th Feb 2013 14:04

"It might be Bob Katter!!"

Good, he'll sort out both lots.

And hopefully he'll hold the balance of power.

SOPS 17th Feb 2013 14:05

That Clare, is a very good question.

sisemen 17th Feb 2013 14:09

The whole thing is a ginormous clusterfu*k. Hopefully Abbott and his team don't make too many screw ups when they change over sides in the House.

Solid Rust Twotter 17th Feb 2013 17:41

By the look of things, all TB et Cie need to do is to avoid stepping in the steamers Gillard and her dingleberries are laying all over the place.

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