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SOPS 17th Aug 2012 23:27

Just a quick question, because I forget, what does a TPV do or should it be prevent?

EffohX 18th Aug 2012 00:05

New offshore processing regime bars appeal on asylum
by: Chris Merritt and Lauren Wilson
From:The Australian
August 18, 201212:00AM
JULIA Gillard's new offshore processing regime has effectively locked asylum-seekers out of Australian court appeals, legal experts declared yesterday, as four boats arrived in 24 hours in a rush to beat the new laws.
Human rights lawyers said the new offshore processing regime had stripped back the capacity for judicial review of government decisions and eliminated many of the grounds for legal challenges by boatpeople.
That'll put a dent in Julian Burnside's law firm's taxpayer-funded bottom line. I await the screams of outrage.


SOPS, a Temporary Protection Visa allows someone fleeing halfway around the world from persecution to live in Australia, milk the Australian welfare system for all it's worth while here, but, importantly, not be able to bring all the family out to join the person on the TPV under the family reunion provisions fully-fledged "refugees" have been doing for many years now.

It also implies by the first word in its title that the person will return to the country he or she fled from when it becomes safe to do so. However, many of not most will do their best during their stay here to marry, have an "anchor baby" or by any other means convince an appeal court that they have made a life here and should be allowed to stay. When these were introduced by the Howard government some years ago, it brought about a change in the passenger lists on the asylum seeker boats - young single males no longer dominated such lists, but whole families came together to circumvent the TPVs.

Clare Prop 18th Aug 2012 01:24

OK, it's Wiki but...

Temporary protection visa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

One thing about it was that a TPV holder, if they popped home for a holiday to the country they fled from, they couldn't come back to Australia.

Its actually the case that a lot of (non-refugee) legal permanent residents have to apply for resident return visas if they leave the country too.

Ovation 18th Aug 2012 02:05

The stench just will not go away....

Revealed: Julia Gillard lost her job after law firm's secret investigation

From: The Australian August 18, 2012 12:00AM

JULIA Gillard left her job as a partner with law firm Slater & Gordon as a direct result of a secret internal probe in 1995 into controversial work she had done for her then boyfriend, a union boss accused of corruption, The Weekend Australian can reveal.

Nick Styant-Browne, a former equity partner of the firm, broke a 17-year silence yesterday to reveal that the firm's probe included a confidential formal interview with the Prime Minister - then an industrial lawyer - on September 11, 1995, which was "recorded and transcribed".

prospector 18th Aug 2012 02:12

Someone, I wonder who? is spending a lot of time, and no doubt someone elses money, trying to keep Larry Pickering Post away from the many enquiring people who have been following this story of malfeasance by some very well known people.

Larry's team appears to be winning though, always manage to keep up with the latest post's.

Andu 18th Aug 2012 07:41

and no doubt someone else's money
Why do I think that it might be my (the taxpayer's) money being used to do this?

Buster Hyman 18th Aug 2012 08:53

Why do I think that it might be my (the taxpayer's) money being used to do this?
What a ridiculous statement!:=

It's all on Craig Thomsons credit card!

Clare Prop 18th Aug 2012 12:02

I've always reckoned the reason Thomson has been let off so lightly is because he knows too much stuff.

Maybe including the stuff that Pickering has got hold of?

Hypothetically what if an "independant" could be in a position where they could blackmail the government? Would that be enough to wake the GG from her stupor? :confused:

parabellum 18th Aug 2012 12:10

The Gillard dismissal etc. made the Channel Nine news tonight, metioned the money, Gillard has said she did no wrong!

MattGray 18th Aug 2012 13:11

You couldn't make it up.

Pickering is now channelling sisemen - from Feb 2012

”She's going to be out of there, I reckon she's got about maybe two or three weeks left, but we're waiting on FOI stuff from the coppers,” he said.

Mr Pickering forecast Ms Gillard’s departure from the Prime Ministership within a matter of weeks, saying he was waiting on some ‘explosive’ material from the police which he would obtain under Freedom of Information laws. 3AW
Riiiight! :rolleyes:

Ooooh look! Pickering's website has now unfortunately gone down.

And just as he was finally about to reveal all to the gullible party faithful who have hung on every word - and my Lord hasn't there been plenty of both.

Never mind the quality, feel the width as the saying goes.

Derryn Hinch has described it as akin to ‘Days of Our Lives’. Even Larry himself admits it is written with ‘a bit of licence’

Never mind - website down - proof positive of a massive conspiracy.

Can't wait for the Sunday tabloids.

Buster Hyman 18th Aug 2012 13:13


500N 18th Aug 2012 14:12

"The Gillard dismissal etc. made the Channel Nine news tonight, metioned the money, Gillard has said she did no wrong!"

Well she's not exactly going to hang herself is she ?:O

This whole Gov't is a joke - Asylum Seekers, Gillard and her past,
the Speaker saga, Carbon Tax, you name it.

I'll give her a month, and that's only because Labor needs to find someone else
and I think that might be part of the problem, no one else wants to put the hangman's noose around their neck knowing for sure the floor will open !


hellsbrink 18th Aug 2012 15:25

But that's the thing.

When you know you have a very high chance of being crushed in an election, no matter what MattTBar likes to say, would you replace "the boss" knowing that the replacement would catch all the flak for losing?

Would you be so "young and naive" to believe that the sheeple would forgive you because you are not "Julia or Kevin"?

(Julia or Kevin. That sounds almost as bad as what is "written" on the green strips of the hoolies' cars. Sorry, I didn't mean that)

RJM 18th Aug 2012 21:13

Gillard and co have conditioned us to such a low standard of government competence and integrity that when we get a half decent government we won't know ourselves...

RJM 18th Aug 2012 21:14

Nice shot of Bob Katter, btw, Buster.

500N 18th Aug 2012 21:18


Their is a precedent - Labor in the early 80's, John Cain kicked out, no one wanted the job (or no male wanted the job) and Joan Kirner took it on - and in my opinion didn't make a bad job of it at the time.

Still lost to Kennett but she did it.

Andu 18th Aug 2012 21:58

Another boat.

prospector 18th Aug 2012 22:15

Ooooh look! Pickering's website has now unfortunately gone down.

And bounced back up again, a number of times.

Why is there such an effort to shut it down?? is it that truth hurts??

alisoncc 18th Aug 2012 22:18

Reckon the best form of government is that of a "benign dictatorship modified by assassination". Looking for volunteers. Anything has to be better than Gillard, Abbott or the chlorophyll party. Looking back over the last 25 years, since first taking an interest, can't think of any one of them I would want back. Turnbull could make a reasonable crack at it. Thinks best of a bad bunch and that's from all, and I mean all, at the palace in Canberra.

500N 19th Aug 2012 00:56

Regardless of Politics, Howard and Costello made a pretty good fist of it
- you don't run Gov't that long on just luck, you had to do some things right
in terms of fiscal policy.

Didn't like what he did with guns but that's a personal view.

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