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prospector 5th Aug 2012 00:45

Does the Australian munificence know no bounds??? Will you soon be Australiastan???

Acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan said the current situation regarding asylum seekers cost money.

"When (Opposition Leader) Tony Abbott decides to put his wrecking ball through public policy, say no to a compromised solution, say no to offshore processing - that costs money," Mr Swan said.
Who was it that put a wrecking ball through a policy that was working??

"The Gillard government has turned our Department of Immigration into a travel agency," he said
Asylum seekers cost Australia NZ$90m | Stuff.co.nz

allan907 5th Aug 2012 02:24

Here's a little gem from the backwaters of the illegal immigrant problem.

My wife is an artist and she is a member of the local arts society.

Yongah Hill is the latest immigrant detention centre to open. It's near Northam in WA. This place is designed to house about 1200 single males (it is currently limited to a max of 650 following local protests). Money was no object in setting up and running this centre (it takes some of the spotlight away from Christmas Island). However with 650 testosterone fuelled inmates sculling around with nothing to do the following appeared in the arts society newsletter:

*The Detention Centre people are looking for artist volunteers who may care to give a 2 hour period of their time, possibly over a couple of weeks, teaching some form of art to the detainees. Unfortunately, at the moment, their budget does not extend to paying for art teachers, but the clients are very willing to do art and craft classes. If you are interested, please contact ************************** to discuss the above.
My bolding and colouring.

It can readily be argued that, unless you are a Ken Done or something similar, artists are numbered in the richest sector of the population. So while money is no object for anything else to do with immigrants the system cannot find the odd hundred bucks to pay struggling artists to lend their expertise. :ugh:

Socialist policies at work :yuk:

Andu 5th Aug 2012 04:55

I've just spent an entertaining 20 minutes scanning through Larry Pickering's site (The Pickering Post). The comments, which I'm assuming are not moderated(!), are even more entertaining than the articles.

MattGray 5th Aug 2012 08:11

Day 35 of the "Carbon Tax" and at last the long predicted Armageddon is upon us. :{

Whyalla and Port Pirie might have survived but the rest of the world is paying a heavy price for the ‘carbon tax’. Tony Abbott has at his disposal an arsenal full of weaponry to prove that the Julia Gillard inspired Armageddon is upon us.

Just take a look at what has happened since the introduction of this shattering ‘tax’:

An Australian digger has been wounded in Afghanistan.
A Qantas passenger was put on hold for 15 hours.
A BHP executive has had to give up his bonus.
Demand for locally produced 4WDs has plummeted.
A globe blew in my garage.
My football team has lost more games than they’ve won. No link provided.
A backpacker has been blinded by ‘Bali booze‘.
There has been an outbreak of influenza in the Hunter Valley.
My mate Russell’s footy tipping has gone downhill.
I keep getting in the wrong line at the checkouts at the supermarket.
I spilled some wine – something I’d never done until that damn tax.
A Swedish diplomat has been expelled from Russia for dropping a teddy bear. What country isn’t affected by the carbon tax?
Oil prices have jumped.
I’ve had a tooth removed.
Australia has had it’s worst showing at the Olympic Games in living memory. See below:

There’s a clear correlation between the carbon tax and the run of tragedies that have befell us.

The evidence is overwhelming.

Has anyone else noticed it?

glad rag 5th Aug 2012 09:05

Hmmmm I take you are trying to make some sort of point Mr Grey?

I think, with the evidence that keeps on appearing, the Carbon Tax fiasco will be on the back burner for now [and having seen your Prime Ministers speech introducing the Tax, really, are there that many deaf Australians that she had to keep repeating herself?? or was that for those whom English is not their mother tongue???] .

Captain Sand Dune 5th Aug 2012 09:44

I've just spent an entertaining 20 minutes scanning through Larry Pickering's site (The Pickering Post). The comments, which I'm assuming are not moderated(!), are even more entertaining than the articles.
Thanks for the heads up!! Funny stuff. The man needs his own TV show.

True Believers are sounding rather shrill of late........:E

priapism 5th Aug 2012 09:52

Haven't noticed any change to the climate in the last 35 days either MG.

What I have noticed is my water, power, gas and council rates go through the roof.

allan907 5th Aug 2012 09:53

The AWU scandal involving Gillard, Wilson and Blewitt has got legs. They'll be running around like headless chooks in Canberra.

What would be real justice would be to see Gillard as our disgraced ex-Prime Minister being carted off for a spell in one of Her Majesty's finest establishments to serve out a fraud sentence.

Some would say that would be appropriate given her efforts whilst an MP.

Andu 5th Aug 2012 10:22

I have to admit, to me, (and I suspect, quite a few others), the thought of Jools doing the 'perp walk' in cuffs, blanket over head or not, has some appeal. (She's done a sorta dress rehearsal already, [being carried off to a waiting car by the cops], on Australia Day. :) )

If it ever comes to pass, you'd have to admit, it'll make one hell of a miniseries.

I wonder... could the walls they're currently putting up around 'Chateau Altona' be to keep her in rather then to keep others out? Australia's own little Devil's Island?

SOPS 5th Aug 2012 12:29

Well, a new week is about to start. Lets see how many boats arrive this week and how much more of a mess Jools and Co can get thenselves into.

EffohX 5th Aug 2012 22:56

Seven days and a wakey until we see Angus Houston's committee's report.

Why do I feel that this report will prove to be about as "ground breaking" as a wet lettuce leaf slapped against dry clay?

500N 5th Aug 2012 23:02

If the Gov't spent as much money on things that needed to be spent on
instead of molly coddling Asylum Seekers and sucking up to the "Lefties,
Greenies and general do gooders in our country", then we might actually
start moving forward on things that would make this country even better
- and be able to afford to take in more people.

eagle 86 6th Aug 2012 00:00

Sorry can't agree - temperature in my loc are -3 deg overnight - oops sorry that's normal. As MG does not appear to live in Oz I can't see how he can gauge the effect of the tax.

Andu 7th Aug 2012 02:26

Labor's primary vote up 5% over the last two weeks. Julia Gillard completely out of the public eye over the last two weeks, (despite WaY-ne 'SpringsGooseSteen' and Craig 'Whyalla Wipeout' Emerson doing their damnedest to make the second tier leadership of the Party look like complete imbeciles). Something similar occurred while JG was overseas for an extended period earlier in the year.

Hmmmm.... Am I the only one who suspects there might be a tenuous link somewhere in among those stats?

Meanwhile, how many boats packed with new Labor voters have arrived while the Australian mainstream media has been focused entirely on the hunt for those elusive gold medals and naval-gazing about WaY-ne Swan's musical roots?

If you thought things couldn't get worse, wait until Swan takes over as leader. God help us all. 'Whyalla Wipeout' will become 'Allover Wipeout'.

500N 7th Aug 2012 02:53

Saw the polls and had the same thought (that Jooooolia had been absent from the front pages). Maybe she has come home to hear me into the Altona castle !!!

allan907 7th Aug 2012 03:00

Oh bugger! That means it's only a question of time before a certain someone logs on to post another fatuous thread about how it's all downhill for Abbott from here and Gillard is assured of a famous ALP victory. :hmm:

Buster Hyman 7th Aug 2012 03:43

Here he comes now Allan...


Takan Inchovit 7th Aug 2012 09:24

There are none so blind ...

The Prime Minister has called on state governments to rein in electricity price rises, saying the price hikes of the past four years cannot continue.
PM tells states to cut electricity costs - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

... and don't mention the "C" tax. :rolleyes:

Anthill 7th Aug 2012 14:54

Interesting to see that if an election were held in Qld tomorrow, the ALP would win. Campbell Newman would also lose his seat.

Campbell Newman's Popularity Dropping In Ashgrove, Poll Shows

500N 7th Aug 2012 16:25

Thought that was quite interesting re "Campbell Newman".

The knight in shining armour not shining so brightly now ?

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