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Buster Hyman 8th Jul 2011 01:33

And you thought Londons Olympic logo was bad?
South Korea just won the right to hold the 2018 Winter games with this...


Is it just me, or does that look like a...errr....:eek:

Mike X 8th Jul 2011 01:35

At least they left the wings off.

11Fan 8th Jul 2011 01:36

I was told it was dedicated to the The Samhan Period in Korean History.

Capetonian 8th Jul 2011 07:53

I always said sport was a bloody waste of time. There's proof.

BrATCO 8th Jul 2011 08:09

At least, it doesn't look to smell too bad... yet.
I guess the snow flocks will change in green flies in a few days.

charliegolf 8th Jul 2011 08:24

That's my wife's. The frosty chill at one end (nearest me) is the giveaway.


anotherthing 8th Jul 2011 09:48


from the blood red colour at the other end, may I suggest you might get less of a frosty reception if you didn't try to stick things in the wrong place? :}

Worrals in the wilds 8th Jul 2011 10:45

It's very like Suncorp Bank's logo...
The subliminal message is: you're gonna get screwed...:E

charliegolf 8th Jul 2011 11:24

Six or seven posts to get to the bottom of things. A record?:D


Lon More 8th Jul 2011 11:30

A bit like a c-string?


This is the male version FFS!

BrATCO 8th Jul 2011 13:05


I always said sport was a bloody waste of time.
You sum it up in just one word : "ALWAYS"...:ok:

For sure, female Olympic events will be bloody telegenic this time ! :D
That's why they'll ALWAYS have sponsors for the Olympic Games...;)


I was told it was dedicated to the The Samhan Period in Korean History.
Funny, I had never heard of any period called Samhan... And why any reference in the Olympic Games ?

"Sorry, Honey, not tonight... you know, this is not a good period to gather our Korean confederacies..." :sad: "... but you can ALWAYS watch the Olympic Games on TV..." :{

vulcanised 8th Jul 2011 13:10

Will any competitors in the mountain bike events be on their menstrual cycle?

BrATCO 8th Jul 2011 13:16

@the mods : I'm not refering to any brand in my previous post... just the film "Always" from Steven Spielberg, with Richard Dreyfus :

(Caution, aviation content.)

See ? the curve from the hill on the left to the flames on the right, through the valley is the same as on the Olympic logo... almost same colors (in a few days) ...:)

tony draper 8th Jul 2011 13:24

Why does everything have to have a bloody logo? I though those five interlocked rings were the Olypic logo? indicated ten days of very expensive mind numbing boredom.

Rollingthunder 8th Jul 2011 13:52

Bah, "Always" This is how to do that highly recommended film...

flowman 8th Jul 2011 15:25

Should be absorbing!

Ancient Observer 8th Jul 2011 15:35

Seconds out.

Lon More 8th Jul 2011 16:24

Not the best place to spend next summer; but next to the best place ....

Firestorm 8th Jul 2011 22:52

LonMore: HTF does that work? And WTF is it?

BrATCO 8th Jul 2011 23:32

Foldable butterfly net ?

Noodles strainer ?

Next generation radar antenna ?

Bobsleigh for Smurf Pretty ?

Darth Vador's gas mask (when in underwear) ?

G-CPTN 8th Jul 2011 23:44

It's where the rear vertical 'spike' goes that would deter me . . .

Buster Hyman 9th Jul 2011 03:39

It's where the rear vertical 'spike' goes that would deter me . . .
Deter? One thinketh that one doth prostesteth to mucheth!

11Fan 9th Jul 2011 03:55


Funny, I had never heard of any period called Samhan... And why any reference in the Olympic Games ?
Crap joke. Googled "Korean" and "Period" and that popped up.

No connection whatsoever. Just a feeble attempt at a caption. :ouch:

BrATCO 9th Jul 2011 16:48

11Fan, absolutely no :ouch: intended.
I had to google to know what bloody period you were refering to.
Then I tried to bounce on the idea, but it seems I bumped instead. With this bloody language barrier, I ALWAYS wonder what I really mean...

The connection I was asking about was not yours.
The team who conceived this logo certainly wanted to refer to a period...
Seems we haven't chosen the good one.;)
Hence my question : What connection is there between Korean unification last century before Christ and this waste of money and time for which, as Mister D says, people believe they've got to create rotten logos when they already got a wonderful symbol ? :ugh:

I believe they rolled their logo and smoked it... (do you think one can do that ?)

BrATCO 9th Jul 2011 16:57

Deter? One thinketh that one doth prostesteth to mucheth!
I would certainly hesitate too, before sticking this up my ear !
or is it meant to go somewhere else ? In the nose, or ... :confused:

Could be a toothpick. The basket part of it is there to gather the fragments. :)

Low Flier 9th Jul 2011 22:34

Yes, I did think the London Olympics logo is bad.

BrATCO 9th Jul 2011 23:39

Is that the real logo ? Or just the wrapping around the project for an idea which could become a logo someday ?

Plus... looking at it from far enough, I've got the impression that this so-called "logo" is made of four stylized letters.
Correct me if I'm wrong...
First letter could be up left, where "london" is written : "S"
Second letter is up right, with the Olympic symbol on it : "h"
Third letter would be down left : "i"
Last letter down right : "T"

I'm serious, here ! Is it just me ? :confused:
What was the original idea for this logo ? Another bloody concept...

11Fan 10th Jul 2011 00:09

Is that the real logo ?
That is a farce.

BrATCO 10th Jul 2011 01:38

Oh... well... It seems I bumped once more...:O
So, it wasn't just me...:)

Since I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago, I sometimes wonder. You know, hallucinations, et al...
So, I've been fooled. Never mind. Well done. That's my fault. Should have checked.;)
I googled what I think is the "real" logo...

Has anyone been paid to find this brilliant idea or is it a farce too ?

BrATCO 10th Jul 2011 02:12

Sochi, Russia, 2014... very unusual. Never seen before.

Applicants' logos for 2016.
RIO won...

And last, but not least : a reminder for 2018 :rolleyes:
:E :suspect: :\
:} :cool:

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