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Gericault 16th Apr 2011 18:26

Gainesy RIP
I'm sorry to say that Mike Gaines, aka Gainsey, well known on this and other forums passed away on Thursday after an 18 month battle against cancer. I will post details of his funeral once his wife Maureen passes them to me. A sad loss of a good mate.

larssnowpharter 16th Apr 2011 18:40

I never met or communicated privately with Gainsey but this is sad news. I enjoyed his posts.

Jet Blast will be poorer for his absence.

Ancient Observer 16th Apr 2011 19:00

Well, thanks for telling us. That is extremely sad. I loved their contributions.

Radar66 16th Apr 2011 19:02

Oh Sh!t. :{

Thank you for letting us know.

Solid Rust Twotter 16th Apr 2011 19:04

Ah, bugger!:(

Hamba gahle, mate.....

ThreadBaron 16th Apr 2011 19:11

A sad, sad loss.

His humour on JB and his technical knowledge displayed elsewhere will be sorely missed.

IB4138 16th Apr 2011 19:15


Very sad.

He will most certainly be missed, not only here.

green granite 16th Apr 2011 19:15

Will be greatly missed by all.

hellsbrink 16th Apr 2011 19:16

Wot TB said

A seriously sad loss..

RIP Gainsey

G-CPTN 16th Apr 2011 19:24


It comes to us all in the end, and for some it can be a welcome relief.

Just saying.

The afterlife is a term which even non-believers can comprehend - it is how the departed are remembered by those who remain.

The more we think about (Gainsey) the stronger will be the afterlife.

'Missing' someone is just the beginning of the process . . .

tony draper 16th Apr 2011 19:30

A sad loss indeed,I have know and enjoyed Mr Gainsey's posts since I first joined pprune,I shall miss him,fair weather and calm seas over the bar Mr G.:(

Mike X 16th Apr 2011 19:31

R.I.P. Gainsey. Always enjoyed your contributions.

Love to the family.

Juliet Sierra Papa 16th Apr 2011 19:40

A sad sad loss indeed, I missed his postings over the last few months and thoroughly enjoyed his previous most knowlegeable and informative postings.

As SRT says.. Hamba gahle

goudie 16th Apr 2011 19:50

Gainsey was one of life's characters. It was always a pleasure to read his posts whether they be humorous or informative. Although we knew he was gravely ill, it is still very sad news. RIP old chum.

Thoughts with his wife and family.

BombayDuck 16th Apr 2011 19:51

Bloody Heck.


mustpost 16th Apr 2011 19:53

Condolences from north Britain, like others I found his contributions thought provoking and always sensible..

cleo 16th Apr 2011 19:56

Sorry to hear this sad news. We are the poorer for his passing but richer in having 'known' him.

timmcat 16th Apr 2011 19:59

That's awful news. I had no idea he was ill but I guess I lost touch a little in recent years.

A great contributor here and elsewhere.


flyblue 16th Apr 2011 20:07

Sit tibi terra levis, Gainesy :(

OFSO 16th Apr 2011 20:12

Condolences from the OFSOs, please pass ours (and everyone elses) to his wife and family.

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