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liam548 22nd Nov 2010 09:19

Britannia airways flights to Australia
Britannia airways flights to Australia
Am I correct in thinking that Britannia airlines used to have routes from the UK to Australia?

If so has anyone any further details?


Storminnorm 22nd Nov 2010 09:25

Yes they did. Many years ago.
One of the first regular runs down to Aus was operated by
767-200 aircraft.
The registration letters for one of them were G-BOPB.
We reckoned it stood for Bugger Off Pommie Bastards.

Dunno if that was intentional.

Lon More 22nd Nov 2010 09:50

IIRC the plan was to stage through Maastricht but can't remember if any actually did so.

liam548 22nd Nov 2010 09:58

thank you. Were these flights commencing from the UK? and if so which airport?

Storminnorm 22nd Nov 2010 10:01

I THINK (?) the first ones were from MAN?
But not certain.

liam548 22nd Nov 2010 10:05

Quite a route for Britannia :)

Ive searched airliners.net and found they flew to Singapore, wonder if this was the stop over en route to OZ.

Lon More 22nd Nov 2010 10:13

From Boeing Aero Magazine

n 1984, Britannia became the first U.K. holiday airline to offer passengers free in-flight audio and video entertainment when it became the first airline to operate the Boeing 767 in Europe. In 1988, these airplanes were used to begin regular charter flights from Britain to Australia, as well as to New Zealand the following year.

Lancastrian 22nd Nov 2010 10:22

Flew from Heathrow to Singapore via Kuwait, Ankara and Bombay in 64 care of British Eagle Britannia. Long journey but quite relaxing in seats that were comfortable, ample leg room,toilets etc...great days of flying in my books.

Evanelpus 22nd Nov 2010 10:46

My mate did one of these flights and I'm sure he said they stopped somewhere in the Middle East en route.

Tintop 22nd Nov 2010 11:33

I can confirm that for a few good years - Britannia did do these trips through Singapore - Chartered for Oz travel, and mainly out of Gatwick. It used to be just over a three week trip for the crew, and having seen the pictures - I think thye quite enjoyed themselves .....

jetset lady 22nd Nov 2010 11:35


The more recent flights to Australia were around late 2004 if I remember correctly, just before the name change. They were also operated on the 767-200 and went via Abu Dhabi and Singapore. (19 day trip for the crew.) According to galley FM at the time, the original plan was to use both 767-200's but thanks to one of them going very tech just before the route started, the remaining one was left to bumble back and forth all week long, covering both the Sydney and the Perth. Those of us operating the route got to know that aircraft and all it's little foibles very well! :\

Oh we did, Tintop. We certainly did....:E

Storminnorm 22nd Nov 2010 12:57

12 years with Britannia and never got any Long Range trips.
Went to the Carribean a few times, but never anywhere decent.
I hate Jamaica.
Mind you, a couple of months in Miami was OK. Flogging up and
down to Lima for Aero Peru. But Lima was a Sh*thole. The only
thing to eat there was Pasta or Pizza. Not even roast Guinea Pig!!!

The food was better in Ascension.
That's a long haul, forgot that!!! And the Falklands!!!

liam548 22nd Nov 2010 13:16

Very interesting replies, thanks.

I wonder if Thompsonfly have any plans to bring these routes back to life..

Storminnorm 22nd Nov 2010 13:21

Certainly NOT the Falklands, I hope!!
Mind you, I don't really care now. Retired.
Still remember being impressed by how BIG the South Atlantic is!!!
Wouldn't take that on in a Mirror Dinghy.

Charlie Foxtrot India 22nd Nov 2010 13:24

I flew with Brittania when I finally emigrated to Perth in 1993. Can't remember where I departed from, probably Gatwick? My dog came over on British Airways and it cost more for her than me, I do remember that!

Kelly Hopper 22nd Nov 2010 13:27

I was on one of the first of these flight to Cairns Christmas 1988. Departed Luton for Abu Dhabi, then Singapore then Cairns. Not so comfortable compared with today but cheap. 2 weeks inc hotel package for 599. This is when you could not get a flight anywhere else for less than 1000.
On the return I bumped into the F/O in the terminal who was a face from the past and spent the flight to Singapore on the flightdeck.
You can't do that anymore!!! :=

Storminnorm 22nd Nov 2010 13:29

Depends if you're driving or not Kelly.

Blacksheep 22nd Nov 2010 14:50

Mrs BS flew to UK from Kuala Lumpur on a Britannia charter flight. Cost was M$350, which were 7.25 to the pound at the time. (Sounds cheap but I only earned $250 a fortnight in those days.) It were a B707 and arrived at Luton about 5 hours before I did.

Took me all night to track her down to Malaysia Hall in Bryanston Square - where they did a sausage and baked beans breakfast in those days. She'd never in her life eaten a sausage before. How exotic!

Storminnorm 22nd Nov 2010 14:55

Britannia B 707? That would be G-AYEX?
Can't stop spotting!!! It's SAD!!!

angels 22nd Nov 2010 14:57

Do I recall seeing a Britannia at Penang (or was it Phuket?) in the mid-90s, or is it just my ropey memory?

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