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OFSO 24th Oct 2009 20:26

The really really boring and useless الخ и т.д. עטק 等 ฯลฯ thread XVI
Watch out for skin cancer !
Or you'll look like Esther Rancer

tony draper 9th Oct 2010 23:42

The really really boring and useless الخ и т.д. עטק 等 ฯลฯ thread XVI
Right chaps none of this women and children first nonsense, run away! run away!!


Checkboard 9th Oct 2010 23:43

Reporting present and correct, Mr D! :)

barry lloyd 9th Oct 2010 23:44

All present and correct sir - steady as she goes...

Keef 9th Oct 2010 23:44

Ere, where did my post-padlock one on the other thread go, then?

barry lloyd 9th Oct 2010 23:46

I think it's called the ether, Mr Keef!

brockenspectre 9th Oct 2010 23:47

On board, kit stowed FSL :ok:

P.S. if one is permitted a p.s. - why the abbreviated thread title? are "totally pointless snippets of information" no longer to be aired??

Checkboard 9th Oct 2010 23:48

TRAB threads are traditionally locked at 10,000 replies exactly, Mr Keef. :)

This is because TRAB was the first thread to get near such a number, and no one knew what the forum would do - so the original thread was closed to preserve it. Other threads have since exceed that number - but as this is TRAB XVI you can see that we are now a 150,000 pointless snippets of information and still running ...

Juud 9th Oct 2010 23:49

Keyboard happy, that's you chaps!

Can´t fiddle with traditions Keef, just not on.

Mysogeny - armed

Phish puns - 3 green lights

Rule Britannia :p

PS: Title´s too short for easy recognition FSL Sir. Just saying....

seacue 9th Oct 2010 23:51

Glad we're rid of the old thread. Weird things were happening. I p**ted a quote about a "senior" Cabin Attendant ... and her picture appeared with an additional quote without any action from me. It's scary.

barry lloyd 9th Oct 2010 23:53


Juliet Sierra Papa 9th Oct 2010 23:53

9992 to go but who's counting?

Well it was when I was typing.

Keef 9th Oct 2010 23:53

I can go with tradition (I'm into that in a big way) but the post count on Fred XV has been wibbling up and down like my granddaughter's eyelashes. Last seen at 10001 but before that was 9999, and before that 10002 or 10003.

Burranyway ... would've been poetic to have the change at 101010000000

Some you win :)

Juud 9th Oct 2010 23:53

Palimpsomething or other seacue, terrible thing that. :(

Checkboard 9th Oct 2010 23:55

you could always add a few weird international three letter acronyms for abbreviations ... :eek:

tony draper 9th Oct 2010 23:55

Hmmm, been running about five years now this thread be,cant find the first post in the first one.
Never been a real hissy fit fight aboard her either but one did have to have a couple of posters killed early on.
Had a few tongue lashing orf the Mamasan though and got me piggy changed into a turnip for being norty once.


Juud 9th Oct 2010 23:56

You reckon so Checkers?

When men were men and Sea Lords were turnips?

Those were the days Drapes. :)

(t were a durian)

Checkboard 9th Oct 2010 23:58

Arguments about the last ones only ran for about three pages ... ;)

Lon More 9th Oct 2010 23:59

crafty bunch of sods; thought you could lose me by doing a midnight flit, did yers?

jimtherev 10th Oct 2010 00:01

Morning all. It's 10.10 now, Keef

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