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Parapunter 8th Jun 2010 19:02

Rough day with the doc
Well, two weeks away from the 40th birthday & a routine blood test has revealed a cholesterol level of 8.8mmols:uhoh:

On one level, no surprise, despite a decent diet & plenty of high impact regular exercise,the old man's cholesterol was off the chart - makes one susceptible - so the punter has been put on Simavastin.

The good news is it's been detected before I get scraped up off the pavement by the ambulance, clutching my chest, seeing my life flash before me. The bad news is I have to get the cholesterol down to 5 mmol top whack.

Looks like cheese is leaving the building, no biggy I suppose, but any idea how effective statins are?

G-CPTN 8th Jun 2010 19:17

Works for me . . .

cats_five 8th Jun 2010 19:19

Originally Posted by Parapunter (Post 5742582)
any idea how effective statins are?

Very effective and very safe.

con-pilot 8th Jun 2010 19:22

Stick with a good diet*, get plenty of exercise, take at least four fish oil tablets a day with your medication and it should be okay.

In fact, you should see a sizable drop within 30 days.

After the cholesterol gets down to a good reading do try to ween yourself off of the drugs by keeping up the exercise and low cholesterol diet.

For me personally, a good diet and four fish oil tablets are keeping my cholesterol just about where it should be, oh, that and Scotch. ;)

Nothing to be overly concerned about, you found it out in time.

Oh, might lay off the fish and chips for a while. :p

One more thing, a doctor once told me that the best diet is to never eat anything that cannot spoil, eat it before it does, don't eat anything white and drink a lot of water. I was never too sure about the white thing, I think he was talking about white bread.

* Look up some diets on the internet, for me an increase of comsumption of good olive oil helped lower mine. Eat more fish and fresh vegtables as well along with drinking more red wine, as red wine does lower the bad cholesterol for some reason.

brickhistory 8th Jun 2010 19:32

The drug has dropped my level dramatically.

Have done better on the diet, but certainly not where I should - cheese is and shall be on the menu, much to my wife's concern, but in smaller portions.

Lots of those leafy things - vegetables, I think they are called - the fish oil pills, olive oil where possible and tons of water as noted above.

Sadly, not much for red (or white) wine, and bourbon doesn't seem to be a suitable substitute.

Welcome to middle age and beyond...

Parapunter 8th Jun 2010 19:39

as well along with drinking more red wine, as red wine does lower the bad cholesterol for some reason.
I got told off for the amount of red wine I put away already!:p

I'm a mackerel & sardine loving salad head - turns out I'm the least in need of re-education -to put it as Orwell might- patient she'd seen in a while.

Nope, seems my daddy passed me a dud gene. I make the stuff like it's going out of fashion. Like you say, caught it in time is the biggest result. Be interested to hear the amount of reduction experienced with these drugs.

gearontheglide 8th Jun 2010 19:54

Glide Senior, a good few years back, had the same snag. Not sure what drugs he was given but whatever they were, coupled with a dramatic reduction in his penchant for 'fromage' led to a rapid and maintained reduction of his levels. It took about 2-3 months for him to get his levels down to a doctor approved level and they have stayed down since then. He's past 80 now and going strong (and enjoying the fromage again).

That said there is the genetic link so it is only a matter of time before it comes my way!!!!

Cardinal Puff 8th Jun 2010 19:57

Red wine and dark ales are rich in flavinoids, a known cholesterol fighter. Garlic, chilis and rosemary are also pretty good for that kind of thing, rosemary helping to stabilise blood pressure.

Drink lots of water.

tony draper 8th Jun 2010 20:07

Bro Draper was always a health nut,he ran swam and has eaten healthily for the last forty years hasn't smoked since the seventies drinks very little,he gets his cholesorol measured and it is high,he goes on a even stricter diet and excercise routine,returns to quacks 12 weeks later and his cholestorol is even higher,Doc put him on simvastin and down it comes,excercise and diet dont always work as well as the chemical industry.
I take mine every night wi a cream cake.

sunnybunny 8th Jun 2010 20:20

I'm interested in this thread

I'm type 2 diabetic and the doc has just prescribed simvastin. I was told, by the doc, a side effect was joint ache pains which my mother in law , who is on the same drug, is experiencing.

Any body else experiencing this?

Parapunter 8th Jun 2010 20:27

Yeah, I was told the same, but since I play squash, I thought, sign me up, I won't notice the difference.:rolleyes:

con-pilot 8th Jun 2010 20:37

I got told off for the amount of red wine I put away already!

Find a new doctor! :p

rgbrock1 8th Jun 2010 20:39

Interesting about the fish oil. Con, you wrote four fish oil tablets per day?
How many mg. is each?

I know my wife takes fish oil three times per day for "other" reasons but
hers are of the 1200 mg variety.

Just curious.

PS: As far as the red wine is concerned: I have that covered. Quite nicely too!!!!!

Parapunter 8th Jun 2010 20:42

Find a new doctor!
I asked for a second opinion, she said your ugly as well.

con-pilot 8th Jun 2010 20:46

Interesting about the fish oil. Con, you wrote three fish oil tablets per day?
How many mg. is each?
No, I take four, two in the morning and two when I retire for the night and they are 1200mg. But remember, I'm 6'5" and weigh 210 pounds, so I need to take more than a normal sized person. Taking just three a day really didn't do the job, but four does.

Then again, I have a couple of normal sized friends that started taking four a day after I told them I was and their bad cholesterol went down and the good went up.

So go figure, I'm clueless.

G-CPTN 8th Jun 2010 20:50

Does the fish oil lubricate the joints and stop them squeaking?

Should I be taking it?

cleo 8th Jun 2010 20:52

@sunnybunny - yes my 86 yo father has been taking statins for a couple of years. He has developed Polymyalgia Rheumatica (which is being treated by steriods but thats another story). If you read the literature in the statin box it does warn of this as a possible side effect. It does not go into the detail of this extremely debilitating condition. It is not nice :{
As for me - now that I've watched my Dad go from a relatively fit and able lovely natured man to a very grumpy and disabled old man I think I'll take my chances with the 'quick option' of a swift heart attack / stroke.

rgbrock1 8th Jun 2010 20:58


6'5", 210 lbs and you take four (4) 1200 mg fish oil tablets per day.

The Mrs. is 5'4" and 124 lbs and takes three (3) 1200 mg fish oil tablets per day.

That would say to me that the Mrs. is perhaps taking a bit too much, no?

Lon More 8th Jun 2010 21:01

Sunnybunny, thanks for that info. I'm in a similar position, although cholesterol has never been high, and have lately had severe cramps in arms and hands. Three monthly service booked for next week. i shall enquire

421dog 8th Jun 2010 21:36

Not that it is of more than passing curiosity, but nobody has actually shown that having a diet-lowered cholesterol is associated with a reduction in atherosclerosis/risk of heart disease.
What HAS been shown fairly definitively is that statins are effective in lowering that risk. What is interesting is that this effect may be independent of ones cholesterol level/ratios. Statins have potent anti-inflammatory properties which may account for their proven efficacy in keeping us out of the clutches of the interventional cardiologists.

So, you all can do what you like, but I will definitely include them in my armamentorium even if I can starve my lipid profile into submission.

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