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El Grifo 8th Apr 2010 20:30

So Birdog, I see a similarity.

They said of me " He has so much get up and go, he got up and went"

Great innit :ok:

Unburdened of the shackles of the great illusion :}

Happy Daze chacho !

Bruce Wayne 8th Apr 2010 20:38

Interesting press conference earlier today with Broon, Mandy and the bloke with the mis-matched collar and cuffs.

They made a very interesting case for the possibility that Osbourne is either bluffing or inept.

Of course New Labour have the 'inept' monopoly tied up !

by the way Grif, how is your son doing ?

Bruce Wayne 8th Apr 2010 20:43

Out of curiosity, how many expats still vote?

I don't even know if it is still allowed...

of course New Labour have done their utmost to f:mad:k the armed forces serving overseas about in their ability to vote..

but then they did that last time around..

once could be considered careless.. twice ... hmmm !

El Grifo 9th Apr 2010 10:10

Hi BW. Will pm !!

All Good :ok:

BlueWolf 9th Apr 2010 11:43

As luck and schedules would have it, I'm going to be in Pomgolia during the election. Thanks to an accident of birth (my Father's) I have citizenship; am I allowed to vote, and if so, how do I go about registering?

I'm thinking UKIP......:E

No, really, I am.

Roddenty 9th Apr 2010 12:30

Barring the 'hung parliament' scenario, you lot dorn sarf' have two choices:

Blue Tories or
Red Tories.
No, you have ıt wrong there - we have eıther:

Blue Labour or
Red Torıes.

(Same party really)

ukpilotinca 9th Apr 2010 19:50

Out of curiosity, how many expats still vote?

I don't even know if it is still allowed...
You can still vote if you haven't been out of the country more than 15 years. After that, you don't count.

Overseas Voters - About my vote, produced by The Electoral Commission

pulse1 9th Apr 2010 21:05

Improving efficiency
All this talk of cutting waste in government spending. I have just received the sixth, yes SIXTH, letter in a month from the Inland Revenue telling me my tax code for the current tax year.

Bruce Wayne 9th Apr 2010 22:10

Labour was blasted last night by one of its former ministers for spending £170million of taxpayers' money on aid to China, the world's third largest economy.


Latest figures from the World Bank show China's GDP was £2.8trillion in 2008 - eclipsed only by the U.S. (£9.3trillion) and Japan (£3.2trillion).

is this a f:mad:king wind up ?

good spark 9th Apr 2010 22:30

angry and p!ssed off gs

why is it that every time i switch the telly on at news time i find its been hijacked by some low voltage politician and turned into a party political broadcast?

angry and p!ssed gs

TURIN 9th Apr 2010 23:16

I see the Daily Mail has been busy here. :rolleyes:

Between those that have left, those threatening to and the UKIP/BNP/SNP apologists, are there any actual rational thinkers prepared to post anything constructive?

Some of us would really like to make an informed decision.

I had a visit from my MP a couple of elections back, ended up with us yelling at each other down the street, If Mrs Winterton would like to pop back for a chat I have a couple more things to say...... ....they claimed more than £80,000 in rent for a small London flat that was owned by a trust controlled by their children.

Ok, that's not very rational either but I wanted to get it off my chest. :sad:

Flap 5 10th Apr 2010 09:39

Originally Posted by TURIN (Post 5624874)
Ok, that's not very rational either but I wanted to get it off my chest. :sad:

It's more rational than a lot of stuff on jetblast. :hmm:

OFSO 10th Apr 2010 11:47

170 million to China ?

How much do we give to India each year, a country that has a larger scientific research budget than the United Kingdom and maintains an excellent space research organisation (ISRO) which the UK can't afford to do......

Ancient Observer 10th Apr 2010 12:31

It is much worse than that. The International Development Ministry (DfID) - which commits to spending 1% of our GDP - on foreign Governments and etc., and takes about 2p in every £ of tax paid, has offices in Russia. - as well as in China, and in the rich bits of India.
Why they need offices in Russia and China when East London and Liverpool are extremely deprived is beyond me.

I wonder how much of what they pay out is re-cycled to Switzerland in off-shore accounts?

Then, if you believe what out military say, DfID can't even install needed facilities in Afghanistan, and PREVENT the military from doing it.

Having said that., will any of the parties who stand a chance of being elected, stop this waste??

Who are these clowns? (er, other than a Big Airline's ex-Head of People, of course, as he is now DfID's head of People)

Bruce Wayne 10th Apr 2010 22:24


the scams run by the CDC are even more eye opening !

Big Government Big Business Big Fraud

Private Eye tells us about the fraud, the collusion, the rip offs and the politicians who set up the contracts then walk away to join the firms they gave all of that money to. But it is only tax payers' money and there is plenty more where that came from. It is over £500 billion and rising every year. And Big Media keeps quiet about their little friends with Private Eye as the honorable exception - see page 30 of Number 1226 - and every issue for that matter.

Gertrude the Wombat 10th Apr 2010 22:48

Less paper through my door is what I want
Thing is, the paper through the door does actually work, or people wouldn't waste their time and money doing it.

And a fair amount of it is actually targetted. Not every piece of paper goes through every door. Candidates want to concentrate on the people who do actually vote and might actually vote for them.

If you have a track record of never voting, and you make a point of being really unpleasant to every canvasser who knocks on your door, you'll get the minimum amount of paper, just the stuff that goes to every household. If on the other hand you always vote and you tell all canvassers "oh, don't know, haven't made my mind up yet, I might vote for you" that pretty well guarantees maximum paper - you'll get targetted stuff from everybody as well.

The majority, of course, never tell any canvassers anything, because they're never ever at home, no matter how often their door is knocked on. They'll get an intermediate amount of paper. (Yes, really, about 60% of people are never ever at home.)

BlueWolf 11th Apr 2010 00:17

They must be at home some of the time, or it wouldn't be their home? :confused:

G-CPTN 11th Apr 2010 00:28

My next-door-but-one neighbour visits three times a year at most for never more than three days at a stretch. He runs a business many miles away and this house is to be his retirement home but he can't afford to retire yet. His son will run the business , but he's not ready to leave him to it.
My next door neighbour spends long periods in hospital (cancer treatment).

Only canvassers we get are JWs. The politicos push their leaflets through the letterbox and disappear as quickly as possible. I think you have to make an appointment if you want them to talk to you.

sitigeltfel 11th Apr 2010 06:12

If you have any doubt about how low Labour will stoop to garner votes, take a look at this...

Labour hit by cancer leaflet row - Times Online

If it is true, it is beyond sick. It begs the question, "where did they get the details?" Patient records are supposed to be confidential and this must be, at the very least, a gross violation of the Data Protection Act.

Patients already frightened by the disease, being targeted to try to gain a political point is beyond sick, it is cruelty at its worst.

TURIN 11th Apr 2010 10:05

Labour has sent out 250,000 “cancer” postcards, each addressed to an individual, asking: “Are the Tories a change you can afford?”

Many of those receiving the cards have undergone cancer scans or treatment within the past five years.
Well, statistically speaking, if you send out a quarter of a million leaflets a substantial number will hit people who ....

........have undergone cancer scans or treatment within the past five years.
Especially when you think how many have regular scans as a matter of course these days.

The Times being a 'quality' newspaper supports the Tories but I'm sure they have checked their facts on this story and there is no bias at all!:yuk:

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