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KPax 25th Dec 2009 11:16

The Noughties
Most of us would agree that parts of the last ten years have been horrendous, Nimrod, C130 to name two, however coming up to my 36th year in the mob, I am still proud to serve in what is left of the RAF. My hope for the coming decade are for someone to see sense and to start making decisions that are based on the troops rather than politics, Senior Officers (very) standing up for us where and when it matters and finally to bring our guys home once the job is done in the Stan, with the minimum of casualties. What are your hopes/fears, try to keep the slanging matches to a minimum.

vecvechookattack 25th Dec 2009 13:00

I hope that in the next ten years all military decisions are based on a political requirement and not based on making sure that the troops are kept warm and cosy.

If you want decisions that are based on the troops rather than politics then you should have a look at this web site

Welcome to the website of the Towns Women's Guild

Yeoman_dai 25th Dec 2009 18:10

Fears? Plenty - another horrendous round of cuts that will finally see off any ability we may have to conduct any kind of operation other than a drawn out counter insurgency at a medium intensity level of warfighting. Which is what is happening. :ugh:

A possible withdrawal from afghan is to hoped for in one way - then again, if we DO withdraw within the next decade I don't see how we will be leaving a truly stable country, which means at its most basic level we will have failed... for the fourth time in that particular country. :(

I'd quite like us to get the two carriers too, and in my wildest, most unrealistic hopes get the F35C - but that really really ain't gonna happen :ok:

I do rather hope Aston Villa get into the Champions League too...

Sven Sixtoo 25th Dec 2009 20:37

I hope that MoD will be allowed to control the UK Search and Rescue Helicopter Service.

I fear that the SAR-H Contract will be cancelled for short-term savings, and we will have to make the Sea King work till 2038.

I doubly fear that we will have to do that with no more money.


RookiePilot 27th Dec 2009 02:42

I've been reading this forum for a couple of years but don't believe I've ever posted on it.

All I ever read is doom and gloom - Nimrod, Typhoon, Chinook, pretty much every aircraft we have there's some kind of sh!!!t going on with it. Then there's personnell, training, JPA, facilities etcetera.

For a young fellow like me due to enter the mob in 2011 as a pilot it doesn't paint a pretty picture.

So can anybody tell me

a) something that has gone RIGHT for the RAF in the noughties

b) something that they look forward to going right in the tens???



KPax 27th Dec 2009 14:18

The people are still what makes the RAF for me, there is still a team spirit that makes the job worthwhile.

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