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Buster Hyman 25th Jan 2009 11:07

Ye Olde Favouryte Fyter thread
Yes, yes, done a million times (and I'm not exagerating) but I happened to stumble across my old A-Z of military aircraft the other day and....

...Gee, the F104 still does it foe me!:ok:


Storminnorm 25th Jan 2009 11:32

Yes Buster, the F104 did it for a few people as I recall.

Lethal Beast. :eek:

tony draper 25th Jan 2009 11:57

Yer spiffing looking machine :ok:
Still holds the low altitude high speed record as far as I know.
I know a bloke who used to drive em.:E

BombayDuck 25th Jan 2009 12:23

Paging Wholigan to this thread! :ok:

This one does it for me:



airfoilmod 25th Jan 2009 14:01

Many holes
in the landscape, that one. F-104. Speed is LIFE. And don't try to turn it.

It was an Interceptor, not a fighter.

F-14, nah, missiles. Fighter? Before the mission got usurped by the Pentagon? F-86. or its cousin with RR P-51.

Rollingthunder 25th Jan 2009 14:18


airfoilmod 25th Jan 2009 14:59

Bad. RT, who could argue against the Mosquito.

(Anopheles brittania)


Captain Stable 25th Jan 2009 15:11


Storminnorm 25th Jan 2009 15:18

Ah, the Mustang. We've had all this before!
Cadillac of the sky.
Made a good aircraft once they fitted the Merlin!!!!
AND drop tanks.

the incivil beast 25th Jan 2009 15:26

RT, looks like you discovered the stealth mossie :E

Edited to add that it looks like the electrons finally managed to cross the ogan (the website is canadian) and the mossie is not invisible anymore

Captain Stable 25th Jan 2009 15:27

Norm, that pic is the P51D - widely considered to be THE Mustang. Yes, Merlin engine, high vis ("Malcolm Hood") canopy, and drop tanks available (but not shown). Six Browning .50 machine guns, wing racks capable of carrying up to 1000 lb of stuff that goes bang on hitting the ground.

A real beauty.

Storminnorm 25th Jan 2009 15:31

Excellent flying machine Capt, but I always had a soft spot
for the Mosquito myself.
The old wooden wonder did it ALL.
And it was bl**dy rapid as well.
But a bit noisy to ride in!!!

The mounts for the drop tanks are still there I noted.

chiglet 25th Jan 2009 15:48

high vis ("Malcolm Hood") canopy
Errm NO. It's a "blown" canopy [also known as a Bubble canopy.] The "Malcolm Hood" was fitted to the P51B/C Razor back varients, [to give a better rear/downwards view. :ok:

Captain Stable 25th Jan 2009 15:54

My apologies, chiglet - you are quite correct. The "Malcolm Hood" was similar in design to the Spitfire canopy.

airfoilmod 25th Jan 2009 15:59

Without the Mustang, the War was lost. The P-47 (Jug) hadn't the range to bird dog the bombers to Berlin, and with drop tanks, the 51 could make it there and back, or drop and fight, which was not often; the teuts seldom took on the Norte Americano, si? Adolf ended up underground to avoid the 500 lbers on the street above.

It started as the Apache, with an Allison engine and a birdcage cockpit. And it was built for you guys. We took it back after the improvements, and the Merlin was license built by yanks, at Packard plants.

Captain Stable 25th Jan 2009 16:05

Leonard Cheshire flew one while he was C/O of 617 Sqn. in pathfinder role - he used it for initial marking of the target for the bombers to hit. On one occasion he flew figure eight pattern at extreme low altitude, telling the bombers to aim at him. :uhoh: :eek:

Storminnorm 25th Jan 2009 16:22

Leonard Cheshire, a remarkable man indeed!

kevmusic 25th Jan 2009 17:10


Had to get in with this. :ok:

Beatriz Fontana 25th Jan 2009 18:59

Only one word for this lovely thing: Phwor!! :ok:


tony draper 25th Jan 2009 19:07

This is the lad,warts and all, big and burly all bumps and lumps and street fighter looks,pretty swift as well.:E
Twas also the mount of a pruner

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