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OFSO 14th Jan 2009 13:15

What's the best printer ?
Anyone got any opinions on the best home printer ? I currently have an Epson all-in-one Stylus Photo RX425 and frankly the ink Epson sells is utter crap (four-pack with a yellow duck on the cover, costs 34). The heads clog if not used for a few days and I use more ink in cleaning than in printing. Previously I had an HP Deskjet, and when I usded it recently after a period of three years the ink was fine.....but I don't know how good current HP printers are.

Printer isn't in an extreme environment, either.

User comments please !


G-CPTN 14th Jan 2009 13:22

John Bull used to do a mean home-printing kit.

airfoilmod 14th Jan 2009 13:22

5900. ~100 dollars, 5 years ago, super color and works under very challenging conditions.


the incivil beast 14th Jan 2009 13:42

Canon Pixma series : 350 and above, go for the ones that use CLI-8 (one per colour) and PGI-5 (black) ink cartridges : good quality and defo cheapest per page.

Stay away from any printer equiped with 3 in 1 colour cartridges

Besides that : isn't there a forum for computers and related stuff (one level above us in the basement IIRC) ?
Mods, could you move this away from JB please !

Captain Stable 14th Jan 2009 13:48

Forget all-in-one printers. Slow, poor quality...

Last year I binned all our printers and installed a network-capable HP Officejet Pro for use by all puters on the network. On first powering up it chunders to itself for a while but thereafter is very fast, and excellent quality print. Options include a second tray and a duplex unit for printing both sides. Huge size cartridges so given extensive use by three people, I still only need to change each cartridge about once in 4-5 months, and they never dry out.

lomapaseo 14th Jan 2009 16:16

Haven't we been through this before last November?

My answer still stands

Pontius Navigator 14th Jan 2009 17:26

I thought it was the one you get for free when you buy two ink cartridges.

Seriously, it is the printer that is actually more expensive than the ink. My HP840C is still going strong on my network, at least 5 years and its replacement also HP has never worked.

Rightbase 14th Jan 2009 17:30

Forget all-in-one printers. Slow, poor quality...
I thought so too, but then a couple of years ago I got a Brother DCP120C all-in-one at work. It is a lovely machine and the first printer I have seen that made me want one! I have bought its successor for home - DCP540CN which can be connected to a home network for anybody to use.

That too is discontinued now, superseded by the DCP560CN. We have several of both of these models at work as well as the 120Cs. And I still love them! So do the support techies, and so do the other users.

These are all stand-alone multi-sheet-feed colour copiers as well as being printer/scanners. Destockers have been seen remaindering them at under 100 delivered.

Or look at this or this (if you're quick enough!) which are fax machines as well. At the prices advertised I would check they really are stand-alone copiers, and if they are, grab one.

Look out for the other gotcha - some similar models are flat bed only, and do not have sheet feed copying.

Watch the model suffixes - C is colour, CN has a wired network connection, CW is for a wireless network.

ShyTorque 14th Jan 2009 17:37

I was recently thinking of a new printer to replace the old HP Photosmart 1000 I've had for a few years. Found a Lexmark X5650 in my local S*******y's for 49.99 (half price) just after Christmas. It's a printer/scanner/fax. The cartridges cost less than the HP's did.

It does good quality photos and has multi card reader slots, Pictbridge and a front USB connector. Very pleased with it so far, especially as I've now also done away with the old scanner and the ugly fax machine from the hall table.

A well known PC provider of this World more recently had these on sale at 107. :ok:

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