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CharlieLima 25th Nov 2008 11:27

Possibility of passenger space flights?
I'm thinkin maybe 2020 - 2030 might be a good age for space tourism, more employment perhaps? more training to pay for too haha :)

Its not that far off, think about how much has changed in the last 20 years.

I'd be up for it anyway.

tony draper 25th Nov 2008 11:47

Spam in a can! :E

Jimmy Macintosh 25th Nov 2008 18:08

Seems completely feasible to me.

Starting with Virgin Galactic, and space ship one, they're looking to get two people at a time into orbit and back. I know Branson has been trying to get a module on the international space station as a form of Hotel.

NASA is also starting to try and push space exploration and colonisation of neighbouring planets/orbiting bodies.

NASA - Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle
Starting with the moon by 2020, I heard that a modification of the Orion design will allow transport to Mars. I think they were talking about 2050 for the Mars trip though. The idea being a base on the moon with the additional modules then departure to Mars from the moon base.

It's still quite expensive though.

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